Toast to the Good Life


HI PIES!!! I missed you. I miss you errday, I swear. Life has been good since I last posted. Very good.

I picked up a little something today:

I have a B.S. in Journalism. BS? How fitting!

Cap and gown! Cash money.

I’ll be making t-shirts: “I spent $30K on an education and all I got was this stoopid polyester cap and gown.” Kidding! I’ve never liked those tees. I really like the silver cord, though. I believe it represents GPA (holla 3.89!). Anyone know the full deets on that?

It’s weird to have the cap and gown in my possession. When I graduated high school, I thought it was no big deal. Everyone graduates high school. (And I so desperately wanted out of there.) This time around, I know it means more. But I’m waiting for the full reality to hit me.

So until then, I’ll be toasting to the good life and taking a sip. (Listen to that song. It’s my theme right now. I think you’ll love.)

I’m taking everyone’s advice to devour every experience I have left here. Never mind being somewhat sick! I returned to Athens yesterday and hit the ground strutting.

First, I grabbed “lunch” from CVS and ran to class:

Zone bar and VitaminWater Zero. Yums.

I’ve had no appetite lately. Perhaps the heat and the mucus in my stomach have something to do with it. RAUNCHY.

That measly “lunch” held me from 1:30pm to 8-something, when I dined with Dirty Martini (that’s Manfriend– I’m officially giving him the name he wanted). We went to Salaam, my fave! The dinner lineup:

Creamy, beautiful hummus.

Warm pita and a thumb up. Because everyone needs one of those.

My stomach was so unhappy that by the time my gorgeous salad came around, I couldn’t take more than four bites:

The falafel were especially delicious.

And then, after dinner, I ignored the fact that I had been bed-ridden all weekend. Never mind that 102.4-degree fever! Nights out witchyo favorites must be had!

During my night out, I happened upon this unsightly hilarity:

Take a good look.

“Hilton Head is for Seissup Trap Deux Shuffle.” I was amazed that they spelled two words backwards. What talent that takes!

If the toilet is any indicator, the night was a gas:

What is this? A man pose? Is this tribal? at a loss.

Two of my fave journalism girls, Aimz and Court, on the ends, respectively.

Those two are 23 times more stylish than I am. Envy.

This morning, I needed food but had no groceries. The last thing I wanted was oatmeal, but I had to make do:

Oats with banana and cold almond milk.

I jetted off to Theatahh, where I failed a pop quiz. This is what happens when you are THISCLOSE to graduating and don’t read the play you should have. Oops.

No. Not oops. I don’t regret it. (Regret is the biggest wasted emotion ever.)

The gym welcomed me afterward, and I tried my best to have a productive workout. At mile 3.2 on the elliptical, I thought I was going to keel over, so I called it a day. Well, after some light arm and ab work.

Knowing that I didn’t have any food in mi casa, I stopped by Subway on my walk home. Hello, lunch:

Veggie sub and Baked Lays.

Spinach, lettuce, cucumber, red onion, olives, banana peppers, mustard and oil and vinegar.

It was glorious. I may have the other half for dinner.

I’ve run a billion errands today, and tonight, I’ll be taking a cue from B.o.B., Bobby Ray:

Toast to the good life, then take a sip. Vacay every day, yea take a trip.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Anyone know about the cords? AND What is/was/will be your major? AND Does the heat affect your appetite?


62 Responses to “Toast to the Good Life”

  1. i agree, live life with no regrets! go big or go homeeeee 🙂

    you are almost done! live it up chica. I graduated a month ago; it was so weird while it was winding down, but now it feels awesome to be done. PS i’m loving this song.

  2. “Regret is the biggest wasted emotion ever.”

    Amen ta DAT.

    My major = journalism as well, my friend 🙂

  3. Hmm – I’m assuming the chords are either honors or GPA – each school does things a little differently. Also – your “Toast to the good life” triggered a little Kanye in me and now I can’t get “The good life, let’s go on a livin’ spree” out of my head! 🙂 Not a bad thing…good lyrics.

