Simply Happy


Hello darlings! Monday was the most gorgeous day ever! Deliciously simple, relaxed, beautiful and somehow productive. I love that!

I kicked off the day with Google Reader and breakfast:


In the bowl: blueberry Chobani, banana, cinnamon and peanut butter. This combination is always scrumptious, filling and lasting. Keeps me full through a workout. It’s also pretty:

I love the cinnamon in this picture.

I galloped off to Theatahhh, where I colored. That’s right. I am 22. I am a senior. And I had to color for class. I’ll take it.

Afterward, I bounced to the gym. Amazing workout: fifty minutes of elliptical intervals with weights and Women’s Health, followed by major ab workouts and squats. My shirt was soaked. Loved it.

Then I traveled home and feasted:

Lite mayo, three smashed balls, spicy n' sweet mustard and hot sauce.

Threw on some arugula. Sliced an apple. Done:

En totale.


As soon as I finished this fab lunch, I prepped to spend time basking in the sunshine.

I didn’t wear much of an outfit today, merely a bikini. I had a photo here, me in my bikini with a book, but I deleted it. I don’t need to be showing my nearly nude bod to thousands while searching for a job! Or maybe that would help… Kidding!

In my orange Calvin Klein ‘kini, I read DeLillo’s Cosmopolis for an hour in the hot sun. Perfection.

Eventually, I showered, lotioned and semi-dressed. It was a half-hearted ensemble of oversize tank and shorts. Nothing special.

Before hitting the road to fetch groceries, I snacked:

Vanilla hemp protein.

The deets.

Shaken with unsweetened almond milk.

It didn’t start to taste hempy until I got to the bottom. Until that point, it mostly tasted like vanilla almond milk!

I drank my shake and drove to Kroger. My goal was not to keep it under $30.

Just because you use a hand basket does not mean your groceries will be less expensive. Allow me to introduce you to $34 of goods:

The fun stuff!

Greeks 0 and 2 percent. And some trashy Light & Fit for kicks.

Green! Apples, avocado, watermelon, spinach, hummus, grapes and black beans.

I couldn’t wait much longer to slice into my first watermelon of the season:


I organized some things around the house for a while before fixing dinner. Wait, that’s not true. I applied for another job! I’m hoping this one works out. PUTTING POSITIVE ENERGY OUT THERE!!!

Anyway, about dinner…All I’ve wanted lately is a grilled cheese. So I did tha damn thang:

Cheezer with grapes and broccoli slaw.

Between two slices of whole wheat, a Laughing Cow and a slice of light colby-jack cheese mingled:

Perfectly rich and gooey.

Does anyone else get super antsy and excited to try new foodie purchases? I do. I have no idea why. My undying curiosity (and undying hunger) made me break into these:

Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy Chocolate Caramel Brownie ice cream sandwiches.

I read about these in Women’s Health while ellipticaling, and I absolutely had to find them! Wonderful from the start:

Maybe a bit small, but...

Yumgasms galore.

Go find these. Honestly, these are so decadent you would have no idea they are supposed to be “light.” That said, I’ll still be reaching for the cereal later.

I am so thankful for today. It was gorgeous outside, I got to spend time enjoying it, I received texts from people I adore that made me smile, I applied for another job, I was able to purchase food, I get to holla atchoo… It all leaves me simply happy.

And now, kittens, I have to get to writing an Ethics paper. What is my own personal code of ethics? (Journalism-wise, of course.) Yeesh!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, fabulous week!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: When you find new products on the market (food, beverage, beauty), do you buy it immediately or are you indifferent?


63 Responses to “Simply Happy”

  1. 1 Jenny

    That’s some serious protein-age! I really want to try those ice cream sandwiches!

  2. 2 kbwood

    hahah light stuff NEVER FILLS ME UP!!!!!!
    I ALWAYS buy new stuff! I get SO excited and buy it and sometimes thats not a good thing bc its usually not good.. “if it aint broke dont fix it!!”
    i luh yo grilled cheeeesy! simple yet DELISH.’

