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Summer Faves


Hi, sweet petunias! And dudes. I’m sure guys don’t enjoy being called sweet petunias. Moving on. This fine Tuesday brought to me my summer faves. First off, I rolled out of bed after getting 10 hours of sleep. How can that not be a favorite? Then, I trotted downstairs to my all-time favorite food: I […]



Aloha, loves! I feel that we’re growing closer in our relationship now that I’m posting more often. In real life, frequent visits often scare lovers away. In blog life, I’m hoping it does the opposite. This is becoming too personal. Let’s talk food. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying some lovely, light lunchables as of late. Tuesday […]

What up, boos! This is so fun, stopping in for the afternoon! Part of what keeps me from posting as often as I’d like is this whole “college kid” thing. I didn’t get the hang of it until the end of my junior year into my senior year. Now, as you can and are about […]

Hello, loves! If you take a look at any of my posts this week, it’s evident that I’m trying to stay as positive as possible. Today, though, gravity was working against me. It took huge effort to keep a straight face: I’m tired. I get down and I don’t know how to pull myself up, […]



Hi, sugarbuns! Today’s post title relates to the two recurring themes in this post: legs and eggs. Thus, I mooshed the two together. (Do we recall Baction? Exactly.) What it does not reveal, though, is the slew of unnecessary pictures coming your way. Well, some of them are necessary. And some are just photographic snacks. […]

Butter Me Up


Hi pooks! Tuesday was the most karmically bizarre day I’ve had in a long time. It was peculiar for everyone in my close circle, and I’m honestly drained right now (12:05am). Therefore, I’ma focus on what rarely fails me: good eats. Monday night, after I posted, I cooled down with: Turtle Mountain’s coconut milk ice […]

Hello beautiful, amazing, kind friends! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your feedback to the SnackFace layout and concept. It’s really what I envision what this blog would be in a print version. And maybe it’s my dream magazine, just maybe. I did something a little odd today. You may have heard of […]