  4. 4 Jenny

    I’ll be getting a bs in journalism this winter!

  5. History major right here… toootally employable, right? humor me.

  6. 6 Ava

    Dirty Martini is the one in the yellow, right? Haha don’t try to deny it…

    (I recognize how lurktastic that comment was because I think that, although I read daily, I’ve only commented once or twice before, but it had to be said. I was too impressed with my normally nonexistent investigative skills.)

    – Ava

    • 7 snackface

      Ava- Haha that’s totally him! Did you match the skin tone and hands? Hahaha

      • 8 Ava

        Nah I saw the watch in the first picture and then spotted it the second. I was certain I was right when I realized that both pictures featured a guy in a yellow shirt.

        P.S. Not that it matters what I think (haha you don’t even know me!), but I approve.

  7. 9 Amy D

    I just graduated w/ a BS in Social Work. 🙂 At Akron our cord is based on the college your graduating from. So I graduated from the College of Health and Human Services which has a teal colored tassel. I don’t know if it’s different elsewhere… get excited for graduation!! 🙂

  8. My major was English .. I tell people I majored in Reading and/or BSing .. NBD, I’m a professional.

    The heat MAJORLY affects my appetite, as in reduces it to nothing. Annoying, as I enjoy eating, but not feeling like a puffy balloon :0(

  9. 11 jenna

    ahh that must be soo exciting to be finally done with college!
    and girl you have ballin’ fashion style and i doubt those girls have better style than you 😉
    i must try a veggie sub from subwayyy soon since i always get my turkey and i listen to BoB’s song and i lovess it 🙂
    Jenna xo

  10. Double major = Sports Medicine & Biology.
    Congrats on graduating!!!

  11. 13 Anna

    I don’t know why, but that oatmeal looks soooo good to me for some reason. I like cold milkiness with warm oats. ANYWAY, I am a nutrition major (hence, my obsession with food blogs, cookbooks, YOUR BLOG, and just…food in general). I have one last glorious year left before I graduate. My best friend just graduated with a BS in journalism, too! She just moved back home (3,000 miles away from me) and I’m so bummed. But YAY TO YOU!! 3.89?!?! amazing

  12. 14 Michelle

    That is an awesome GPA! I’m currently working on improving mine since I just decided that I’m going to grad school. I’m hoping to get a Bachelors of Architecture

  13. 15 dawn

    ok… first time commenter, long time stalker/reader/lurker/fellow ohioan 🙂 at my school (wright state, what?!) we had white cords for graduating with latin honors (summa, magna, cum laude). i graduated with a b.s. in biology.

  14. Live it up lady – seriously, graduating college is one of the best feelings ever.

    My major was marketing and as it turns out I’m actually using my degree at my current job.

  15. That’s so exciting that you’re graduating! I’m majoring in nutrition. Yeeee-ah!

    If anything the heat increases my appetite. I’ve been a ravenous beast ever since summer started haha.

  16. 18 Betsy

    I’ve been reading your blog forever, but this is my first comment. No idea what took me so long, since this blog is one of my favorites! I think your tassel would mean honors or at my school, we had red stoles for “distinction” for graduating in the top 20% of our class. I graduated a little over two weeks ago with a BA in history in Wisco and now moving to Chicago in August for law school Till then, booze, tanning, and savoring every last minute in my college town.

  17. 19 Liz

    Good post girl! Way to go out swingin’ in Athens. Nevermind that pestering illness that’s trying to hang on! Yes! Heat will make me feel bloaty mcgoaty and then not feel like eating … well, maybe not anything but something super cold because let’s face it, hunger is hunger! It certainly is strange when a meal as small as a zone bar and vita water can sustain us for soooo long on one day and for like 30 minutes the next. Body Chemistry….strange. LOL

    BS in Dietetics & Insitutional Admin. 🙂

  18. 20 Liz

    Perhaps I should learn how to spell “Institutional” sometime before I complete this degree….Just sayin’!

