The Best Life


Hi lovepies! I hope you had the most marvelous weekend! Allow me to share mine…

Oprah is all about encouraging others to live their best life. There is “the good life,” which is a blast. But doesn’t the word “good” not seem good enough? That’s why I have to say that I have been living my best life this week. A monsoon of happiness washed over me this morning as I took a look around:

All my favorites.

By some serendipitous, cosmic act, we all ended up at Bob Evans this afternoon. Banana, Moose, Dirty Martini and I were sitting near the Bob’s entrance, and who walks in before we order? Muffin and PrinceDJ! I’ve wanted this to happen– all of us to be together–so badly all quarter that it finally happened. My wish came true. Now if only that could happen with that editing/writing/singing/modeling/acting dream job I so desperately want…

We spent two hours at Bob’s laughing, loving, chatting, procrastinating (on studying) and feasting:

Veggie omelet with hashbrowns.

Multi-grain pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns.

Muffin's food took up a whole serving tray.

Best two hours of my life.

And here’s a peek at the best few days of my life thus far:

Thursday night loving.

Emotional moment. There were tears.

Me and Luke! I was his editor 🙂

Trying to be modulls.

The REAL model.

Le sex.

'Fit shot to break up the bar shots. (Double entendre?)

Moose and Banana!

Maybe I was attacking Dirty Martini.

Much better. Minus my hurr.

Getting low. Thug life.

Love in this club. (Sorry Moose and Bananster, I had to!)

Someone broke part of my camera. 😦

I wish with all my heart that you all go out there and attack your life. Feast on it. Live it and love it. Can’t stop won’t stop (Rockafella records, cuz we get down). Create your best life. And, as always, just do tha damn thang.

The results will look something like this:

Ridiculously happy.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What are you loving about life right now? (I’m furreal! It’ll feel good to put it out there.)


78 Responses to “The Best Life”

  1. Awesome post! i am glad you are living your BEST life…and don’t worry, the dream job will happen eventually 🙂

    I am loving that summer will soon be here and I will have a cut in work hours which means, more time to live my best life! 😀

  2. 2 Michelle

    You are so unbelievably gorgeous! The last few weeks of my sophomore year of college I have really been living it up! I started doing a lot of rock climbing and going out with friends on the weekends. I love mixing it up with going out and staying in (I played cards and watched Hercules with my roommate the other night). I have been so much happier as I have really gotten a grip and taken advantage of college finally.

  3. Awwww I’M SO HAPPY YOU’RE SO HAPPY!!!! And Muffin’s dress… um HOT! Want it.
    I’m loving life, period. It’s awesome.

  4. 4 Sana

    I just ate the BEST cupcake in the world. LIFE IS GOOD!

  5. Girl, I have to tell you that I have been LOVING how much you are LOVING your life recently!! Your posts always make me want to go throw on a fabulous outfit, hug my friends, drink some brews and have a spontaneous dance party.

    Right now I am loving the fact that I’m loving my nutrition internship so far. After twenty years of having no idea what I want to do with my life, I feel like I’m finally figuring out what I’m meant to do…I’m still unsure as to the exact career path I want to take, but I know for sure that I want to focus on health. It’s an amazing feeling!!

    Hope this week goes just as fabulously for you love!! xoxo

  6. I love your best life! My (long distance) boyfriend surprised me with a visit for my birthday! I’ve really been LOVING life these past few days with him! ❤

  7. 7 lilpauladean

    Loving one too many periodicals at a time: Esquire, Vogue, Nylon, Rolling Stone, Glam, Elle, NYTimes Style,arts, dining and sports, New Yorker, Gourmet the list is forever expanding.
    My wallet, however, does not love this.
    PS im loving the elated snackface more than anything

  8. 8 homegirlcaneat


  9. Random, but where is “dirty martini” from. He’s sporting a Catlettsburg Refinery Fire and Rescue shirt. I’m from Catlettsburg, KY originally and don’t know of any other Catlettsburg. Weird!

  10. you. are awesome.

