I Can’t Help It



I can’t help that I have been trying to stay away from the bloggity blog, or for that matter, that I can’t stand the word blog. And I certainly can’t help that I am physically, mentally and spiritually incapable of staying away for more than a few days. I’ve missed you!

I find myself narrating my days in my head and thinking, “Oooh I have to remember to share that with everyone!” Wow, that’s pretty self-involved, isn’t it? But I can’t help it.

I can’t help that some mornings I want strange combinations:

Scrambled eggs and whites with drippy watermelon.

And then for lunch I want precisely (I’ve wanted this for weeks) an everything bagel with sun-dried tomato cream cheese and a small salad:


I hadn't had a bagel since my NYC days. Sad!

I can’t help that I love to sit outside in the sunshine and write. It’s a bit tooly and clichรฉย but I love it.

I can’t help that I keep thinking about how much I’ll miss this place I’ve come to love. This place where I’ve found me, where I’ve carved who I am now.

I can’t help but think about how much I’ll miss the people I get to see every day. Whether it’s a serendipitous run-in with an old class friend or being able to see my best friends at my leisure, I can’t help that I’ll miss that.

I can’t help that I have a voracious appetite that permits me to down this for dinner:

The best steak fries and the best black bean burger. And yes, those are onion rings on the burger.

I can’t help that I’m crushed when I recall that there was a time I was afraid of most of the foods featured in this post. I can’t help that I wish that no other girl or boy ever has to feel that way, and that I want to help them if they are, indeed, afraid.

I can’t help that after having the most positively delicious, happy day that I get to dance all night with Muffin and Banana. I can’t help the dancing, especially:

Rah, rah.


I can’t help that I wasn’t smiling in this picture. OK, I could help it:


I can’t help that I’d love to be a beer connoisseur:

Mmmm tastes like blueberry muffin...beer.

I can’t help that I love taking pictures of people who may not want to be photographed:

Moose! Cleaning up at work.

Aw! Muffin and PrinceDJ.

And I really can’t help taking photos of those who do want to be photographed:


Me, evoking Blake Lively. Clearly not working. I just look confused/deranged.

I can’t help that I cannot yet tell you what big things are popping. I can tell you, though, that life is succulent and sweet right now. And no, I have not landed that dream job yet.

Most of all, though, I can’t help that I love this community so much that I rarely stop thinking about it. So thank you. Because I just can’t help it.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: I can’t help ______. I’d love to see your lists!


72 Responses to “I Can’t Help It”

  1. 1 Liza

    Aww, it must be sad to leave but at the same time, exciting! I can relate. I’m sad to leave my home country but STOKED to start college in Purdue in a few months.

    I can’t help wanting to grow up and see the world for myself. HEEHEE.

  2. Love the Bad Romance action shots! I can’t help…but come back to the bloggie community…cuz seriously, even a couple of days feel like weeks away – it’s ridonculous!! Plus, I can’t help but enjoy food – just can’t can’t help it.

  3. 3 Gina G

    i can’t help but to want to break free and travel somewhere (some day!)
    i can’t help but to pick myself up when the going gets tough
    i can’t help but to eat icecream/frozen yogurt daily
    i can’t help but… to truly admire and adore you Kailey! (i promise not in a creepy way!)


  4. you know what i love about you? youre living and loving your life. youre indulging and your beauty radiates from the words and pictures you share.

    such a rock star. love love LOVE

  5. I can’t help that one glass of wine always turns in to at least five! :X
    I can’t help but love all beers that are blueberry – and now I really want to try that one!

  6. 6 Andrea

    I can’t help that I adore this post! So cute. See also: Muffin’s dress. Gorgeous!
    But in all seriousness:
    I can’t help that I’m busting out of my skin with excitement over my trip to New York City in two weeks!
    I can’t help but be excited about picking courses for the fall, I’m owning my nerdiness.
    I can’t help but love the new balanced and healthy lifestyle I’m embracing in my recovery journey, and I can’t help but be inspired by people like you who have a zest for life I so admire.

  7. I can’t help but to keep bugging you, to find out when you will finally visit on my side of town!

    • 8 snackface

      VeggieGirl- I will make that happen. We got the summer ahead of us!!

  8. 9 Hayley

    I can’t help but love that you give in to your food and life cravings. I can’t help but be excited for what’s to come your way, whatever it is!
    For myself, I can’t help wanting to live it up my last summer and year at school. I know it’s going to be gone before I know it.

  9. 10 *Andrea*

    so glad you popped back in!!!!

  10. I can’t help that I thought for sure you were going to divulge the big news! Please tell us soon. I’m getting antsy over here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The last photo of you is amazing. LOVE IT! xoxo

  11. 12 Jenny

    Seadog blueberry is the greatest!

