In Sickness and in Health


Hi honeycombs! I started my long weekend thinking I was nothing but tired. And a bit hungry:

Jimmy John's chips, sandwich and Diet Coke.

Veggie sandwich, no mayo, no cheese.

Done dealing.

I blogged, cleaned, went to class, ate, packed, visited Dirty Martini/Manfriend (still a name debate in my head) and drove the three-hour ride home. Sunshine beamed the entire way to Cinci, and I thoroughly enjoyed belting my heart out to Thoroughly Modern Millie.

By the time I got home, I was wiped from the trip. I chilled with the H-Unit and we enjoyed a lovely dinner together:

Sweet potato stew.

Salad n' taters.

With each hour, though, my throat grew soarer and my energy more depleted. When I woke up Saturday morning I had quickly gone from health:

Happy, shiny, composed, ambitious, energetic.

To sickness:

102.4 degrees, no thoughts other than, "When am I going to feel normal again?"

No, I did not ask MamaJ to take that picture. “Hey Mom, I think I’m boiling from the inside out. Would you mind taking a picture of me for the blog?” Nah, she took it without any warning.

I haven’t been this ill in years! It hurts to pretty much to anything but lie down. It’s Monday as I write this. I attempted a shower today and thought I was going to pass out. No bueno.

While I’ve been sick, though, I have been reading my favorite blogs on my new Droid cellular device (huge jump from cheapie flip phone). And I’ve been realizing that I’m thankful for a lot.

Thankful for my amazing family. Thankful for MamaJ who still takes care of me like I’m 12. Thankful that I don’t get sick often. Thankful that this 5’10” vessel carries me through my crazy days so well. Thankful that I am on no specific diet. Thankful that I am not exercise-obsessed. Thankful that I don’t think carbs are the enemy because without them, I would have lost my lady lumps this weekend:

Spaghetti and bread are most definitely sick foods for me.

Cinnamon toast for breakfast.

Bagels for brunch. I'm contemplating having a second one today. And yes, they are the size of my head. AIN'T NO SHAME.

I can’t fathom gulping this down right now, but I did have a random hankering for gazpacho Saturday night:

I haven't had vegetables since.

Between the meals I’ve remembered to photograph, I’ve subsisted on a diet of ice cream, sherbet, popsicles, oyster crackers, grapes and Fresca.

By blogger-world definition, that diet would not be deemed “healthy.” But “healthy” to me, in sickness and in health, is whatever it takes to keep me functioning, happy, satiated and wanting to do the best I can. Maybe that’s why I still haven’t been able to nab a ticket to the Healthy Living Summit. (Or maybe I’m not cool enough. We’ll never know.) I can’t buy that the overriding ideal definition of “healthy” that we so often see is truly “healthy.” It comes from somewhere else. I don’t know if it can be taught. I don’t know if it can be learned. But I know that it can be found.

I’ll find my own ultimate health soon. Here’s hoping:

Breaking the fever. Another MamaJ shot. Part of my hiney is hanging out. Whatevs.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How do you define “health”?

PS: I am not knocking the HLS. That was a joke. And don’t be surprised if you see me in Chicago August 13. (I want to meet y’all!!! Whoah, am I southern?)


55 Responses to “In Sickness and in Health”

  1. Awwww feel better love!! I haven’t a ticket either 😦 I am quite bummed about that. Next year, next year…
    Mmmm loving the spaghetti and garlic bread because you can’t have one without the other.. and anyone who says otherwise is insane, methinks.

  2. All my favorites! Bread, pasta, more bread. 😀

    I define health as being physically and mentally sound, without any chronic illnesses that can be prevented. But most of all, I think being happy with yourself and your life is very important to being healthy. There is no perfect weight or activity level or dress size, it’s very individual. One person can be overweight and still run marathons and chase 10 shots of tequila with cheese fries on weekends, another might be very lean and abstain from a high carb/sugar diet and be just as healthy. It’s all relative. 🙂


  3. 3 Ilana

    I define healthy as living moderately. I don’t think theres anything “healthy” about running a marathon every week and obsessing over taking a bite of full fat dairy something or other.

    Feel better hottie!

    • 4 Lyss

      a-freaking-men. the HLS is cool and all, but i don’t think it really promotes HEALTH. health differs from person to person, ya hear?

      • 5 Lyss

        and how could i forget to remind you that I LOVE YOU! feel better asap, pooks. AND GET TO THE CITAY!

  4. Aww – feel better, girl. Popsicles and oyster crackers or saltines always are on my sick “diet” – so to speak. Our bods definitely need different things when we’re sick.

  5. 7 Little Bookworm

    I hope you feel better soon Kailey!

