Big Things Poppin’


Ay bay bays! Some big things are happening to SnackFace, so during this time, I’m going to have to put a pause on the posts.

As for today, I was uber productive. Non-stop from 9am to, well, 11pm! Class, paper writing, class, performance, job applications, biznass, Glee watching (incredible!)…It’s all very exciting.

I’ll be back in a couple days with BIG THINGS!!! And then I’ll annoy the hummus out of you with non-stop posts. Ya dig? Love you all!

Ciao for now,



31 Responses to “Big Things Poppin’”

  1. I feel ya, girl! Big things happening over here too! Just threw up my first post in a bit…things may be settling down a bit! Good luck!

  2. 2 Sara

    Can’t wait till you’re back – goodluck!

  3. Awww, I’m gonna miss the snackfizzle posts! I hope the big things are all good and mean big things are on the horizon!

  4. 4 Liz

    I’m gonna miss the dailys. Can’t wait to hear what up!

    • 5 snackface

      Liz- Aw, thanks! No worries, though. It should only be a day or two until I’m back! We can have full-on chat sessions in the comments section, though! Haha

  5. Excited to hear your big news!! Come back soon!

  6. AHHHHH. Did you get a job???! Please reveal soon!

    • 8 snackface

      Hayley- Not yet!! 😦 I feel something coming on, though. I feel it in my bones!

  7. 9 s

    fabulous. i await details. (haha :)) good luck to you! and damn … those are some crayzay-long (and productive sounding!) working hours.

  8. 10 *Andrea*

    big things poppin’… i love it 😉

  9. 11 Natalie

    Get it girl! Take care of your business and fill us in later! I will wait for you sugs! Can’t wait to see what the next few days holds for you! 🙂

  10. 12 Little Bookworm

    Hope everything goes well and look forward to your posts when you come back! 😀

  11. 13 elizabeth

    ahhh, all my luck coming your way for the the unknown activity!

  12. 14 Katie

    Get it done girl!!!!!!!! Cant wait til you come back with more snackface action! xoxo

  13. Good luck with everything girl! Can’t wait to hear all the big things!

  14. Good luck my dear!! I can’t wait to find out what’s going on!! I’m not so good at the patience thing..

  15. 17 Jenna

    Can’t wait to hear the big things 🙂

  16. I’m excited to see what big things you’re talking about. Wooo!

  17. 19 Ilana

    Big things!? Can’t wait. Rock on.
    (currently listening to the new epic Poker Face)

  18. Come back soon girl!

  19. 21 lisa

    i love having the hummus annoyed out of me with non-stop posts! 😉
    haha- miss you while your gone!

  20. Can’t wait to here what the BIG things are!!


  21. Can’t wait to find out what’s going on!

  22. 24 Katherine: What About Summer?

    I’ll look forward to the big things ahead

  23. I can’t wait to hear:D

  24. oooooo big THANGS! Holler. Excited!

  25. Come back! You’re my favorite!!

  26. 28 Lola

    Good luck on anything and everything 😀

  27. I am looking forward to the Snackface overload. Cheers!

  28. I am just as excited to hear the good things as everyone else lady! I also am adding you to my blogroll ASAP!

  29. Git it, girl! 🙂

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