    I felt excited reading this… I know that Ridiculously Happy feel, and LOVE it.

    …I love visiting your blog for it, actually. You gots energy, girl, and you’re sharing whether you know it or not! 🙂

    Thank you!

    • 13 snackface

      spabettie- Thank you, thank you, thank you. That’s all I want is to share and ignite happiness in others! (OMG CHEESEBALL. But true.)

  11. Oh, I think I have the same necklace! Is it from Urban with your initial on it? If not then you can disregard this… 🙂

    I seriously FELT the fun you had over the weekend through my computer screen. And “A monsoon of happiness” is probably the best phrase ever.

  12. 15 Faith

    I am LOVING having a week off to take life down a notch and go at my own speed for once! I’m joining in on your happiness monsoon over here 🙂

  13. 16 diane

    you are all beautiful people 🙂

  14. What I’m loving about life = finally FULLY living it!

  15. such a great post!! you are so pretty girlie :]
    lovin that you are grabbing life by the horns — you deserve it! keep it up :]

  16. 20 gina (fitnessista)

    hey lady,
    sorry i’ve been a lurker lately! your posts always make my day though 🙂
    what i’m loving right now? my hubs. it’s kinda ridiculous 😉
    hope you had a great weekend!

  17. THat looks awesome! Right now I am loving living in a new city and starting a new internship tomorrow. It’s even better being in a new place but still have my best friends from other places here with me. Best of both worlds!

    • 23 snackface

      Cassie- Have an amazing first day at your internship! First days are always a blast!

  18. 24 fi

    Woo woooooo!! loving the happiness vibes, i must be picken them up for u cause im like an Mrs. Happy go lucky these days, dont know what it is, maybe its n the water! im just loiving life, myself, my family and my friends. Happy Times!! xxxxxxxxxx

    • 25 snackface

      fi- Your comment made me applaud. Not even kidding. I started clapping!

  19. You look so happy! I love it. 🙂

    Right now, I’m loving that I’m going to the beach in a week. 🙂

  20. Your happiness is so inspiring! I’ve been loving gym dates with my friends, movie nights with the girls, and afternoons by my pool! 😀

  21. Love this – and agreed! You’ve gotta live your best life – what’s the point not to?? Glad you are so happy, lovey!!!

  22. I’m just feeling inexplicably happy lately! I just feel ready to live life. I’m ready to push anxieties to the side.

    You look gorgeous!

  23. 30 Lily

    I just found your blog and I lovee the positive messages you’ve got going on here!
    Hmm, I’d have to say that I’m loving the fact that tomorrow is MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I’m also loving my friends, loving food (that’s a no brainer), loving working out, and most of all just loving being a healthy girl with a healthy body and a healthy mind! 🙂

    • 31 snackface

      Lily- Thank you so much for finding the blog and enjoying! HOLLAAAAA to your last day of school! Congrats!

  24. 32 HannahBanana

    I love this post, the week was unbeatable, and I hope that was the best saturday.

    Breakfast this morning happened for a reason, the three of us, cannot be separated. Its astrologically impossible.

    You looked so beautiful all week!!!!!
    Loves you

  25. What a great positive post lady! I am loving that we are heading to my summer house this week…I can’t wait to share it with my man!

  26. ok. you just made me wanna go make a margarita or something just ya know what? life is awesome! 🙂 it may suck at times for sure.. but we just gotta all keep on truckin and find time to enjoy the little things in life we know make us happy. Thanks for this awesome post girly!!!

    PS I just went through the job hunt allll Spring semester too and have a lottt of job sites I can email you if you’d like.. you probably have a few of em (Ed2010 of course) but you might find somethin else!! Job hunts are so freakydeaky!

  27. 36 Sarah

    Great idea. Here’s (some of) what I love about life right now:
    -Yoga! I have two great places where I love to take classes and FOUR favorite teachers. That’s a lot of great yoga.
    -Comfort in (and love for) my own skin.
    -My girls. I spend quite a bit time time with all ages of girls at the church my DH works for and I LOVE them.
    -Great, healthy, and satisfying food.
    -People who know me (REALLY know me!) and love me well.
    -The release that comes with writing.

