Summer Faves


Hi, sweet petunias! And dudes. I’m sure guys don’t enjoy being called sweet petunias. Moving on.

This fine Tuesday brought to me my summer faves. First off, I rolled out of bed after getting 10 hours of sleep. How can that not be a favorite? Then, I trotted downstairs to my all-time favorite food:

Cereal! Surrial. Potato/patato. Kashi Honey Sunshine with banana and almond milk.

I chilled, caught up on blogs, sipped a cup of black coffee and eventually got ready for the gym. My limit with coffee is sad right now. One cup? I’m ashamed.

The gym was faaaab. Mostly thanks to the happiest day of the month: Magazine Day! You know, that one magical day when two of your favorite magazines arrive:

Glamour and VegNews!

Please take a moment to appreciate the 10th Anniversary Issue of VegNews and its superb cover:

Pink and orange and gorgeous all over, thanks to veg artist Peter Max.

August Glamour kept me company on the elliptical for an hour-ish. When it’s love, there ain’t no stoppin’.

I followed that up with about a half-hour of abs. My six-pack is under there somewhere.

Reading Glamour ignited the fashionista within, and allowed me to foray into another favorite:

Playing with my tired wardrobe.

I mixed my favorite Forever21 button-down with a Bisou-Bisou skirt that I’ve had since 10th grade, and tied it all together with one of MattyRich’s old belts and my Target sandals. This is me trying to be fierce:

But Peanut had plans of her own.

Fashion with a dog peeing in the background— you can only find it here!

Mixing patterns is something semi-new to me, but with subtle, soft patterns, I think it’s doable:


And if the look is a total flop, there are always shades to hide behind:

You can't see past my shades, past my shades, past my shades.

Oh, HAYYY, freckles and moles.

Another bossy aspect of summer and free days is being able to take late-afternoon trips to Target. And who’s not a fan of Target, ya know? I needed a bathing suit that will stay put for my upcoming weekend adventures. (Patience, little sistah, on the details.) Of course they had something perfect in store!

Although, Target, could you please get some more flattering lighting in your dressing rooms? I like to pretend cellulite doesn’t exist. K? Great, thanks.

Some light shopping needed some light fuel, as my lunch had already worn off:

Bagel thin with cream cheese, apple and bell pepper.

The Clif folks came to my hunger’s rescue, as they normally do. They’re so good at it:

Clif Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel delicacy.

Dinner was, you guessed it, another of my favorites. A salad of monster proportions:

Wait for the money shot. You have no idea how big this is yet. (That is SO what she said. Or he said.)

Perhaps this Boca-feta-cucumber-pickle-topped salad could have served four. Not for this SnackFace.

Technically, I ate this for dinner Monday night. I felt it Tuesday morning. (YesI’mgross.)

Oh, my friends, can you tell that I finally have my blogging desire back? The zest and spice have returned! I didn’t want to say anything earlier, but I was lacking motivation. I can’t tell you how very thankful I am that my number one favorite thing, my love of blogging and communicating with thousands each day, has returned. Thank YOU for sticking with me!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: What are your favorite things about summer? Favorite foods of summer? AND What’s your summer-wardrobe staple?


52 Responses to “Summer Faves”

  1. you weren’t just trying to be fierce–you ARE fierce.

    My favorite food of summer is blackberies. I eat those babies by the pound.

  2. ha… LOVE the “dog in the background”… you are so awesome for not only including but for pointing it out!!


    I love Peter Max. my boyfriend’s mom’s DOG is named after him.

    I love magazines – I get WAAAY too many in the mail – and read them on treadmill – AWESOME!

    your outfit is slammin. you know that 😉

  3. 3 Jenny

    Your outfit is FAB! My summer staple is a sundress and heels- gotta love it… I’m loving rompers and corset tops recently though!

  4. Love your outfit! My favorite summer food would have to be watermelon. Love it!

  5. My favorite things about summer are pools, lounging like a lizard in the sun (only with lots of sunscreen), and berries!

    And I’m with lisa, you are fierce!

  6. 6 Michelle

    My summer wardrobe staple are my sundresses! I wear jeans all winter long, but once the sun breaks out, you gotta look out! 😉

  7. 7 Meg

    Love love lovvveee your outfit! Oh and Peanut peeing totally makes it 10x more fab 😉 And cellulite?!?! Woman please! You are a freakin’ gorgeous belle and cellulite should NOT be on your mind, nor is it in the mirror – you are clearly delusional! 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic evening filled with friends, fam, food and whatever else floats your boat!


  8. 8 Liz

    I love that outfit a lot!

  9. 9 Brynne

    Damn girl you inspire my fashion choices on a daily basis – I aim to be as bold as you!

    The sun is the best thing about summer – love me some Vitamin D .. plus it helps the delicious strawberries, blueberries, and peaches (best foods of summer) grow and be delicious.

    Summer wardrobe staple = my free plastic hot pink frames from our student government. I can’t be trusted with sunglasses that cost more than $1 to make.

  10. i love magazines – don’t have any subscriptions though…criminal! haha i just love fruit, berries, cherries….you know all the sweet/sour goodness.

