I Should Be Studying…


Hi pudding pops! I seriously should be studying right now, but I wanted to pop in and update you on some yum eats!

It’s finals week and I had one on Monday and one Tuesday. Tuesday’s exam is Theatre History. It’s going to be a beezie. Good thing I’ve calculated the lowest grade I can get and still pull off a B in the class. Naughty.

Sunday night, when I should have been studying, I was watching the MTV Movie Awards and being the most collegey college student:

That's right.

I’ve never ordered a pizza for dinner, so I thought, “Why not!” It was mediocre at best. I am in the habit of picking off all the cheese. It reminds me of congealed, chewy, rubbery snot. (Who’s hungry now!)

I chilled with Dirty Martini (DM) later in the night and then got up early to start the cramming process. Studied and chowed on a fab breakfast:


In the bowl: container Dannon Greek yogurt sweetened with stevia and cinnamon; 1/4 C oats made with water, cinnamon, banana and stevia; covered in peanut butter and more cinnamon. Amaze:

Melty peanut butter pools.

I diligently studied for two hours and then hobbled to the exam.

I say hobbled because on Saturday I had the genius idea to do squats, lunges, weighted lunges, side squats, and then do a total of eight miles on the elliptical and treadmill. I should have been studying, but I was clearly avoiding it. And now all the muscles in my thighs feel bruised.

As I was slowly penguin-ing my way across campus, DM was driving uptown, spied me and swept me away to class. Lovely!

Then I rocked the Ethics final. Yeeee!

On my way home, I stopped by Muffin’s for a chat and to pick up my car. I’m saddened to think that in a few days we will be in separate states. (Notthinkingaboutitanymore.)

Eventually, I made it back to the abode and made a light lunch:

Bagel thin with carrots, cukes and dip.

Obsessed with everything bagel thins with whipped cream cheese.

I did something for a couple hours. I could have been studying. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t. And then I snacked:

Granny Smith with cinnamon and peanut butter.

Then I really did study.

I paused for a shower, self-tanning session and a quick run to the store. Dinner resembled a confused child-woman’s breakfast:

Cascadian Farm Clifford Crunch with Starbucks. Money. (That was so 2007 of me.)

The Clifford Crunch is like a healthier Alpha-Bits, which I cannot locate anywhere! I just want my darn Alpha-Bits! These will suffice:

I never even watched Clifford.

You know what I love? This:

Express your love.

So, when I should be studying, I’d rather express my love for you, blogging, writing, food and not studying.

Senioritis doesn’t even begin to cover it.

One mo’ exam ever! Game on.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How can one stay motivated for her last exam ever? AND What’s the eco-friendliest thing to do with used notebooks?


46 Responses to “I Should Be Studying…”

  1. 1 homegirlcaneat

    I have been CRAVING pizza lately. Craving so badly that I called Pearl tonight and made her promise to come to da city and go to this fabo pizza place this week! WOOP!

    Dirty Martini makes me laugh everyday.

    YAY FOR YOUR LAST COLLEGE FINALS!!!! I’m sure you are kicking a$$.

    I LOVE YOU MUCHOS! AND a wave of cravings for shredded spoonfuls and PB puffins just came over me.

  2. 2 Leslie

    I have no tips on motivation. My last exam ever is on Wednesday, its online, and its over rocks. Instead of studying I’ve been baking, sleeping, and ellipticalling as well. I even scrubbed our floor-which is something that rarely happens unless procrastination is involved. Good Luck!

  3. 3 maxinthegym

    I remember my finals (for high school!) last week haha I really just wanted to go to the beach and start my summer! So during my last exam I told myself I wanted to end school with a bang(!) meaning stellar grades. I also figured that the more I study, the better I’ll do, therefore the faster I’ll finish my exam and therefore the sooner I’ll be out of here and at the beach!

    Good luck on your final final!!

    P.S. Save those notebooks for…memory’s sake? Just kidding.

  4. that is exactly how you stay motivated, by saying IT’S MY LAST EXAM EVER !!


    I remember that, it was bliss. done. with. college. 🙂 but between taking time off to teach tennis and travel for USTA camps, it took me *ahem* 6 years. hee! (I liked college…)

    love all the foods, except your description of the pizza. you did a good thing, that should keep me away from pizza for a while!! 🙂

  5. Love your food! Good brain power eats! Just stay focused on how awesome you’re going to feel after you ace your LAST EXAM OF COLLEGE!!!

  6. 6 lo

    shiiit, I want pizza NOW. Time to make my own? yes…oh and alpha bits are bomb, but what about alpha bits with marshmallows? those were the shit. I miss u girlie! hope school is winding down smoothly! can’t wat to see where summer takes you!


