Sleeping, Dreaming, Wishing


What up, cupcakes! Do you ever feel guilty for sleeping for 12 hours?

I don’t. But I do feel like I’m wasting my day!

After a solid 12, I awoke at noon needing the john, a coffee and some breakfast. In that order.

Luckily for you, I only photographed breakfast. (EWI’MGROSS.)

Saving bowls, yo.

In the container: smidgen of Fage, pour of corn bran, sprinkle of stevia and cinnamon and a drizz of peanut butter. Doesn’t get much better (lies– pancakes with a side of French toast would be better):

Tipsay pic!

While digesting (cough-waking up-cough), I got my television on. I had to catch up on The Real Housewives of NYC Reunion and Bethenny Getting Married. All I can say is that Kelly is a fruit loop. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind having Bethenny’s apartment. I’m currently accepting funding offers.

Eventually I made my way to the gym, where I sat in the parking lot for an hour talking to Muffin. When you gotta catch up, you gotta catch up. My babycakes is loving her job and getting to know the city. When I arrive on Wednesday, mayhem will take over. Cannot wait.

The working out did take place, though. I did 35 minutes of intervals followed by some abbage. Then, suddenly, I felt as though I was going to pass out or hurl. It was unclear. Instead of rounding out the workout with a cool-down walk, I drove home.

Still feeling queasy, I headed straight for the fridge before showering my stank away. Mama needed sustenance. I had my way with these gems:

Pita chips, watermelon, hummus.

No watermelon cross-mojinated with the hummus. In case you were curious. I leave the experimentation to the hummus expert.

At 5pm, I showered. That’s so wrong. I didn’t even have a day! Once dressed, I went to the grocery store with MamaJ and Nannykins. The only outing.

Back at the ranch, I lay on the couch and read a bit of An Italian Affair. It’s juicy and real. I have a feeling I’ve lost my love for fiction novels. I’m much more interested in stories that have actually happened in people’s lives. I’m only 50 pages in, but I’m hooked. If you can get past the second-person point of view and you liked Eat, Pray, Love (whoah, not OK with the new movie cover for the novel), then you’ll enjoy this.

Dinner was fitting for my Italian reading:

Spaghetti with garlic bread. American-Italian may be more accurate for the meal.

A beautiful thing.

Carb me up anytime.

I’m off to go…relax some more. I guess it’s OK for now because come Wednesday, who knows what will happen. Sleep and relaxation will not be at the top of my list of things-to-do, though.

By the way, thank you all so much for the congratulations! I’m both excited and terrified. I have a billion thoughts running through my head right now, some fear-based, but I know that if I didn’t pursue this I would regret it forever. I’m of the belief that regret is the biggest waste of emotion, so I’m not playing that game. And as soon as I write that, I think of some things in Ohio that I’m really not ready to leave. Or, more precisely, some people. But are we ever really “ready”? Ah, enough of my nonsense.

Love you all and hope your weekends are going gorgeously!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: What time do you get your day started? Do you sleep in when you can? AND What have you done lately to follow your dreams? (I love how I throw that out there like it’s no big deal. Hahaha.)

Title inspiration: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson. Isn’t Jack the best summer music? Takes me back to high school!


46 Responses to “Sleeping, Dreaming, Wishing”

  1. Summer feel-good tunes are the highlight of the seaz and J.J.’s got to be an essential component to the playlist. I’m SUCH a dreamer, but I cant seem to do the damn thing and follow/embrace them. I’ll get there, but for now I’m cool with living vicariously through blog and book reading ;). Congrats again, kiddo.

  2. 2 Lily

    Recently, i haven’t been able to sleep past eight. I guess thats okay with me though, because it gives me time to digest before pilates 🙂

    I applied for a job shadow of my local forensic psychologist. I had to work really hard to convince her to let me apply because I’m only 15, but it was so worth it!

    Even though I’m a new reader I must say I feel really proud of you for following your New York dreams! I see your already getting a heads up by watching Housewifes, that show is soo my guilty pleasure. I’m embarassed to say i have the whole season TiVoed :)!

    Have an amazing weekend girl!

  3. 3 lisa

    hahah i think it’s so funny- the angle of the picture of ur hummus and pita chips makes the pita chips look SO BIG and the hummus look super tiny!! haha I thought that was funny 🙂

    i normally get up around730/8ish am. im an early bird, and ill admit it. i cant sleep in- i feel like im wasting the day!

  4. my day starts as soon as i’m up on rest days, or as soon as i’ve showered after my workout on exercise days. i’m so crazy i base my days off my sweatiness…
    i dont’ really sleep in, i’m not one of those people. 😦 i can’t take naps and the latest i’ve ever slept is like 10AM. sad.
    and lately i’ve followed my dreams by deciding to go to NYC on a limb. i’m going to conquer my fear of flying, which is a help in following my dreams because (a NYC is on my bucket list and b) i want to move to england again, so i need to be okay with flying!

