It’s the Final Countdown


Ayo! I hope your three-day weekends finished strong with some grillin’ and chillin’. I know I had the chillin’ part down pat:

Kailey, don't go. (Is it scary that I think she's "saying" that?) That's my Marshmallow, keeping me company while I was out cold (or hot?) on the couch.

This morning, I must head back to Athens, Ohio, to complete my last two weeks of being a college student. This is our last week of classes, and then next week is finals. June 12, I’ll be a graduate.

Am I happy to say that I’ll most likely be a graduate sans job? No. Whenever people told me that something like 80 percent (or whatever, it was crazy) of 2010 graduates will graduate without a job, I thought, “No, I won’t be that statistic.” But if I am, in fact, in that 80 percent (or whatever), I will take it as some time off, time to reboot the system and time to enjoy my family and friends. Needless to say, the job search goes on.

Anyway, back to some lighter subjects. I’m feeling better today. It’s baby steps at this point. I have no fever but the throat is still sore, I still tire easily and the stomach is a bit wobbly. It can’t handle much. Last night’s dinner was a test of its strength:

Roasted potatoes, bread, butternut-pear soup (MamaJ is a baller) and black bean-chickpea salad.

After dinskie (?), I worked on my last college homework assignment ever. Ever. Which of course means that it was my last homework assignment of my life. Yes, this week is going to be full of those…Last this, last that. Consider yourself warned.

The rest of the night included a huge bowl of ice cream and sherbet. I was soon reminded why I don’t do much dairy. Ouch.

This morning I naturally arose at 7:45, showered, dressed and fixed a breakfast I knew the tum could handle:

A$$ cheek-sized bagel toasted with cream cheese.

Money shot:

Yum city.

I should hit the road before I type more embarrassing things. (Jobless, “dinskie”, “yum city”…)

Here we go, Ohio University Class of 2010. Less than two mo’ weeks! Lez do dis.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: If it were your final days in college, what would YOU do? Time to fantasize, use that imagination!


38 Responses to “It’s the Final Countdown”

  1. Glad you are feeling better. I remember my last days – they were some of the best of my life. We really lived it up.

  2. Glad you are feeling better..that bagel looks delish 🙂 Enjoy your last weeks of collage…I would live it up as much as possible 🙂

  3. 3 Amy D

    Well, my dear, you and I are in a similar boat but I am just a few strokes ahead of you. (Wow, I think the lame phrases/wordage’s have rubbed off on me? jk) I graduated from the University of Akron on May 8th and was/am also jobless. I can vouch for you when you say it is p-retttty scary going out in the world today w/ a degree, knowing that all that time & hard work (and MONEY) might take longer than usual to land a job… and maybe not even a job that you WANT.

    I know very few of my fellow graduates who have even had an interview! I think many new graduates are so stunted by the statistics out there that they think sending resumes etc is too tedious to even attempt. I’ve had an interview and it went swimmingly so hopefully it will turn into employment… and I can tell by your eagerness that your determination will pay off.

    Now that I’m a graduate I have been filling my educational void by making heavy use of my library card. I’m reading for enjoyment but also for education. Check out some books on interviewing, resumes, negotiating a salary etc etc. If OU is anything like UA you probably didn’t learn much of that stuff in class.

    Best of luck! I’m rooting for you!

  4. 4 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    Kailey, good luck with school and your last moments as an undergrad =] i know you will lIVE it up and enjoy every moment!
    as far as the job search goes- its hard! honestly, tons of my friends who just graduated are struggling and you are so beautiful& talented that there is nO WAY something won’t work out for you! I have faith in youuu.
    as far as the last days of college- dont know if i can write it on here 😛 😉


  5. 5 Jenna

    Enjoy the last few weeks!!

  6. 6 Little Bookworm

    Glad you are feeling better! 🙂 Enjoy your last two weeks!

  7. 7 Michelle

    Congrats on almost being there…I have, uh, 3-4 years left + grad school.

  8. 8 Yasmin

    I would do what everybody else wants to do after I graduate. Take a year off and travel the world. But let’s be realistic, I’m not going to have that $$$ to make my dream come true.

