The Four F’s


Ay bay bays! Friday was an amazing day that was beyond blog-worthy. What made it this way were the four F’s.

First off, there’s fashion. It is essential. I use fashion to express mood, to play, to explore an arty/edgy/sporty/spicy/what-have-you side of me. The possibilities! Apparently, the ever-lovely Danielle knows this about me, and decided that a wonderful way to spend a day together would be to visit the Brooklyn Museum‘s American High Style exhibit.


Warhol AND fashion? Yes. Please.

We may have spent most of our time trying to find the exhibit, but when we finally did locate the exquisitely preserved gowns, bliss overtook. Despite my wanting to photograph every single outfit, I wasn’t sure it was permitted. After taking one picture, I got so nervous I dropped my phone. Thus, the single picture from the fashion exhibit:

I naturally wanted to try on everything. I also wanted MamaJ to be there because it was SO HER.

I did, however, work up enough courage to photograph plates of two greats:

I wonder what that shape means...

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Hey, I guess this is merely the artist’s version of food blogging.

Which leads me to the second F: food. I had plenty deliciousness yesterday:

Rawesome Rawstar. (Yeah, get ready for the puns.)

Kale salad with pear and some sort of rawe-inspiring dressing.

The innards of these chipotle hand rolls were rawkin'.

These are supposedly raw falafel. They were rawful.

Danielle and I de-veganized ourselves hours later with this blog world staple:

Pinkberry! My first. Gosh, I'm so trendy now.

Mango topped with pineapple, vanilla snackanimal cookies and crushed Oreos. Unbelievable.

But for dinner, I got back with the vegan program at Cafe Viva. For all my vegans, this sign’s for you:

DAIYA!!! Revolutionary, fa sho.

I felt I had no choice other than to select a vegan slice:

Daiya formaggio on whole-wheat crust.

The last two F’s go hand in happy hand: friends and fun. Sometimes it’s hard to have one without the other. Dancing our tails off at Turtle Bay, Danielle, Leslie, Sofia and I had a blast (OK, maybe I’m putting words in their mouths, but I had a fanfreakingtastic time):


I am beyond thankful that in this wonderful city, I get to both meet new, fabulous people and spend time with my one and only:

Pure, unadulterated happiness.

The fact that it all occurred on a Friday–another fab F– is just a fun little fact.

Go off and be blissfully happy this weekend! Love you!

Ciao for now,



43 Responses to “The Four F’s”


  2. i died lolling at the Rawful comment. glad you got to visit that fashion exhibit! looks pretty freakin sweet. and you are just glowinnnggg in your pic 🙂

  3. NYC has the BEST food! Esp health/vegan/smoothie shops!

    Looks like you had a blast. I swear post-grad life is aaah-mazing 😉 Have a great weekend love!!!! XOXOXOX

  4. HOW did you come up with all the “raw” puns??? i woulda been sitting there for AGEEEES tryna make up some!! You look absolutely amazing! :-)….and so does that vegan slice;-) xx

  5. i’m coming to nyc in july and those restaurants are now ON MY LIST. 😀

  6. So freaking jealous that you got to see “Dinner Party”. I have been dying to see that work forever.
    Glad you’re living it up wonderfully in the Big Apple

  7. I love that dress you’re wearing! And I thoroughly enjoyed all the puns 🙂

  8. where is rawster? looks scrumptious!!

  9. 9 Jenna

    Looks like a fab filled fridayyy 🙂

  10. 10 dmcgirl37

    Looks like you are having a awesome time! I never had that vegan cheese before…
    I love the city, so many food choices..You can find ANYTHING your tummy desires there 🙂 ENJOY IT GIRL!

    Dana xo

  11. Let’s make every day this freaking fantastic. Deal? Deal. Fabulous… 🙂

  12. ah, what a great friday! i am certainly jealous…esp of meeting up with danielle. ❤ her!

  13. 13 Kati

    That looks like a slice of straight-up New York pizza. I can’t believe it’s vegan!

  14. Glad you had such an amazing timmmme! OH and that exhibit sounds amaaaazing!

  15. 15 lisa

    I LOVEEE that flower dress you are wearing! It is so pretty!!
    and I have yet to try pinkberry..but i hear great things!!
    have a great weekend =)

  16. Ooo that fashion exhibit looks phenom! Lovely post 🙂 Café Viva is one of the veggie spots I had wanted to go to that didn’t get a chance to visit on my trip to NYC, but that pizza looks delicious! Happy to see you’re living it up in the big city!

