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Summer Faves


Hi, sweet petunias! And dudes. I’m sure guys don’t enjoy being called sweet petunias. Moving on. This fine Tuesday brought to me my summer faves. First off, I rolled out of bed after getting 10 hours of sleep. How can that not be a favorite? Then, I trotted downstairs to my all-time favorite food: I […]

‘Ello, loves! My computer is driving me bonkers (I just typed boners…whoops!) right now, so this post may be short and sweet. Whenever I say that, though, I end up rambling on and on. We shall see. Anyweezy, I spent most of my day eating in circles: I awoke this morning at 10,trotted downstairs, made […]

The Four F’s


Ay bay bays! Friday was an amazing day that was beyond blog-worthy. What made it this way were the four F’s. First off, there’s fashion. It is essential. I use fashion to express mood, to play, to explore an arty/edgy/sporty/spicy/what-have-you side of me. The possibilities! Apparently, the ever-lovely Danielle knows this about me, and decided […]

Buon giorno, bellissime! Shortly after I posted yesterday, nerves took control. I have no idea why that has to happen. Why can’t we stop nervousness? Sometimes I think that it’s necessary to keep us on top of our toes, but I feel as though my stilettos were doing a fine job of that: Once fully […]

HI BEAUTIES!!! I miss you so much it’s insane. I feel lost. How are you! As you can tell, I’ve taken a technology detox. To compensate, I will be posting thrice today! Just like the big dogs. To kick off this tanfastic Tuesday, I’d like to put out a call for fashion. Every week I […]

Hello loves! Life is crazy right now. I don’t know where I’m going (do we ever?). I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. I can’t know what’s going to happen. And so, instead of constantly worrying about what is to come in my life, I’ve been loving what I have going on right now. This […]

Grazie e Bravo


Hello, loves! I wonder what I did so right to have the undying support and comfort from all of you. It’s remarkable. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With each comment, my face got a bit brighter, and my spirit a bit lighter. By the end of my Thursday, I was as happy as a […]