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Hi loves! I am a bit worn out at the moment, so this may be short and spicy. Also, MamaJ is in the other room watching So You Think You Can Dance and I really want to watch! Yes, I’m a television and dance ho. I embrace it. This morning, after waking up crying (do […]



What up, SnackFacers! For the past several months, I have received many questions regarding my skin routine. Why anyone would want to look like this is beyond me: (An aside: Lauren is unbelievably sweet for thinking of me when she saw this tee and sent it to me. Thank you, chica. And please check out […]

Hello gorgeous friends! Monday was an interesting day. Things didn’t go perfectly. In fact, some things were rather poopy. But here’s how I tried to change my thoughts around: The bad: I wake up to a dark scab on my chin. The good: At least my zit is healing. The bad: It’s snowing again. Snow, […]

Oh my goodness! I am completely overwhelmed by the ridiculously kind comments and entries for the giveaway! You are all way too nice! Thank you! Monday marked a fresh start. As much as I love my crazy weekends, I start to feel super lazy and unhealthy. Allow me to show you… Over the weekend, I […]



Hi beauties! I am currently swimming in a sea of textbooks! I’d feel even more stressed if I didn’t blog, so I’ll practice some creative non-fiction and share my day via sentences that start with verbs. OK, so I’m just chopping of the “I’s” and going for a list-y feel. Woke up at 7am after […]

Lovepies! How amazing are you? It’s comforting to know we have an army of women ready to fight for one another’s happiness. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your words of kindess and support. Reading the comments throughout the day brought two quotes to my mind: -“Man, I got summa hatin’ […]

Buongiorno petunias! Thanks to your well wishes, getting back into the flow of things and a fab workout this morning, I am feeling 100 percent myself again. Finally. Tuesday morning, however, was rough. I got ready for work and as soon as I was in the city, walking around, doin’ ma thang, I felt groggy, […]