  9. Have a great last few weeks and make the most of it! I didn’t really live it up when I graduated because it was in the winter so I kinda wish I did. But no regrets. I won’t lie, it has taken me a while to find a comfortable place since graduating and I am still searching for an ideal place for me. Eventually it will happen though after working hard now, even if it isn’t always ideal.

  10. Snacky, just catching up on your life – hope you feel better, friend!

    Also, re: joblessness. Although I graduated in May 2008, I can certainly commiserate with your sitch. I’m currently doing the job search thing, and it’s so incredibly frustrating (and truthfully, a little scary). I guess all we can do is trust things will work out, right?

    If it were my last two weeks of undergrad, I’d do the following:

    – Be a sponge in class. Listen so intently to your professors. Being a student really is a gift. There is so much knowledge surrounding you – take advantage of it!
    – Be a sponge outside of class. Look around campus, and soak in the moment. You will never be a college student again. Consider the atmosphere, the culture. Appreciate being in the company of so many different kinds of people. College campuses (a lot of them, at least) are full of open-minded individuals (something you won’t often find in the “real world”).
    – Party your face off! Not even joking on this one. I’m a big advocate of sleep, but not during the last two weeks of college. The lack of big kid responsibility adds a whole new dimension to college partying. It’s just never the same. Enjoy it!!!

  11. MamaJ friggin whippin up b-nut pear soup like its her biiizzznass- love her. To be honest, I don’t think anyone should jump into their lifelong career immediately after graduating-even if offers arise. Life experience is so critical and will probably end up making you more successful and balanced later on in life. In fact, I wish I had done this pre-college because Iwas already burnt out. And while I totally support spontaneity later in life (Eat, Pray, Love style), I think this age is really the prime time to embrace freedom and life while energy, youth anhealth are on your side. Travel penniless, bartend, meet interesting people and explore interesting places because you’ll NEVER know if something unexpected happens (ahem: my hepatitis and 6 month hospital stay) which could prevent you from living it up later. Regrets blow… Follow your heart/gut and keep embracing positivity. Mostly, just keep dancing and laughing. But really-I have no f-ing clueand am not one to give advice. Its just what my gut’s telling me.

  12. Glad you’re feelin better – and I love how puppies talk with their expressions. Aww, makes me miss my pup. Congrats (almost) graduate!

  13. awwww cute puppy!
    enjoy the last days!
    When I finished (5 years ago now! wow- time, it flies!) we didn’t do anything over the top. In retrospect, it should have been one big party! haha
    That’s alright- I’ll make up for it when I finish law school in two years! Party of a lifetime! haha 🙂
    Have a great day!

  14. Awww the “lasts” are so sad!!! If I was you, I would LIVE IT UP! No regrets.

  15. girl, in my last weeks of college, i just enjoyed. eating, dreaming, applying for jobs (as much as one can enjoy this), drinking, seeing friends, walking around campus – just taking in all those little minute details that made college COLLEGE.

    enjoy all the lasts my dear – and feel better! LOTS of love to you. must catch up soon 🙂

  16. If it were my final days it college, I would be super nostalgic and head back to all of the bars/frat parties that I went to as a freshman. Totally.

  17. That must feel so weird to be so close to the end! Don’t worry too much about not having a job. You’ll find something soon!

    When I get down to my final days in university, I’ll make sure to go through a checklist of all the normal college experiences and make sure I’ve done them all! Like toboganning on campus with a dining hall tray! This may or may not involve beer. 😉

  18. In my last days of university I’ll be honest, getting a job was faaaar faaar away from my mind.
    On my mind: heading straight from finals overseas to Austin to spend the summer with my boy swimming and living it up before flying off again for ten months of round the world backpacking with my ladies.
    Then I returned to England, decided to immigrate to America to be with my boy and spent another year sorting out visa type things before I found a job. So, that is what? Two years post-graduation before I had a job!

    Everyone’s paths are different. I say, hell to the 80% or 20% or any percent stuff. You will walk the path that’s right for you and it will be awesome! Have fun!!

  19. 19 Tay

    Well since I AM in my final days at school, I’m living up every last moment I can! Don’t say no – go out with your friends. Enjoy every moment. I would also do something BIG with your roommates/friends that you’ve wanted to do all 4/5 years of school. For us? It’s bottomless mimosas at a local restaurant!