  5. 5 squigglefloey

    Hello snacky 🙂
    I looove slping 8/9hrs a night if I can get myself to stay asleep for that long. Usually I’m unable to though unless I’ve done physical activity or been active the previous day.
    I’m totally a night person, and start this week I have a spanish class 8am-12noon everyday :(…I’m used to not having class until at least 11! haha…lets see how this goes.
    It’s tough for me to follow my dreams. I feel that I am though (majoring in literary journalism) and trying to write as much as I can. I really need to expose myself more to the work industry of editing though if I want to get anywhere…

    ❤ floey.

  6. 6 Ilana

    So this is definitely random but a few weeks ago on Twittetr you suggested to me I go outside for a few minutes to try to wake up, and now I’ve been doing that every day before my coffee. It really helps. Its crazy!

    Following my dreams lately? A lot of it has had to do with allowing myself to let go of the things I was afraid to let go of – namely the path I’d always *thought* I’d be on even though I’m headed in an entirely different direction now. It was hard to let go of a lot of the expectations I’d had for my life but I’m glad I did. Now everything is much clearer.

  7. 7 Michelle

    When I wake up I like to watch the today show and go through a couple of blogs until I’m hungry. Then I really start going and maybe do a workout after I’ve eaten and digest (aka, after I’ve read even more blogs) haha.

  8. 8 Katie

    Ah, Jack Johnson….always makes me think of the boy I’m still convinced is the love of my life….oh wait did I just type that out loud? “Crazy In Love” is my summer song….will forever bring me back to driving Malibu Canyon with my friend and dancing like divas…it was the summer before my senior year of hs and before she went to college. Such a sweet/fun time.
    I get up between 5:30 and 6:30am every weekday morning to teach spin, 5:15 every saturday to work the desk at my spin studio, and then 7:15am every sunday to teach spin at another place….BUT I just quit the sunday job and am now just working every other saturday, so I am VERY MUCH looking forward to sleeping in till 8:30/9…and the occasional 10 or 11….between those and any acting/modeling/writing jobs my energy is shot right now! prob why i have not blogged in eons…

  9. yummy carbs! It all looks great. Congrats again for the upcoming interview! I truly hope things work out for you lady!

    It depends on my schedule, but I mostly aim for 8 hours when possible. If I have a night shoot I tend to sleep less but sleeping in happens a lot more when I am not working. My boyf’s sleeping in definitely influences me to relax! Recently, I’ve been working hard for my future and it looks like it is finally paying off since graduating a year and a half ago. I’ve had work on and off and now things are changing for the better.

  10. Love the sleeping in! I am familiar hahaha…we all need a break sometimes!

  11. I definitely do that with the bottom of my yogurt too 🙂
    It looks delish! 1. because I am starving, and 2. because I’m strangely addicted to all nut butters. Like, my first time in whole foods, I gawked at the grind-your-own-fresh-nut-butter station for a good 10 minutes, then spent the rest of the hour making my credit card cry for overuse.
    As for this summer, I sleep in…basically every day! But some mornings I drag myself up for a morning run just because it’s the coolest time of day and it’s fun to watch the rest of the city frantically rushing to work as I mozy down the sidewalk in sweats with an ipod 🙂

  12. I get my day started at 6am. BOO. I hate commuting to SF, but it saves me money for my study abroad!

  13. ummm let’s see…i am reading your blog at 2:28 am on a sunday morning. in other words, i laid in bed after dinner (around 6ish) and FELL ASLEEP. who am i?!?! then i awoke at 2am, which means i slept for EIGHT HOURS. what kind of ridiculous human being does that? no shame in a 12 hour sleep…i am going for at least that when i go back to bed tonight.

    regret IS the biggest waste of emotion, and i need to remind myself of that everyday. there is no point in humming and hawing over things, so you just have to go out there and DO IT! soooo excited for your interview, and whatever happens, the people that love you are always going to be there for you, so there is NO NEED to worry about them 🙂

    love you so much – desperately need a G or phone chat!

    eat pray love is life…the rest is just details.

  14. Omg I WISH I could sleep until noon! I’m up around 7 am everyday. I just can’t seem to sleep in!

    I’m just reading Eat, Pray, Love right now I’m I’m really digging it. Hopefully the movie will be good!

    I totally agree about Jack Johnson. He makes me think of campfires on the beach! 🙂

  15. 15 Lucie

    My weekdays start at 6am, weekends a more civilised 8am. I used to love sleeping in until midday but working full time I feel like my weekends are too precious and short for that. I try and get to bed fairly early during the week so I’m not too pooped by the time the weekend arrives.

