Hi loves! Guess what I’ve been up to?

Oh, ya know…

Graduating from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism:

The Graduate.


Here’s some proof:

**Kailey Elise! **= Magna cum laude. (Proud of that, fa sho!)

Stadium Arcadium. With a side of balding head.

Walking into the stadium. Surreal!

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I was tooly enough to live-tweet my graduation. What else was I supposed to do without my best friend there to experience it with me?!

I can’t even accurately describe graduation. It still hasn’t sunk in that I won’t be returning in the fall to challenge my mind all over again. Actually, I’m most devastated that I don’t have all my friends in one tiny town. But I will cope!

What I loved most about graduation was that I had my family with me! Aunts, uncle, cousin, MattyRich, Momsicle, Popsicle, Nanster… I am incredibly grateful that we could all be together, if only for a few hours.

After I walked, we went back to mi casa for quality SnackFacing:

Bagels, yogurt, berries, granola. Yums!

Dranks. Poms and cherries.

POM and Cheribundi, thanks for providing me ample samples so that I could save their use until graduation. Both are tart and delish.

I had a giant everything bagel with cream cheese at 8am, ate a nibble of yogurt with granola at noon and spent the rest of the afternoon packing and moving my college life out of my college house. Ugh, not happy about that yet. However, I know the future is going to be ridiculously amazing. I can feel it.

Before the H-Unit left town, Matt and I fed our starving stomachs at Jimmy John’s:

Veggie sub with provolone! Had some BBQ chips on the side, too.

I have been the opposite of a SnackFace lately. I have a hard time pinpointing what I want, so I wait and wait and wait to eat. When I eventually do, I want something hearty and fast (not exactly what she said). Basically, I’m turning into a dude.

We made it back to Cincinnati by 8pm. All I could do was walk upstairs, lay on my bed and meditate on the day. I really can’t believe college is over. Finito. At least I have Dirty Martini in Athens to visit. 🙂

I didn’t photograph my dinner of salad and cereal, but here’s what I feasted on the night before grajeeashun:

Dark salad.

Vegetarian seven-layer dip. Love.

I’m sorry these photos are sub-par! I have to get my camera fixed, so I will be using my cell phone for now.

The unpacking process is a beezy. In case you’ve never had to deal with that… How have I accumulated a truck and two car-fulls of stuff? Major donations will be happening this week! The 200 magazines in my trunk, though, are mine. I cannot part with them.

I’m off to enjoy a lovely family dinner! Love you guys, and thank you so much for the congratulations lately!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: For my fellow college graduates, are you still in touch with your college friends? Any advice for those of us who are just now facing this change?


78 Responses to “Grajeeashun”

  1. WAAAAAA GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!


    isnt that CRAZY? ahh I am so incredibly proud of you!! STAY strong with your friends, those bonds will NEVER be broken, girl! I know it. yall will always stay connected at the heart and keep praying for them everyday.. and you will be fine 🙂 🙂

    I miss chatting it up with you! I know your life has been CRAZY tho, and I totally am so glad you are having a blast!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  2. 2 Emily


  3. Congrats! Bet you are feeling fab right about now.

  4. Heck yeah Girl!!!! Congrats!!!!! Feels amazing, doesn’t it!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS CHICA!!!!!!!! And double congrats for the stellar grades!! 😉

    I’m still friends with many of my college friends (Fbook, Twitter DEF make it easier to stay in touch) and regularly chat with a handfull of friends on a reg basis. I graduate in ’07 and we’re all still really good friends.

    Advice: Organize a reunion at least 2X per year (we do one around xmas and the other in the summer) or more times if you live closer. It’s actually really fun post-undergraduate. I can’t say one is better than the other – just different. Esp if you move to a fun city 🙂

    Congrats again lady!!!!! XOXOXOX

  6. Congratulations!! I know it must be such a weird feeling – the one thing my brother said was the weirdest was that for the first time in his life the end of August/beginning of September doesn’t really mean much anymore – it doesn’t mean back to school or whatever. Big things are waiting – when one door shuts so many open and you have a fab, fab life ahead of you!!