  3. 3 Jenny

    um, hi soulmate/twin/woman of my dreams. I just bought those ice cream sandwiches today and I ate grilled cheese (but it sucked balls. not meatless balls, just regular sucky balls).

    Keep on smiling you beautiful lady :)!!!!! love you to the max! xo

  4. Hahah trashy light and fit – I use to eat the stuff all the time. I usually always buy stuff if it looks good. I get bored easily so it helps me create meals.

  5. I usually ask people’s opinions before buying something – just like when I asked you about Chobani and such, haha 😀

  6. This post merits a listy-loo:
    1. I color in college too – I actually get really excited to bust out my pack of crayons.
    2. I went to Kroger today (which I NEVER do, I’m a Meijer girl) and I almost bought those Kroger Rice Chex knock offs.
    3. Basha represent!
    4. I’m a marketing dream come true. Smack a “NEW” symbol on a box and I buy it, no questions asked.

    Muah, muah!

  7. haha my weekend mornings always start off with the google reader + a yummy breakfast.

    I am dying to try those ice cream sammies, just waiting for them to go on sale here! THe cookiedough seems fab.

    colby jack cheese = definition of my elementary days. luve it.

  8. I totally judge new products by the “cover.” If the packaging is pleasing to the eye, and I am in a self-generous mood 🙂 I totally buy new things. A great review helps too! Glad you’ve had such a sunny Monday my dear!

  9. Depends on the product and if I could somehow justify it … doesn’t have to be a legit justification, but some kind. haha 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try those Breyers!!

  10. 10 Jenna

    Glad you had a great monday to your week!
    Yummm those ice cream sammies look delishh 🙂
    Gluck on that ethics papahhh!

  11. 11 lisa

    hmm, new products- depends. If it’s something new from a trusted brand, like if Amy’s Kitchen comes out with a new dinner, I’m like YEAHH NEW STUFF and in my cart it goes (and the money then flies out of my pocketbook. sob.). But if it’s a new brand and a new product I’m iffy. I have to like the nutrition and ingredients and blah blah blah. I’m picky like that 🙂

  12. Waaaaaatermelon! Just screams summer. Now I want to go get a watermelon, which brings me to my next point: I absolutely head out to buy a new item when I hear about it! However, this sadly backfires sometimes if they don’t sell said fantastic item in Canada… ah well. Eventually products makes their way northward. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose!

  13. I Love to buy new stuff, unfortunately I had a very unpleasant liking for Shirataki noodles.

    • 14 snackface

      Carrie- Ew, shirataki remind me of snot. Nasty! Just gimme real pasta! A lot of people like them though, so I suppose I’m in the minority!

  14. I’m a sucker for buying products that I see online or in the magazine. An advertisement won’t do it for me, but one or two sentences out of a review saying that this is an awesome product and I MUST have it will. Case in point, I will be buying those caramel brownie treats next time I’m in the store! lol If you told me tomorrow that brussel sprouts were amazing and tasted so good, I’d probably go out and buy some too. Gullible!

  15. Your positivity never ceases to brighten my day. I LOVE the plate the ice cream sandwich is on- it’s so snackfacey.

    • 17 snackface

      Hayley- Aww, you are so sweet! I’m glad I can help brighten your day 🙂

  16. LOVE those ice cream sandwiches!! They are so good.. but TINY!!!!
    I am a sucker for new products.. it’s sad!! Especially like Katie said, when they aren’t good. Oh well, you live you learn!
    That grilled cheese looks amaaaaaazing!

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE trying new products! I am such a sucker – especially for fancy packaging 🙂

  18. grilled cheese and breyer sandwiches? yummmmmmmmm ❤

  19. 21 Ilana

    Gosh I love Don Delillo. Well, I loved White Noise, anyway.

    Tip: If you only want to spend $30, only bring $30!!

  20. i think i have already eaten 18 whole watermelons this season. it may be my new favorite fruit! aside from kaileyfruit.

    • 23 snackface

      janetha- Kaileyfruit…hmmm…this shall be my first perfume.

