What up, loves! As I approached writing this post, I realized that I’m a little funny when it comes to posting about holidays. I’m fairly poor at documenting them. Instead, I partake in them. Then comes the thought: “Jeeze Louise, how can I make this different from every other blogger’s holiday post?” What happens is one of two things:

1. I don’t post.
2. I cave and write one anyway, despite the fear of readers’ yawns.

My holiday weekend kicked off Saturday morning with a drive to Athens. It feels funny saying “holiday weekend” because every day since graduation has felt like vacation.

To keep my tum and mind busy, I grabbed these snacks for the road:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar with a Diet DP.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar boggles my mind. I have no idea how they get dates, nuts and chocolate chips to taste like scrumptious cookie dough, but they do.

Two and a half hours later, I was in the company of the ever-studly:

Dirty Martini. This is what he looks like when he's not pleased with my taking photographs of him.

The first order of business was to grab a late lunch with DM’s friend Seth. (Seth, I don’t have a nickname for you yet!) We dined at a favorite of mine, Casa Nueva:

Chips, salsas and guac. Seth's quesadilla in the background.

Open-faced pita sandwich with corn, olives, peppers, tomatoes and cheese.

Once satiated, we went back to DM’s house to catch up and soak in some sun. That is such a lie. We were sitting on the back deck with the awning out. Soaking in the sun just sounded better.

DM had to work that night, so Seth and I kept him company:

Kailey in a Manwich.

Men folk.

I like the bartenderrrr.

‘Twas a lovely night that ended with three pieces of pizza in ma belly. Slept like a babe.

Sunday was filled with pure relaxation. Read: napping all afternoon. I wish I were kidding. In the evening, DM and I decided a cookout would be best.

The man can grill:

Wieners. Morningstar Farms Italian sausage, actually. So delish.

Grilled corn and onion.

Grilled peppers.

While he grilled, I baked a cake, ate appetizers of Triscuits and shrimp and assembled salads:

Romaine, banana peppers, feta and Italian dressing.

All together:


My plate. I was full when I started to eat this. It happens.

Our yellow cake with chocolate icing made for both an excellent late-night snack and a fab amuse bouche  to Monday’s brunch:

Hodgson Mill multi-grain buttermilk pancakes and eggs.

Get in my mouth.

I cannot have eggs without ketchup. Call me American, I don't mind.

I feel a bit spoiled, to be honest. I just spent the past week with my best friend in an amazing city. Then, upon returning to Cincy, I got to spend time with my family. And this past glorious holiday weekend, I ate ridiculously well with ridiculously good-looking, super sweet, frickin’ adorable company (see second picture in this post). Am I gushing?


All I’m saying is that I am extremely thankful. Thankful to have the most incredible people in my life, thankful to be able to eat deliciously, thankful to be happy and thankful that I can share the love with y’all. Because I’m suddenly Southern. But seriously, I am thankful.

May every day be a holiday. (Is that part of a Christmas tune?)

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: What is the most delicious thing you ate this weekend? AND What are you going to celebrate this week and how are you going to celebrate? I believe holidays bring out the fun (and thankfulness) in people, and I’d like to think we can do that on a regular basis. I know, daily may be pushing it.
Most delicious thing I ate: DM’s grilled veggies and sausage. I mean, the food that DM grilled for us. This week, I am going to celebrate the people in my life by spending time with them. Simple as that. And I’m already excited for next weekend, which is going to be amaze. Can’t wait!


‘Ello, loves! My computer is driving me bonkers (I just typed boners…whoops!) right now, so this post may be short and sweet. Whenever I say that, though, I end up rambling on and on. We shall see.

Anyweezy, I spent most of my day eating in circles:

Corn bran with banana, almond milk and cinnamon.

I awoke this morning at 10,trotted downstairs, made coffee, chatted with Nannykins and resorted to my favorite summertime breakfast for, uh, breakfast. Redundancy? Yes, please.

Simple and lovely.

After breakfast, I made my g-ma watch Drake: Better Than Good Enough and the first episode of Real World: New Orleans with me. It was enlightening for both of us.

By noon I was in the gym doin’ ma thang. I spent 65 minutes on the elliptical with the July Glamour. I didn’t even notice the time pass by! I followed that with arm, ab and a$$ units. Classic ol’ AAA. Felt so good. My exercise routine was almost non-existent in June, and I’m really hoping to kick it up a few notches this month.

I drove home, showered and almost passed out before I was able to eat. Apparently, cereal does not have the longevity I thought it had. Fixed the sitch with a circular lunch:

Super circular.

I love, love, love the everything bagel thins:

Bagel thin topped with whipped cream cheese, huge Fuji and cucumber spears.

This was accompanied by a favorite chemical potion:

Diet DP.