  6. Feel better! I think healthy is when you are physically and mentally feeling good.

  7. 9 Katie

    Get better beautiful! Thankfully you got sick while you are home and you have a wonderful family to take care of you!

    Loving the things you are thankful for! Life is beautiful and there are so many things to be thankful for!!!

    Health to me is just taking care of myself in the best way I can, and just doing what makes me feel good, not following what others regimens are , just doing me!!!

    Love ya girl! xoxo

  8. 10 katie

    AWW ahh feel beter K baby!!! I am soo sorry you are sick! that is the worst-ugh i hate it! BUT its life and you are a TROOPER girlfrand!! Saying a prayer for you to feel better! Love you so much!!! Keep up with the liquids!!

  9. 11 julia

    Get better soon girl! Big hugs all the way from Europe, hope that’ll help a little:)

    x Julia (Taste of Living)

  10. I almost feel like need totake a break from reading your blog because I’m officially addicted. So much about this post reminds me of myself and my youth. MamaD happens to be a nurse and in a weird way- I think she lovedwhen we were sick so she coud nurse us back to health. I strangely have fond memories of being sick: gingerale, saltines with butter (gross/loved), e. muffs with butter (being sickalways made me crave buttter, hmmm Paula Dean much?) and the above mentioned goodiesyouve been noshing on. This post also brought me back to the times when Iwas mini mary ann who would devour3+ NY bagels at a time without asecond thought. It kind ofmakes me sad/melancholy. I have no definition for health at the moment but I think happiness is an essential component.
    PS: my mom says “hiney” too and I almost spatout my root beer onto my keyboard. thank you.

  11. I hope you’re feeling better soon! Thoroughly Modern Millie is one of my favorite shows. I hope it was worth all of the suffering.

  12. 14 s

    awww … get better soon! and possible nicknames for manfriend mann include: manwich … mancakes … hmm … just following the ‘muffin’ and ‘banana’ theme. but i dunno. caramel manchiatto? lol. just throwing those out there. and, possibly, running.

  13. Feel well soon!

  14. feel better lady! I hope you do make it to the HLS!! To me, “healthy” really depends on the person, because so many people are healthy in different ways. Even just a few healthier things in someone’s life can make them healthier, and to me, it is sharing that info, without lecturing, that is most significant. I try to be healthy by running mostly when I want to, and balancing my chocolate consumption with veggies, etc. I love my carbs and diets that took over America in the last 20 years have really put a damper on so many minds of what is “healthy.” Can you believe my uncle saw me eating a few scoopfuls of pb last week on an english muffin and said, “wow, since when is pb healthy? If I eat that much will I be as slim as you?” I’ve always been the “foodie, health freak” of the family so he just couldn’t help himself…after he has constantly been on the South Beach Diet for years…kinda frustrating.

  15. 17 Lola

    Awww feel better soon !!!

  16. 18 C

    Gosh, get well soon, sounds horrid! I think health is about balance, but most importantly your attitude towards food and fitness. Which to includes not cutting out whole food groups (exception being vegetarian/vegan) as contrary to popular opinion I think carbs and sugar – including, shock horror, refined ones – are not inherently evil and have a place to play in a health diet. Neither should food be a source of guilt, eating french fries or chocolate or drinking a cocktail once in a while, or even frequently, is not ‘bad’ in an otherwise healthy diet. Exercise shouldn’t be about trying to burn X calories or run Y many miles or complete Z amount of push ups, it should be about stregthening and nurturing your body. Health is being able to love yourself, no matter what you’ve eaten that day or what exercise you’ve done.

    I’m a long way off all the above, but one day I have faith that I will be able to eat french fries without being swamped in guilt, and that I will no longer let my self worth be defined by stupid numbers.

    (Sorry for the essay!)

  17. Aw sorry that you’re sick. I baby-sat my friends little girls on Thursday and the baby was sick and I got it by Friday. And as of yesterday I passed it on to my husband. Ah what a wonderful holiday weekend! haha. Get better soon. By the way, I read your blog all the time, but this is my first comment. I think you’re absolutely beautiful!

  18. Kailey, I love you even if I have never met you. Your eating/exercise outlook is spot on!! the RD im interning for would LOVE YOU. I’ve learned a lot by interning with her too – for instance RDs don’t even eat as well as people in blogland and they are still healthy because they are happy with their life and to me that is healthy. I love reading your blog because I know that while yes, you eat well, you don’t hide the fact that you eat some junk too because life is about balance.

    ps. I tried some coconut M&Ms and thought you might want to know they are out of this world good.

    hope you feel well soon!!