  21. 24 Michelle

    I definitely have the urge to try out new stuff! Especially when they are particularly snacky items. Today’s purchases were all for meals later in the week though, so no itch to try whole wheat biscuit mix or anything 😉

    I love that plate that the ice cream bar is on! What does it say on it?

    • 25 snackface

      Michelle- The plate is a Warhol quote: I think everybody should like everybody. Fab, right?

  22. 26 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    im like you – I HAVE to get new stuff when something appeals to me!! ahh groceries in my world would be freee hahaha- i wish!


  23. I love that you called Light n Fit yogurt ‘trashy.’ That is EXACTLY how I feel about it. The aspartame, the fakeness, the fatfreeness, the packaging….its all just…. trashy.

  24. 28 Kerry

    I love buying new products! Right there and then, even though they may stay in my cupboard for a while until i decide to break into the ‘change’! Mmmm melon in summer is the best! xx

  25. I usually check out the ingredients and if I am a fan, I will grab them. I also love when new things are on sale!

  26. Your peanut buttery pics always make me want to dive into my PB jar…our yours, actually.

  27. YES buy it and try it immedietly the first time I got chocolate cheerios, i opened them in the car…

    and I am the same with clothes! if I buy somethin new I ITCH to wear it…when I get stuff at bloomingdales during their ‘pre-sale’ i get sad that I have to pay for it then, but pick it up in about a week!! ahh it drives me crazy!!!

    I want that icecream sandwich. that is all.

  28. I always buy new grocery products when I see them, which usually makes me cringe when I get to the checkout. Hey, you can’t know until you’ve tried it, right? Yummm watermelon. I haven’t had any yet this season but it’s one of my favorites! Hope you have a wonderful day love!!

  29. Mmmm those sandwiches look good!

    I am SUCH an impulse buyer when it comes to new food!! Sometimes with beauty and other products… but mostly food! 😉


  30. I very rarely go out of my way to locate new items, but when I spot something new at the grocery store I have no inhibitions. This often results in paying twenty dollars for something I may not even like. Luckily my tastebuds are players and are attracted to pretty much anything.

    Grilled cheese! The best.

  31. Aaah, that grilled cheese. There are no words!!!!!!

    When I find a new product in the store, I usually buy it. I don’t need many reasons to buy something, being the compulsive shopper that I am, lol. I also love hearing about new products from the blogosphere, which gives me a reason to go out and buy new stuff. 😀


  32. Those look delicious!!! Why did I move to a country without my favorite thing (ice cream)?? I am going to be trying a new flavor a day when I get back to America. I write down the names of products I want to buy someday far in the future… because I am lame like that. but would love to try those.

  33. i love happy posts. and this one made me happy.

    i only wish i could have joined you for some magazine reading in my red, white + blue swimsuit, eaten those breyers sammies and made some grilled cheese with you. someday it WILL happen.

    let’s please finish our chat soon – i am bursting at the seams with ideas i need your advice on. love you babycakes – have a fabbity fab tuesday!


  34. I normally get my new product tips from the infamous Hungry Girl. What can I say, she knows her stuff!

    Good luck with your job hunt, girl!

  35. WHAT i would have given to be lounging, reading! i would give my left arm and one nostril to have weekends be three days. at least memorial day weekend is coming up, waaahooo!

    happy tuesday, chica.

  36. Good luck with getting the job!

    Whenever I see a new product on blogs/in mags, I always want to try it right away but most of the time it’s not available in Canada. Major bummer!!

    • 42 snackface

      Chelsea- But you have Shreddies! That’s all I ever want!

  37. I love trying new products, but sometimes (okay, most of the time) I have to resist and save my wallet from being emptied out. Though I have a really hard time resisting when ice cream or nut buters are involved. 🙂

  38. I almost bought those ice cream sandwiches! Usually when I find something new I buy it. Im impulsive, but Im trying to save money + calories lately.

  39. 45 Lola

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa i want an ice cream sandwich noooooooooooow!!!!

  40. 46 Luke

    How do you eat so well? You’re going to live forever, I’m guessing 120 years.

