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I ended up studying from 11pm to 3:45am, and then again from 7:30am to 10am. Your comments totally motivated me! It felt awesome going into my last exam knowing I had done the best I could. Where else did the ambition come from to study? Let’s just say that a little something called perfectionism will not die sometimes!

Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow with foodlicious pictures and more details, but for now, I need to go be with my lady loves. Muffin is moving out of Athens tomorrow. I can’t even think about it.

I wanted to share this amazing song with all of you, though. I think of my Muffin whenever I listen to it:

I can’t even begin to describe everything Muffin has been to me. She’s changed me. And now I’m crying… Ahhh not my intention!

Enjoy your evenings, lovepies! Talk to you tomorrow!

Ciao for now,



55 Responses to “The DL”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. senioritis is uncontrollable dontcha worry. congrats on being doneeeeeee! coolo song… so sad though 😦

  3. awwww congrats. it’s a great feeling to be done with college. i remember being a bit dazed and telling strangers i graduated. but whatevs. 🙂

  4. Congrats on being done!!! SO exciting for you. 🙂

  5. Congrats!!!!!! Such an awesome feeling of accomplishment, huh?? 😀 YAY!!


  6. aww muffy… i have a sneaking suspicion she feels pretty damn lucky herself. Your friendship is beautiful , and now IM crying!
    choked up, cutting this babe short.

  7. 7 bekah

    So proud of you kailey! You’ll always be my favorite college girl- one whom I base a lot of my partying and healthy eating college decisions on, fyi. 🙂 love you babe!

  8. 8 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    congrats kailey!!! i am so happy for you & i even teared up a bit listening to teh song- i can imagine how you are feeling, i know ill have the same kinds of feelings when i’m graduating!!


  9. Congratulations!!! You must feel sooo good right now! Live it up, you’ve earned it! 🙂

  10. CONGRATS!!!!!! I’ll never forget that feeling of leaving my last class knowing that I was done!!!!!!

  11. 11 stacey


  12. 12 chatty

    Enjoy your evening and congrats. Just thought I would let you know I stumbled upon your blog checking out clean eating, which is becoming a new love for me. I’ve read back for months! You remind me a lot of myself with your ambition and bluntness, and complete randomness! Thanks for the great pictures and ideas of good ol’ clean eats. Not to mention your humor is really the icing on cake, metaphorically speaking anyway. =)

  13. 13 Sana

    Congrats! A friendship like that will last foreverrr!

  14. Congrats on finally being done with school! I know how good it feels. Now go out and celebrate, you have earned it!

  15. 15 Mj

    Big congrats on being done forever, and hope you find and land your dream job!

  16. 16 Katie

    Congrats girl!!! So happy for you and know great things are to come for you!! Kepp living life to the fullest and keep that positive attitude!! Love you! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

  17. I love this jam!! 🙂

    Awwwww, everyone needs a little weepy bawlin’. I def felt the same when I left my friends at the school I transferred from. The waterworks were a goin’!


  19. I never want to part with my bests. You and Muff won’t be apart permanently!!
    GOOD JOB finishing college! Crazy, and crazy exciting!

  20. 20 Cat

    Congrats on finishing! So momentous! You never know where peeps end up, one of my college best friends took a lot of detours and ended up 6 miles from me!

  21. It must feel so surreal to be done with college! And definitely bittersweet too.
    Hope you have an amazing night!

  22. 22 maren

    Congrats on being done with school! I know the feeling of moving away from best friends. It sucks and it’s sad. But the best thing about best friends is, even when TONS of time passes by while being apart from each other, whenever you do reunite, it’s like nothing has changed between you. Everything that you loved is still, and will always be, there.

  23. 23 maxinthegym


  24. 24 Liz

    Such mixed emotions I’m sure. Crazy! Good job, you! Enjoy your night.

  25. Congratulations!!!!!!!1

    What a relief hey! Knowing that you won’t need to put your face in a book and learn stuff you will never use in the future … Me-He!

    Enjoy your last night with your friend … Never easy to say good bye!

  26. A HUGE congrats on being done, done, done! Yay!


  28. CONGRATS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy yourself tonight! And always! xoxoxoxox

  29. 29 Lola

    Congratulations!!! :D:D:D:D

  30. i love you. we just chatted for an hour and 15 minutes, and i may have not laughed that much in a long time. long live snags, left overs and rambling with no other purpose on our blogs other than to laugh at ourselves.


  31. 31 Little Bookworm

    Congratulations! Hope you had a good night! 😀

  32. CONGRATS on being done love!! Must be such a good feeling, I can’t believe it’s only a year away for me!! Enjoy these last few days at school, hope you have a wonderful week girl!! xoxo

  33. Congrats! Being finished with school work forever must be an amazing feeling.

  34. 34 lowandbhold

    Congratulations sweetheart! You’re going to do such fabulous things, I know it already! Enjoy this time of celebration!