  19. my lil’ lady…AMEN SISTER. healthy is such a relative term – to people, to moods, to sickness and to everything. ya gotta do whatcha gotta do in the moment to make yourself feel your best. and if that is massive amounts of carbs and ginger ale, so be it.

    feel better love! xoxo

  20. 22 katie anne

    aww feel better. i feel like hugging u after seeing that pic!!! it a really not weird way lolol ok i officially need some sort of carbage ASAP. thanks for reminding me. seriously, if someone told me i couldnt eat chocolate or bread, id die. ok that was random anywho……xoxoxoooooxo bear hugs!

  21. Hope you feel better, girl!

  22. Feel better chica!

    To me, being healthy means making healthy choices on a regular basis — and these choices are not limited to food. Eventually, the choices accumulate to form healthy habits. Those habits then turn into living a healthy life. The fact that I don’t smoke, eat my veggies, exercise, and am social with my friends are all healthy habits that have turned into healthy parts of my life. Taking shots on Thursday nights (leading to my super unhealthy drunk food choices) and facebook stalking my ex boyfriends? Not as healthy, ha. OVERALL, I do think I make healthy choices, but not always. I still think that qualifies as being healthy.

  23. 25 Gina G

    I hope you feel better Kailey! i totally agree that healthy means doing what is best for you. Know one knows you/your body better than you. You are something special girl, don’t forget it 🙂

  24. 26 emilee

    i define health as being as happy as you can possibly make yourself. i have to take lots of pills and go to the dr. office a lot, but as long as i can keep calm and stay resilient/be with people i love, i am okay!

  25. You look fabulous even while sick, hope you feel that way soon!

  26. Feel better soon boo! And PLEASE find a way to HLS!!

  27. 29 Brooke

    Loved this post. Love you. Can’t wait to drink some healthy antioxident-filled red wine in the hotel room during HLS. I wonder if there are gonna be some posts soon from other bloggers saying “CRASHING HLS IS NOT ALLOWED”. But we ain’t crashing, we just having our own partay!


    OMG. EVEN THOUGH I’M TEXTING YOU RIGHT NOW… I just went to Trader Joe’s and I was browsing the aisles and I turn into the frozen veggies section and hear an accent. I look up, and there is a WHOLE IRISH TEAM IN FRONT OF ME. UGH too bad I had no ballz to say HAI but IT’S A SIGN! IRISH SUMMER IS HERE!

  28. Feel better soon!! 🙂

    That cinnamon toast looks fab! My lil’ sister makes a wicked recipe where she cuts up the toast into little fingers and dips them into a concoction of butter + cinnamon + sugar. She makes it for me whenever I’m sick. Aww!

  29. 31 Michelle

    Aw you sound like me just a couple of days ago. I’m sorry I hope you get better!

  30. drink lots and lots of OJ! i swear it works wonders. oh and nyquil too. that stuff is yummy.

    Feel better, rest up, and hopefully you’ll feel better asap! Hope to see you at HLS 🙂

  31. 33 Jenny

    Get well soon!

  32. Dude…you need to make it to HLS!!!! I WANT TO MEET YOUR AWESOME, GORGEOUS AND FANTASTIC SELF! was that too much? can you tell how excited i’d be?

    feel better love. sending good vibes your way.

  33. Aww, so sorry you’re sick! Its the worst. But at least you got some well-needed rest, right?

  34. Oh no – sending lots of get well wishes your way girl!!!

  35. 37 dmcgirl37

    You wear a lot of yellow, it looks great on you! I love yellow, such a happy color 🙂

    I hope you feel better soon, being sick is no fun. It is fun laying in bed all day though 😉 at least for me! Where is Jimmy Johns? I never even heard of it? That bread looks awesome!

    I love bagels. In NJ there is this awesome bagel shop where they have cinnamon toast bagels. They are SOOOO good! Egg bagels are my fav!

    How do I define health? happy mind & flexible/energetic body!

    Dana xx

  36. 38 *Andrea*

    omg i was sick this weekend too! my parents thought it was so strange because i didn’t get out of bed for 2 days and just ate toast and watched law&order marathons instead of going to the beach like i planned :/ love your attitude though – i am also thankful i rarely get this sick and that i have a supprotive family who went to buy me cough drops and checked in on me… love that your mama took a picture LOL.

    get better soon! glad to see you’re still posting 🙂

  37. Carbs are absolutely sick food. Bagels and toast sounds just about right to me 🙂 Hope you feel better girl!! Oh, and by some random coincidence, I’m snacking on grapes and Fresca right now. Bomb combo.

    I define health as doing what makes you feel good and makes you happy. Eating dark chocolate makes me happy, but I do not feel good when I consume four servings of it. Carbs make me happy, and when they are of the whole-grain variety, they make me feel good as well 🙂

    Let me know if you figure out a way to get a HLS ticket…or if you just need someone to crash with. Because I’m seriously considering crashing it, if it wouldn’t piss people off too much!!

