Hello, gorgeous people! I hope you’ve had yourself a merry little weekend (may your heart be light).

I’ve had one of the best in recent memory. I spent every day with Muffin, the woman responsible for making my college years unforgettable. I’m going to say this until it happens, but I can’t believe that in fewer than three weeks, she will be in NYC. And I will be…who knows! So I’m soaking up all the Muffin loving I can get.

I left off on Thursday stating how hungry I was. I met Muffin to fix that:

Chipotle salad!

Dominated that.

The afternoon was filled with classes, sunshine and daydreaming. I eventually returned to my house starving yet again. Threw together my current favorite mixture:

Arugula, broc slaw, chickpeas, dried cherries, feta and roasted red pepper dressing.

And followed that with some sweetness:

Slice of wheat with peanut butter and strawberry fruit spread.

Thursday combined my two loves, healthy, delicious food and hip-hop. That’s all I need:


Honestly, one of the only Clipse songs I knew was Mr. Me Too. We still got down:



Then we walked back to our houses to get ready for the evening. Once out, we soaked up all we could:


Baby cuz I'm a thug.

I'ma a diva.

I don’t know why it’s so fascinating to steal people’s hats at night. Can anyone riddle me that?

Friday was rather productive, I just failed to photograph most of it! I went to class, the gym, showered and did major work on my vision wall. Yes, the board has turned into a wall. My dreams are too big for a board:

All my loves.

ELLE, Food+Wine, New York Mag, Glamour, Bon Appetit, VegNews, Rolling Stone, I’m on my way. Each cover has significance to me as well. I won’t get into all of them, but Gaga and Weezy should explain a lot. Minus the jail part.

In the evening, Muffin and I filmed SnackTime!, went to dinner and then went out for a bit. We were so full that rather than dance, we sipped water and chatted on a patio for a couple hours. I turned in early.

Saturday, after a visit with Manfriend/ Dirty Martini (he wants that nickname– I think it’s hysterical), I fueled my bod for a full day ahead:

Speaking of bods...

Who else is obsessed with this Vanity Fair cover?


The rest of the Leibovitz spread inside is exquisite. Highly recommended.

Anyway, Muffin and I took an impromptu trip to Columbus. We have to take advantage and soak up spontaneity while we can!

En route to Columbus, we stopped in Nelsonville for organic, fair-trade soy lattes:

Delicious soy latte with sugar-free hazelnut sizzurp.

This square in Nelsonville had the most beautiful bricks I’ve ever seen:


Pardon the shoe shot. Those always make me cringe. I feel like they’re a highway to wannabe hipsterville.

Approximately two hours later, we found our way to Easton Town Center. Aside from spending $25 on magazines and books, $26 on tees and $30 on a necklace that was perfect for me, I found my dream bike:


How darling! I love it so much. Riding a bike freaks me out a bit (the falling aspect, really), but I’d roll around a city–say, San Francisco– in this beauty.

Muffin and I broke our bicycle fantasies for an early dinner at Brio:

My gorgeous date.

Being absurd with the menu.

Iced tea and a view.

We took care of the bread basket while waiting for our meals. I enjoyed two pieces of sourdough and two of these flax and sesame-covered crackas:

Crispety, crunchety.

And then my salad beast arrived:

Large and in charge. (Unrelated, my dad always says MamaJ is large and in charge.)

I ordered the Mediterranean Chicken Salad without chicken. Fab:

I didn't eat all those fried strips, but I did eat the whole salad.

Mixed greens were topped with orzo, capers, black olives, feta, sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers. Clean and wonderful.

Monday marks the start of Week Nine. Our quarters consist of 10 weeks. The end is getting closer and closer. Until graduation, I will soak in everything I can while I’m here with the friends I love so dearly, in this life that has become comfortable. I want to leave drenched in beautiful memories.

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: What was the highlight of your fabulous weekend? AND Are you a bike-rider? (I’m thinking about this…) AND What’s your addiction?

My highlight: Laying in Muffin’s bed on Saturday night, laughing hysterically over True Life.

Biking: Not yet, but I’d love a cute, simple bike to roll around town in!

My addiction(s): Magazines. Words. Communication.


56 Responses to “Soaking”

  1. That salad looks fabulous. I love to bike, but we just do it for fun. We do ride a good ways (maybe 20 miles) many weekends on a trail by a river, but I’ve never considered it a workout – its fun to be outside enjoying the weather!

  2. 2 Jenny

    Glad ya had a good weekend and did the damn thing like your vlog said:)

  3. Those stars on the bricks are too pretty! i love funky, eclectic things like that.

    Bike riding is the shiz.. Peewee Herman’s red bike is seriously my ultimate dream bike. They have some knock offs of his at Target right now that are pretty saweeet. And they come in seafoam green color which is just plain awesome.

