Change Clothes and Go


Buon giorno, bellissime!

Shortly after I posted yesterday, nerves took control. I have no idea why that has to happen. Why can’t we stop nervousness? Sometimes I think that it’s necessary to keep us on top of our toes, but I feel as though my stilettos were doing a fine job of that:

All black top, belt, pencil skirt and heels.

Once fully straightened, made-up and dressed, I grabbed a cab to Union Square. I’ve discovered that cab rides make me extremely motion sick. So much so that gorgeous sites like this don’t help distract me from the ick that much:

The city is breathtaking. (Cheesetastic but true.) I love that you can see the cars through the cement railing.

I hopped out of the cab when I spied the Kinkos FedEx that I needed, and dashed into the store to print off resumΓ©s. And then, in thick heat and skyscraper stilettos, I strutted several blocks to my interview.

To be more accurate, I stopped in the Duane Reade next door to cool down and wipe away my melting makeup. Only after that could I go in for the interview.

It was for a company with which I’ve worked before, and the interview was to ensure that this position would be the direction I want to take my career. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but it was fantastic to see people for whom I’ve worked before and to have a heart-to-heart with them. It was a lovely hour.

Afterward, buzzed off excitement and adrenaline, I walked back to the Union Square Whole Foods while chatting with MamaJ and Dirty Martini. Nay, I hobbled back.

Having not eaten since the morning, my hands were shaking at 4pm, when I finally ate:

Kale is hiding under vegan chicken salad, slaw and curry tofu.

Ate half this huge piece of cornbread. I swear, people here don't eat carbs.

Salad and cornbread– all I need.

I followed lunch with a chat with Popsicle and text convos with Muffin andΒ Holly Everythingtarian (how she’s saved in my phone).

At this point, I was convinced my feet were broken. Not wanting to go back to Muffin’s apartment, I knew the only way to forage onward was to change clothes and go. Thank you, Forever21 and your staff, for making this possible:

Changed into new dress and replaced heels with flat sandals after pic.

Renewed, I met Muffin at the Bloomberg Tower. Not before perusing Bloomingdale’s and being mistaken for a non-English-speaking Norwegian, though. (Thanks, dude, for making my day!)

Muffin and I cooled off at Starbucks. Iced coffee for her, mocha light Frappuccino for me. (Hadn’t had one in years!) We then subwayed our way back to her apartment. A middle-aged gentleman started talking to us and immediately accused us of being either “girls from the South” or “girls from the Midwest.” He saved himself by saying girls from the Midwest are the best. Can’t argue there.

Dinner was an unpictured Chipotle salad and chips. We crashed at 10:30. What happened to our party animal ways?

This morning I woke up and hit my head on the ceiling. Fresh start, a good wake-up. I have to remember not to do that tomorrow in the lofted bed.

Things got even weirder when I made breakfast:

Tortilla+banana+peanut butter+cinnamon+cornbread crumbles? Why not.

Not bad at all.

Today’s agenda is chockfull of fun. What I really need to do right now is change clothes and go!

Have beautiful Fridays, loves!

Ciao for now,



42 Responses to “Change Clothes and Go”

  1. Quick change artist on the loose today! I tried on that same dress at F21, but it was a bit short, my bumper was hanging out.

    here in the south, cornbread and milk is a fave snack.

    Happy Friday lady!

    And ps – i love, love luuuhve a good black pencil skirt.

  2. I am living vicariously thru your amazing NYC life.

  3. Glad to hear your interview went well, love the dress!

  4. 4 Hannah

    Hi Kailey! So glad your interview went well! I live near Union Square and pass it on my way to work everyday–hope we can meet up sometime. Enjoy NYC!

    PS- I totally had that cornbread at WF too. SO GOOD. =)

  5. Enjoy your “chock full of fun” day! And congratulations on rocking out that interview πŸ™‚

  6. 6 *Andrea*

    gahhh you are so pretty!!! i definitely share your love for forever21 and chipotle..:)

  7. 7 Megan

    I kind of love the idea of cornbread and pb. That’s great that your interview went well! And I like the F21 purchase πŸ™‚

  8. 8 emily

    Kailey, I love reading all your city adventures.. it definitely takes me back to the days I lived there! I used to live about 10 blocks from union square and went to high school up by bloomingdales. I’ve since moved to a more suburban part of NY (but still can get to the city by car in about 40 mins) and I work right outside the city, just one subway stop away. Just had to tell ya… anytime you talk about a place or post a picture I’m like a little kid.. I “ooh” and “ahhh” because I know exactly where it is.. HA. As soon as I saw you post about whole foods I knew you would be popping into Forever 21 right next door. LOL.

  9. Eek! I love reading about your New York adventures! Why does NYC have to be so alluring? I can’t wait to hear more about the job position!

  10. 10 Maren

    Ahh ya heels are death when walking around the city. Carry them and wear something else if you need to have them. I’m near Union Square so hopefully you get that job! Glad the interview went well πŸ™‚

  11. 1. You look gorg, girl! As always. 2. Glad to hear you had such a nice heart to heart. Those are always the best. I like when “interviews” aren’t really interviews. I think more comes out. Also your eats look fab! Lots of loveee!

  12. 12 debs@pamplemousse21

    I love Forever21 – I am SO jealous we don’t have them in the UK! You look gorgeous in both pictures, but I particularly love that summer dress!

  13. I always feel like I may just collapse after a day of heels in nyc…the worst! That union sq forever21 & dsw has also saved me many times! Glad you had a wonderful heart to heart with the company yesterday and hope you have a great day lady!

