A Milli, A Biggie


Hi loves! I am a bit worn out at the moment, so this may be short and spicy. Also, MamaJ is in the other room watching So You Think You Can Dance and I really want to watch!

Yes, I’m a television and dance ho. I embrace it.

This morning, after waking up crying (do you ever have dreams that lead you there? It’s the most bizarre thing), made some coffee and broke into a blogger obsession: millet bread.

A milli, a milli, a milli, a millionaire, I’m a young money millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair my criteria compared to your career, this isn’t fair:

Piece of milli with Earth Balance; cherry toms; egg-white omelet with Laughing Cow and ketchup.

Ketchup, I'll never get over you.

Here’s the DL on millet (not about the nutritionals, though– I don’t care to post about that): the pieces are teeny, but they are dense and taste like cornbread. If I can get away with fruit-sweetened health bread that tastes like cornbread, then Imma do it. I found it for $4.99, which is the cheapest I’ve seen in months. Yes, I’ve kept my eye on it.

I let breakfast digest and settle before heading to the gym. Did ma thang on the elliptical (about 6.5 miles) and then worked on arms for 20 minutes. The soreness is already creeping into my shoulders and triceps. Money. Oh! I also did 50 squats– hold for 10 seconds at the end of each set of ten– for bootay maintenance.

After that, I rolled home, showered, dressed and made lunch. I needed more millet:

Millet with Earth Balance, ball salad and agua.

And by ball salad, I mean a Trader Joe’s meatless meatball-topped insalata. I cannot help my one and only faux-meat loving:

Romaine, balls, pickles and Annie's Goddess dressing. Yum in my mouth. Whoah, dirtier than I intended.

Here’s a better idea of the milli size:

That is my camera case. My camera is not large at all.

Of course my camera case is pink.

Anyway, lunch was tremendous. As was my afternoon snack of an apple and another piece of millet. Sometimes I’m annoyed when I like already-popular foods so much. It’s not even trendy anymore, it’s passΓ©. Although, do food trends have a longer shelf life than fashion trends? (I’m so punny! Ha!)

The late afternoon hours were spent lounging on my bed and texting people and taking photographs of myself (not that kind):

Some days are super casual.

Where Brooklyn at? Uh, New York?

Almost forgot I had these shoes! This is why I don't throw clothes and shoes away.

You know the episode of Sex and the City in which Aiden tries to have Carrie edit her wardrobe, but she refuses, knowing that someday she’ll wear all the items in there (was that shredded top Gucci, Cavalli? I can’t remember)? That is me. The skirt you saw yesterday? Hadn’t been worn in years. These shoes? The exact same deal. This is why I’m still unpacking from school.

The rest of Wednesday was spent with Nannykins and MamaJ. We shopped and then dined out. I had soup and salad, AKA not that fascinating, so here is last night’s incredible dinner:

Salad, frittata and bread.

Potato-filled frittata = delish.

While the ladies enjoyed eggs, the men folk enjoyed some red meat.

MattyRich would like to introduce you to his innovation, broschetta:

Let me explain...

Instead of a classic bruschetta, which is crostini topped with a tomato-basil compote, my Brotorious B.I.G. created broschetta: bread topped with yellow rice topped with carne asada. In case you needed a new recipe…

And on that meaty note, I think I need to sign off and grab a slice of milli for a late-night snack.

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: Which expensive food trend have you given into? Was/is it worth it? AND Do you hoard all your clothes for years and years or do you let them go?


56 Responses to “A Milli, A Biggie”

  1. 1 w0ahhitsbritt

    i love love love this vedge juice they sell at the giant by my work. it’s five dollars for a small bottle but it’s better then ANY veg drink i’ve ever had. loving the ketchup design on your eggs!

  2. 2 Jenny

    I buy Clif bars like they’re going out of style, and will never give up my love for ’em!

  3. I tried millet bread and I really loved it! I’m ALL about cornbread and sweet bread so it’s pretty awesome to me. But my problem is, I’ll go CRAZY over something and then eat it so much I eventually get sick of it. But you know, there are worse things I guess.
    And I’m totally carrie.. I can’t throw anything way! I mean, you just never know..

  4. 4 Ilana

    My closet is literally a time line of the past ten+ years of my life. I found a shirt that’s from 1999 (it says 1999 on it) and I’m sure I have older pieces – I think my CATS tshirt dates to 1998. When Carrie asked for “a really big closet” for their engagement … well lets just say I called the boyf and said something about needing a giant closet.

    I am quite fond of those shoes…pink pink pink! Loveit!