    The weekend involved a lil hanging out at this place called Freaky Tiki. Needless to say, we all got a little freaky on the dance floor. good times. Have a great Monday!!

  4. 4 Lauren

    That chipotle salad is making me want to run out and get one right now. Ugh, such love for the Chipotle bowls!

    Looks like a wonderful weekend. I’m getting sad that Muffin and you will be apart! The universe will just be a bit off balance when this happens. 😦

    Enjoy your night darling!!

  5. 5 The Divine Ms.Muffin

    I had an awesome weekend too! I’m glad you think I’m fun when I lay in bed and watch True Life as well as when I dance on tables.

    Highlight of my weekend…trying on the “bombshell” bras at VS and seeing you turn into Heidi. Though the web-nymphos on True Life were hilarious too.

    Bikes have resulted in Brad breaking both arms AND being gone all summer. Hate them! Don’t want to lose you too.

    I hope you feel better!!!! Wish we could watch a movie. Love you ❤

  6. I feel awkward on a bike…I don’t know why?? Maybe height has something to do with it – but on a bike like that, I’d be totally cool with bike riding. I’m also a fan of bike riding in flat areas (like say if you were biking to work or the grocery store)…because let’s be real, bikes are cute and all but no one is cute after hauling their a$$ up a huge hill and sweating bullets. haha 🙂

  7. 7 Karen

    I still havent eaten at Chipotle but I must definitely try it.. the salad looks yummy!!

    Awww your school life is almost over.. how exciting but then again it is sad to leave your friends and all the fun memories behind to something new and more serious. At least now you have a good reason to go on vacation to NYC to visit Muffin ;-P

    My highlight this week was probably happy hour Friday night and Saturday morning getting breakfast to go and grocery shopping at Trader Joes hehe. I had been wanting to go for 2 weeks now but since it’s quite a drive I dont go so often. I am looking forward to tonight having a drink & getting faded w/ my guy and maybe have a yummy dinner before the week begins bcuz I’ve cheated once too many times this week so I’m starting back on my workouts on Monday. TMI I know, I get carried away when I type hehe sorry.

    Biking: I love, love, love riding the beach cruisers by the beach! You can rent them for 10 bucks all day!

    Addictions: Networking online, peanut butter & ummm reality tv I guess..

  8. 8 Maya

    I start college in the fall and I can only hope that I meet someone fabulous and who makes as much of an impact on my life as muffin has had on yours!

    I’d love to both bike casually (ie in a cute outfit with a basket in the front around town) and a hard core bicycle chick. But bikigfir a workout kind of intimdates me. One day!

  9. Those are some rocking salads! The highlight of my weekend was definitely getting a visit from my brother.

  10. 10 Sarah

    I LOVE that your coffee was fair trade. That kind of thing is a big deal to me these days!
    Bikes? I like the IDEA of riding one, but as of right now, I don’t have one that works.
    My addiction(s)? Yoga. And Green Mountain fair trade coffee.

  11. soak up every single minute little detail you can. it goes by way too short, and it is by far the best time of your life.

    that is the best piece of advice i can give you.

    i am so glad you are soaking it up, taking trips, eating good food, Chipotle, hangin’ with DM, showing hot men in their skivvies and seeing rap concerts. its truly LIVING.

    love you lady – have a wondrous rest of your sunday 🙂

  12. I love Clipse! That’s so awesome you got to see them! Also, you look super cute on that bike! I can only fantasize about riding one…I’m pretty bad at it and I’ve never taken the time to learn since I was 12 and had an embarrassing accident on one.

  13. 13 Katie

    Oh Easton is the best for shopping! Did some damage there before!!!!!!

    I love the nickname dirty martini for your man friend : ) too funny!!

    Loving the Muffin love, she is a doll, like you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful nigth girl , I need to get that magazine asap! But have to hide it fom my lover or he will get jealous!!!

    Nite love! xoxo

  14. 14 lisa

    omg, yes YES i am a bike rider! i ride my bike like everyday, or at least most days for an hour. i just got a brand new bike mid january and rode it on all the days I could (even on some days where people might think “WHY is this girl riding her bike in 2 degree weather!?!”). but. oh well. not to toot my own horn (or ring my own bike bell (KIDDING I DONT HAVE ONE OF THOSE !!)) but im almost up to 800 miles since then. hahah 🙂
    i noticed you eat a lot of salad on your page (or maybe you just post a lot of salads you eat haha)
    i wish i was more of a salad person. i try to be, but eh. not for me. i feel like they make me feel all full for like, an hour, and then im all hungry again.
    your chipotle salad looks fabb. maybe i should give it a try?? 🙂

  15. You definitely had an amazing weekend…I love that I’m not the only person to order chicken salads sans chicken. It’s the way to go.