  14. The best part of NYC is ambling through it and just discovering it. There’s just something so incredible about being there, isn’t it? I sound like a total cheeseball, but it’s true. The only bad part about said ambling is when you do it in heels- I always keep Havianas in my purse for that reason! It sounds like you rocked your interview though- way to go! Can’t wait to hear more about it πŸ™‚

  15. Love the blue dress! I’m also fan of always having a pair of flip flops in my purse … Oh, how many this was a savior!

  16. 16 Meg

    Love that dress πŸ™‚ both of the outfits, actually. That song rocks, too. I haven;t heard it in forever. NYC sounds amazing, I can only imagine how exciting it is – and all the beautiful people. Minus the fact that they don’t eat carbs – that needs to be fixed asap.

    Keep us updated πŸ˜€


  17. Cute new outfit from forever!

  18. i LOVE changing into new clothing. a huge forever21 is opening a few blocks from my office… trouble.

    glad you are enjoying nyc!

  19. i LOVE changing into new clothing. a huge forever21 is opening a few blocks from my office… trouble.

    glad you are enjoying nyc!

  20. ahhh you are saved as kailey snackface in my phone, no lie! loves it.

    and you look AMAZING! both in your work outfit and dress. what a stunner you are, for reals. ummm nervs totally took control this morning when i gchatted you – like i thought i was going to vomit. but i got done with the interview, feel like it went really and am going to just wait and see what happens. can’t WAIT to catch up!

    love chipotle, love NYC and love YOU!

  21. All black top, all black bilt (belt), all black skurt body lookin’ like [chocolate] milk….

    No? Maybe? Ok, I tried.

    I am so jealous that you are in NYC!!! I have not been since Dec 2008 and it is KILLING me inside.

    I love that dress, and might have to stop by the Forevs on 3rd Street Promenade (it’s 3 stories high!!) to see if they carry it….although I will not wear it half as well as you do! πŸ™‚

    Congrats on the interview!! Can’t wait to hear more…..xoxo

  22. 22 Little Bookworm

    Glad to hear that the interview went well! πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great Friday!

  23. We don’t have Forever 21 here where I live and i’m always so gutted when i see pictures of their clothes but they are always so pretty! That dress is no exception! xx

  24. The city was soo hot yesterday! I had to switch into the sneakers I bought before my feet broke! But I love it so much
    With love and cupcakes,

  25. 25 Kimberley

    Cab rides in NYC make me extremely motion sick! So much so that my friend and I (who are not from NYC) took the subway just to avoid it. Not that the subway is bad, but our company expenses our cab trips so it should be the way to go. It’s just the constant stop and go of NYC traffic that’s the killer. That and a driver with a lead foot on the brake. πŸ™‚ Glad you are enjoying NYC!

  26. I love your blog and I love NYC, plan to move there someday when I’m done with college & med school. So probs in 4 million years. See you then!

  27. I love that dress!! Why don’t they have it at my Forever!?

  28. 28 KC

    I love seeing your outfits! you should post more about fashion, you have a keeen eye. of course keep up the snacking as well πŸ™‚

  29. You look fierce in your interview outfit! I hope you get the job. πŸ™‚

    Your posts are making me really wish I were in NYC. I’ve never been but I know I would love it! I love the energy of big cities!

  30. I know the exact feeling of broken feet. Ugh. It’s the worst. What we women go through for beauty…

    Love the cornbread sprinkles btw. Cornbread is necessary for life.

  31. 31 Maya

    But all Norweians speak English! Haha at least in my experience, it’s true though that Norwegians have mad English speaking skills. That interview sounds like te best one possible, more like whether the job is right fir you than if they want you for the job. Interestig sounding wrap! Carbs carbs in a wrap how could you go wrong?

  32. I’m in love with that Forever21 dress! Good eye on that. πŸ™‚

  33. 33 Lola

    I love it when you post outfit pics!! I would wear the exact same outfit to go for a job interview! thanks for the ideas K’alyn! (haha just kidding)

  34. I love the high you get after an amazing interview! Nothing beats it! πŸ™‚ Congrats!

  35. I’m glad you’re having fun in the city! Gah, I could NEVER do it. Living in a concrete jungle is pretty much my worst nightmare. Give me my tiny Southern town any day!

  36. 36 Anna

    That is the best excuse for shopping that I’ve ever heard. My roommate has definitely relied on F21’s inexpensive flats on more than one occasion when she made poor choices in footwear to go out. Luckily there’s plenty of shopping right next to the bars!

    Have a fabulous weekend in the city!

  37. 37 Anna

    I can totally see you thriving in the big apple. This post made me want two things: a trip to Forever21 (even though I was just there two days ago) and cornbread. I’ve also been accused of being from out of the country (definitely not Norwegian) but while in Boston last month, some dude thought I was from some exotic country and didn’t speak english. It’s great to catch them off guard, no?

  38. glad to hear the interview went well! i hope you hear something good back soon!

    and love the cornbread crumbles in your sammy!

  39. 39 squigglefloey

    Can’t wait to see all the fun you had πŸ™‚ You remind me of Whitney Port from The City. hahaha…start pitching SnackFace to MTV πŸ™‚ jk maybe.
    Love your scrumptious eats as well! I haven’t had cornbread for the longest time…looks kinda good over that PB!


  40. 40 Gina G

    Im so happy the interview went well Kailey! Always keep your head up girl (and being fierce ofcourse!)


  41. 41 Shannon

    I have been reading your posts for months now and never commented. I just wanted to let you know how inspiring you are. . . if I were only half as courageous at your age!!! And I’m not old!!! (34). . .

    Anyway, I moved to LA all along when I was 21 and never regretted it. Follow your dreams, and I will follow your story. Best of luck. πŸ™‚

    • 42 snackface

      Shannon- Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Wow, I don’t even know what to say other than THANK YOU!!! Awesome, awesome that you followed your dreams, too!

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