    Hmm, I’m not sure I have done much follow my dreams lately. So thanks for the wake up call, this must change!

    Wishing you loads of luck for Wednesday..


  16. 16 dmcgirl37

    I’m so excited for you to move to the city 🙂 Cant wait to read your blog while your there!!

    Dana ❤

  17. 17 maxinthegym

    I like waking up before 9 so I feel like I’ve got a whole day 🙂 But I do indulge in the occasional sleep until noon sesh

    Hahaha I’m glad you didn’t dip your watermelon into the hummus!

  18. If you haven’t already, download You and Your Heart – Jack Johnson. Tis a goodie 🙂

  19. I love Jack Johnson! I’m hoping to go to his concert this summer. I enjoyed Eat Pray Love so I would probably like Italian Affair.. right now I’m reading a book (why can’t I remember what it’s called?!) by the same lady who wrote Under the Tuscan Sun. It’s very Italian-y and beautifully written and I bet you would like it!

  20. 20 healthulous

    Hey, Kailey! I’m an unlurking reader, who just started her own blog. 🙂 You really look like you live a fab life!

    This day’s eats look so yummy! The Italian girl in me is lovin’ that pasta

  21. 21 Anna

    Now that I work 6 days a week, I really miss those mornings when you can wake up, take your time devouring a delicious breakfast and some much needed caffeine, read a couple of blogs, check your email, and decide how you want to spend the rest of your day. While there are days when it doesn’t feel like I really do ANYTHING, I realized that those are very necessary for maintaining my sanity and stress levels. So don’t stress about days when all you do is eat, exercise, and read good books – that sounds like the perfect day to me!

  22. I’m not sure I could ACTUALLY sleep for 12 hours! I just automatically wake up after 8.

    I usually get my day started around 7 or 8, even on the weekends! I always start with a good breakfast and a big cup of tea.

    And I have been working on the blog and cooking my heart out to work on my dream of becoming a food writer/personal chef!


  23. Agreed Kelly is a kook! Haven’t been able to see the reunion yet since I’m currently in Australia, but I’m definitely going to have my mom record it for me so that I can watch it when I get home. I never feel guilty about sleeping in too much, but I always feel sooo groggy if I over sleep. Great bread pic love it!!
    I’ll have to read An Italian Affair since Eat Love Pray is one of my favs.

  24. I just slept 12 hours and I’m still in bed reading blogs! Major Lol, I’m feeling lazy!

  25. Agreed! Kelly is a loony face (and jill is just the epitome of annoying), I neeeed bethany’s apartment and NY in ma life (just spent my morning catching up on those 2 shows actually hahah), that gahliccc Italian bread looks divine and jack Johnson IS the best chill, summa music! I LOVE U!!!!!! Enjoy your down-time– it’s much deserved!

  26. That watermelon looks SO doesn’t even look like watermelon! before reading the caption i was trying to figure out what it looks almost like some sort of sweetie!!!

    when i have school my day usually starts at 7! i suffer really bad insomnia and get around 3 or 4 hours sleep a night so i usually wake up extremely early but lay in bed until around 7 oclock! i’m always so tired by night time but my body just does shut amount of sleeping pill or medication helps! veryyyy annoying!!! never feel guilty about sleeping long though……if your body needs it, then your body needs it and there is no need to deny yourself sleep 🙂 xx

  27. I start my day anytime between 6:30-8:30, depending on when I go to bed the night before! I like sleeping in while I’m doing it… but I always feel better the rest of the day if I get up at 7:30 or earlier! Once this summer I slept in later than 8:30 and I felt crappy the rest of the day.

  28. I really don’t like sleeping in – I always feel like I’m wasting my day. I get up at 4:30-4:45 to work out everyday, and on the weekends am usually up before 6 without an alarm (given I haven’t gone out). I just think it’s easier to get more accomplished when get up early!

  29. I’m a morning girl all the way. I like to be up and at em at 7, because I’m never as productive at night as I am in the morning! 8 is sleeping in for me. I’m a sorry excuse for a college student, I know!

    Ironically, giving up my study abroad experience this year is a way of following my dreams. I realized that my passion isn’t in French, and I’m overloading and graduating early so I can go on to whatever is out there for me. Bring on the real world!

    Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend love!! xoxo

  30. I used to be one of those “oh I don’t need much sleep” kind of people, who willing woke up at 6am. Now, however, I love me some sleep. Haha. I try to get 9-11 hours a night… I don’t like to wake up past 9:30 though, I feel like I lose too much of my day if I wake up after then.
    As for following my dreams… I recently transferred universities and programs, and am now pursuing an honours sociology degree instead of international development. Having the courage to change my mind was very new for me! I’ve realized that dreams can change, and that is perfectly alright too.