  20. 20 Cat

    I totally agree with everyone saying that a job doesn’t necessarily have to be the focus. I graduated in 2003, had planned to save money over the summer working the same boring office job I’d had while in school and then TRAVEL. I wasn’t even looking for a job! But through my college email list serv, I saw a job posted at a local MAGAZINE. Yup, yup. It wasn’t editorial, it was administrative and worked more on the ad sales side, but I got it! It was crrrrazyy! I graduated Saturday and started on Monday! It was an amazing experience, but I got burnt out super fast. By the next summer, I was plotting to leave, which I did. I got in my car (this was in Seattle) and drove myself to San Francisco to mooch off, I mean gain the support of my brother and sister. I sub-let a cheap room from my brother, worked temp jobs, worked at Trader Joe’s for a spell (super awesome, ‘cept the pay) and finally had some real income about 6 months after landing here. Best decision of my life! I still wish I would have just said ‘eff it to the magazine job and travel, join the Peace Corps, etc. but hindsight is 20/20!

    Also, to answer your question, I wouldn’t change anything about how I spent my last 2 weeks of college: lots of partying and lots of time with my BFF! I have few memories of my school work that week, but I’d planned it so that my last quarter was super-duper chill academically, though.

    Live it up!

  21. 21 lindsey

    don’t sweat not having a job yet! Seriously, you’re graduating (like I did) in a terrible time to look for jobs. Keep your chin up 😀

  22. 22 elizabetj

    i’m in the same position, enduring my last week of work before living it up for a last few weeks.
    it’s SCARY, but also SO exciting!
    i intend to experience everything this wonderful city has to offer!!!
    i too am jobless, however this is intentional, and my plan is a little different. at the end of summer i’ll be packing up my life and moving across the world to experience living and working in a different country.
    why? because instead of specific career aspirations, i aspired to learn EVERYTHING i could about the world, by living and experiencing many places.

    not everybody’s lives have to follow the same path; if there’s something you want to do when you graduate, find a way to do it, whether it seems “right” or not.

    good luck!!

  23. my last weeks of college were some of the BEST! we went on a “no shame tour 2009” and it produced some of the funniest memories i have to date.

    i didn’t graduate with a job, either – barely anyone did! just keep the faith, you will will WILL get one. i promise.

  24. 24 jqlee

    i tanned while “studying”…aka did NOTHING and thoroughly enjoyed it. now i have a month off STILL before i start full time and i’m still tanning, eating, blogging and doing nothing. it’s great! good luck with the last few weeks!

  25. i’d say to streak across the quad or anything like that on your campus, but you know, that’s just me! 🙂 just go out with a BANG!

    i’m sure you got some cool job a-brewin’ in the background, girl!! and if not, soon enough. can’t wait to read your name as editor in a mag, girl!

  26. 26 dmcgirl37

    Hmmmm, well I am in the last few days of college. It doesnt feel like a big deal to me at all? I just am excited to enter my field.

    Dana xx

  27. Go on a road trip!! 🙂 Grab your girls and headout for a few weeks- to anywhere!

  28. 28 homegirlcaneat

    OMG I can and cannot believe you will be a graduate! I think it’s gonna be such a huge turning point and I can seriously see your life taking off and being SUPER exciting, fabulous, and FUN! With you resume, I am 110% you will find a job EASILY! You are amazing and wonderful and so smart and beautiful and I JUST LOVE YOU! …I am actually getting emotional as I write this because I’m eating triple layer hummus for the first time SINCE LAST YEAR and I am one of those people that once I taste or smell something, I am completely nostalgic!

    AH I can’t wait to see you in person this summer OR Chicago (mudda-effa) and talk about how much has changed/how exciting LIFE IS! WOO! Just through your blog and food, I can see that you have grown up so much this year! I know I am saying this as a person younger than you, but remember how we wouldn’t eat foods back in tha day? Now you are eating a$$-sized bagels and back at school, I would be eating two bagels to make one and a half a$$-sized bagels. WE COO.


