NYSeizing the Opportunity


Hi, love pants! I am, in fact, still alive and kickin’. Popsicle asked me at dinner tonight whether I was concerned that you all thought I’d disappeared (I’m home in Cinci now). While I may have pulled a three-day disappearing act, I can assure you that I was seizing the days I had left in NYC. NYSeizing the opportunity, if you will.

I can’t even recall all the details of the pictures that are about to be thrown at you. I hope you enjoy this smorgasbord of food, meet-ups and life:

Simple apple and peanut butter by the window.

One Lucky Duck S+M salad.

Raw mallomar. Ridiculous.

Eating with my eyes first.

As delicious as this meal was, nothing can compare to the deliciousness of seeing the ever-so-dimey Adam Levine. Boyfriend strolled into Pure Food and Wine as Gabriela, Ilana and I were finishing our meals. One part of me wanted to stare. Another part of me wanted to be respectful and mind my own business. But a larger part of me wanted to walk over, introduce myself and tell him how much I respect his music. I went with option B because I still need to grow a pair.

It was OK, though. I had these delightful young women to distract me from my lost opportunity (the only one of the trip, I’d say):

How frickin' adorable are they?



I clearly NYSeized the opportunity to meet with as many bloggers as I could make work. Gabriela and Ilana make me want to move to the city, eat vegan food, spot dimepieces, play “Is This a Shirt or a Dress?” at Forever21 and never have to work. How can I make this a reality and still make money…?

Anyway, our blog love led us to our subway photo spree. My notes about the subway whilst I was there:

-Some people have B.O. that smells like Doritos.

-Any mariachi band that performs on the subway sings in a way that is angry. It’s almost as though they’re yelling in frustration. Note how your fellow riders try to pretend it’s not happening.

-At 6pm, your lady lumps may be pressed against a complete stranger’s body, as the subways are beyond packed. Nay, they will be pressed up against a stranger and you won’t like it. Unless it’s Adam Levine. (Have I gone too far?)

-You may be fortunate enough to land an actual seat on the ride. And then you may wonder whether the seats are ever sanitized. You decide they probably aren’t, and then you tell yourself it’s good for your immune system.

I truly feel as though I could write a series of short stories solely about subway-ride observations.

I enjoyed a sub of another sort, too:

Vegan falafel sando on crunchy wheat.

Sometimes, after a long day of getting lost in the city in shoes that have given you hellacious blisters, all you want is a good sandwich. Or veggie burger with fries and a brew:

Done dealin'.

On my last full day in the city, I kicked it off with the first person I ever met in New York: Danielle:

Thanksgiving 2009!

On a cool, breezy, sunny Wednesday morning, I met Danielle at Cafe du Soleil. Seeing that breakfast is our favorite meal, this was the way to go out with a bang:

Danielle's spinach-and-goat-cheese omelet with greens.

We split everything, and here was my half:

Amazing and garlicky.

But the true piece de resistance was:

Brioche French toast.

Imagine: perfectly caramelized, crunchy crust; inside so melty you’d think it was custard; perfect balance of vanilla, egg and maple syrup; and the gentle touch of powdered sugar. Danielle and I could not even speak when we were savoring a bite of that delicacy.

And that, my friends, is what I’ll leave you with today. See you soon!

Ciao for now,



40 Responses to “NYSeizing the Opportunity”

  1. That raw mallowmar looks better than any dessert I’ve had. I need one of those!

  2. 2 Jenny

    Your description of the french toast sounds to die for!

  3. Adam Levine?!?! I would have died! How I wish to be a NYC girl now!

  4. 4 dmcgirl37

    Oh my gosh all that food looks so mouth watering! Veggie burger with fries looks good to me as long as you had them with tons of ketchup 😉
    I love the that the city has so many options for food. Seriously, you could live there for years and still find new places to eat out! It is amazing, soak up the enjoyment while your there. Your one lucky gal !

    Dana xo

  5. that mallowmar looks fantastical! was it from OLD? that’s on my NYC trip list.. ahh 12 days! 😀
    thanks for the subway warning, btw. as a public health student/germophobe i’m definitely going to be carrying a hugh jass bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse!

  6. French toast. Attempting to make something half as good as that looks/sounds. Now. My stomach-30-minutes-from-now says thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Sounds/looks like a phenomenal trip- I’m also a little NYC-obsessed at the moment since I was just there as well, so I loved seeing your updates from the big city 🙂 I’m jealous of your run-in with Mr. Levine, too- ooh lala!

  8. The S&M salad and mallomar are my favorites at Pure/One Lucky Duck! Glad you got to try them 🙂

  9. i’ve literally been waiting for you to post. i NEED to hear how the interview went! i am dying in wisconsin. of heat and of not knowing what is going on in your life. it ain’t right.

    and i am SO jealz of all your meet-ups + food. amazing.

    love youuuuuu!

  10. Aww you girls are too cute!

  11. I loved all of your observations on the subway – you defintely had me laughing! I’m glad you had such a great time!

  12. hahaha ohh the subway! sounds like im DEF NOT missing out there!!
    What a GREAT meet up!! I WANT TO MEET UP!
    mmm love those desserts. they are so cute too!

  13. 13 Michelle

    I love the is this a shirt or a dress game at Forever 21! 😉

  14. 14 Meg

    Amazing city, amazing people and amazing food – what more could you ask for?? I feel the same way about my summer so far too, it’s really a good thing to count your blessings 🙂 This post is filled with so many!

    Enjoy being home and best of luck with all you get yourself into girl! You’re fantastic!!