  31. That reminds me of the quote “Don’t wait, the time will never be just right.” You go for your dreams girl!! My life is changing in a major way and if things work out, it looks like I’m going to be leaving my family too. So NOT loving that but some things are worth it… and your family (and friends) are still there for you no matter how far away you are.

  32. I am a BIIIIIGGGG sleeper! I’ve had clinical all week at 6:30am (barf) so Saturday I slept in and got SIXTEEN hours of sleep! LOL So ya, I think that about answers your question 🙂

  33. 33 Kelly

    Sounds like a fabulous summer day! Good luck with the interview! I’m sure you will be great. I can’t wait to see all your beautiful pics in the big city!

  34. I mean for real, did Kelly open a book ever in her life. I just sympathize whenever her mouth opens and pray she learns how to operate her foot to place in it someday.

    And Bethenny, I don’t care that her plastic surgery makes her look like Skeletor, I’m all about the new show. Drama, so fun to watch from the confines of the couch.

    I think your bfast looks delish!

  35. 35 Anna

    Now that it is summer, I have been such a lazy bum about getting up and starting my days, but it feels too good NOT to. Although, on some days where I have to get up early and get shiz done, I do feel a lot better. As for following my dreams, I’ve recently started to prepare for my study abroad in Spain this upcoming Fall semester. I am getting both extremely nervous and excited, but studying abroad has always been such a huge dream of mine ever since I was a wee bitty girl.

  36. 36 Katharina

    Ooo that peanut butter on the corn bran looks so tasty. But you’re right.. a side of French toast would’ve made it better 😉 Oh man the watermelon just made me crave some fruits–brb!!!

    OKAY! lol

    I usually start my day around 9 but lately I’ve been waking up at 7.. then falling in and out of sleep till about 8. Then I make breakfast and put it in the fridge because I can’t handle hot breakfasts right now.. they make me sweat. I WISH I could sleep in. My body just wakes up early UNLESS I go to bed at 5 am or something. You know what? Your last question is a good one. I feel like I should be asking myself that atleast once a week–good to keep things in check. Because it’s encouraging and a reminder that it’s up to you to get to where you want. What have I done lately though for that? I recently sent an e-mail to Dean & Deluca that I’m hoping they respond to. I’ve also looked up flight tickets to Germany (I really miss my home country and my urge to go has gotten stronger since the World Cup lol).


  37. I usually wake up around 6 am for work. I am naturally a morning person, so even if I have the chance to sleep in, I usually can’t. My body is set on waking up around 7 at the very latest most days.

    My dreams involve writing and mentoring teenagers. I’m practicing both at the moment. (I enjoy your end-of-blog questions. They get me thinking. It is too easily for my to complain about what I don’t like about what is going on in life, and you often remind me that it is so much more satisfying to do the opposite.)

  38. My day usually starts between 7-8. I can’t seem to sleep in past that whether I want to or not! I usually like getting a pretty early start on my day but sometimes it would be nice to actually be able to sleep a bit longer? You hear that, internal clock? Sheesh.

    I can’t answer the dream Q because I’ve got nothing. I don’t even know what dreams I have to follow right now, isn’t that sad. I’m totally envious of you following yours though, I think it’s amazing. And I think amazing things will be coming up for you… this week! You go get em girl!


  40. 40 Gena

    Kelly is horrifyingly stupid. And crazy. That reunion show could be used as evidence in a court trial to have her institutionalized.

    I start my day with a giant vat of coffee–oh wait, I mean green juice.

    No, I really mean coffee. Love the stuff!

  41. Kailey- sorry I’m so behind on commenting! Congratulations Darling! I am so excited for you! You are a great genuine girl (alliteration lol) and you deserve so much happiness and success! I’ll be thinking of you Wednesday and sending you GO KAILEY vibes! Good luck!

  42. My day starts too early. haha I sleep in when I can though – aka weekends. Even then, though, it doesn’t always work. haha The eats look fabbb, lady!

  43. Hey snackfacey!

    question 3. what have i done lately to follow my dreams: i started a blog and added your hilarious booty to my blogroll. hope you don’t mind.

    can’t wait to hear about the NYC shenanigans! i hope it all goes exactly how you want it to. 🙂

  44. 44 livelaughlovehopeeat

    Agree with the Jack Johnson thing…. he makes me want to see what all the fuss about banana pancakes is! haha

    I usually get up around 9…. usually earlier…. sometimes later. Thats if I have nothing to do with my day…. which sadly, is most days.

    I need to figure out what my dreams are….. right now, I am all over the map!

  45. im too much of an early bird.. up at 6am usually. ive never in my entire life slept past 10:30am!!

    i have no idea why im awake so early..maybe im just wired with the sunrise lol.


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