  7. 7 Ilana

    I love the random on-campus boy encounters. Makes me miss when we were both still in school and he would pick me up … siiiiighhh. Although our post-college semiadult relationship is even better.

    I basically suggest: Powerhouse that biatch!! Blast off on the strongest note you can!!

    Good luck!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m a New Yorker, so Pizza Hut pizza is really weird to me, lol. I’ve had it on occasion, but it doesn’t strike me as real pizza. I think your bagel thin beats it. 🙂


  9. 9 Michelle

    Good luck with your last final!

    I don’t even remember how I study for the last final. My brain is just in the mode until the very last final.

  10. Good luck on your last exam! Cereal for din = perfect study fuel!

  11. 11 vv

    I love your attitude to lifeeee.

  12. 12 Little Bookworm

    Good luck on your last exam – I bet it will go great! 🙂

  13. 13 AmandaK

    Good luck on your last exam! I had bad senoritis when I was finishing up college, so I can’t help you there, but as for old notebooks, I always used to tear out all the pages and recycle them. It takes some time, but beats throwing them out!

  14. Ha I had my lat exam on the very last possible day. I stayed up all night and partied…oops! I can’t give out any advice!

  15. I recycle as much of the paper within them – and the cardboard backing – as possible. Plus, I hold onto ones that aren’t completely used up and use them for other things. Congrats on being so close to done-ness!! hah That sounds like food. But seriously, I do the same thing with tough classes – I did it with French last semester. To keep my stress level down I kept telling myself that even if I failed and got a 0 – I’d still get a B in the class. haha I’m sure you’ll rock it!

  16. Good luck on the finals. I think the only thing that kept me motivated during final time was knowing how close I was to finishing! Just a few more hours or a few more exams and my break could officially begin! Nothing beats that feeling!

  17. With school stuff (and now work stuff) I tend to be pretty competitive, so I would be motivated to study super hard so in my head I could say things like, “way to have the top grade!” or “you just dominated that exam!” — of course, I never knew if I had the top grade, but I liked thinking it.

    If you took really good notes, I would find an undergrad to buy my notes! Pass along the love! Other than that, you could paste photos and things over the notes to make a pretty original scrapbook, or just put them in the recycle bin.

  18. 18 Jenny

    When I have exams, I force myself to go to the library to focus… but treat myself with Starbies!

  19. 19 Jenna

    Good luck with your exams!

  20. I’ve never ordered pizza on my own either…I don’t think I’ve had delivery for years!! Remember the days when Fridays always meant pizza and a sleepover after school? Ahh, youth.

    Good luck on finals!! I’m a horrible influence, because I don’t really study for tests. Ever. I try, but it just never happens, and I’ve gotten through 15 years of school so far!! It’s your last final though, you go to class and pay attention, so you’ll be fine. Bonne chance!

  21. So much I could say here, but I’m going to keep it to one obs. today. When you directed us to check out the ‘bucks cup, the first thing I read was ABOVE the sleeve… “everything we do, you do…” HAHAHAHA. Again, my immature small male child brain interferes with appropriate blog commenting. And alpha-bits? Can you say the only way for my mom to get me to eat slower by playing and spelling with my bowl of cereal (as well as alphabet soup). Dare I say alpha-bits are responsible for my passion for language and words. In. ter. es. ting…


  22. Good luck on your finals! I procrastinated like it was my job during my exams, so I don’t have many tips on motivation. 😛

    Haha I love how this post is filled with collegey eats like pizza and cereal for dinner. Sometimes we just gotta go with what is convenient!

  23. i sold my notebooks to undergrads. or left some with my professors. i wrote crazy mad notes for them all the time. you can also see if your student center has a program where people take notes for those who can’t do so very well..my school had a program like that for people who were dyslexic and stuff.

    do the damn thing, and it’s over! NO MORE EXAMS! that’s what i told myself for my last college final, on the last day, given at THE LAST HOUR 6-8pm. uh huh.

  24. 24 Rachel

    I thought i was the only person who picked cheese off of pizza! everyone acts like it’s a sacrilege when i do it, this excites me that i’m not alone. It just grosses me out so bad, it’s like cheesy boogers to me (yum)

    i need to find that clifford cereal, kids cereal is the best especially when you have the mindset of a 9 year old and get excited over whimsically shaped food.

  25. 25 Liz

    Hey hey! WOW! This time next week you will be looking back on a closed chapter of college life. Unless, of course, one day you decide to pursue a Masters. I know you generally try to be Veg — just FYI, nothing at Pizza hut can be ordered veg unless you order without sauce. All of their pizza sauce is accompanied by a beef broth mixed in. Sad face. That was my fave bad girl pizza. Have a great day!