  15. 15 Ilana

    When you asked, “Do they ever wipe down the seats on the subway?” I died. It’s soooo one of those things I try my hardest not to think of or pay any attention to..ick.
    It was so fantastic to get to meet you and when you come back I insist we tear it up because we’re only JUST outta college – plenty of play time left.

  16. you seriously ate all my favorite things at one lucky duck.. no joke. the S&M salad is my favorite and i LOVE the mallomar. last time i was in NY, staying at my friend’s place, she would buy me mallomars for BREAKFAST. haha, i was in heaven. your blogger meetups look like tons of fun and of course all the food is divine! NY is such foodie heaven, isnt it!?

  17. 17 maxinthegym

    No way! You saw Adam Levine?! So jealous right now!

  18. Ahhh! I LOVE the Raw mallomars from OLD I seriously DREAM of them—so amazing! I would have one everyday if they weren’t so damn expensive

    Looks like fun! I would love to join you girls next time : )



  19. OMG wow. That Goats cheese omelette and french toast. I’m about to have breakfast and I’ve just been knocked down with foodie inspiration. Look how much cheese is in that cross section! Gah I drool. And the falafel burger! I had a falafel craving last night that still has not been fulfilled. I suspect lunch shall be rather predictable 😛 Hope you had a great time in NYC! Love your blog x

  20. 20 squigglefloey

    Everything looks aahhmazzing. Glad you’re taking advantage of the opportunities you have! Definitely making use of that journalismness!

  21. 21 Little Bookworm

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time in NYC! That falafel sandwich looks amazing (and now I want some falafel! :)). Question though, what is a mallomar?

  22. 22 Jenna

    Glad your having a good time!!

  23. Nomnomnomm I’m going to the city next week to see that fashion exhibit at the Met (I think it’s connected to the one you went to at the Brooklyn Museum) and now I know where I want to eat. Come back soon girl!

  24. I look like a total creeper in that last picture, snuggling in from the side…its cute though. It was so lovely meeting you my dear, I’m glad you enjoyed your last few days in the city!! And I saw your tweet yesterday- Adam Levine does indeed have a Twitter, and I’m now following him 🙂

  25. OOOooo S and M salad?? You saucy little minx ;D Jeez if you’re gone for 3 days, I think my absence would warrant an amber alert or something! Isn’t that funny that our parents are like, FAR more concerned about the blog then maybe we are!? LOL…my mom and stepdad brought it up at least once a week- “soooo….how’s the blog going?? Not so much?….” It may have prompted the momz to buy me a used DSLR cam though, soooo, watcha gonna do 😀
    XO so glad you are enjoying being home, but I can see that the big apple has a little K-shaped hole in it!!

  26. are you still planning on moving there and just went there for interviews? AH. I can’t follow a story worth shizzle!

  27. 27 Tori

    Hey I just saw Adam Levine performing on Good Morning America. And now I have the inside secret that he ate at Pure Food & Wine yesterday before his performance today. Haha!

  28. 28 livelaughlovehopeeat

    Sounds like a great time!!!! I’m glad your having fun there!!
    As for the shirt or dress game…. when it doubt, its a shirt at grandmas, a dress at the bar! haha
    The food looks great!!!! I haven’t had french toast since leaving renfrew last year….

  29. I hate addressing BO, but you are so right, totally cheesy Doritos.

    MallowOMNOMNOMmar. Holy crap, get in my face!

  30. thanks for the friday food porn, girl!

  31. 31 Laura

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT DORITO BO! in the london undergrounds it’s so common to get a random whiff of Dorito! grossssssss!!

    you are so pretty, as are all your friends in the piccies!! sounds like you’re having a really smashing time!!


  32. I liked how you said eating with your eyes, because what I was thinking was literally, “That Raw Mallomar has eyes.” Ha.
    -Kati @ beautyandafeast

  33. What an amazing trip you had! Jealous of all the bloggy meet ups too 😀
    Glad you made it safely back to the nati!

  34. I think NYC officially wins at being the best foodie city ever! Your pictures just make me want to visit it even more!

    That looks like an awesome bloggie meet up. Glad you had fun! 🙂

  35. Ahh the pictures of you three blogettes are so adorable. You are a stunna miss Kailey, neva forget it! I want your skin, so so badly–but in a non-“silence of the lambs” type of way of course! Promise.

    How gorg is that picture of simply an apple + cinn & ab!? I appreciate the little things!

    Also so jeal that you saw Mr. Levine (I did see him at the free Maroon 5 fair concert back in hs though!)…..i was only in the presence of miss holly madison from the girls next door while in la–did i already mention this? i never spot the celebs! hahaha

    Hello heaven on a plate in that form of a goat cheese omelet and decadent french toast!

    And lastly, I hope you’re loving home, the fam and the pups!! miss u boo! CAN WE PLEASE CATCH UP SOON?! I WANT EVERY LITTLE DIRTY DETAIL OF YOUR STAY IN NY!! Okay, i’ll stop pestering now. xoxoxox

  36. i’m so happy to see you live’n it up in NYC and hope that you’re able to move there asap. 🙂

  37. Wow it looks like you had an AMAZING time!!!!!! Of course, NYC is pretty much the best place on earth, so you know…

  38. 38 lisa

    looks like you had a great time! 🙂
    haha oh, the subwayy. I think I fall over every time it starts and stops haha
    and that goat cheese omelet looks so good- and i dont even LIKE goat cheese!!
    have a good night!!!

  39. Awww girl how I have missed your posts! It looks like you are having a slammin time in NYC im super jealous of all of the vegan-deliciousness that you have workin up there yo! 🙂

  1. 1 A busy day in the kitchen « Beans Books and Cookies

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