  12. 13 Little Bookworm

    Yay for a SnackFace post! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great Bad Romance inspired photos, love that song! I can’t help that I love reading blogs (especially yours).

  13. Awwww I missed you!!!!
    I was reading your post and kept thinking “me too!!!!” I totally do the whole narrating thing in my head. I try to blog only every other day but it’s so HARD sometimes!!! Once you start blogging, you CANT STOP!!!!
    Love love those meals! I feel the same way, I used to be scared of those foods too. And it breaks my heart to think of others going through that. I don’t know what I want to do with my life but I DO know that I want to do something to help others and reach out to those who have that problem.. no one should have to suffer through that!

  14. I love the energy in all your posts! So glad big things are happening for you! Let’s see, I can’t help it that… I go through a jar of almond butter a week ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. i cant help that im in LOVE WITH YOUUUU!!!
    yellow is SO your color!! love it!!!! all these pics are adorable. goodness gracious- that black bean burger is AWESOME And i LOVE STEAK FRIES.. big and thick.. just how i like my men!
    anyway i love you suga pie

  16. You guys always look like you have so much funn!!! And Blueberry (muffin) ale looks so delicious!
    Eggs+Watermelon looks like a weird, yet very acceptable combination ๐Ÿ™‚
    & I can’t help taking pictures… of everyone and everywhere I go- I always gotta capture the moments!

  17. 18 Nicole G

    I can’t help getting a big smile when I see a Snackface post on my googlereader.

    I can’t help feeling like a creep when I hear a song that mentions “Free Weezy” and I think of you!

    I can’t help getting pumped to live this summer to its fullest by saying yes to anything and everything and not holding myself back.

    Nicole G

  18. 20 Michelle

    I can’t help thinking what I’m going to say on my blog as I’m living life
    I can’t help going to bed at 10 everyday of my life including weekends
    I can’t help my love of almond butter
    And I can’t help but be jealous of your tan!

  19. 21 Patrice

    I can’t help that every time I see Banana’s hair I just want to put the color in a bottle and use it to dye my own. It’s seriously gorgeous.

  20. 22 Ilana

    Onion rings and Bad Romance. You sure you wanna go to SF? I’m in New York and we can do just those things here!! We have bagels too. I can’t help it, I’m in Lahvveee with this city. I also can;t help it … readin’ yo blog.

    And I can’t help it, I lose stuff everywhere. That’s my story.

  21. 23 Conni

    I can’t help that I spend $25-$30 a week on Starbucks.
    I can’t help that the money I don’t spend on Starbucks, I spend on books.
    I can’t help that I’m OCD.
    I can’t help that I watch Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds like it’s my job.
    I can’t help that I adore 90s rap and 90s pop music.
    I can’t help that I dance until I ache and can’t move.
    I can’t help that I love English.
    I can’t help that after I submit this, I’m going to Barnes and Noble to spend my last $20 on a F. Scott Fitzgerald book.
    I can’t help that every time I read your blog, I smile and laugh until my cheeks and stomach hurt.
    I can’t help thinking you’re awesome and inspiring.

    • 24 snackface

      Conni- I love your thirst for literature. It is a beautiful thing. I think YOU’RE awesome and inspiring.

  22. 25 okra

    If banana doesn’t model

    she should ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I canโ€™t help but to drink coffee each and everyday (sometimes more than once!)
    I canโ€™t help but to LOVE peanut butter
    I canโ€™t help but to go against everyone telling me โ€œwhat I should be doing with my lifeโ€
    Thanks for the fun posts!

  24. two things:

    is it sad that i knew you were dancing to gaga by the claw pics?
    princeDJ looks kind of like cory monteith from glee. no?

    i can’t help having the loudest laugh ever. i love it – it’s completely a part of who i am.

    • I second your “can’t help.” My man laugh just ain’t preventable…

    • 30 snackface

      samantha- Oh my gawd, how could I forget the laugh part? I have a hugely loud and obnoxious laugh, too! Honeybee, I swear we’re twins or something!

  25. i can’t help it that i didn’t realize you do INDEED look like blake lively. fo reals. and i can’t help that i miss talking to you on gchat. and i can’t help that i just got to work (its 10:05am) and already want to leave.

    you are wonderful.



  26. 32 Katie

    I can’t help to be greedy and say that I never want you to stop posting daily again!!!!!!!!!

    How are you love??!! Im loving the yellow on you, yellow is such a great color for summer time!!!!!!!!!

    Ok those fries are a must, I love big fries, not little ones, TWSS!!! lol!

    Have a wonderful day!! xoxo

    • 33 snackface

      Katie- Your comments are vibrant and positive–I LOVE. Things are pretty fab here, and judging by your Facebook (which, yea, I stalk) things are AWESOME for you! xoxoxo

      • 34 Katie

        Well girl I have to say I stalk your page too!! lol!! love it!!!!!

