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Summer Faves


Hi, sweet petunias! And dudes. I’m sure guys don’t enjoy being called sweet petunias. Moving on. This fine Tuesday brought to me my summer faves. First off, I rolled out of bed after getting 10 hours of sleep. How can that not be a favorite? Then, I trotted downstairs to my all-time favorite food: I […]

Hi, pies! I am having a spectacular time at home, and I hope your weekends have been lovely, too. On Friday I fueled my ride home with Beyonce, Modest Mouse, Rilo Kiley, OK Go and Young Money, and made it home in one tired piece. MamaJ and I skipped to Kroger and we all settled […]

Baby puddings! How I’ve missed thee! To explain my absence, all I can say is that I fully enjoyed time with the family, sans technology. That’s what’s most natural for me when I’m home for the holidays. I haven’t a care in the world and getting out my laptop isn’t even a thought– a gift […]

Hi honeys! How were your weekends! I am sorry I went kind of MIA! I was busy all day Thursday and then went home to Cinci to spend my last weekend in Ohio with my family. It was spectacular. I took a bit of a technology detox because I was, well, spending quality time with […]

Hey boos! Today has been a day. I was in some kind of funk for the first half of the day, which I can only blame on the seven week itch. It’s the seventh week of the quarter here at OU, and every quarter I become restless at this point. At this time, I often […]