  19. This post reminds me that it’s been way too long since I had a Subway veggie sub. Looks delish 🙂 The heat doesn’t mess with my appetite directly, but it definitely makes me crave lighter foods. Bring on the fruit!

    My major is French…I actually just posted about how I don’t know that it’s for me though. I like it, but not enough to make it a career. That what’s grad school is for, right? Eep.

    Hope you have a great Thursday love!!

  20. 22 Erica H.

    I think the cord has to do with honors — though we also had tassels on our caps for our degrees. I had pink (music) and journalism (silver) which maybe means that your cord is for journalism too? I don’t know … haha!

    The heat definitely affects my appetite– and all I want is smoothies, salad and icecream.

    Aaaand I just have to say, I had a manfriend during my junior spring semester (his senior spring semester) and we weren’t sure how things were going to work out …. two+ years later and we’re still dating … just saying … 🙂

    live it up!

  21. Congrats on gradutaing!

    I will be getting my degree in culinary management in September, and in Nutrition in a couple years!!


  22. I just downloaded the b.o.b album, IT’S SO GOOD. I love. I definitely listened to that song while reading this post.

    Feel better!

  23. 25 homegirlcaneat

    KAILBALLZ! That GPA will get you to the alcohol dream job and beyond! You are amazing and an inspiration, my friend. Work hard, PLAY HARDER.

    Yeeeeeee hummus! Reminds me of our La Med date and having more hummus as dessert. Yee, daz how we do!

    LOVE YOU !!!!


    i would comment on this post, but you will appreciate this link SO MUCH MORE.



  26. Girl,
    I too have a BS in Communications (PR, the ultimate BS….). Yeah for you and your killer GPA!! Enjoy these last amazing days of college life before the next amazing adventure begins!

  27. your GPA is BALLLLIN.
    and that toilet is particularly epic.
    congrats on graduating! ive still got a ways to go. my major is public health education, with a concentration in community health education. woop woop.

  28. 30 Sara

    hmmm I would guess it’s GPA. I’m graduating too this week…high school actually hahaa.

    I’m going to major in international business and pre law next year.

  29. 31 Anna

    Ugh, this kind of heat has me craving either no food or massive amounts of vegetables. I had the worst time trying to pack food tomorrow for my lunch at work because I didn’t have any salad fixings that would travel well. My faux-chicken sandwich had better be appetizing or else I’m going to be one grumpy office assistant.

    Ethics, history, and public policy, yo! It’s a mouthful but I’ve specialized in focusing on environmental issues and is EXACTLY what I want. It may be a BS but I think I’ll know my sh!t after 4 years.

  30. heat dehydrates the body, which actually makes me LESS hungry.. though i knwo for some it makes them more hungry..

    ahh that cap and gown gives me butterflies, SO exciting!

  31. 33 Janneke

    Just graduated last month with a BFA (bachelor of fine arts) from Xavier. No cords though 😦
    it felt like a joke up until we all walked out, then it suddenly hit me that I might never see these people again – and that I actually have to get a j-o-b now … outch
    it will be one of the best days in your life! Enjoy it and congrats fellow ’10 Grad!

  32. that color represents your gpa. i believe you get gold if you’re honors. or you get the extra sash thing. 🙂 i got one of the honors society i was in along with being cum laude and for my department. i had three sashes and three cords, all different colors! lol!

    i graduated with a major in environmental studies and a minor in international relations. mouthful.

    and heat just makes me thirsty. but as soon as i’m out of it: STARVING!

  33. Enjoy your graduation! This is going to sound bad, but I didn’t go to my college grad ceremony – I just really didn’t care and thought it would be boring. Eight years later, I don’t regret not going, so it must have been an okay decision for me.

  34. Heat makes me sooo thirsty. I get hungry when the sun goes down.

    That bowl of hummus looks deeeeeeelish.