    • 47 snackface

      LUKE!!! I love you even more for reading and commenting. Made my day 🙂

  41. Glad you had such a delightful day, girl! gotta love sunbathing, working out, and chowing down 🙂

  42. I love when my tshirt is soaked too- I feel so accomplished 🙂
    and I actually laughed about the “trashy” light n’ fit yogurts- poor things have such a bad rep :/
    And I’m a hugee compulsive buyer, its a terrible habit but I usually feel like I NEED something so I get it!

  43. i’m fairly new to the whole blog thing. this is my first time posting…i had to. you seem so down-to-earth!

    by the way, those ice cream sandwiches make me want to droool, or go out and buy them ASAP.

    • 51 snackface

      leesespeeces- Aww, thank you! You are so sweet! Right now, I’m contemplating eating a second ice cream sammie… would that be bad or bad in a good way?

  44. 52 elise

    your title made me think of wicked’s “couldnt be happier…”
    i need to try hemp. its so “hippie” sounding that i feel like a phony having gone without it for my entire food blogging life…must get on that…
    i go ape-shit for new products btw

  45. 53 irregularblogger

    Hi there 🙂

    I just wanted to say … I am totally addicted to your blog! I’ve been reading for a while but just lately with all your extra posts I literally feel disappointed if there’s no new post for me to read (not disappointed in you of course, I know that you have a life 😛 :P). I love, love, love the way you write and your attitude to life. You’re going to go far, I can tell!

    I’m a journo student too, in my 2nd year. I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve always wanted to work on magazines too but unfortunately the city I live in doesn’t offer any topics that cover magazine writing … you have to go to other states for that 😦 I’m also interested in radio and I volunteer one day a week at a local radio station.

    Thanks for all the great posts!

    • 54 snackface

      irregularblogger- Ah! You are awesome! Thank you for reading!! I’ve been super busy lately, thus the slow down in posts. But I’m in the midst of a big project, and after that, expect post overload! That’s awesome that you volunteer at a radio station. That was actually the first thing I did in college, too! It didn’t last long, though. Just have patience, and seriously attack anything and everything you want. It’s the only way!

  46. 55 Faith

    So I sat there, looking at the first picture, trying to figure out how the hell a few yogurts and crackers came to 34 bucks…and finally thought to scroll down. Durr. Looks pretty epic though! I’m so the same way, once I bring home something new from the supermarket I’m dying to bust into it, whether or not I’ve already eaten!

  47. Sending positive vibes your way for the job search!! 🙂

  48. 57 Anna

    I try to shop with a basket because I’m forced to stop loading it up when it gets too heavy to carry. When I have a cart it’s very bad news for my wallet.

    I’m the same – I love to try out new products as soon as I get home from the store. Luckily, I usually walk to the grocer so I’ve worked up an appetite and can totally sample all of the treats I’ve picked up.

  49. I always have to try out the new stuff if it is by a brand that I like or similar to a favorite product of mine. I also totally fall for marketing of new products. Sad but true haha.

  50. 59 Anna

    I always get SO excited to try new products, but I find myself grabbing things and then putting them back at the grocery store all the time. I like to venture outside the box and pick up one new item every time I hit the stores. At Whole Foods, I have to restrain myself from buying anything in sight.

  51. 60 Ilana

    Not to sound absolutely inappropriate, but what kind of balls do you like?!

  52. If its something I have been waiting to come out or looks awesome I will buy it but usually I wait around a little because I know a blog will talk about it eventually haha.

    I am really indecisive and hate making bad decisions.

  53. 62 Brit

    Usually I wait until a few times, if I keep seeing it and wanting it I’ll probably get it and try it lol I’m a little set in my waays sometimes, and I’ll just turn around and get the same things I always do.

    And this is completely irrelavent to anything, but I think I’ve been reading your blog too much, cuz I just had a dream that I met you! Not to be creepy or anything haha.

  54. Vanilla hemp protein? yum, hemp protein is the best. I usually immediatley buy a new product. Especially being vegan I always get excited when I see something new that I can eat.

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