  7. Congratulations! I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast after college and left all my besties behind. The friendships have changed, but I still consider them to be my closest friends. Each friendship is different, so some I email weekly with only monthly phone chats, others I have weekly phone dates scheduled. And I go back home one to two times a year and get to visit. My friends are what I miss about college the most though. There’s nothing like having tons of time to spend with your favorite people getting into trouble when you should be doing homework! But new friends are on the horizon for you!

  8. Congrats girl! I graduated college 3 years ago and just graduated law school, so I know what you’re feeling. It’s a really tough transition, I’m not going to lie.

    The great thing now is that while your bff’s aren’t in one place anymore, they are scattering across the country so you have an excuse to go visit exciting places! For example, one of my bffs lives in Boston and another friend of ours and I have made it a point to go visit her there once a year for a weekend. I have another good friend in NYC, one in LA, one in Denver, etc. It’s so fun to take trips to see all your pals!

    Hope that helps!

  9. 9 Rebecca

    Congrats! This post brought back that post-grad feeling for me full force. It was not great! I was worried about everything, stressed about everything, and going through major grieving for my college days (like you, I LOVED college–the academic challenges, mind-opening experiences, drunken evenings with friends–all of it).

    It gets better. You’ll keep the important people. Focus on the fact that you have the whole world of possibilities at your feet right now, and that you have some great memories to go on. And bump some Kanyeezy! He is the expert on graduation swagger (and drop-out swagger!). Homie, this sh** is basic, welcome to graduation.

  10. 10 Kate


    I struggled with having all my besties far flung post grad, as well, so the best thing to do is communicate! We text, phone, email, fbook, etc. all the time to plan events, outings, catch up and stay connected…it takes a lot of work but we plan something almost every month (and for those of us close enough to do so we get together a few times a month for drinks, nights out, concerts, Twins games, etc).

    Remember that it’s a process to adjust to and let yourself mourn a little if that’s what you need but you’ll always have ur besties no matter how far away they are!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you!!!!

  12. Sorry, double comment… i hit “send” way too early.

    I’m about 8 years out of college now, and have noticed that while I’m still really close with quite a few college friends, a lot of them are now just acquaintances. You’ll have it a bit easier now with things like facebook and texting that we didn’t have such easy access to! Just stay in touch when you can, but don’t limit yourself to college friends… you’ll meet people in the working world too!

    Congrats again girlie!

  13. CONGRATS! I’m so scared to graduate but luckily I have another 2 years or so!

  14. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what happens in your life in the next couple of months – I’m sure great things are coming 🙂

  15. Aw, congrats again girl!

  16. ahh Congrats on graduation and the hiiigh honor of magna cum laude girl!! That’s a huge achievement!!! I keep in touch with my college friends the best we can. With the ones who are living in the same city, we plan monthly girl dinners to make sure we get something on the calendar when life gets busy, but we randomly find events to go to just to hang out – like the opening of cream puff stores. muahahah

    The guys in other towns, we can only web cam and organize slumber parties when they’re in town. 😛 Even so, true friends will always stay true friends no matter how many or how few times you see each other.

  17. Congratulations!!! What a big accomplishment!

    I graduated in 2007 and definitely do keep in touch with my college friends (even though NONE of them live in my current city)! I mean with cell phones/email/texts/facebook/twitter do we really have an excuse not to??

  18. ConGRADulations!! Har har har 🙂 What a whirlwind of a weekend! Major props on the magna cum laude, by the way!!

    I’m still in college, so I can’t give much advice on that front, but I am still friends with a lot of girls from high school, and I’ve found that the people that were your real friends will always be there. Let time move you on from the people you weren’t close to, but hold onto those friends you formed a real connection with.

    By the way, if you’re ever in NYC visiting Muffin let me know!!

  19. congrats on graduating! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!!

