Carby Girl in a Carby World, Part 2


What up, sugar britches! Being home has been a delight so far. First off, I don’t have to make dinner for myself. Thank you, MamaJ, for supplying me with dinners nicer than I’d ever make for myself.

As in, thank you for not serving salad and cereal for dinner:

Bright-green salad and rigatone with "meat"balls.

You all know how I like my balls– the Trader Joe’s way. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to venture across town to get some yet. Therefore, I had to settle for Quorn meatless balls. Um…

They taste gray and rubbery. I’m such a Trader Joe ho. Cannot help it. Although, thanks to MamaJ’s ballin’ tomato sauce, I dominated this dish: meaty.

After dinner, MamaJ, Nannykins (MamaJ’s mom!) and I watched the terribly sad movie, The Greatest. See, I like to pretend that we all are going to live forever. This movie, however, is all about death, grief, life and love. It’s a beautiful film, but be ready to cry. I also think Carey Mulligan is brilliant.

At 11:30pm, I called DM and woke him up. Oops! We chatted for a while, and then I returned downstairs for:

Edy's Slowly Churned Chocolate Brownie ice cream! Yums!

Yeesh. Sometime the Droid takes awesome pics, and sometimes they are poo. Lo siento, SnackFacers!

A bit past midnight, I dove into this bed of comfortable deliciousness:

Most comfortable bed in the whole world.

Where I slept for 11 hours. AKA, I slept until noon today. And it felt AMAAAAZING.

I’m not one for sleeping in, but after a mostly sleepless quarter at school, I think the body has some catching up to do. And I know, the sleeplessness was my own fault. There is nothing wrong with going out until 4:30am and then waking up at 7am to study for something at 10am. Nothing wrong at all.

For brunch, I wasn’t feeling the “Greek” yogurt in our fridge that has cream in it. It’s the second ingredient! And it has only 4g of protein! CRAY! (Oh wow, this coffee is finally kicking in. Can you tell?) Thus, I had another bagel the size of my head. It’s not whole-grain. It’s not sprouted. It’s not low-carb, high protein. Its only health benefit is that it’s delicious. And usually, for me, that is what matters most:

Berries and bagel. One half covered in whipped cream cheese, the other in crunchy peanut butter.


Much like Dorrough’s cream on the inside, clean on the outside, this bagel was chewy on the inside, toasty on the outside. Perf! (Dorrough would probably be a bit disconcerted that I compared an ice cream paint job to a bagel. Whatevs.)

Today’s agenda:
-Target for pharmacy (We all know that will lead to more than just the pharmacy…)
-YMCA Express (Must get a membership! I love it there!)
-More unpacking
-More blogging and blog biznass
-Living and loving life

I’ll see you all later!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: If you could create your own food pyramid, what would it look like?
For me: Bottom: cereal, oatmeal, bagels, baguette, pita, Wheat Thins, brews. Second layer: hummus, fruit, veg, chickpeas in general, peanut butter. Third layer: Β meatless balls, almond milk, Greek yogurt, frozen yogurt. Top layer: brownies, chocolate-chip cookies, glitter. All dressed up in a sexy little Versace dress and donning Christian Louboutin Straratata 140 Glitter Sandals. Obviously.


34 Responses to “Carby Girl in a Carby World, Part 2”

  1. Bouhahaha Glitters? πŸ™‚

  2. 3 Little Bookworm

    Sounds like you are having fun at home. Love the post title! That ice cream sounds amazing – I had chocolate brownie frozen yoghurt the other day! πŸ™‚

  3. 4 Michelle

    Bottom: oatmeal, cereal, quinoa Second layer: watermelon, bananas, grapefruit, strawberries, all berries, veggie volcanos, oh and almond butter Third layer: almond milk, greek yogurt, cottage cheese Top layer: cookies, cake, cupcakes and maple syrup πŸ™‚

  4. Love your idea of the perfect pyramid! Mine is pretty similar!
    Bottom: Ezekiel bread, cereal, oats, nutritional yeast, goat cheese
    Second layer: fruits, avocado, Earth Balance, hummus
    Third layer: almond milk, veggies, almond butter
    Top: cupcakes, brownies and other sinfully delicious things of the sort

    I’ve not had TJ’s balls (ha!)…I will have to get on that.