  5. 5 lo

    unfortunately the clothes that i do not throw away i would never wear again. i was never a stylish 16 year old…gah u making me crave millet and i have no clue wha it tis. Ok on that note, visittttt….or we can meet in nyc someday again. I am planning a labor day venture out there to see peeps!


  6. I’ve been making more of an effort to wear the items I already own but don’t use very often before buying new. It’s hard. I realize I buy a lot of items I don’t LOVE just because they are on sale. Silly.

  7. 7 squigglefloey

    Interesting! I’ve never had millet bread…so much give it a try! I love sweet tasting bread, but am not too keen on the cornbread, so we’ll see how it turns out!
    My problem is that, being a college student with clothes, I tend to get lazy and wear the SAME thing over and over again throughout the wk. Especially when I have class so early in the morning that I’m not thinking and instead of going in my PJs as I would like, I just sport jeans and sweatshirt.
    I should really revamp the ‘drobe. =/


  8. 8 healthyhelper

    nut butter, greek yogurts, and cereals/ granola’s are my weakness! so expensive…but so worth it. once i try a new trend and like it, its hard to go back LOL!

  9. 9 Meg

    Millet bread is amazing, and I’m GF anyway so it’s a double whammy! I can’t get enough of it. You MUST try it topped with some kind of nut butter and banana, or make a strawberry shortcake out of it – hooooomygoodness, to die for!

  10. i’m addicted to balls too.
    …..that sounds wrong.

  11. millet millet milet…..it just sounds trendy!

  12. 12 Katie

    I’ll buy millet bread and nut butter ’till I’m broke. And I WISH I held on to clothes – I have an obsession with cleaning out my closet and throwing away things I haven’t worn in a few months. Then I go to my closet wanting to wear something specific, and I (sadly) remember that I threw it out. Silly.

  13. 13 Casey

    So funny, I think i had been hoarding all of my clothes for a while. I just recently piled up a whole bunch to part with and had friends come over to pick out stuff they wanted. It makes it easier to give up and they’ll get more use out of it then I would!

  14. 14 Lola

    I madea promise yesterday to never buy clothes again!! I have so many and I’m trying not to be materialistic so I’m comitting to not buying any more clothes ever again. hehe

  15. 15 Anna

    I’m 90% sure that Carrie’s top is Roberto Cavalli. But just to be sure, I should probably watch that episode for the 14th time.

    I’m totally like her, too. If I have something in my closet that I like, looks good, and is in good shape, I’ll keep it around. Even if it’s kind of an old trend, I’ll mix it up with something new. I’ve been poking around in the back of my closet and finding all sorts of florals and other good stuff that was fabulous 10 years ago and not at all bad right now. It’s kind of like shopping, but without my spending money I don’t have.

    I’m a sucker for expensive fresh fruit and veggies. Fresh cherries are going to cost you an arm and a leg, but MAN are they worth it.

  16. oh man, i LOVE millet bread! totally worth the splurge! i picked it up on an impulse a couple weeks ago, and it is my new favorite bread – so chewy and dense! it’s totally justified. i feel ya girl!

    almond butter is definitely not cheap, and i buy that stuff like crazy! same with nuts in general i guess! and i do splurge a bit on some raw granola once in awhile =)

    i also hoard my clothes like crazy… but its true that when you least expect it you find use for clothes you havent worn for years… and then you can justify your hoarding =) haha

  17. I never get rid of clothes either. I always know that I will wear them!

  18. 18 Melissa

    Help! Ladies where can you get millet bread?! Is there any brand that you recommend?! I’m in NJ (Jersey shore woo!)…we don’t have trader Joe’s 😦 I have Shoprite, stop And shop ….any suggestions?! Thank you so much and I ❀ the blog! Xo Melissa

  19. I wish I didn’t give all my clothes away – sometimes FH makes me get rid of stuff if I want new stuff hahah!! πŸ™‚ There’s no room for all my stuff!

    All of my food choices are ridiculously expensive. I’m okay with it. I would rather spend money on food than anything else!

  20. Millet is the best. We told you it was worth it! I freeze mine so that I actually have to go to the trouble of thawing it and my loaf lasts more than a day. Though after reading this post, I think a milli sammie might be in order for my packed lunch today…

    The most recent trend I’ve bought into is Sun Warrior. It’s expensive, but damn, it’s good stuff.

    As for clothes, I hoard for a few years and then purge everything. Getting rid of my pre-ED clothes was tough, as was getting rid of my during-ED clothes, and now I’m somewhere between the two. Let’s add shopping for new SIZE HEALTHY clothes to the list of recovery motivators, okay?