  20. 20 lisa

    i’ll just add on to the…

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! that’s so exciting-!! I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you get the best writing job or whatever job you want that you can get !!!
    you sooo deserve it- you’re so sweet, and funny, and just seem like such a great person! 🙂
    have a great night!

  21. 21 Amy

    Congrats ! I’m so excited for you. So proud, too.

    Err, my entire massive apartment at school is still decked out and fully furnished. I just kind of left . . . as soon as I could. So sometime this month, I’ll have to go up and pack it. Greeeeat . . . It is a b!tch though, I’m with ya !

    2010 helll yuh !

  22. CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! I can’t wait to see where life takes you – I know it will be many great places :0)

  23. 23 Michelle

    Congratulations girl, especially magna cum laude! Woot! I’m hoping to go for some honor when I graduate.

  24. 24 Amanda

    Congrats!! My best advice for staying in touch with friends are group emails! I have a group of 6 girlfriends from college and we send updates – hilarious emails that sound just like we’re talking to each other – and reply often. It’s a lot easier when there’s group effort going on!

  25. Huge congratulations! Oh man. I am only just beginning college in the fall, I need advice from you, not the other way around!

    Keep living it up!

  26. ahhhh that is so exciting! congrats on graduating magna cum laude! that is so impressive!
    i’m sure your future is just as bright as it seems my dear ❤

  27. I graduated from OU in 07, and still keep in touch with a lot of my friends from school. There are a lot of phone calls, texts,
    emails, facebooking, etc. I hang out with my best when we can (we live nearish one another). It takes some creativity, but it works. 🙂

  28. 31 Sana

    Congratssss girl! Your life is allll brand newww :)!

  29. CONGRATULATIONS, GIRLIEFACE!!!!! I am so happy for you. Facebook is an amazing tool to keep in touch with one another — life will inevitably get in the way and adult-dom will come (this is a good thing, I promise), but social networking is a great way to stay involved in each other’s lives while still juggling the tasks of life. I know it all seems depressing and sad now, but like you said, you are only moving onwards and upwards, my friend.

    By the way, did you intentionally order sad-face seven layer dip??? Food imitating Art imitating Life….sigh…

    • 34 snackface

      Katie- Hahahaha no, I did not intentionally order sadface seven-layer dip! And thank you for your words–they have been some of the most helpful.

  30. Kudos on graduating! Do you have work lined up?

    P.S. Nothing tops a Jimmy John’s #6! 🙂

    • 36 snackface

      cdean- I don’t have work plans lined up yet, but I will be spending my summer searching! I have some ideas already, including some ballsy audition-type things. We’ll see what happens!

  31. 37 Little Bookworm

    Congratulations! 😀

  32. It’s been said already, of course, but CONGRATS!

    Re: staying in touch with college friends…as much as I hate to admit it, Facebook and text messages have both been instrumental in keeping up with everyone’s lives.

  33. 39 Whit

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, so excited for you fo’ sho!!!!

  34. 40 Stephanie


  35. 41 sarah w

    my senior year of college, 2 of my best friends (1 was my roommate all 4 yrs) and I basically “broke up”.

    I however remained friends with my other 2 besties.

    due to facebook, I was in contact with 1 of the 2 that I “broke” up with.

    love facebook.

    • 42 snackface

      sarah- You mean, they didn’t turn out to be “frenemies”? Fantastic!

  36. 43 anonymous

    please mention your straight As one more time

    • 44 snackface

      anonymous- Ah! I know, that was a bit obnoxious, right? I don’t foresee any other post in which it will be relevant to mention that, anyway! Even though I didn’t get exactly straight A’s… I understand!

      • 45 Sana

        Whatevesss if I had a 4.0 the whole world would know. Butttt I don’t so you all are saved ❤

      • 46 m

        girl don’t be quiet about your accomplishments! it’s yo damn blog. do what you want!
        also, on another note, i recently graduated like you, and moved far far away from all my amazing friends. and reading the comments here is cheering me up immensely.