  11. 11 dana

    oh you are gorgeous, hilarious, and i love you – aaaand glad you have your blogging zest back – yyyyyaaayyyy!!!!

  12. Um girl, yous fierceeeeeeeeeee.

    I love the braids. Love the old-school skirt. Sandals. Belt. Shades!! Love it all.

    I also love that we are kind of (?) on the same wave-length….since i’ve been noshing on everything bagels with cheese (melted pepper-jack, thanks) and salsa all week! You just can’t beat the everything flav, ya know?? I do miss you though! How long has it been since we caught up?? Let’s change that soon, ok? I’ll be back in yo’ state in 2 weeks actually–visiting the fam and getting my tan/dranks/food on.

    Oh, and no need to apologize for the enormity of that salad–you know all of blog-world (and other healthy eaters!) looove big salads like that!

    Summer/current essentials=corn on the cob, peaches, berries, everything pretzel slims, sunshine veggie burgers, fun sandals, big glasses, flowy dresses and funky nails!

    Love you!

  13. 1. SERIOUSLY on the target dressing rooms. they lose so much of my money (good for my bank account, i guess, but still!) on account of always makin’ my hiney look like a scoop of cheesecake filling.
    2. your salad looks almost as big as the bowl of stir/steam fried veggies i just devoured!
    3. you’re awesome.

    ❤ emilie

  14. Such a cute outfit! And my favorite summer food are peaches and fresh corn, by far!
    So glad you got your blogging mojo back!

  15. DRESSES, DRESSES, DRESSES. I live for dresses in the summer! I’d like to get better at mixing patterns, I should just do it! Glad you found your blogging mojo!

  16. LOVE mixing patterns! My best friend is a serious fashionista, and I always envy how she can pull off mixing the craziest patterns. I’m talking…plaid & stripes, floral & polka dots, etc. It’s such a great way to stand out and show a unique sense of style, na’mean?

  17. Your outfit is way cute and the peeing dog in the background makes it all the more amazing, lol. I wear sundresses all summer (w/ tanks under them if they’re all ‘hey look at my boobs’) and cute skirts w/ kick shorts and tees, or tanks around the house. Watermelon, homemade ice cream and homemade popsicles are my fave summer treats.

  18. The fierce pic with dog in the background….so fantastic.

    And I want that salad. Now, please.

  19. 19 britannie

    i love getting re-inspired for my fave passions! im glad your bloggin mojo’s baaack 🙂

    my favorite things about summer are definitly being able to take my time in my day and just the free-spirit feeling ya know? routine is good, but sometimes its gotta go.

  20. 20 Jenna

    Glad your back and I’m lovin the ‘fit!!

  21. 21 Emily

    I look forward to your blog posts every day. They truly brighten up my day. The day you stop blogging (and I’m hoping that day is not in the near future) I’ll be very, very sad.

    • 22 snackface

      Emily- Wow, thank you so much. Those aren’t even accurate words, but seriously, that means so much to me.

  22. 23 dess

    Love your outfit! 🙂 have to lose more more calories just to wear something like that! 😀

  23. Ummm so I totally loved this entire post.

    1. Your dog peeing in the background was classic.

    2. I’m afraid to mix patterns, but you’ve inspired me to do so.

    3. I loved the comment about the salad. TMI? Yes. Did everyone who read that find a time in their life when they could relate? I know I did!

    4. Target’s dressing room lights blow.

  24. Dressing rooms have universally unflattering light…I wish it couldn’t be pervy to have natural light in them, but that would mean a window…

    That outfit is tres chic. I love that you used your brother’s old belt! I don’t think my bro has any, just gym shorts haha.

    Favorite things of summer = riding top down, stoner music such as Dave, John Mayer and Jack Johnson, and being able to go outside at night without a jacket. Ahhh….

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week love!

  25. you’re fiercer than tyra!

  26. oh my – that pic with the pup in the background is too funny!
    And I LOVE your salad! I made my mother in-law triple the vegetables she had ready to cook last night as the amount she had for 4 people was really only going to be enough for me! this girl LOVES her veggies!!

  27. 28 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ahh i totally relate to the lack of motivation- it comes & goes, but i’m glad you are back and posting frequently!
    I hate bad lighting in dressing rooms- it ruins everyhting, they should fix it- people would buy more 🙂
    & that salad looks delicious!!


  28. Nothing beats having the sun there to wake up with you.

  29. 30 Tay

    Half hour of abs?? damn girl!! Please share your secret routine!

  30. 31 Little Bookworm

    Yay for having blogging desire back – I love reading your posts! 😀 Love that salad as well.

    Favourite summer food – ice cream/banana softserve at the moment.

    Hope you have a great day!

  31. Get it giirrrllllll 😀

  32. i love big bowls of salad! as well as those peanut butter pretzel clif’s. mmm, heaven sent, baby!

    fave thing about summer: tan shirtless men doing yardwork. hubba, hubba. as well as splashin’ in the pool and soaking up the rays.

    fave food: pasta salad. i could eat large consumptions of it like i was it was my last meal.

    summer staple: sundresses, and lots of them!