    You’re right- that does feel good!

  28. 37 Rebecca

    I loved that song! Cuz we stay fresh to death, we the best nothin less! Brings me back…:)

  29. 38 prettytimepiece

    i passed my driving test 😀

    yay, life!

  30. Your happiness just jumps off the page in this post, loving it.
    What am I loving about life right now?
    – Sun-soaked mornings with a cuppa joe and an empty page ready to be filled with prose or poetry as the mood strikes
    – A good book in the heat of the afternoon, enjoyed with a a cup of fro-yo
    – A delicious yoga class at the calming studio
    – Music… by Lights, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Erin McCarley, and a little bit of Tiesto on the side (hah)

  31. 41 Jenna

    I am glad you are living the happy life 🙂

  32. 42 maxinthegym

    I love your outfits! They’re hot hot hot 😀

    It’s summertime so I’m deffo all for living the best life right now!
    Surfing, eating, chillin with mi amigos and what not 🙂

    Hope you keep livin it up!

  33. I am lovinggg life’s changes right now. Never know what it’s gonna throw atcha and it’s so very exciting! Looks like a grand weekend- dancing and breakfasts out always mean it was!

  34. 44 Alexis

    This post came at the perfect time for me! I’m taking the LSAT tomorrow and freaking out a bit. But I’m LOVING that I studied and am prepared to take on this test and then party like you would not believe to celebrate it being over.

    Here’s to the BEST life! I adore your blog, you always pump me up to give my life everything I’ve got.

    • 45 snackface

      Alexis- Ah! You took the LSAT today! How did it go? Do you feel amazing now!?

  35. 46 lilpauladean

    i forgot music… definitey lovin music. it’s what gets me up in the morning. I depend/rely on the soundtrack that plays in my head throughout the day-that only i can hear.

  36. You look so happy!! I like the idea of living the BEST life, not just the good life. 😀

    I’m lovin’ everything about life. So happy to be a player in it, ch’yea!


  37. I’m loving being home for the summer, and I’m loving that I finished another adventure race this morning!

    Love Banana’s LBD!

  38. Im loving the fact that in 36 hrs I am moving back to San Diego!!!! and that I just placed in my Fitness Show! And I loved it and cant wait to do it again!

    I love the pic of you holding your camera, those long lovely legs. Yum. You look stellar!

    And nothing beats a Bob EVans girl. Nothing. Especially after a nite of drinking 🙂

  39. Yay for having so much fun!
    I am loving being at home and having my parents give me lots of TLC!

  40. I am so happy for you! This positive energy will bring even more beautiful things to your life. Crap, I sound like a fortune cookie. Love you!

  41. i love all the cute nicknames you have for your friends!!!!!! oh man, love that so much! i love that all your posts are so fun and joyful – really, it’s a joy to read your blog!! i’m loving summertime right now – my favorite season, and the california sunshine is sooo lovely =) when i think about how brutal winter in new england is (where i go to school), i will never complain about heat… that and i love relaxing summer mornings, with a hearty breakfast, a cuppa joe, and a good magazine =) makes me happy!

    • 53 snackface

      Natalie- Oh how you make me long for summer mornings. They’re just around the corner! Thank you so much for commenting and enjoying!

  42. I love this! I think Oprah and her magazine and all of it are a bit cheesy but I really LOVE it at the same time, especially stuff like the best life. I love reading about people living their best lives, too!

    I am loving my life in Mozambique currently and I am LOVING that last week I was in Swaziland, this week is my birthday, and that next week I am going to the World Cup! How can I NOT love my life right now?? 🙂

  43. 55 Little Bookworm

    I love this post – because it is so full of happiness and positive energy! Love the photo of you at the end as well. 🙂

  44. So proud of you!! Congrats on graduating, boo!

  45. Aw what a great post! I’m loving being home for the summer and hanging with my family.

  46. 59 Anna

    I love how happy you are – it’s exactly how you should be feeling as you finish up a college education, surrounded by lovely people, and enjoying all of life’s wonderful opportunities. The universe IS on your side!