        Things are always great because life is beautiful and we got to live it up!!!!!!!! Love you girl!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I can’t help but comment, even though I need to cut back on professing my complete infatuation with you-which is starting to get creepy, (trust me, it worries me more tha you, I promise). I refuse to go into deets abot all of the reasons I love you and this post and this friggin blog- so I’m just going to say “Yes.” That word alone just says it all for me. Now I need to get some deep fried o-rings and dip them in aioli/mayo….mmmmmm again “yesssss…”

    • 36 snackface

      mary ann- I heartchoo back. Here’s to saving up and crashing HLS!

  28. 37 Anna

    I can’t help but love the new Sex and the City movie. Reviewers keep knocking it, but I can forgive every poor wardrobe choice because of al the wisdom that Carrie and the gang have imparted to me. They’ve informed me on topics I would never ask anyone else for advice on, and their shoe choices inspire me to never leave the house in boring old flip flops ever again.

    I’m really glad you can’t stay away – posts like this make my morning better.

    • 38 snackface

      Anna- I am so glad you said that about SatC2! I trust your opinion and I’m relieved that you enjoyed it. I think I’m going to see it this weekend with MamaJ and Muffin!

  29. 39 Monique

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I just wanted to say that I totally LOVE your spirit. I think you’re a really lovely girl and while you have a lot going for you anyway, it’s obvious that you CHOSE to be happy. That’s a really important and admirable quality in a person!
    Thank you for adding a bit more positive energy to the universe… it’s always much needed. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep smiling lady!

    • 40 snackface

      Monique- Thank you so, so much! You’ve made my day. Hope you have a fab weekend!

  30. I can’t help it that I miss college every day.
    I can’t help it that I can’t wait to start working.
    I can’t help it that I’d love to travel everywhere, some day.
    I can’t help it that I’ve realized how much I want to be single right now.
    I can’t help it that I adore you and am so happy to see you loving life so much.
    I can’t help it that the blogosphere may just be the best that ever happened to me.
    And, I can’t help it that I’m ridiculously excited to talk to you later ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I can’t help being excited to live in England next year.
    I can’t help I am addicted to running trails.
    I can’t help that I need coffee every morning.
    I can’t help that I adore clubbing every night of the weekend.
    I can’t help being happy when I see you have updated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. I also can’t help but be a creepy creep on your blog! Loves it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I also can’t help that I quote Harry Potter. Like everyday. I wish I was joking!

    That’s just how I do.

  33. So hard to stay away, isn’t it? That black bean burger + fries look AAAAAAAAAAmazing! I want that bagel, too. Carbs โค


  34. Oh, and I can’t help but be a carb addict!

    • 46 snackface

      Jenn- I can’t help that either! Obviously. I’m proud of that. I wear like a medal.

  35. 47 HannahBanana

    I cant help that i have one of the best ladies in my life.
    I read these post about how all these people wanna meet you and party and eat with you, and
    I cant help thinking i am so lucky to have you in my life k-weezy.

    I also cant help my crude comments
    Cant help thinking youre leaving me in 15 days
    Cant help my man laugh either
    Cant help my midnight snackfacing
    Cant help loving my Muffin and Snackface!!!!
    You two are everthing that motivates and inspires me to be a better, stronger, and more beautiful woman…


    • 48 snackface

      Hannah- You just made me cry. I love you!

    • Oh my GAGA!!! Its Banana herself!! While we commenters all ADORE your bestie SF, we also LOVE stories featuring Banana Muffins!! xoxo

  36. What cute pics and a blog post!!

    I love the blake pic ๐Ÿ˜‰ You do look like her!


  37. I can’t help but hug my cat every morning ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I can’t help that I actually look forward to working my internship….to starbucks with my new boss…and, daily batches of home-made pancakes ๐Ÿ™‚

    That seedy, delicious, toasty everything bagel does look exquisite! Gimme some of ‘dat!

    Oh and I love that last pic of you trying to mimic miss blake lively. IT WORKS! She always has the that doughy-eyed, open mouthed look. hahahahah you’re gorg!

    love youu!! how excited are we about SATC 2?! I’m watching the ladies on the view right now, and am planning on seeing it sometime this weekend/next week! would have seen it last night…but all my dang friends are still out of town! i may just go with jeany! are you going soon?! xoxox

  39. 53 Hannah

    I can’t help but love Muffin’s dress!! Any clue where she got it?! I want to copycat her!

    I also can’t help freaking out about my internship in NYC that start in two weeks!

    • 54 Muffin

      Hey Hannah,

      I got my dress at a store in Athens last year…the brand is “Lush” haha.

      I will be in New York soon! Where will you be interning?

  40. What a great post!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I can’t help that I am an optimist! I just can’t help it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. 56 Lola

    I can’t help but drink all the Margaritas the costumers sent back on my restaurant management class.
    I can’t help to drink all the tequila sunrise’s as well…
    I can’t help to be so happy because school is over!!!!