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week love!

  21. I gave into Kombucha. It’s so expensive but totally worth it. I guess it’s good for my budget that it’s been pulled from the shelves at Whole Foods.

  22. Ahh I need to try millet bread, still!! I LOVE nut butters. I used to hate peanut butter and now I am ALL over the PB, AB and I even love CB!!

    Oh, and overnight oats.

    And sweet potatoes with cottage cheese.

    And green monsters.

    All over those food trends. πŸ˜‰


  23. Millet bread isn’t really so pricey, only a couple dollars more than other bread. I might also think this because loaves of it live in my freezer and I only eat it occasionally, a slice at a time (aka I don’t use it as a replacement for bread in general) It is delish! Just like sweet, dense cornbread. Try it with nut butter, yummm. So yes, millet bread is a little pricey, but definitely worth it!

  24. I could totally relate to Carrie in that episode! I hold on to all my clothes because I never know when I might want to wear it again. I mean, I think I wore leggings when I was FIVE and now they’re back in style again. πŸ˜›

    My Kashi cereal is pretty pricey at $7 a box but I could never give it up!

  25. 25 Alexa

    i recently gave in to buying xanthum gum… i somehow convinced my mother at the grocery store the other day. She’s such a good sport… she couldn’t grasp what it was suppose to do for smoothies. adorable. At $ 15 a bag i’m just hoping that i don’t go spilling the bag!

  26. Kobe beef burgers, almost the only meat I’ll still eat. Definitely worth it. OOH and King Crab.

    I lurve that Lil Wayne song. But now we have songs about wanting to be billionaires so friggin bad. Oh how much has changed in a year:)

  27. I will have to go with Almond Milk–it definitely falls in that category, as ounce per ounce it is about 4 times as expensive as cow milk. But I’m hooked, so that’s that.

    Also, i love fiber one cereal. I know it is processed and chemically, but it is doggone delicious. This girl needs as much fiber as she can get and I have loved fiber one for longer than I can remember–at 5$ a box that stuff aint cheep! Whenever it is buy one get one free at the store, I jump on it and stock up!

  28. I hate when I wake up crying. One time thought I woke up laughing and it creeped me out. I can’t even remember what my dream was and it wasn’t my normal, light-hearted laugh so it was really weird.

    Maranatha’s Dark Chocolate Almond Spread = totes worth the price. Next thing on my list is millet bread. I need to see what all the hub bub is about.

  29. The other day I woke up crying from a dream! I feel so disoriented when that happens .. it’s so weird.

    Millet bread is well worth its hefty price tag. Letgit addiction that actually needs to be refilled very, very soon. Glad you hopped on that bandwagon :0)

    PS – I WANT A BIGGIE SHIRT you so balla

  30. 30 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    glad to hear about what you think of millet bread- i haven’t tried it but i really want to now! It sounds delicious πŸ™‚ love your outfit, so cute. The best is finding old clothes you can still wear!


  31. I just bought some millet bread for the first time recently. Way too expensive and way too good! I love how dense and doughy it is.

    Yep, I buy into food trends a lot, especially when it involves almond butter. Totally worth the price.

  32. I love millet bread – it’s so creamy. I recently gave into the chia seed madness and man, have I been missing out. Love the little buggers. Also, yes I hoard clothes…I have things that I wore in middle school. Glad I’m not alone in that.

  33. 33 katie

    greek yougrt is gonna put me in the poor house lol

  34. 34 Brenna

    You’ll have to try millet bread (I actually like the brown rice bread even better) with almond butter and apple butter (the plain ol kind with just apples) shmeared on top. Seriously the most ah-mazing snack ever!

  35. I tend to let clothes go. I hate having tons of stuff and if I havent worn them in a few years, I tend to throw them away. Maybe I should start keeping them…never know what I’d find!

  36. It’s not a food trend, per se, but I’m guilty of spending $3 on a single bar (Miracle Reds…delish). As usual you look fabulous in your pictures πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day!
    -Kati @ beautyandafeast

  37. 37 Jenna

    Cute outfit πŸ™‚

  38. Broschetta = brilliant. Can think of a ton of guys to serve it to πŸ™‚
    I keep clothes forever. I still have socks from middle school and I’m getting up towards thirty. When I find clothes that I like and are comfy, I tend to form unnatural attachments to them, and require holes, tears and complete unwearability before I allow them to be torn from my clutches.
    I got sucked in by coconut oil and almond butter, and I have yet to give them up. My current DIY plan is to find a way to grind almonds myself, and hence become a nut-butter grinding, money-making machine.

