Sometimes Titles Blow


Buongiorno, bellas! Sorry, I couldn’t come up with a title! Anyway, I think I knocked off everything on my to-do list today. Holla!

After my last post, I showered, dressed and headed to Target for the pharmacy…and cereal and a dress and some trail mix. It was destined to happen:

Black and White trail mix. Decadent.

I definitely had a serving or so between my Target, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble trips.

Shopping led to more shopping. I met up with MamaJ and Nannykins at Whole Foods.

Which led to vino:

Gorgeous bottle.


Very crisp and effervescent with a bit of a bite at the end. Lovely.

And maybe the wine consumption led to SnackFacery:

Gluttony encapsulated.

Not a cute look.

Believe it or not, the idea to dip veggie straws in mashed potatoes was not mine. It also was not bad:

MamaJ's idea entirely.

Finally, at 9pm, the horsing around paused for dinner:

Veg-style Shepherd's Pie with salad.

Lentils in lieu of meat. Fab.

I just finished gabbing with Muffin, who had a marvelous first day at work in NYC! I miss her so much!

While she’s living the life in the big city, I’m pretty stoked to workout tomorrow at the YMCA Express. I miss my usual workouts. In the past two weeks, I may have worked out three times. I did have a lot of other exercise in the form of packing, moving, unpacking, dancing, stress…

And now, somehow, I’m completely exhausted. How can I be go-go-go during the school year, but now, at home, I’m totally wiped after 10 hours of being awake? Not OK. Or is it…

See you en la mañana!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Any fun new workout recommendations? I’m a total gym rat, so anything I can do in there, I’m game for! (Abs…they need help.) ALSO Any white or red vino? I can’t help but love some white. AND How well do you cope with change? I’m trying, I really am.


45 Responses to “Sometimes Titles Blow”

  1. 1 Jenna

    You deserve all the rest at home!

  2. 2 Jenny

    Change is very hard, but you’ll adjust and be fine! I know it!!!

    I’m all about red wine:)

  3. What are your plans for the summer so far?

    Go look at The Fitnessita Summer Shap Up. That is quite the challenge!

  4. 4 cdean

    Not super-exciting, but it’s a GREAT ab workout (although you’ll be sore for days!) and is pretty quick.

  5. 5 swissfit

    For those sexy abbies i would suggest some pilates ! Also have you tried the Saxton Side Bend? Or weighted sit-ups on a decline bench? Those both are super hard! Leg raises, and star planks? with the Archer Farms wasabi almonds. Gasmic.

    I was just creeping on your old posts and saw that you never did a makeup routine! I’m dying for you to do one! I have the feeling I would learn something amazing from it! 🙂

    • 6 snackface

      swissfit- Ahh! You are so right! I am waiting for something to happen first before I do that. Sorry, I know that’s vague!

  6. 7 Meg

    Kicks my ass every time.

    I recommend checking out the classes the YMCA has to offer 🙂 I always find working out with an instructor keeps me motivated and whipped. In a good fitness-y way 😉 of course.

    Enjoy your evening 🙂

  7. Love white vino, I’ve never been a fan of red though. My go to wine is Yellow Tail Chardonnay. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to leave Target w/ just one thing, i think it may be impossible!

  8. 9 Anna

    White wine. Always. As much as I like a big bottle (or box) of red, I’ve had some ridiculously awful hangovers because of it. White never treats me badly and it’s so nice and refreshing in the summer heat.

  9. The whole coping with change thing is not going so well for me so I can’t really help you there.. but as for the gym,what about fun classes like Body Pump or Zumba?

  10. I am a yogi or runner but love some good speed workouts instead of just going for a certain time or mileage. As for vino..trader joe’s has a delicious organic white wine for about $4…go get it! I think there may even be a car with a surfboard on the lies!

    change is hard for sure at the beginning but just look forward lady!

  11. 12 Little Bookworm

    That veg style Shepherds pie looks amazing! Hope you have a great day today. 🙂

  12. 13 maxinthegym

    I hit up Women’s Health Magazine online for some workout downloads! I especially love the skinny jeans workout. It kicks my butt!