      • Unless you go to grad school, this is the last time you will ever ever ever ever ever have a GPA and be recognized for it, so gloat as much as you want, gurl. (which, by the way, you weren’t gloating in the least bit. and don’t ever.)

        MAGNA CUM LAUDE, babay, YEAH.

    • list those A’s all you want! Tha’ts a major accomplishment! 🙂

  37. Congratulations!! I graduated in 2006, and I stay in touch with my closest college friends, mostly thanks to Facebook. We are so lucky to have a tool like that these days. My boyfriend started college back in 1991, and he is only just now getting back in touch with long-lost friends from those days thanks to the site. We also email, and I try to visit or host a friend every year. Since I went to a small, liberal arts school, my friends are from all over the country, so it can be hard, but it’s doable and totally worth it.

  38. My best friends are still the friends I had at university without a shadow of a doubt! I have other friends obvi but I am still super close to all of my best friends from uni and they are like noone else – we went through SO MUCH together. Fear not! They are yours for life.

    • 51 snackface

      Angharad- Awww thank you for sharing that! I am 100 percent positive that Muffin and I will be together forever. As for my other friends, I’m sure it will be fantastic whenever I get to see/talk to them again.

  39. ya done, son!!! congratulations!

    i graduated a year ago and am still just as close with my college friends as i was — it’s one of those things where we don’t talk every day, but always know what is going on with each other. your friends ain’t going anywhere! besides, who else will call muffin “muffin”? she’ll need you for that fo sho.

  40. 53 Gaby

    Congratulations Smarty Pants!! So glad you had a great weekend! I really miss the learning part of school, and all the organizations and activities/ resources available for college students, but I’m slowly discovering new things that adults do too! I’ve kept up with old friends AND have been making new ones, so there’s much for you to look forward to!
    Oh, and JJ is pretty much the only white bread I like, why is it so good!!!???

    • 54 snackface

      Gaby- Yea, I just woke up at noon and was like, what do I have to read/do today? Oh right, nothing. Weird! Also, I had never had the JJ’s white bread before, but now I don’t think I’ll ever get the 7-grain again! So good!

  41. 55 Morgan McStravick

    Congrats, Kailey! Can’t wait to find out what the future holds for you!!!

  42. Yay congrats!!! I’m glad you had fun celebrating with the whole fam.

    I haven’t graduated uni yet, but I’m still really tight with my whole circle of friends from high school. We always talk on msn and we visit each other at our schools a few times per semester. It takes a bit of work, but I’m sure you’ll be able to stay in touch with all your friends! 🙂

  43. congrats! enjoy the time with your fam! you are such a role model! happy summer pretty lady!

  44. 58 Di

    Congrats on graduating magna cum laude! Very impressive! Be proud – it’s a great accomplishment.

    I graduated college 6 years ago and some of my friends I see a lot, while others I only see a few times a year since they live in other states. Email, texts, facebook, road trips, week-long reunions, weddings, hours and hours of phone calls…they have all helped me keep in touch with my favorites no matter how far away they live. Your best friends WILL always be there for you even if it’s hard to adjust to at first. One thing I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been apart, it’s always a blast when we’re together. ♥

  45. 59 Marcie

    Congratulations. We love your blog in our office down here in Atlanta…and yes, we are are old enough to be your mama!! We try you snack ideas down here.

    • 60 snackface

      Marcie- Awww! Your comment totally made my day! Thank you so much for reading and enjoying! I send my love to the whole office!

  46. Congrats Kailey!! It’s such an exciting and nerve wracking time! I graduated last May and it was quite a change. I didn’t realize until I was gone just how much I would miss my college and my life there. Absolutely nothing can replace those times, but it sounds like you had a blast there! Hold on tight to those memories and embrace the nostalgia that WILL overpower you sometimes, and realize that (and it is true!) the best is still before you 🙂

    Good luck!

  47. For some reason graduations make me cry like a baby! I just went to my brother’s high school grad last night and got all teary. And I really believe that you stay in touch with your BEST friends no matter what, so you have nothing to worry about. 🙂
    Enjoy being a graduate!!

