Done Dealing


What up, pups! Thank you for all the congrats on graduation and grades. Graduation hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll take it! Grazie!

Last night, after I posted, I supped on a bit of veg before going out:

Romaine, cucumber and light chipotle ranch dressing.

On the side, I had a food item I’ve ripped on before:

A bagel thin with whipped cream cheese.

I’ve had the whole-wheat bagel thins and not been impressed. They merely tasted like bread. But the everything variety is to live for. I’d eat everything bread, rolls, buns if I could. So delish!

Having digested for a bit, I got glam for the night. More accurately, I wiped off my sweat sheen and checked my reflection with Blake:

See that resemblance?! Nah, I'm kidding. I adore her, though.

I’m such a tool for posting that. Whatevs.

Then I met up with Muffin for a drink. It ended up storming and I walked home before midnight. What an awful senior I am!

Insomnia held my body and mind captive until 4am. Perhaps the roaring thunder had something to do with that.

When I rolled out of bed at 8:30am, I couldn’t believe that I was going to complete my last day of classes. Ever. Seriously, that is wild. I’ve done this school thing for so long that I both can’t wait not to have to worry about classes and don’t know what I’ll do without that constant stream of knowledge. I’m sure the brain will appreciate a break for a little while, but I can sense that restlessness will kick in before no time.

While pondering all of this, I noshed on breakfast:

PB+J English muffin with grapes.

Like the excited girl I’ve always been, I dressed up for my last day of classes:

A little Zac and a little skirt.

With my favorite espadrilles. OK, they're my only espadrilles.

And then I kissed goodbye my last English class. My last hour-long lunch break filled with work. My last lunch on my favorite spot on campus:

Leftover veggie sub in the sun.

I spent two hours tying up loose ends at Southeast Ohio Mag, which consisted of filling out evaluations. DONE DEALING. With classes, at least. Wouldn’t it be lovely if seniors didn’t have to take finals?

After my final classes, I ran into Dirty Martini uptown. He has a huge pic in the newspaper for his bossy grad project. I gushed over the picture:

DIME PIECE. An eco-friendly dime piece, at that.

He lunched and we watched some Mad Men. How is that show so amazing?

I am currently getting ready for a night filled with celebration. Some SnackFacing is definitely going on:

Sabra and Stacy's pita chips!

Tonight will be a fab celebration of four years coming to a close.

Live and love your life.

Ciao for now,



54 Responses to “Done Dealing”

  1. 1 Ilana

    Two words: You’re hot!!!

    And yes, there is a resemblance to Blake, tool-dom aside.

  2. Dang girl, your boy is gorgeous!!! And famous 😉
    Congrats on the last day of classes, woo!!! It’s so weird to be done but I think you need a break!!
    Have an AMAZING night! Go do something crazy!

  3. 3 Michelle

    I love Blake Lively, and I can definitely see the resemblance. Classy, blonde and beautiful!

  4. WHOA major dime piece for sure – sorry, can’t lie that he’s a looker 😀

    CELEBRATE TO THE FULLEST!! And then when you visit, we’ll celebrate again.

  5. HOLY ECO DIME PIECE! yes. he’s cutting emissions. that is seriously so sexy.

    and i just told you this on gchat, but i need to let everybody else know i just got done eating pita chips + that exact same hummus. soulmates.

    and YOU ARE GRADJAMACATING! that is so exciting. i hope you live it up tonight and just enjoy the fact that you made it!!!

    and you called yourself a tool. that’s why i love you my beautiful, blake lively look-a-like of a friend. glad we are chatting via the g right now – love you, love you, love youuuuuu!

  6. 7 Kerrie

    love the black espadrilles! where are they from?

    • 8 snackface

      Kerrie- Thanks! I found them at DSW and they are Tommy Hilfiger.

  7. I’ve been done college for a few months and it STILL feels crazy! It’s like, wait, I invested 4 years of my entire life into this and now it’s over. Wahhh? Just wait til graduation. Weirdest/best. Feeling. Ever.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, CONGRATS on being done!!! 😀

  8. I see the resemblance, you are so gorgeous!!!

  9. Congrats on being done! Isn’t it the best feeling?!

  10. I LOVE Blake Lively! So gorgeous! And I love your outfit – very cute!

  11. 13 Lizzy

    CONGRATS girl on being done done done! thats so exciting!!!! 🙂 o an ps. ur man is very very handsome!!! muy bien!!!!! 🙂 xooxoxo girl

  12. 14 Sara

    ok girl this might be creeper status but today i was crusin down court street and i saw this girl in fab shoes and ensemble and I just knew it had to be you
    (no, i’ve never met you, no i’m not a stalker..just a faithful bloggie who happens to be a fresh(meat) here!)

    and well..your post with your outfit confirms it ha! just had to say you looked fierce and i love readin up on your athens adventures!

    have a killer last week in this gorg place!! congrats 🙂

    • 15 snackface

      Sara- Ahhh! That’s awesome! You’ve completely made my day. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, too!

  13. 16 Paige

    Congrats on being done with classes…and CONGRATS on getting to snuggle up with that fine. piece. of. eco. ass. Damn!

  14. Congrats on being done girl! Doesn’t it feel so strange/not real?? HAVE FUN!

  15. 18 Angela

    You DO NOT look like Blake Lively. Sorry girl. You are pretty though!

    • 19 snackface

      Angela- Hahaha that cracked me up. I know, I am totally flattering myself by saying that.

  16. 20 lisa

    oh, how EXCITING!!!
    i hope you have the best night ever and get your dream job! you deserve it, you really are such a sweet & caring person! 🙂
    make sure to post us some serious snackage!! :]

  17. Blake has nothing on you! And I will not refer to your man’s emissions, but huminah huminah!

    Have a great night, beautiful!