  17. Aww Turtle Bay! I used to go there with my sorority sisters. Glad youre having a blast!

  18. 18 squigglefloey

    SO amazing that you got to hang out with all those other lovely blogsters! 🙂 You look like you’re glowing in the city !!! It’s really agreeing with you 🙂
    Can’t wait to see where your adventures take you!
    (Ra)Wonderful post!


  19. 19 Gina G

    Amen sista! 🙂

  20. oh man, that museum looks so great!! i need to go next time im in new york! looks like youre having a blast =)

  21. 21 HannahBanana

    Unbelievably jealous. I’m so glad you’re having an amazing time!!! Kisses


  22. you look like you had so much fuuuuun!! you’re crazy and you always seem happy, yay! xx

  23. 23 Little Bookworm

    Sounds like a fantastic day – the museum sounds amazing. Love all the food as well. Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  24. Ahh looks like you’re having an AMAZING time!! Hard not to in NYC 🙂 By the way, Ilana and I are going to lunch tomorrow if you want to join?

  25. Those four F’s pretty much equal my perfect day! That museum looks amazing! 😀 Also I’m so jealous of all your fabulous eats. I’m glad you’re having such a great time!

  26. 26 Yana

    you’re glowing ….beautiful!

  27. I love that you are having such a blast!!

  28. 28 Mamaj

    I will never look at a beautiful place setting in the same light again…….. A little bit of advise from your mother … ” backup shoe!” Miss you. Now that your gone can I edit your clothes since I have already done your shoes? Hahahahaha.

  29. 29 Lydia

    Those dresses are exquisite, I’m definitely hoping that the American High Style exhibit’s still on by the time I drag my butt over to NYC…Thansks for the restaurant tips, too, and keep living the New York City life, you infectiously inspiring girlie 🙂 x

  30. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. i only wish i could have been there!!!!!!!!!

  31. looks like a lovely time!

  32. 32 Anna

    That daiya cheese slice looks a million times better than anything Dominos could bring right to my door. And that fashion exhibit is definite worth a journey over the bridge to go see. What a fabulous weekend!

  33. What a fun day you had! Was lovely meeting you! Hope the rest of your time here is fab and that you’ll be back again soon, yes? 🙂

  34. 34 Lauren

    Hey! de-lurking here just to say i was at turtle bay on friday night too! although it was pretty late… did you have the pleasure of seeing The Situation walk across the bar? lame-o/cool? anyways just had to comment on that! love the blog 🙂

  35. 35 Michelle

    Mmmm looks like a great day full of yummy raw food!

  36. 36 swissfit

    haahahaha i laughed soooo hard when i saw the virgina woolf. Im much to lazy to scroll back up and see how its spelled, excuse me 🙂

    I seriously though it said (vajay) wolf, i then proceeded to imagine little mini wolfs coming out from yonder lady parts. yes, i have a weirdddd mind. Hope your having fun in NYC missy! I know I LOVE IT THERE.

    You MUST go to the wax museum, that was the BEST THING EVER.

  37. I am just now following you, and I will be totally honest and say that it’s because I read your “about me section,” and you had me at “sarcastic” and “Weezy.” Then I read this post, saw the plate and V Wolfe comment, and decided it had to be done.

    • 38 snackface

      Rachel- Good lawd, sometimes I don’t realize just how ridiculous I can be. OOOOPS. I’m glad it won you over, though! Welcome!

  38. Amazing pics and fun weekend and awesomeness. And so jealz that you and Gena had a meetup! Saw it on her site and had to come racing over to say I’d LOVE to meet both of you 🙂

  39. Now that, my friend, is one helluva a good weekend. Great pics! The museum looks amazing. And Pinkberry, get in my face!

  40. It’s a fact known to man that words that start with F, and naturally, B are just really really better words. Food, Fashion, Fun and Friends! Sign me up. I met Leslie before- total sweetheart, and happens to be living my second life. Beyond cool. Looks like so much fun Kailey!

  41. Ok, maybe I need some help with that sign. Why is soy cheese not vegan cheese? And what is Daiya?

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