  13. What about plyos and functional training? Those are my favorite workouts!

  14. mmmm trail mix :] don’t worry darling! everything will work out!
    and in regards to working out, any music can make a workout great :] so my input, make a great playlist to get you pumped when you find out what you are going to do! :]

  15. Isn’t it so weird how your body *knows* when you need to be on your A game (and suddenly requires less sleep) but as soon as you have some down time, it *knows* it can now rest???

    I work for a cheer & dance event company (during the “season,” which basically follows the school year) on weekends, and when we have several events in a row, I magically am able to function on very little sleep, keep a smile on my face, and muster up plenty of energy (it takes A LOT to set-up, run, and break down a competition!) but I swear the second we get on the plane to come home after a long stretch of events, we all turn into sleeping machines, and sometimes even get sick…very mysterious how this sickness holds off until we actually “have time” to be sick, right?

    Anyway, that’s a long-winded way of saying, “I get why you’re worn out now that you’re not in school.” haha

  16. 17 Kate

    What about all of your normal ab workouts done on a basu ball? Those kill me everytime!

    Ahh I do love me a nice, fruity glass of Riesling!!! Especially in this warm weather!

    I crave change! Keeps ya on yo feet. 😉 Hope you’re enjoying this time!!

  17. I loooove me some red vino.

    Change is hard- it takes TIME to adjust, you’ll get there! If I made it moving 700 miles away from everything I had always known and loved… to living in another COUNTRY with my NEW love… you can make it as a college grad 😀


  18. I love BOTH red and white vino, but the red gets to be in about .1 seconds and makes my face hot pink, so generally I stick with the white.

    For abs, I love leg raises. This is a really scientific explanation: you lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air and your hands under your butt, then you use your ab muscles to bring them all the way down to a few inches above the ground (no bending) and bring them back up again. Sooo hard but sooo worth it.

    Hope you have a wonderful day love!! xoxo

  19. I’m all about the white! Ecco’s Pinot Grigio is one of my favs 🙂

    By the way, I meant to tell you this on an earlier post but your middle name was thisclose to being my first name! My parents changed my name to K_____ right before I made my grand debut.

  20. that shepherds pie looks EPIC! i’ll have to try to make that sometime.
    as for the gym, i’d recommend seeing if your gym has classes (it might not, being express and all) for ab/core work. they’re so much fun 🙂
    i don’t drink but my fam loves anything from trader joe’s. and goats do rome, which is a knockoff of cotes dhu rone.
    and change? well, its hard to get used to but i just tell myself it’s a part of life. i may not like it, but there are other things that i don’t like. other stuff sucks more. :]

  21. 23 Amanda

    I’m all about the white wine this time of year, but I lean towards the red during the winter!

    I used to shy away from classes at the gym, but got suuuper bored and now I take spinning a few times a week. It is SO fun, like a dance party on a bike! I’d also look at fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up .. I haven’t been doing it since I was training for a race, but it looks like it targets all the muscles!

  22. Oh girl when you find out a good way for dealing with change, let me know. I am about to move across the country in 2 weeks. I am super excited but know that It will definitely be an adjustment!

    And dipping things in mashed potatoes? I had never, ever thought of that. But it sounds like a pretty good idea!

  23. I love my little ab circuit, it completely kills me the next day: 50 reverse crunches, 50 bicycle crunches, 50 standard crunches, 25 lemon squeezers, 50 oblique twists. Do that four times and you will FEEL it in the morning!

  24. give yourself a break! you JUST got home from school – it’s an adjustment, and one that takes some time….it sucks, but allow yourself the time to “grieve”, per se.

    planks are awesome, as are slow slow slow bicycle crunches. OUCH.

  25. haha i love the photo! yum!! dig in girl. mmm to the wine. and as far as change goes..i freak out at first but i’m a pretty resilient person. i don’t even know how i do it.