One teeny aspect of being home that is fabulous is that MamaJ will buy boxes of nasty soda for me. 🙂 Thank you for supporting my bad habit, Mumsy. (Is it really all that bad, though? Nah.)

Once satiated, I got my face to look presentable and headed to the mall. I packed the most exquisite afternoon snack:

Peanut butter chocolate chip Larabar. Does one need much else in her foodie life?

I am so proud of my local Kroghetto for carrying the new Lara’s that I skipped throughout the store when I found them yesterday.

I ate one-third while driving, one-third while walking into the mall (where I bought some Proactiv, a tank, a pair of pajama shorts and a lil’ striped dress) and one-third while driving back to mi casa. Pleasure for hours.

Packed with chocolate chips, the new bars do have some added sugar. But honestly, I don’t care about that. It is delicious. That is what matters here on SnackFace.

Speaking of delicious, dinner was delectable (alliteration, what up?):

Potatoes, tomato slices, corn on the cob and leftover vegetables provençal.

MamaJ makes to-live-for potatoes. She chops them into cubes, throws them on an aluminum-covered baking sheet, douses them in EVOO and spices and roasts them at a high heat until they look like this:

Best part of the meal. Multiply by three.

I also had a whole-wheat hamburger bun with Earth Balance with this! Let’s call it dessert.

Dang! I almost ate all-vegan today! If it weren’t for that cream cheese… Oh well. I consider myself to be on a high-vegan diet. Much like a high-raw diet, which allows for some cooked foods, my high-vegan diet allows for dashes of dairy.

And here I am, talking in circles around something I should write about: my New York trip. A lot happened. Interviews went well. Epiphanies were epiphanized. But mostly, things are up in the air.

So for now, I will talk–and eat– in circles.

I’m heading to Athens Saturday morning to visit my man! I’m extremely excited to see him! I wish you all the happiest of weekends and Fourths!

Ciao for now,


Hi, love pants! I am, in fact, still alive and kickin’. Popsicle asked me at dinner tonight whether I was concerned that you all thought I’d disappeared (I’m home in Cinci now). While I may have pulled a three-day disappearing act, I can assure you that I was seizing the days I had left in NYC. NYSeizing the opportunity, if you will.

I can’t even recall all the details of the pictures that are about to be thrown at you. I hope you enjoy this smorgasbord of food, meet-ups and life:

Simple apple and peanut butter by the window.

One Lucky Duck S+M salad.

Raw mallomar. Ridiculous.

Eating with my eyes first.

As delicious as this meal was, nothing can compare to the deliciousness of seeing the ever-so-dimey Adam Levine. Boyfriend strolled into Pure Food and Wine as Gabriela, Ilana and I were finishing our meals. One part of me wanted to stare. Another part of me wanted to be respectful and mind my own business. But a larger part of me wanted to walk over, introduce myself and tell him how much I respect his music. I went with option B because I still need to grow a pair.

It was OK, though. I had these delightful young women to distract me from my lost opportunity (the only one of the trip, I’d say):

How frickin' adorable are they?



I clearly NYSeized the opportunity to meet with as many bloggers as I could make work. Gabriela and Ilana make me want to move to the city, eat vegan food, spot dimepieces, play “Is This a Shirt or a Dress?” at Forever21 and never have to work. How can I make this a reality and still make money…?

Anyway, our blog love led us to our subway photo spree. My notes about the subway whilst I was there:

-Some people have B.O. that smells like Doritos.

-Any mariachi band that performs on the subway sings in a way that is angry. It’s almost as though they’re yelling in frustration. Note how your fellow riders try to pretend it’s not happening.

-At 6pm, your lady lumps may be pressed against a complete stranger’s body, as the subways are beyond packed. Nay, they will be pressed up against a stranger and you won’t like it. Unless it’s Adam Levine. (Have I gone too far?)

-You may be fortunate enough to land an actual seat on the ride. And then you may wonder whether the seats are ever sanitized. You decide they probably aren’t, and then you tell yourself it’s good for your immune system.

I truly feel as though I could write a series of short stories solely about subway-ride observations.

I enjoyed a sub of another sort, too:

Vegan falafel sando on crunchy wheat.

Sometimes, after a long day of getting lost in the city in shoes that have given you hellacious blisters, all you want is a good sandwich. Or veggie burger with fries and a brew:

Done dealin'.

On my last full day in the city, I kicked it off with the first person I ever met in New York: Danielle:

Thanksgiving 2009!

On a cool, breezy, sunny Wednesday morning, I met Danielle at Cafe du Soleil. Seeing that breakfast is our favorite meal, this was the way to go out with a bang:

Danielle's spinach-and-goat-cheese omelet with greens.

We split everything, and here was my half:

Amazing and garlicky.