  38. 40 Jenna

    Yaya for HLS! Hope ya feel better 😉

  39. 41 Rebecca

    Love this post. I hope you keep blogging about your totally HEALTHY approach to food. I have had to stop reading other blogs (which shall remain nameless) because they make me obsess/stress about my eating/exercising habits. I mean, I make a lot of very healthy choices, but I also eat (gasp!) white bread and (shock!) baked goods filled with butter and oil on occasion (and I’m NOT talking about twice a year, here, either). I know it’s HEALTHY to be able to eat an enjoy and be happy. Keep it up!

    Hope you feel better fast.

  40. I think it may have been Caitlin (HTP) who wrote one day that healthy is doing the best you can with what you’ve got. If you’ve got a fever you have to just do what you can! I like to think of “healthy” in relative terms too. Feel better!

  41. Ohh my poor SICKface! I hope the sinuses have cleared and that you’re energy is coming back!
    I adore and love your LIFE philosophy. I agree with you (one hundo percent!) that living healthily is really about finding that balance between sure, eating nutritious & energizing foods while also eating what you want, when you want it and doing what makes you happy! We can’t (and shouldn’t) always eat perfectly… isn’t about that! I know ya feel me 🙂

    Oh ps! Totally had a bagel for breakfast today too! HIT. THE. SPOT. In high school, two of my best friends and I would always have fresh bagels at my dad’s, while watching SATC every saturday morning! SO today, we reminisced over hot, toasted everything bagels with cream cheese (and my fave addition–) tomato slices!! I just had to share 🙂

    Pps, mamaj’s sweet potato stew, that bowl of pasta and the cinn toast look divine! Love youuuu! FEEL BETTER! xoxoxox

  42. 44 lisa

    my definitiion of healthy is doing what you love, eating what you love, and still managing to take care of yourself and enjoy doing what you do. You seem to do that- therefore i think a day of carbs when your sick is healthy 🙂 !
    plus, who ever eats perfectly when they are sick anyway? I think i used to eat oatmeal crackers, and gingerale all day when i was sick. it seems like my mom always gave me gingerale when i was little and sick too- that old myth that ginger heals I suppose.
    omg that cinnamon toast looks, really, really, REALLY good. is it just cinnamon and butter? haha sometimes i get so caught up on “fabulous or extravagant” yogurt messes or waffles or whatnot i forget about the simple things like toast.
    come to think of it, one of my favorite things is just an english muffin with peanut butter, lightly toasted.
    who knew? 🙂
    FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  43. Love the positivity as always. To sum up my definition of healthy: being free to choose what makes you feel best, trying new things, and diving into life with an open mind. Feel better soon!

  44. Oh dear… hope you feel better soon! But I have to say…. even when you’re feeling sick, you still look pretty darn cute.
    Anyway, my definition of health is being at peace with your body and your lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you have to eat a certain way or exercise every single day, and it doesn’t mean you have to fit any type of label. To me, health just means that you are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally sound as well as physically. Health isn’t just physical.
    (Of course, this definition is coming form a hippie vegan Public Health major…. :P)


  45. I hope that you feel better very soon!

    Girl, you *have to* come to HLS. Chicago or bust. I am going to attempt to get everyone out and to a dance floor one of the nights, so you had better plan to be there!

  46. FEEL BETTER! Being sick sucks, but sometimes I think it’s a sign that our bodies need to slow down for a bit and rest up. 🙂

  47. I seriously hope nobody shamed you for eating a bagel! They look delicious… and I just added bagels to the list of things I have to eat when I visit the States this summer. Also, I agree that health means moderation and doing what works for you, not what someone else prescribes.

  48. Aw I hope you feel better soon, being sick really is a drag. Make sure to drink lots of fluids. What is in that delicious sandwich? Looks so yummy!

  49. 51 Whit

    you can be an honorary southerner. and please come to chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 52 traynharder23

    health is loving yourself, loving life, and living every moment with no regrets and to the fullest. exercise to LIVE not LIVE to exercise.

    feel better! i’m coming down with something too. curled up under 4 blankets when it was 80 degrees outside.

  51. 53 Faith

    Too bad you were sick over the long weeked. Hope you’re feeling better now!!
    When/if you have a moment, would you mind sharing the recipe for your sweet potato stew? 🙂

  52. 54 elise

    re: HLS. no comment. 😉

  53. 55 elise

    ps although i live off carbs on the reg, im fairly certain that nursing yourself back to health requires even more carbaliciousness than normal. its practically scientific. youll see my name in a med journal soon. curing cancer with carbs.

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