  29. 29 Ilana

    omg I havent even read your post yet but I burst out laughing when I saw the title because it reminded me of one of the most ridiculous nights in college… brb while i read…

    okay baby, on this side of “oh shit i graduated without a job” … i feel a lot better about myself. in december when i finished up I was like HOLY CRAP I’M ABOUT TO BE IN THE REAL WORLD AND I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LIFE. But!! That’s not true. In the past 6 months I’ve had serious ME time to evaluate where I really want to be and where I want to go, and it’s made me stronger for it. It sucked to go back to working retail because I assumed, well a degree means I’m qualified for a REAL JOB … jokes! Think about how many of your friends graduated last year and have a REAL JOB that is actually their career?? I’m 95% certain had I really just taken ANY job when I finished school, I would have hated it and I’d probably be out by now or looking for a way out. Instead, now I feel like I have a way that I’m going. It’s so strange, I’ve actually chosen a path that has nothing to do with what I studied in school, and while now it feels so natural and right for me, six months ago I could never have even predicted this was where I would be going.

    In the last few days, just appreciate everything. Take moments to look around and soak in the campus, the environment, the antics. Thank your professors. Tell the ones who have really meant something to you, the ones who have taught classes you really enjoyed, that you really enjoyed them and why! (I’m a school nerd…what can I say) Take pictures of your favorite landmarks on campus. Play with your friends. Basically just live it the hell up and have no regrets. Last round, here you go!


  30. I am approaching my last year of college come fall, and I plan on going out way more than I should while studying less than I should, taking lots of fun-sounding electives, paying visits to my favorite places on and near campus, and making sure I spend as much time as possible with friends who I may not see for a while after graduation. Enjoy your last week!

  31. Feel better now mamaz!

    When I graduated last year I looked for a job day in and day out. Finding a job became my ten hour a day job, and it was stressful and dumb. When I finally got offered a part time job in my field I jumped on it. It was the best thing that could have happened!

    Working full time would have ruined my last summer before becoming a legit adult, with millions of bills and all that shit. It literally is the last time that you will be able to NOT work for a very long time, SO ENJOY IT. Enjoy your last summer, find a part time job in the field or internship and get a job come September! Well, ok, keep applying because opportunities are sparse, but if you can’t find anything…just go lay by the damn pool! haha

  32. time to party with the friends..with some time to study. just a little though 😉

    i graduated without a job and didn’t work in my field until almost a year after i graduated! no worries hun, you’ll find something!

  33. 33 Lola

    I’m glad you are feeling better 🙂 and the job will turn out soon, i’m sure! you are so talented and positive it can’t be any other way 🙂
    best of lucks !

  34. Glad you are feeling better. Congrats on your last two weeks. I graduated a year ago, and what I wish I would have done was get peoples contact info, especially professors if you have a repore with them 🙂

  35. I’m glad you’re filling better. However, I think I’m catching something similar…
    Well, I would party, really really heavily party.
    And I would go to my favorite professors, to talk to them a bit.
    But mostly I would enjoy that those are the last days :))
    (yeah, uni is getting hectic, so I wish it would end, that’s why so much party talk)

  36. Last two weeks of college…do all the things you’ve always wanted to do but been afraid of being reprimanded for. I’m determined to steal food from an NYU dining hall before I graduate, since I’m apparently the only person on campus who doesn’t use their backpack to stash extra fruit, mini cereal boxes and bagels. And go to class drunk!! So deliciously irresponsible and fun, if you haven’t already I highly recommend it. Bad influence, right here 🙂

    You WILL get a job. This blog is testament to how awesome and funny of a writer you are!! There’s no way you don’t have an awesome career in the cards. Enjoy those last two weeks love!!

  37. I already know what I’ma do in my last days of college. I’m going to put laundry soap in all the fountains on campus, and I’ll probably get some giant speakers and have a partttaaaaay. Everyone hangs out at one of the giant fountains on campus, and there’s usually loud rap music playing there anyways 🙂

  38. 38 elise

    psssh. whatevs, i graduated sans job and i had a ball of a time before i figured out what i wanted to do. no biggie homes. just focus on enjoying yourself because college is a once in a lifetime. last this last that, yes (for now). youd be surprised. youll do it all over again. i thought the same thing and i wound up getting another bachelors…just for shits and giggles…undergrad is one thing, but if i know your motivated self (and i think i do), you will be hittin up the books later in life (again).

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