  26. You’re probably just now crashing after packing in a hectic school year, enjoy the relaxation while you can!

  27. 29 Laura

    Um, love your blog. I just graduated and life has changed a lot for me as well, I can relate! This article was helpful for me to normalize how I was feeling after graduation. Hope it helps! 🙂

  28. 30 Michelle

    For cardio I always need to switch it up so I do a circuit thing. I do a dynamic warm up of some sorts to get my legs moving, then I do some sprints around the track, walk a couple of laps, hop on the elliptical for 20 minutes, then get on the track for some intervals, do some plyometrics, walk a little bit, then get on the bike with a trashy magazine for about a 1/2 hour or so. It really shocks my body, but since you’re walking so much you don’t really feel it.

  29. Bahahaha, is it bad that when I saw that picture I really just wanted to give you a high five and yell “Git it, girl!!”?

    Oh well, you git it on them potatoes, girl! 🙂

    • 32 snackface

      Mackenzie- Not bad at all! I encourage that kind of behavior!

  30. Yummy trail mix! Yogurt covered raisins are so good!

    I try to deal with change by incorporating some aspects of my old life into my new life. Like keeping some of my daily routines or something. It helps make things a bit easier. Good luck coping girl! 🙂

    As for workouts, try out spin class! I just tried it for this first time this week and I loved it. It totally got me sweating.

  31. I just discovered the BEST red wine – it’s sweet shiraz by Jam Jar – so cute, their bottle neck has the pattern of a picnic blanket! The new Yellowtail Sauvigion Blanc is amazinggg and so summery too!

  32. oh the gluttony of a delicious meal!! ❤ YUMMMM. ur adorable!

  33. I love the mashed potato shot. Let’s face it… we all do that! 🙂

    Thanks for the update and all the best as you develop your own way to cope with the change!

  34. Hm, well my favorites at the gym are spinning and the elliptical, but it can be fun to get outside on the bike to mix things up. Ya, I guess I don’t have anything too new and exciting haha.

  35. 38 ari

    hahaha i like how that wine is called green wine

  36. 39 ari

    also, DAMN! look at dem guns in that picture.

  37. 41 KC

    Target is definitely the best, that black and white trail mix looks like a yummy in my tummy.

    Also I wanted to let you know I was looking through a magazine and i thought I saw you in it, but it was actually Anna Kendrick. I don’t know if you’ve heard this before but you two have a striking resemblance!!
    Check it out ^^

  38. I like taking classes to switch things up. Lately I’ve been loving Zumba. Otherwise, intervals (minute sprint, 30 seconds slow) on the elliptical or bike make for great workouts.

    Hm, this post made me want wine, and I’m only 20. Ah well.

  39. So many questions to answer!

    1. I totally am addicted to ab workouts on Exercise TV’s website – they have free full length videos that are awesome. Do you have a pool at your gym? Is swimming out of the question?

    2. I love me some white wine – particularly pinot. Red wine gives me migraines. Yuck.

    3. I pretend like I’m really good about change (fake it ’til you make it!) but really I suck. I learn to adapt eventually but it takes quite some time. In the meantime I get quiet, withdrawn, and kind of crabby.

    And now a question to you dear… what in the world is in that shepard’s pie because I want it NOW!

    • 44 snackface

      Chelsey- Oooh amazing answers! So, the shepherd’s pie basically has a mix of lentils, carrots and tomatoes at the base, and then mashed potatoes on top! I’m not sure of the exact recipe!

  40. Hey Kailey!

    First of all, CONGRATS grad! You looked so radiant in your cap and gown. [:

    Onto the workout suggestions:
    Physique 57 – they have the BEST DVDS ever. AMAZING ab workouts.
    Tracy Anderson – also great DVDs!
    Marco Reed Total Body Workout (on COMCAST on demand)
    Jennifer Galardi and Cindy Whitmarsh (on COMCAST on demand too) have amazing ab workouts too.

    …The key is mixing it up! Look around for kickboxing, boot camp, and spinning classes – all are GREAT for your core. [:

    Change is hard (great song by She and Him: It is hard to cope with it because we are fearful of it…it brings the unknown. And not having a plan scares the crap out of us perfectionists. But we also love adventure. I say: do your best, have faith, and work hard. Those three things will trump that transition of change and get you on the path you need to be on.


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