  5. That bagel looks and sounds delicious. Who cares if it isn’t sprouted, whole grain, whateva!

    That is such a great idea…our own lil food pyramids…

    bottom: oats, bagels, sourdough bread, grains like quinoa, brown rice, millet
    second layer: same as yours- veg, fruit, legumes, nut butters
    third layer: almond milk, coconut milk and yogurts
    fourth: vegan baked goods like cookies! dark chocolate, maple syrup

    of course I probs forgetting a lot!

  6. 7 Bec

    Bah love that you referenced Dorrough’s ice cream paint job in this post. One of my english profs this year (who was 28 and HOTT) made most of our classes about rap/hip hop/eXtream skiing and always played Dorrough for us in class… to which we rolled our eyes and thought about how much money we were wasting on that class. Glad you are enjoying your time at home, rest up girl you deserve it!

  7. 8 Kate

    What a fun idea! Mine would be:
    Bottom: goat and blue cheese, bread, red wine, sushi
    Second: fruit smoothies, bacon, bell peppers, tiramisu
    Third: hummus, coconut, peanut butter
    Top: Egg whites, chicken, salsa

    I totally reformated everything, but that would be my perfect food pyramid! And I’d like mine in the shape of a really big bottle of wine. πŸ˜‰

  8. 9 Katie


    So glad you got a kick butt sleep last nite! I was too busy watching Food Network shows and stayed up late, and yes my man watched them too, he watched cupcake wars with me, lol, its a new show on food network! Gotta love my man for being a good sport!

    I do not like the quorn balls either!!! They are yuck, but you got to make do with what ya have, and that pasta dish looked delish!

    I went to Target today too, and of course bought more than I needed!

    Have a great day love!!

  9. Being home in your own bed is the best feeling in the WORLD. Yay for being home and loving life!! My food pyramid would consist of cereal, apples and dark chocolate on the bottom, peanut butter, hummus and veggies on the second, and everything else but mushrooms and meat on the top. I love all fooooooood πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a wonderful day love!

  10. 11 Sana

    I still live at home because of my mom’s cooking. This could be in issue when I graduate college next year …..

  11. my bottom layer = spinach, blueberries, asparagus, spinach…

    second = brie, Tillamook jack. soy curls. oats. peanut butter puffins.

    third = sushi.

    top = um, vodka soda two limes? πŸ™‚

  12. mmm reformatting the food pyramid. mine would definitely have bread and cheese in the bottom layer. and ice cream! oh, what dreams are made of.

  13. Ooh I listened to ice cream paint job while running yesterday! I like listening to it while driving though because it makes me feel so hood. Which I am not. Also you made me crave a PB bagel! Love them! Peanut/almond butter would definitely make up the base of my food pyramid.

  14. Loving this post! To be honest, sometimes I get a little tired of all the ‘healthy’ stuff going on in this blogging world. Food is food, just enjoy it;) And what better way to enjoy food than eating such a delicious bagel:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  15. I don’t care what the scientific community will say to this, but I really do thinkg DUVET COVERS MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND! Seriously. That was one of the first things I nearly had a coronary over when I got home from school. Can’t mess with the duvet.

    Target is pretty lethal for me too. It’s funny how a short little stroll to get leave-in conditioner leads me to the romper section and then the check-out counter? πŸ˜‰

  16. The bottom layer would be made up entirely of bananas and peanut butter. the second layer would be hummus, apples, sprouted bread, chocolate, and makizushi.
    and the top would be MICHAEL BUBLE. no doubt.