  48. Congratulations, you smart thing you! Be proud of those asterisks, you worked hard for them!
    College graduation day is such a great memory for me. I remember getting up early, and getting coffee with my roommate and walking to the ceremony together thinking “I can’t believe we’re graduating – so weird!”

    Fear not, 10 years later, that same friend and I were getting coffee together yesterday morning, discussing plans for her wedding! The good friends stay with you, don’t you worry!

  49. Congratulations gorgeous!! I am too, striving to graduate with honors…but we’ll see–college is freaking TOUGH. Props ma love, rep it with pride!!!

    I hope you’re enjoying the beginnings of summer vacay! Let’s catch up soon and good luck finding yourself a kickass job that is deserving of yo’ talents!! HOLLA! xoxoxox

  50. 65 Azure Jaymes

    CONGRATS LADY!! The moving out of college process SUCKS. I think my roommate and I literally donated half a truckful of stuff to ReUse.

    My main modes of keeping in touch with my college comrades: Facebook and Gchat. (Yes, I am SOOO a kid of the 00’s.) I wish I could stay in touch with more people more frequently, but I’m not gonna lie: It’s hard. Life gets in the way, and it’s hard to communicate with everyone as much as you want. But I definitely still keep in pretty solid touch with people I was close with in school. It is a change of pace, but now I have excuses to visit people in lots of cool places all over the United States 🙂

  51. 66 Lindsay

    Congrats! I graduated from PSU 3 years ago and it was definitely rough. I think I cried the entire last week I was there and the whole drive home. haha! When I left, I pretty much knew who I would be in touch with forever and who I would just have good memories of and that’s held true for the most part. I think the greatest part of college friends is that no matter how long you’re apart, you always pick up right where you left off. Plus it makes for crazy road trips to their towns or back to school where you get to pretend like you’re 18 again for a weekend. Do it as often as possible!

  52. Congrats on graduation and my middle name is Elise as well 😉

  53. Ahhh! congrats girl!

    I have a select few friends i still stay in contact with from college. otherwise…that’s it. i still have some hs friends i keep in touch with too. but now, it’s mostly bloggers 😉

  54. Kailey dear! Congrats on graduating, and congrats on the magna cum laude! So awesome!
    Like you I had a bf in college, and we did EVERYTHING together. I literally cried my eyes out graduation morning because I was so sad to leave her (and all my other friends).
    The good news is that 6 years later we’re still incredibly close. Even if we don’t talk for awhile, we always pick back up right where we left off last time. That’s what a true friend is, and I’m positive that Muffin will be your friend for life.
    Take care!

  55. 70 gina (fitnessista)

    congratulations, lovely! graduating is *one* of the best feelings ever 🙂
    can’t wait to see what you do next!

  56. congrats lady!

    I know there are so many great things coming your way!

    I keep in touch with a few by video chat (since we can’t be togetha’), emails,!

  57. 72 Moose


    Gonna miss you and the alpha wolves babe. Let’s meet back up in Athens for Brew Week!

    • 73 snackface

      MOOSE!!!! I’m already ready for Brew Week! Actually, I think I’ll be in Athens tomorrow!

  58. 74 Gena

    Congrats on graduation, sweetheart! Thus begins what I am sure will be a long and exciting career in print and online media 🙂

  59. first of all, congrats. I loved was the most fabulous time of my life…the thought of going out into the real world with REAL money and a REAL purpose. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose touch with many of your college friends. They move away, get married, and ultimately have different priorities in their lives. My advice is to MAKE a phone date at least 2x a month with them…You just NEED to make time…and trips to visit them is a must as well.

  60. Congratulations! 🙂

  61. Congrats!! Graduation is such a good feeling 🙂

  62. 78 elise

    dear kailey elise,
    youz a stud. cant wait to see you in NYC. 🙂

    here are the best nights for me: thurs (6/24), sun (6/27)…not saying i wont be wasted out of my mind at boat basin on sat night though. if you havent been, you MUST come.

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