    Highlight of the weekend was seeing MY TWINS. Aka two of my best guy friends who happen to be twins and always make me wake up with sore abs from laughing. Definitely not a biker…I’ve got a pancake booty, and it’s far from comfortable. My addiction= cereal. I crave it all day if I don’t knock it out in the am.

    Hope you have a wonderful week gorgeous!

  16. I’m not a bike rider. I actually don’t even know how. Crazy, right?? My sister doesn’t know how to either. We just never wanted to learn. (Our brother does know how though)

    I do think that biking through San Fran sounds fabulous though!! And I love that your vision board has become a wall! You are fabulous!!

    So glad you had a great weekend! Xoxo

  17. 17 Michelle

    I went home this weekend with my roommate! I played tourist and went to Pike’s Place Market, visited the very first Starbucks, and went to the Seattle Mariner’s game. It was a blast for sure!

    Looks like your weekend was a blasty as well!

  18. 18 Jenna

    Love your wall and that salad looks delish!!
    I hope you enjoy your last week!

  19. aghh I always get so jealous because I so want to try Chipotle!! just once or maybe more because I feel that I would get addicted. have a goood week!

  20. My highlight of the weekend was probably spending the entire day today in the pool with my girl’s.. the best!

  21. I loove your vision board!
    Highlight of my weekend: catching up with one of my best friends over a “dinner” or sweet tater fries and edamame hummus!
    Biking.. I actually just bought a bike at the beginning of summer! I love it. I bike all around my neighborhood and feel outdoorsy and fun =D

  22. I love Vanity Fair. For the articles, of course… the classic Playboy-reader justification- I’ve never had the opportunity to use it until just now.
    Not a biker. Wish I was. I can walk seventeen miles to work (oh, Africa!), swim my butt off and do Bikram ’till the Hindu sacred cows come home, but put me on a bike and I’ve got major crotch complaints within five minutes. Leg burning too, but I tend to pay more attention to the whole aching crotch situation.
    Addicted to trees and bison. The first – if there is not a forest near me, I get nervous. I need an escape route (?), and I plan my walks according to what will provide me with maximum tree and woodsy time. I might be an elf.
    Bison. Buffalo love. I have no explanation; I just really, really like buffalo. They are large, smelly and sometimes cranky. My boyfriend is much like a buffalo, which is possibly why I am committed to making our relationship work. I have buffalo toys, sheets, a pillow, jewelry, t-shirts and other assorted paraphernalia.
    I should probably be embarrased now.

  23. 23 Anna

    Highlight: staying in on Saturday night and watching Star Trek with my roomies. Chris Pine = GORGEOUS. Almost as yummy as Ronaldo.

    I am in fact a biker. I have a pretty little turquoise Schwinn that gets me to campus and back when I’m running late and the weather is cooperating. I hate hills with a passion, though, so I don’t ride it around as much as I could/should.

    Addictions: Google Reader, Vogue, Greek yogurt,, the public library, and sky-high wedges.

  24. the highlight of my weekend was being lazy around the house with my boyfriend.

    that salad DOES look so fresh and so delicious

    glad your weekend went well!

  25. 25 Ilana

    I’m obsessed with riding my bike. I go everywhere on it. Citayy livin’ on a bike. Way cheaper than a car!

  26. highlight of my weekend was packing my house for my move back to san diego
    publishing some of my photoshoot photos and not having any haters! yay!!
    and of course, lifting like an animal for my show

    the highlights of your post are your fabulousness with Muffin. The bike. The soy latte. The salads. Mmmm. And I mean this the best way…your butt! in the pic by your bike in the tan shorts. I have been trying so hard to get a butt like yours. It’s not working! darnit!


  27. I’m loving the chick pea salad. —and about stealing hats at night…I have a slightly larger problem of trying to walk out of bars with stools— not good. But, your weekend looks like it was fun! love love love the bike!

  28. HEY LOVE!!
    ahh LOVE you and MufF! love those pics! and you with that bike. ummm magazine ad? for real.. it totally looks like you could be a hot bike model. but ANYWAY love da chipolte lovin on hurr! ive never been here..can you believe that? SAD, right? I LOVE YOU!! highlight of my weekend- seeing my boo.. havent seen him in a couple weeks bc of his internship! ❤

  29. Please get that bike, and maybe bedazzle it so that it reads “SnackFace” in rhinestones.

  30. 30 Casey

    Ah that bike is adorable! And I love the vision wall, looks like a great thing to wake up to everyday.

    My highlight this week was laying out at a local park and enjoying some vitamin D. I love to just connect with nature sometimes.