  17. LOL, I love your idea of a food pyramid!! I’m gonna have to get thinking about that…

  18. I love being home as well!

  19. 20 dmcgirl37

    That bagel looks awesome!

    “Its only health benefit is that it’s delicious. And usually, for me, that is what matters most”

    You have such an awesome balanced relationship with food! I love reading your posts, they are so upbeat.. Keep smiling girl ❀

    Your food pyramid sounds perfect too me.

    Dana πŸ™‚

  20. 21 *Andrea*

    love that song…lil wayne’s remix is so good!! have you heard it??

    i adore bagels. my sister loves thomas’ everything bagels with light whipped cream cheese. sooo good

  21. 22 lian

    helloooo kailey! congratulations !! =D
    oh and …
    i see a heart in the center of your whipped cream bagel photo. it must be a sign. ❀

    ❀ lian

    ps. i've always wanted to tell you how much you've helped me, regarding simply eating delicious foods and ENJOYING them and not worrying and being a bum about it all. so thank you. ❀

  22. the bagel with melted PB you said it sistah….gasm indeed

    that bed DOES look comfy! I lovehow everyone says that their bed is the most comfortable in the world hahaha…i swear MINE is πŸ™‚ just kidding! im sure yours is πŸ™‚

    enjoy your time at home!

  23. The eats sound absolutely delicious!!

  24. 25 Lola

    Hahahah your pyramid is great looking hahaha mine would be beans, milk, papaya and coffee on the base; cereal and other fruits and vegs on the second floor; cottage cheese, meatless forms of protein and cake icing on the last floor. Ocasional bread and snacks on the last one!

  25. You have the best attitude towards food! We should enjoy it, not fear it! πŸ˜€

    Hmm my food pyramid would look like:

    Bottom: Kashi, oatmeal, wraps, brown rice, banaynays
    Middle: All fruit, all veg, SALMON, tofu, hummus, yogurt, soy nut butter
    Top: Carrot cake and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

  26. A personalized food pyramid – great idea!
    Bottom: Watermelon
    Middle: Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Almond Milk, Peanut Butter, Bananas
    Top: Chocolate, Freezie Pops

    I’m currently in a bit of a food rut.

  27. 28 maxinthegym

    Congratulations again with graduating! Must be great to be back home in comfort πŸ˜›
    Hahhahahha I love the top of your food pyramid! You’re hilarious

  28. i actually really like the cream cheese/pb combo. de-lic!

    hope you have a marvelous evening,

  29. 30 lisa

    hahahahha i love how you added “glitter” to your pyramid- you’re too funny!
    and i like the trader joe’s “meatballs” too- so yummy! my fav is their soy nuggets. oh man. i have to get myself to trader joes asappp!

  30. 31 Anna

    What brand tried to deface the Greek yogurt name?!? I’d like to be able to trust that anything with that label would be thick, creamy, and heavy on the protein.

    There’s nothing better than a comfy bed and the knowledge that you can sleep in as late as you want. Enjoy it while you can!

  31. TJ’s spoils us too much there is no where else like it in the world! I’m in Australia not and missing all of my regular TJ’s products like the meatless meatballs & soy nuggets, the replacements are never the same.
    bottom- veggies! Avocado, arugula, avocado, corn, peas, spinach
    second- coffee, wine, BBQ sauce, hummus, vegemite & diet coke. I know i’m terrible
    third- tofurky, meatless meat balls, ezekiel bread, soy nuggets,
    Top- cookies, muffins, banana bread, whole wheat pasta.

  32. Bottom: Oats, Pita, Bagels, Quinoa, Greek yogurt, Froyo(!)
    Second: Nut butters, hummus, beans, fruit, cereal, almond milk
    Third: vegetables, tofu/tempeh, fish, other grains
    Top: Meat, Bread, other snacks


  33. That frozen yogurt looks fantastic. It looks like you are having a wonderful time recharging after school.


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