    You remind me of Blake Lively so much by the way hehe, you are both gorgeous and always look glowing and happy!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Your blog is like a happy-pill. You are always so positive and vibrant ๐Ÿ™‚ luv it!

  42. I can’t help eating the entire bar of dark chocolate every time I open one.
    I can’t help but love SATC 2, no matter how sucky the reviews are.
    I can’t help loving this post, and YOU!

    I too was afraid of bagels for far too long. I’m so glad I’ve finally rediscovered how fan-freaking-tastic carbs are in their most carbalicious forms. You seem to be having the time of your life girl- keep living it up girl!!

  43. i can’t help blogging either! right there with you girl.
    someone restrain me…or make a blogger’s arrest. stat.

  44. 59 Jenna

    I am glad you are eating foods you used to once be afraid of! That is awesome- the black bean burger dinner looks delishhh!
    And I can’t waitttt any longer for the big news!
    Jenna xo

  45. 60 Jenna

    And oh yea that blueberry ale sounds delishh!

  46. 61 Liz

    I thought you were going to be able to stay away for a few more days … we, your readers, should have taken up a bet! Glad you came back so soon!!

    I can’t help but wonder what “big things are poppin'”.
    I can’t help but wish I had all 3 days of my “3 day weekend”.
    I can’t help continually and obsessively thinking about becoming an RD.

    Have a great weekend GIIIIIRRRRRRLLLLL! Q – are you superstitious like myself? When I have news brewing, I don’t share until I’m certain all angles have pulled through. I am afraid of the jinx action!

  47. i, too, DESPISE the word blog. but i am glad you decided to post!

  48. just have to say that i adoooooooore your energy and zest for living. seriously, it is contagious and wonderful.

    i can’t help that i’d rather not go a day without a glass (or 5) of wine.
    i can’t help that i dress up unnecessarily every day of my life.
    i can’t help that i never get enough sleep.
    i can’t help that i want to travel everywhere in the world, and i am determined to make the funds to do so.
    i can’t help that it took me a long time to feel free enough to eat what i love and live how i want to on a daily basis, but i also can’t help proclaiming over and over how fabulous it is to be where i am now.

    good luck, btw, in your search for what to do next. it might take a while, but good things always come to those who deserve them!

  49. …but check your blog because it always makes me smile.

    and i was once afraid like you too. thank goodness we’ve changed our ways!

  50. I can’t help feeling like you, Banana, and Muffin are my “real life” friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. 66 Jenny

    My dear Kailey, I completely condone you lack of will power in this post a.) because my day was officially made when I saw you on my google reader, and b.) any chick that adores steak fries as much as I do is a friend of mine.

    p.s. can I just say how proud I am of you for the life you’ve created for yourself? You amaze me.

    I can’t help falling in love with you โค

  52. i cant help eating peanut butter straight from the jar!
    i cant help listening to michael buble repeatedly for hours on end!
    and i cant help loving your adorable style!

  53. i can’t help that im still laying in my pjs on a Saturday at 2pm.
    i cant help that i drank 2 buckets of Voodoo juice (powerful stuff) at a tiki bar last night.
    i cant help that im going to do it all over again tonight.


    love your blog foreva and eva (even if that is a weird word lol)

  54. Does that beer really taste like a blueberry muffin? hahaha I cannot even begin to imagine what that would taste like.

    I can’t help drinking copious amounts of coffee everyday
    I can’t help reading all day long in the sun when I have a good book
    I can’t help going to bed past 1 AM every night
    I can’t help making wishlists of clothes that I am ever going to be able to buy

  55. 70 flowyogilates

    I canยดt help buying to much when searching for new interessting books at amazon
    I canยดt help eating chocolate every day
    I canยดt help going to bed always to late
    I canยดt help drinking diet coke although I want to drink more water

    Great blog! Great girl!

    Greets from Vienna

  56. 71 lisa

    I cant help it ___that I love each and every one of your posts! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I cant help it___ that i eat the same snack every night ( choc pudding + double chocolate chip muffin <33)
    I cant help it___ that i worry over possibly every single thing on the planet
    I cant help it ___ that i love kickboxing and would totally do it every day if i could!
    I cant help it___ that I cant go a few days without some type of shopping
    I cant help it___that this list is longer than it should be (and would be longer, but i dont wanna bore you! ๐Ÿ˜€ )
    haha i could go on…

  57. 72 elise

    i cant help saving your posts for readin with my full and undivided attention. i cant help wishing youd move to LA (or anywhere in CA really…beggars cant be choosers).

    and i cant help adoring your blake lively look.
    ps i finalllllllllly got caught up on glee last night and have since watched the gaga numbers nearly 10 times in the last 10 hours. LOVE it!

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