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Hi loves! I am a bit worn out at the moment, so this may be short and spicy. Also, MamaJ is in the other room watching So You Think You Can Dance and I really want to watch! Yes, I’m a television and dance ho. I embrace it. This morning, after waking up crying (do […]

What up, boos! Friday night I stayed in and tranquilly watched Sex and the City with Muffin. Come Saturday, however, I checked out this scene: After a lovely morning and an afternoon workout, I indulged in the above-pictured college scene. Ladies and gents, it’s officially Fest season in Athens, Ohio. Every spring, entire streets in […]

She get it from her mama: Where she get her class from? I wonder why she so crazy: Where she learn how to twerk from: Ladies and gentleman, I am currently recovering from Hurricane MamaJ. She is, as you can see, the bossiest, fiercest woman alive. Friday evening, MamaJ rolled into Athens ready for a […]

Lovelies! I’ve missed you! It has been an insanely beautiful, wonderful, blissful weekend that my friends and I needed after a challenging first week back in school. So for the past 48 hours, we’ve been doing what we do best: feasting on life. It all started Friday morning when I felt gorgeous rays beaming through […]