  35. 35 Jennifer


  36. 36 homegirlcaneat


  37. 37 homegirlcaneat


  38. 38 The Divine Ms.Muffin

    Just listened to that song alone in my empty room….definitely crying now.

    The song is so true…we have so many memories from these four years, but so many more to come!

    In the past four years, we have laughed, *danced*, cried (over mostly stupid boys), doubted we would find our passions, followed our dreams, and the list goes on. We plotted about leaving Athens, but now it’s here, and it doesn’t feel that great. But I know we will be together again soon.

    Thanks for being the person who sides with me whether I’m right or wrong, who listens to me no matter how trivial the things I say are, who is ALWAYS ready to be my partner-in-crime and dance with me.

    I’ve gone through some hard times this year and you were the only constant in my life. You didn’t need me to make you into the strong, confident person you are today but I’m glad I was along for the ride.

    I love you and can’t wait to be reunited in NYC (Sorry, Team SanFran)



  39. 39 Gina G

    Congrats Kailey! ❤ im so happy for you in every way! Reading Muffin's message gave me goosebumps, you girls have something so special! She truly seems like she has been your sister and always will be 🙂

  40. 40 emily

    As someone who has had their BFF move to another state (for 5 years and counting) I know how very rough/horrible it can be but fear not your bond will stay strong and everytime you see each other it will be like you had never parted ways I promise! Be Strong Snackface and Muffin it will get better!

  41. You girls are lucky to come out of college with such a strong friendship. Yall are deep, and I think girls get fooled for wanting quantity over quality. You really are so lucky to have such an amazing soul sister.

    Congrats on finishing up college with a bang. Don’t be fooled by the myth that those were the best years of your life. I think things keep getting better and better!

  42. i know it’s hard to believe, but distance really DOES make the heart grow fonder….and makes phone bills go up.

    best friends are best friends are best friends, no matta where they are (i remind myself of this every day – most of my best friends live in ny/chicago).

  43. 43 Faith

    Congrats on BEING DONE!!! Isn’t it the best feeling ever? How do you think you did?

  44. Congrats on being done! 😀 You deserve to CELEBRATE now!

  45. 45 Katherine: What About Summer?

    Thank you so much for sharing! Go unwind and have a great time!

  46. 46 Sara

    Hey gorgeous girl! Just wanted to let you know that even though your bestie is moving away, it will be OKAY! How do I know? Well my best friend (practically my twinzy) moved away from me our junior year of high school & I was so scared we would drift apart! I totally cried the night she said goodbye and I rarely cry! But ya know what? We ended up visiting frequently and made some incredible memories in her new hometown! What was even cooler was that we both were accepted to the same college (against the odds!) and were dorm room-mates!!! Due to an unfortunate turn of events I was forced to leave that college and leave my best friend. I moved hours away from her but the universe works in crazy ways because this upcoming fall we’re going to be roomies again living just minutes from the beach :). Point of the story, although miles will come in between you & your muffin bff, your friendship does NOT have to suffer, in fact it may only grow 🙂 :). I know how it feels to have a friend that’s actually more like a sister and I strongly believe you two will remain friends throughout the start of professional careers, throughout weddings and becoming one another’s bridesmaids, throughout babies when you will take your kids on stroller walks together :), and throughout becoming old ladies togetha when you’ll visit & sip iced tea remember “the good ol’ college days”. So here’s to you and your muf’! Congratulations on strong friendships/graduating!!! xoxo

  47. i love that song!!

    CONGRATS on being done!!! such an exciting time in your life!!


  49. Congrats on being done!

  50. Congrats and…

    good luck with Muffin going away (for a while I think???). I know how hard that can be, big hug to you all the way from Europe. Hope that makes you feel a little better. You’ve got such a special friend in here and you know what? Distance doesn’t matter when a friendship is so strong, that connection will always be there!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  51. Congrats, girl! Hope you’re out livin’ it up. 🙂 You deserve it.

  52. Awwww girl!!!!! You can still be friends even if you don’t live close!! Best friends are best friends, regardless of location!
    But CONGRATS!!!!

  53. Senioritis , once it happens the disease multiplies by twenty everyday.

    Congrats on graduating! I laughed out loud when I saw that Pizza Hut box because I had a similar experience the last few weeks of my graduation.

    Sometimes you just gotta go for the sub par pizza to get you through

  54. 54 Anna

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’ve made it so far, and while the next stage of life is kind of scary, you’re ready for it and all of the change that comes with it! Give Muffin a big hug from the blog world and have a wonderful start to your summer!

  55. Congratulations!!!!

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