    My own summer has been off to a wonderful start, and I only seeing going up from here. More yoga, more girl’s nights out, more boys asking for my digits – if I want it to happen, it totally will!

  47. 60 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    this post makes me soooo happy!!! you seem like you are really enjoying the end of your senior year, and you definitely deserve to.. i love when things like the bob evans get together happen- spontaneous get togethers are usually the best kinds.

    love youuuu!!


  48. 61 Gina G

    this post brings joy to me in every way kailey! =) im loving that im done with highschool and summer has the potential to be everything i want it to be!


  49. !!!!!!

    this post made me smile

    i’m living my best life right now because i have a week CHOCK FULL of fun plans post work, and found a new apartment to move in to!

  50. I LOVE your (or Oprah’s?) philosophy on ‘the best life’. Amen sista! I really need to take more advantage of life! This weekend me and the boyf did take a 15 mile bike ride along the beach in Jersey and then dressed up and went out to eat. That felt like the best life (at least for this weekend lol)

  51. You are a great inspiration 🙂
    I love Bob’s and morning breakfasts with friends – THAT is defiantly living the best life.

  52. BEAUTIFUL! Dammmmnnnnn beez check out that glow you’ve got going on! Stunna.

    Good luck closing out finals and keep enjoying yourself lovebug! You trio of couples are too cute for words–you all look so happy 🙂

    ADORE that first party pic of u and the muff–too cute for words!

    Love you!!!! And I’m loving the fact that i can finally get some time off from a crazy (but successful) semester!… while watching tons of tv, laughing and feasting with ma girlzz, finally spending tons and tons of time with my dearest pop’s and jeany, and interning! i’ve got such a future ahead, so i’m going to enjoy the tranquility while i can 🙂 xoxoxox

  53. Aw SnackFeezy! I love seeing you this happy. Right now, I’m loving that I’ve got (at least) a teeny little part time job. The full time posish search continues, but I’m thankful for having SOMETHING!

  54. 67 Holly

    cosmotini (you) and dirty martini (him) are adorbs. end.

    and yes for LIVING AND LOVING YO LIFE!

    i did that this weekend.

    yes i did.

    best friends = angels on earth.

    hearts to you – chat before i leave for canada PLEASSSEEEE!!!!!!

  55. 68 Sana

    Congrats on a 3.9 GPA- with grades like that, who WON’T give you a jobbie?
    Enjoy your last big of college 🙂

  56. Where did your friend get her backless dress?! I’m in love with it! So cute

    • 71 snackface

      Jocelyn- Excellent question. I have no idea! I’ll ask her!

      • 72 HannahBanana

        Little place called the Figleaf on our campus! Perfect mix of sex and sophistication

  57. 73 kenzie

    you are so fabulous :]
    i’m LOVING summertime freedom, the gorgeous weather, the fact that i am going to italy and greece in 5 days, dancing everyday, my best friends, fresh fruits, peanut butter, hummus, delicious salads, listening to my body, waking up early everyday, and so much more.

  58. … Can you send Luke to Connecticut? I think I would be living the good life with him around.

    MY FRIENDS are making me happy, even though we are states apart right now 😦

    • 75 snackface

      Brynne- Hahaha, unfortunately, Luke will be in NYC this summer. But who knows about after that… 😉

  59. 76 Roxanne

    When did Dirty Martini come into the picture? I haven’t been in the blogosphere lately and totally missed out on this new addition to your life. Couldn’t be happier about it, really, but I’m just curious where this lovely guy came from! So happy you’re living the good life. 🙂

    • 77 snackface

      Roxanne- Great question! I’ve kept it as under wraps as possible (because who ever knows what’s going to happen), but I finally feel comfortable sharing more now. DM (Dirty Martini) entered the picture in April, but not the blog picture until recently.

  60. 78 Kerry

    aww this was a great post! 🙂 xx

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