  33. 34 Rachel

    adorable outfit, clashing patterns is one of my favorites. forever 21 and target are the best things ever and make up probably 95% of my wardrobe (the 5% is made up of secondhand items haha).

    favorite summer outfit is basically t shirts and yoga capris, or soffe shorts, bareefoot, can’t be bothered to look nice this week when the sun is blazing furiously on my pasty white self. the one thing i like about summer is the fact that i have no classes, yeehaw. and smoothies all around, lots of fresh produce, cold coconut water and milk

  34. I love it when I get new magazines so that I can read them on the elliptical! Otherwise I just read old issues, which gets boring.

    I live in sundresses and floral skirts in the summer! I’ve been wanting to try mixed patterns like that. I think you totally pull it off. 😉

  35. Things I love about summer:
    sunny days
    walks along the water
    drinks on the patio
    huge salad
    watermelon and nectarines
    frozen yogurt!

    Summer style staple? Sundresses! And big Jackie O’s, of course.


  36. Barbecues, Watermelon and sundresses to the office 🙂

  37. 38 Sarah

    My favorite summertime food? Hmmm…probably all things berry. And avocados.

  38. i LOVE sundresses. and skirts. and flip flops. not so into bathing suits (yet).

    i would marry strawberries – and watermelon! even though i didn’t like it until this year, i’m weird.

  39. There are some really fantastic looking recipes in this issue of VegNews! I just can’t decide which I want to make first 🙂

  40. Target dressing rooms are THE WORST!!!

    – Fav thing about summer? The heat!! Us Midwest kids don’t get enough of it!
    – Fav food? Tomatoes. They taste like candy when they’re in season.
    – Wardrobe staple: Dresses. My closet is jam packed with light summer dresses which are perfect for boat days 🙂

  41. 42 Holly

    ahhh my dearest kaileybear! i miss you! i’ve been stalking gchat like mad waiting for your loveliness to log-on, but to no avail. you are busy livin’ yo life and scoring sweet deals at target, which is really what life should be about.

    LOVING that outfit.

    and LOVING the eats. nothing like getting back down to business, getting the blogging mojo back and being happy.

    can’t wait to catch up! love youuuuuuuuuuu

  42. 43 Holly

    thing: long walks at sunset on a gloriously warm day.

    food: ice cream + salads + beer, not necessarily in that order.

    wardrobe: flowy skirts and dresses that promote air flowage!

  43. Ahh peanut, slick moves. Who needs a catwalk when you have a dog like that.


  44. 45 Laura

    My favourite thing about summer is…THE WEATHER!!!! although it doesn’t seem to go above like, minus ten degrees here in Scotland, haha! makes me appreciate the warm days though! not sure i have a fav summer food..but the fresh fruit you get is just delicious and tastes even better than usual in summer!

    LOVE the pic with peeing doggy! made me cackle! xx

  45. 46 Katharina

    Oh my goodness you look so lovely in these pictures! And that backyard.. I really want to have a picnic or some outdoor dining of sorts 😀 It looks so nice!!

    I need to get a big bowl, and I’ve been on the lookout for one. My bowls here are too small for how big I want to make my salads sometimes :\

    I love how I’m able to wear shorts at night in the summertime. There are those perfect summer nights where all you do is lounge around outside with some good company and talk for hours. I love all of the fruits that are in season during the summer. And perfect because all I want to be is refreshed! Summer wardrobe staple? I have two! A pair of sandals that you wouldn’t mind wearing everyday/get sick of, and sheer clothes aka “naked clothes”.

    XOXO gorgeous lady

  46. 47 Anna

    While I like sunshine and warmth, the recent extreme heat has gotten to me. I am living in breezy tops and skirts, gladiator sandals that pass my work’s dress code, and sunglasses that hide my sweat-streaked mascara. Gross, gross, gross.

    You did that pattern play perfectly. You’re fierce enough to rock pretty much anything, so if you like it, own it!

  47. dude, you need to teach me how to do my hair like that. LOVE IT. screams summer!

    and summer to me screams: melons, stone fruits, pools, tanning, reading and running!

  48. 49 Sara

    Love the outfit!! Even though it technically doesn’t goes great together!

    And that salad bowl is too perfect- functional and adorable!! 🙂

  49. 50 s

    lol! sweet petunias … and dudes. 🙂

  50. Summer foods – blackberries. Blackberries and sage together = amazing flavor combination. Frozen blackberries, sage + vodka = perfect summer cocktail.
    My summer fashion staple is short maternity sundresses. I’m not pregnant, but the whole airy, big and comfy things just works when it’s 100 bloody degrees out. I have a bunch of big dresses that I got when I worked in Africa, and they’re cottony wonderfulness on a hot day.

  51. 52 nutritionedge

    You just needed a mental break! It’s good to clear your head and just not think about forty million things and what you ‘should’ be doing! You dinner salad made me laugh- it’s literally 1/2 the size of mine! lol
    Glad you got your bloggin’ mojo back!

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