But the true piece de resistance was:

Brioche French toast.

Imagine: perfectly caramelized, crunchy crust; inside so melty you’d think it was custard; perfect balance of vanilla, egg and maple syrup; and the gentle touch of powdered sugar. Danielle and I could not even speak when we were savoring a bite of that delicacy.

And that, my friends, is what I’ll leave you with today. See you soon!

Ciao for now,


Food City


Hello, gorgeous people!

As much as I’d like to believe that people come to New York City for opportunity, to find fame or to be with the most brilliant and talented people in the universe, I’m starting to think the main reason people come here is for food. A food city, NYC has already offered me raw fare and vegan pizza. In the past few days, though, it’s opened me up to even more exquisite sensory delights.

Let the splendiferous food show begin…

Sidewalk, al fresco brunch of a caramelized apple and goat cheese omelet, eight-grain toast and spicy hash browns.

My first authentic Indian-cuisine experience.


Cheese and tomato-stuffed naan. The Indian version of Pizza Hut's stuffed crust, perhaps?

Breaks from food can be taken. Gorgeously green parks are recommended.

Beauty. Who needs a gym or a workout routine when you can take a sweaty stroll through this?

Return to eating as soon as possible, though.

$10 tiny-ass salad at Community. Perhaps it's the Midwest in me, but if I'm paying $10 for a salad, I want a huge plate of greens.

But with chewy sourdough, hoppy honey ale and organic greens, can I really complain? Nah.

Finished the meal with blackberry-rhubarb cobbler and a scoop of vanilla. Beyond.

Most mornings it's nice to return to a simple, familiar breakfast.

I adore the colors and textures here: hot raspberry pink, peachy orange, stark white, granola that matches the wooden stool, white ledge that complements the yogurt.

Local raspberries and peach sit atop pillowy plain Greek yogurt, sprinkled with peanut butter granola.

Those divine raspberries were a gift from a friend you may recognize. Perhaps you read her blog:

The whip-smart, hysterical, incredible Gena!

Some people you meet are undoubtedly sweet. Some are ditzy. Some have a wall that you can’t break through. And some people are down-to-earth real, and that’s exactly how Gena is (and that’s all I ever want in people!). We spent almost two hours chatting it up. I have a feeling that if I ever moved to NYC, we’d become great friends.

I’m telling you, this is a food–and foodie–city.

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: What is YOUR ultimate food city? AND Which blogger would you love, love, love to meet?

I’m thinking Roma, Toscana and New York City are my food cities. As far as bloggers go, I would love to meet Holly. Although we talk on the phone frequently, constantly G-chat and text, we haven’t met in-person yet! I almost can’t believe that!

Restaurants in this post (excluding the brunch spot): Indian Cafe, Community Food & Juice, Muffin’s apartment.

The Four F’s


Ay bay bays! Friday was an amazing day that was beyond blog-worthy. What made it this way were the four F’s.

First off, there’s fashion. It is essential. I use fashion to express mood, to play, to explore an arty/edgy/sporty/spicy/what-have-you side of me. The possibilities! Apparently, the ever-lovely Danielle knows this about me, and decided that a wonderful way to spend a day together would be to visit the Brooklyn Museum‘s American High Style exhibit.


Warhol AND fashion? Yes. Please.

We may have spent most of our time trying to find the exhibit, but when we finally did locate the exquisitely preserved gowns, bliss overtook. Despite my wanting to photograph every single outfit, I wasn’t sure it was permitted. After taking one picture, I got so nervous I dropped my phone. Thus, the single picture from the fashion exhibit:

I naturally wanted to try on everything. I also wanted MamaJ to be there because it was SO HER.

I did, however, work up enough courage to photograph plates of two greats:

I wonder what that shape means...

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Hey, I guess this is merely the artist’s version of food blogging.

Which leads me to the second F: food. I had plenty deliciousness yesterday:

Rawesome Rawstar. (Yeah, get ready for the puns.)

Kale salad with pear and some sort of rawe-inspiring dressing.

The innards of these chipotle hand rolls were rawkin'.

These are supposedly raw falafel. They were rawful.

Danielle and I de-veganized ourselves hours later with this blog world staple:

Pinkberry! My first. Gosh, I'm so trendy now.

Mango topped with pineapple, vanilla snackanimal cookies and crushed Oreos. Unbelievable.

But for dinner, I got back with the vegan program at Cafe Viva. For all my vegans, this sign’s for you:

DAIYA!!! Revolutionary, fa sho.

I felt I had no choice other than to select a vegan slice:

Daiya formaggio on whole-wheat crust.