  26. Clifford Crunch! how cute 🙂
    It’s probably a good idea that you pick the cheese off Pizza Hut pizza, as it’s not just cheese 😦

  27. Good luck on your finals! I have to mentally motivate myself that its the last one and that after all the extra effort Im DONE!

  28. I always dissect my pizza. I pick off the toppings, then I peel off the cheese, then I scrape off the tomato sauce, then I scrape off the “soft bread”, then I rip off the crust, and I eat the hard bottom part. It takes me like 15 minutes to eat one slice of pizza… but, hey, it works for me!

    I have the inexplicable urge to go watch Clifford now.

  29. kids cereal and coffee…yummmmmm

    pizza hut..not a huge fan of the that pizza…i prefer the THIN crispy crust but hey, once in a while the greasy goodness of PH is delicious

    old notebooks…recycle!!

  30. 30 Nicole G

    I LOVE your ability to balance healthy eating and FUN. You have such an amazing relationship with food and your body. I love reading your blog because it sets such an amazing example!

    I know how daunting the last few exams can be – absolutely terrifying to be done so soon. I just graduated as well, but its so relieving to know that its done. You’re gunna rock those finals!

    Nicole G

    PS. I recently bought TJ’s balls after seeing them on your blog so much – OMG they are the most delish things EVA. I am addicted!

  31. 31 Faith

    Go OWN that last final! Mine were such a drag to get through – I’m pretty sure my all-nighters were one part study, two parts talking, three parts goofy photo sessions to stay away.

  32. Good luck with the exam lady! I wish I had advice but I seriously can’t even remember my last exam. I am not the best at studying so I usually tried to just keep up all semester…I am sure you will rock it!

    The eats sound like perfect brain food!

  33. 33 e.

    Kailey! This job seemed right up your little snack-facey alley! http://nh.craigslist.org/wri/1779443246.html

  34. 34 Christine

    That is soooo awesome that you ordered the pizza! I’m so proud of you for doing that because I don’t think I could! For my last exam of this year in highschool I stayed motivated by thinking about all the hardwork I had done all year. I thought about how crappy I would feel if I didn’t study and got a bad grade when I know I could’ve done better had I studied. This year, I felt very “green” when I recycled all my notebooks and their contents. Stay fabulous!

  35. Yay, you are officially done!!! Excitement 🙂
    The Clifford Crunch looks gooooood and I’m not even ashamed to say it!

  36. Good luck on your LAST final and congrats 😉 it is a great feeling to be done…minus the whole missing school thang for a few months!!

  37. Sometimes you need to NOT study to get in the studying groove! 🙂

    Anyway, with that killer GPA, I’m pretty sure you know how to roll by now!

    Good luck!

  38. I always have the goal of creating melty nut butter pools in my oatmeal but it never seems to turn out that way! Still delish though. And good call on the pizza- so collegiate of you!
    Congrats on finishing!

  39. 39 Kara

    Isn’t it hilarious the ways we find to procrastinate studying.
    G’luck on your last one. And enjoy your time with your friends.

  40. No possible way to be motivated for the last exam ever. I’m sorry – there just isn’t! 🙂
    Good luck though. Much looooove!

  41. girl you are funny. you ordered pizza and then picked off the cheese! i do that, too.

    it was SO HARD for me to write my last paper – my best friend and i literally chained ourselves to a coffeeshop desk to write it (no really, we used headphones. we have problems). good lucky!

  42. 42 Anna

    Alpha-bits were SO GOOD. I wasn’t a Cheerios kid, but I could dominate a tupperware full of little letters like it was nobody’s business.

    I’m not one to ask for advice on staying motivated on final exams – while cramming for my last calculus exam ever, I decided to screw derivatives instead and online shopped for a pair of boots. I love the boots, but I regret doing so poorly on the exam. On the bright side, I never have to integrate anything ever again!

  43. 43 lisa

    I pick the cheese off my pizza too! Only because I dont really liek cheese, except parmesean. So I guess I’m eating saucy bread.. but it has a “cheesey taste” to it. haha 🙂
    and i love clifford crunch! I feel like a total little kid eating it and buying it but it’s good. I thought the same thing when I had it, too, that it tasted like Alphabits. Which, now that I think about it, isn’t as common in stores as it used to be. That and Kix Berry cereal. hmm…
    I know this is a day late, but, good you did good on your exam!! 🙂

  44. i saved the “share the loooove” cup holder thingy from starbucks and it now takes pride of place of my wall! lovellly! x

  45. 45 elise

    you are DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg. im so happy for you. congrats on blogging in a timely manner while finishing off la escuela.

    love those cups from the bux…i express it on the daily. now go celebrate your freedom!

  46. Hahah when ever I’m procrastinating I always seem to make myself ridiculous amounts of snacks. I’ve always had the same issue too w/ old notebooks, usual I just put them in the recycle bin.

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