  35. 37 Lola

    Don’t stress out over the job honey!! enjoy your last days of school, live them to the max and something will come your way..!

  36. 38 Laura

    Looking forward to the grad pics! 🙂 Especially to see the gown, because I think your cap and gowns are completely different to the ones we have in New Zealand. I graduated with a BA Hons in Art History in 2006, thinking I was getting out of there, ha. Cut to 2010, I’m still in the Art History dept, doing a PhD for the unforeseeable future. Some us apparently never leave university! It’s a black hole that sucks you in to student loans and taking random afternoons off to go shopping without needing permission from work! 😉

  37. 39 Kate G.

    Damn lady congrats on that GPA that is great!
    My major: Nutrition, Dietetics. Haha how cliche for a food blog reader, but to be fair i picked it long before i found food blogs!! I was once a journalism major buuuuut i enjoy reading good writing rather than doing my own (hence the lack of my own blog).

    Have so much fun wrapping up the end of your year!

  38. 40 Little Bookworm

    That salad looks great – I love falafel! I think the heat does affect my appetite.

  39. 41 maxinthegym

    I’m hoping to major in Journalism!
    If I can get through high school…

    Congratulations on graduating! 😀

  40. Congrats on your rocking GPA… and pretty cord 🙂

    I live in the tropics of Africa (Mozambique) and soooo many people say that when it is oppressively hot (most of the time) that they lose their appetite. but honestly, while it may change what KINDS of food i want to eat, i still want to eat just as much! that might be from dehydration too though, manifesting as hunger, because often i think i am more hungry when its hot. weird.

  41. 43 Katie

    Hello love!!

    I dont know much about the cords, I think it means Snackface Kicks A@*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

    SO proud of you girl!!!

    Oh when its hot out, I have no appetite : p all i want is water or iced coffee!!!

    Love ya! Have a great day!

  42. I was a BA in Journalism! Hip hip for Journalism majors!
    So proud of you, Kailey 🙂 Amazing GPA.
    Hope everything is going lovely your way!

  43. Wow, sick GPA! You worked hard girl!

    I majored in Photography and minored in Strategic Advertising. Though I wish I had done it the other way around. Majored in Advertising, minored in Photog. Oh well, what can ya do? haha, that minor has gotten me many interviews so I can’t complain.

    Congrats on graduating soon and don’t worry about failing your last quiz, because you’re bout to grad with honors and that’s all that matters! what uppp

  44. 46 Kate

    Congrats on just about finishing college! What a wonderful feeling!

    My major was English with a Speech Comm minor. Loved it and want to go back to take all of my lit classes again! Good luck on the job search. 🙂

  45. CONGRATS!!!! you will look SLAMMIN in that cap and gown!!! my major was exercise science, minor nutrition ahhh seems like so long ago when I just gratuated in 2008!

    you have your life ahead of you and so excited for you!

    heat doesnt effect my appetitie but it does effect WHAT I eat…i always crave cooler foods and BIG salads in the summer!

  46. 48 Queen

    Don’t forget to open your gown up and iron it. There are always a few who show up wrinkled, and you know they got dressed ten minutes ago. Congratulations!!!

  47. i studied the most useless thing in college – art history – but i loved it! enjoy these last few weeks, they are the BEST. and graduation is perhaps the most fun day in all of college, so look forward to it, even though it’s so bittersweet.

  48. 50 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    aw sorry about your lack of appetite, hopefully it comes back asap!! i think the heat kinda affects it- idk, not really. & glad you arel iving up your last moments at OU! looks like you hare having tons of fun =)


  49. 51 lo

    so now i want middle eastern food, subway 🙂 yummm i have no food in ma house either..breakfast today was frosted flakes. oh yeahhhhh…congrats on a 3.9 kale! thats amazing! live it up this weekend since u couldnt last weekend! oh and come to chicago july 4. yes please come!