    • 22 lilpauladean

      mamap… nojoke,I just tweeted the same blake comment… WEEEIIRRDD

  18. Love that Dirty Martini’s identity has been revealed. He is a cutie. As are you, of course!

  19. 24 kirsten

    oooooh dirty martini is a hottie!! and you do look like blake!

  20. 25 Jenna

    Congrats! And your boy is too cute kaileyyy 🙂 oh and you are too of course!

  21. holy moly that boy is a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot for class being done 🙂 have you heard that song, “i work hard, i play harder” ?? it sums up life i think lol.

  22. 27 lilpauladean

    Ummmm… HO. LY. DIME. PIECE!!! J’adore! Did I tell you I’m an environmental studies/internatty affairs major? Loves me some green and dirty martinis haha. I actually just met and enviro engineer (I know, ME meet a dude? weird). Golly, I feel as proud as MamaJ right now for all of your accomplishments. If I ever get to have a daughter, I hope shes half as wonderful as you. Big things be happenin-and your gonna make it big. Just stay true to this here snackface we know and love. Not that Ineed toworry about that..

  23. Congrats on being done, lovey!!!! Hope you’re out there havin’ a blast…as I am totally sure you are.

  24. Whoa, girl – congrats on dirty martini 😉 … and I’m sure I’m the billionth person to say this, but Blake has nothing on you!

  25. K you and Blake look weirdly alike in that picture.
    sabra + Stacy’s pita chips= a dream! yummmmmy

  26. 31 Brooke

    I’m drinking wine and on my cell phone. So i’m gonna make this short and sweet:

    I LOVE YOU and CONGRATS!!!!!! I told my mom about your GPA and we both agreed you are an incredible lady! Love you to pieces!

  27. 32 Tay

    CONGRATS!!!!! Such a weird feeling to be done. But live it up!!

  28. 33 Little Bookworm

    Congratulations on finishing your classes! Hope you have fun celebrating! 🙂

  29. 34 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    havean AMAZING time celebrating your senior year!!! you deserve it 🙂 you looked absolutely gorgeous for your last day of classess


  30. you DO look like blake…that hummus looks spectacular…have you tried the chipotle flavor of sabra?!?! SO good an spiiicy!!!

  31. Aw-i see the BL resemblance, definitely!
    When I was in college I did the same thing with a picture of Tori Amos…..are you too young to know who she is?! LOL!
    i’m showing my age *blush*
    Congrats, girl!

  32. CONGRATS on being done classes!! So exciting, good luck with finals! Your boy is definitely a looker…he sounds like a keeper 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day my love!!

  33. 38 Katie

    Live and Love your Life! Right on Love!!!!!

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm dirt martini is looking fly in his sut in the paper!! woot Woot!!!

    CONGRATS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a big moment in your life, so proud of you, and celebrate BIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snackface Style!!!!

    Love the outfit, looking hot as always : )

    Have a great day love!!!

  34. ManFriend/Dirty Martini = *swoon*
    You = HOTmammajamma

    Great, you’re one of those ridiculously good looking couples everyone loves to hate. 😉

  35. ya done, son!!!!!! not having homework is the best thing in the entire world.

    he dirty martini is dimey, and grad student, ZEXY.

  36. OK girl, that pic is purdy darn close. I come out looking like Bozo if I tried that blush.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic end of show:) Get after it this weekend!

  37. 42 Anna

    I’m so happy to finally get a glimpse of the new man in your life – a cute grad student who cares about vehicle emssions?! So jealous. Let me know if he has a slightly younger brother who wouldn’t mind spending some time in the Pittsburgh area.

    Congrats on being SO DARN CLOSE to freedom!

  38. Wow, your boy’s impressive! Quite an accomplishment! That sandwich looks really good for some reason… maybe I just want a sandwich, heh.

  39. 44 Liz

    How exciting?! I’m def jealous of all this “wrapping up” you’re doing. So. not. fair. Espesh because I’m just about to begin my journey!! Oh boy! Nice “Dime Piece” pic — I bet he’ll get a kick out of that!!

  40. 45 Gina G

    congrats Kailey! today was actually last day of highschool, and it still has not sunk in! haha

    p.s. Blake ain’t got nothing on you, your gorgeous girl!


  41. Yayyy!!! Congrats on being finished!!

    And I agree with the previous comment. Blake is a pretty girl but you are gorgeous!!

  42. how exciting! congrats on finishing girl!
    and i love your outfit :]

  43. hahha…you’re totally a blake lively; but BETTER. 🙂

    have a great weekend!

  44. Blake Lively is my all time favourite actress. The thing about you that most resembles her is the hair; you have beautiful hair.

  45. 50 Gaby

    You two may be the hottest couple ever! And awesome at that, good job scoring yourself a “green” one hehe, you deserve it! Oh, and you totally do resemble Blake Lively! I never got into gossip girl, but love her in the Sisterhood of the traveling pants. Yes I just admitted I loved those movies….
    Anyways, congrats on finishing school!!!! I know it feels funny now but it’s really exciting because everything is just beginning. Enjoy it!

  46. 51 Meg

    i can definitely see the resemblance!

    i love your shirt! is it zac posen?

  47. Ow ow! Dirty Martini!
    And I totally see the Blake resemblence1

  48. 53 meg

    what kind of blush do you use? or bronzer? youre makeup is also so pretty!

    • 54 snackface

      meg- Thank you! I use Physicians Formula organic blush/bronzer. I adore the product!

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