The last two F’s go hand in happy hand: friends and fun. Sometimes it’s hard to have one without the other. Dancing our tails off at Turtle Bay, Danielle, Leslie, Sofia and I had a blast (OK, maybe I’m putting words in their mouths, but I had a fanfreakingtastic time):


I am beyond thankful that in this wonderful city, I get to both meet new, fabulous people and spend time with my one and only:

Pure, unadulterated happiness.

The fact that it all occurred on a Friday–another fab F– is just a fun little fact.

Go off and be blissfully happy this weekend! Love you!

Ciao for now,


Buon giorno, bellissime!

Shortly after I posted yesterday, nerves took control. I have no idea why that has to happen. Why can’t we stop nervousness? Sometimes I think that it’s necessary to keep us on top of our toes, but I feel as though my stilettos were doing a fine job of that:

All black top, belt, pencil skirt and heels.

Once fully straightened, made-up and dressed, I grabbed a cab to Union Square. I’ve discovered that cab rides make me extremely motion sick. So much so that gorgeous sites like this don’t help distract me from the ick that much:

The city is breathtaking. (Cheesetastic but true.) I love that you can see the cars through the cement railing.

I hopped out of the cab when I spied the Kinkos FedEx that I needed, and dashed into the store to print off resumés. And then, in thick heat and skyscraper stilettos, I strutted several blocks to my interview.

To be more accurate, I stopped in the Duane Reade next door to cool down and wipe away my melting makeup. Only after that could I go in for the interview.

It was for a company with which I’ve worked before, and the interview was to ensure that this position would be the direction I want to take my career. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but it was fantastic to see people for whom I’ve worked before and to have a heart-to-heart with them. It was a lovely hour.

Afterward, buzzed off excitement and adrenaline, I walked back to the Union Square Whole Foods while chatting with MamaJ and Dirty Martini. Nay, I hobbled back.

Having not eaten since the morning, my hands were shaking at 4pm, when I finally ate:

Kale is hiding under vegan chicken salad, slaw and curry tofu.

Ate half this huge piece of cornbread. I swear, people here don't eat carbs.

Salad and cornbread– all I need.

I followed lunch with a chat with Popsicle and text convos with Muffin and Holly Everythingtarian (how she’s saved in my phone).

At this point, I was convinced my feet were broken. Not wanting to go back to Muffin’s apartment, I knew the only way to forage onward was to change clothes and go. Thank you, Forever21 and your staff, for making this possible:

Changed into new dress and replaced heels with flat sandals after pic.

Renewed, I met Muffin at the Bloomberg Tower. Not before perusing Bloomingdale’s and being mistaken for a non-English-speaking Norwegian, though. (Thanks, dude, for making my day!)

Muffin and I cooled off at Starbucks. Iced coffee for her, mocha light Frappuccino for me. (Hadn’t had one in years!) We then subwayed our way back to her apartment. A middle-aged gentleman started talking to us and immediately accused us of being either “girls from the South” or “girls from the Midwest.” He saved himself by saying girls from the Midwest are the best. Can’t argue there.

Dinner was an unpictured Chipotle salad and chips. We crashed at 10:30. What happened to our party animal ways?

This morning I woke up and hit my head on the ceiling. Fresh start, a good wake-up. I have to remember not to do that tomorrow in the lofted bed.

Things got even weirder when I made breakfast:

Tortilla+banana+peanut butter+cinnamon+cornbread crumbles? Why not.

Not bad at all.

Today’s agenda is chockfull of fun. What I really need to do right now is change clothes and go!

Have beautiful Fridays, loves!

Ciao for now,


Good morning, lovely petunias! This morning, I climbed down the ladder of Muffin’s lofted bed and thought to myself, “Self, it’s a fine time to explore.”

I put on my early-morning finest and headed out the door:

Gap hoodie, pajama shorts, Tiger kicks and Target shades. Side of sass very necessary.

I perused Broadway for breakfast goods and coffee:

Oh what a beautiful morning. Not Oklahoma-style.

Once I’d gathered the goods, I headed back to Muff’s apartment to break the fast. Someday, I swear, I will be able to stir a fresh jar of natural peanut butter sans spillage:

Smucker's Natural is scrumptious and affordable!

Soon enough, the breakfast photo shoot ensued:

Banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, tortilla and the essential Starbucks.

Kalyn is apparently my name today. I guess it's close to Kailey?

I purchased a bag of low-carb tortillas that I figured could last me a week. Of course, I had to carb them up with a banana and fat and protein it up with peanut butter:


I went a little photo crazy:

Circles inside a circle inside a circle.

Drippy peanut butter desperately clinging onto banana slices.

Eaten like so:

So I let her lick the wrapper. (Name that tune!)

Now I must locate somewhere to print off my resumĂ©, come back to the apartment, do my nails, shower, get ready and see how today’s interview goes!

I’ll holla atchoo later!

Ciao for now,