  39. So I don’t think of you as being a baker…but you’d love the millet muffins I made the other day. I should totally bake and send you a batch! I’m adding it to the to-do list.

  40. 40 Angelina

    The expensive food trend I’ve gotten into is buying more organic foods. Ever since discovering food blogs, I’ve become more interested in eating all natural foods and have switched from shopping at Aldi to Trader Joe’s. I don’t have a lot of old clothes from my middle or high school years in my closet now. I outgrew a lot of my stuff, which meant saying goodbye to a lot of great pieces. But I could see myself holding on to a lot of what I have now for years to come.

  41. Okay — 1. Love ketchup on my eggs. 2. Loving that tee!! And I’ve given into the natural nut butter “trend” — more expensive but totes worth it!!

  42. i ADORE fruit puree, but it’s sooo expensive! my mum still buys all the food for the house, but i have to buy the puree with my own money as it’s so expensive! i think its definitely worth forking out over though! xx

  43. Mmmmmmmmmillet. I want to try it.

    I spend the majority of my money (ha! as if I had any) on Raw Creamy Almond Butter and Sunshine burgers. Pure expensive deliciousness.

    P.S. I miss your face. <-And, I somewhat dislike that phrase, but it feels appropriate πŸ˜‰

  44. Oh, Millet bread. That and nutritional yeast are the items I miss most since giving up going to expensive grocery stores.
    I gave into Millet for a while. But now, I’m on the expensive food kick of expensive wine? Does that count? lol ok then how about Justin’s Maple Almond Butter?

  45. 45 Lele

    Hahaha broschetta is the best thing ever. I came up with faux-lafel but broschetta wins.

  46. 46 Michelle

    Millet bread is definitely super tiny! I haven’t had any since coming back from college though.

  47. Yuuup, I am a proud clothing hoarder. How bad? Well I am 23 and I still have clothes (that I occasionally wear) from when I was 16. And then there’s that blue Colombia jacket I own from when I was 14. Haha. HOWEVER, I did clean out my closet a few weeks ago and (sadly) parted with half of my old clothes. Sad times, sad times!

  48. 48 sarahdbelle

    I hang on to all my old clothes too! You never know when things might go back into style or look fabulous with stuff you already own.
    I bought coconut butter after Kath raved about how good it is and how it tastes like icing. Unfortunately, it didn’t do much for me, but at least I’m not tempted to buy more. (It’s expensive!)

  49. LOVE millet bread. The slices are small, but the taste/texture make up for it. I recently tried brown rice flour bread…hoping it’d be similar to millet…but it was vom-worthy, to say the least. But then again I didn’t toast it. Maybe that was the problem?

    I go through phases where I want to get rid of a ton of clothes, and then of course I regret it later (especially when I see my beautiful pieces hanging in the window of Plato’s Closet. *sigh*). So my new plan is to clear out a new closet and just become a straight up hoarder. Maybe I’ll get lucky and make it on that hoarders TV show…

  50. 50 Anna

    The dress was definitely Roberto Cavalli. God, I could reference SATC all day long. I am just as obsessed with millet bread and Mr. TJ’s balls as you are, my friend. And I must say, I am totally a bandwagoner when it comes to blog foods, because I’m always looking for variety. The one thing that I do love, but can’t get myself to buy again bc of how darn expensive is chia seeds. I love making chia pudding, but I hate spending so much on one food item.

  51. haven’t fallen into any trends lately…i’m waitin for it though!

    and i never keep old clothes unless they have sentimental value, like someone brought it back from a foreign country!

  52. so you think you can dance…dance…dance…

    i love you.

    we need to catch-up. that is going to be every comment i leave you until that happens.

    hugs and love.


  53. 53 lisa

    idn if you can count it as a trend but I spend a good chunk of change on Amy’s Kitchen products. Seriosuly, I probably eat them 5-6 times a week. ahh. soo good. so worth it. also- organic yogurt! more expensive, but worth it in my opinion. actually, i buy organic a lot. which still, i think its worth it! πŸ™‚

  54. I have jeans from high school (6 years ago, gasp!) that I was just recently unable to wear. I have sports bras from freshman year…the tata’s hit a plateau quick! lol

  55. 55 cdean

    I love those shoes!

  56. 56 Sarah

    I am a HUGE fan of ezekiel products- especially the english muffins! Unfortunately, I tend to go through them quickly, and they aren’t cheap!

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