  50. 52 Ilana

    Please dear lord send me some of that falafel. looks soooooo good!

    The toilet…well…no words. love the debauchery.

    Double major English and Jewish studies with a concentration on Middle Eastern affairs (my school didn’t have a MIddle Eastern studies program at the time but that’s what I wanted to study). Double bachelors, double useless. One more year of undergraduate courses so i can be eligible for the masters in nutrition program that I want. Yup. I’m goin onto my sixth year of undergraduate studies (well at least I have something to show for it). Mom and Dad are just so proud.

    Rock on with your bad self and your GPA lady!!

  51. 53 Mary

    Hi Kailey (Snackface?!),

    I’m a new reader, and I love your blog. I’m also a vegetarian in college so I often look to your posts for meal inspiration. I was looking through some of your older posts and saw that you were a Vegan for a while. What made you decide to do that? I just read Peter Singer’s “The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter,” which made me think seriously about becoming one, too, but I’m not sure where to start. Any tips for going Vegan?

    Congrats on your GPA and on being almost done. Thanks for such a wonderful blog!


    • 54 snackface

      Mary- Thank you so much for reading! What an excellent question. I went vegan for ethical reasons and because I thought, well, why not! I was living in San Francisco and working in an entirely vegan office (for VegNews magazine), and I thought I’d be vegan too. It wasn’t that difficult, considering I didn’t eat meat and dairy wasn’t a huge priority. The entire San Fran experience was very enlightening, as far as animal cruelty and how farms handle animals goes. I thoroughly enjoyed being a vegan, but I didn’t want to tell myself I couldn’t eat something, which is why I started eating dairy again. It’s a very personal decision, and my only tip is to make sure that if you go vegan, it’s a sound decision that’s a collection of what you want to do for you, your body, your soul and the animals. And if you go vegan: read and re-read food labels!

  52. 55 Phoebe

    Congratulations on your AWESOME GPA and on being almost done. I’m graduating this summer with a BA in Slavic Languages and Literatures. The heat REALLY takes away my appetite too, which drives me crazy because I’m on a tight budget and thus don’t like wasting food if I can’t eat all of it!

  53. congrats on graduating, whoo! that’s awesome! manfriend is super cute and looks tall, score. i wish i could dive into that pita and hummus right now! my neighborhood is seriously lacking both those goodies.

  54. glad to hear that your feeling better & yay for graduation pick up 🙂 woot woot!!

    subway lunch = fab. Is it weird that I just love the smell of that store? haha I think it smells fantastic.

    falafel = epicly good. why do you eat such great food? haha

  55. Regrets ARE a wasted emotion.. and I’m so trying to put that into practice!
    My major will be in culinary arts, woo!! It was in early childhood education for 3 1/2 years. Not right for me but I don’t regret it.

  56. I majored in journalism and politics. I only recently started using my journalism degree (I graduated in 2004) by picking up some freelance work, and the whole politics deal has come in handy as I work for an environmental campaigning organization. I thought they were both useless for the longest time 🙂 and worked, among other things, as a teacher, rodeo assistant, agricultural “expert” in Africa, midwife’s assistant, barista and house painter. Glad to finally be putting my degree to use.
    Can’t eat when it’s hot. And Philly is hot right now – enter beet juice with ginger! My oddest craving to date, methinks.

    girl is that “the boy” in those pics? or whatever you called him? dirty martini? haha im too lazy to scroll up.. if so.. HE IS A HOT DADDY! just sayin.
    LOVE the subway.
    LOVE THAT YOU ARE FINISHED! GIRL .. how crazy! Im so freaking proud of you girl. you deserve every blessing. LOVE YOU

  58. My major was Human & Organizational Development. I LOVED it, but I have always been envious of people who have majors (and jobs for that matter) that are easy to explain–or require no explanation at all.

  59. 62 elise

    love that toilet seat.

    and as many other comments as i wanna make, heres the only one that matters: CONGRATS times a MILLLLLLLL!!!!

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