    I am a bike rider, but I only ride hybrid the intense Lance-Armstrong road bikes tend to scare me off. Something about being hunched over I guess?

  31. 31 fi

    Eh, highlight, was the SCORCHING HEAT, in ireland of all places and going to see Rihanna in concert.
    My addictions? shopping if i could affowd it’!! aaaaaand?? probabaly facebook (shame!)

  32. 32 Little Bookworm

    Your weekend looks amazing! Best part of my weekend: spending time with friends and baking. 🙂

  33. 33 Liza

    I have just been inspired to write inspirational quotes and cut out magazine scans with personal relevance and paste it all over my wall.

  34. Hilight of my weekend was my engagement dinner with my family last night! So fun 😀

    I don’t ride a bike… I am bad at it. hah.

    My addictions? FOOD. But you already knew that. And reading, because I am a geek. Oh, and looking at fun weddings on The Knot and Offbeat Bride!!


  35. Was it True Life: Newlyweds?! That one was ridic.

    Highlight: OUT in Louisville…as part of a BACHELOR party. heh heh
    Biking: Nah
    Addictions: First, YOUR addictions are reasons (among many) we should be friends, as they are mine, as well. Add to my list learning/taking classes/academia.

  36. 36 dmcgirl37

    Weekend: Hosting a meditation day course for lots & lots of happy people!

    Biking: too hott in florida to ride your bike around. maybe in the winter I could get into it!

    addictions: anthropologie. blogs. star bucks passion tea. suspenders. the ocean. magazine + the elliptical. my new ipod <3, cant believe I went for so long without one. I can go on but I dont want to bore you 😉

    Glad your weekend rocked

    Dana xx

  37. love the salad! they always cover those salad in the fried crispy strips and I always can only eat about half of them until they just get annoying to fish around and acutally find the lettuce!

    I am a bike rider…motorcyle bike rider that is 😉 my bf has one and we live on it in the summer!!

  38. 38 sally

    I am glad you explained that that White Sox hat was stolen, I was gonna ask you if they were all out of Indians ballcaps 😉

  39. 39 Queen

    Hi snackface! You are missing out on something in the biking world. Just picture the guys on the cover of your magazine… in spandex…and lots of them! Just saying! Glad you and Muffin are making the most of your last days at OU. You will miss it, but there’s a whole lot of fabulous out there. Know what the best four years of your life are? The next four.

  40. I love bike riding even though i havent done it in ages! Love love love 🙂 I dont have a bike anymore, but i want to get one this summer so i can do this 120 mile bike ride that they are having for charity. Love your nom-worthy chipotle salad best – those are my fav. The highlight of my weekend was for sure winning a couple of scholarships and hitting up starbucks with my college bestie. Oh and senior skip day for sure!

  41. 41 azurejaymes

    I. Want. That. Bike. I love to bike! I want to live somewhere where a bike can be my main mode of transportation. I’m still a fan even after I crashed and broke my arm 11 years ago. (Hence the long scar line on my left forearm, if you’ve ever noticed.) I’m going to Florida on Saturday. Maybe my girl and I will rent bikes and will ride around the beach…mmm…bliss.

  42. 42 Katherine: What About Summer?

    Weekend highlight: sleep. (ask any hair-dresser: highlights and lowlights are of equal importance; sleep is a lowlight I guess)
    Addiction: popcorn
    Bike?: no! Reason: wedgies. (not really I just don’t have a bike; I wish I did)

    that concert looks awesome! I love the ensemble with the shoes and shorts plus color from the jacket

  43. i ride my bike around dc! nothing quite like riding home tipsy at 4 am… seriously.
    i was a little scurred at first, but decided to just go with it – though i do always wear my helmet (guff my hair!).

    i say doooo eet.

  44. I love impromptu weekends away! I am for sure a biker although I have been slacking thus far this year. I bike to work in the summer (but have yet to start this year for some reason) and definitely bike around town at the weekends/in the evenings. I love my bike. She’s called lady peugeot. Yes, I am that obnoxious.

    You should get one!!

  45. 45 Anica

    omg i LOOVE Brio!!!!!
    That wall is bRiLliAnT!

  46. i had chipotle yesterday and you just made me want it all over again!

  47. All of those salads look awesome!!!!! Good food + hip-hop are 2 of my favorite things, too.

    Love that pic of you by the bike, tres chic! 🙂

    My weekend sucked. Total dullness. 😦


  48. That salad look yummy!! I dont bike ride, just because I dont have anywhere to do it, but it would be a fun workout!
    My weekend was fun;) I went to 6-flags with some friends

  49. 49 Lola

    Awesome friends always make up for awesome weekends 🙂
    This is so shameful, but I don’t know how to ride a bike! :S i tried to learn last year and failed misserably! I want a cute little bike with a basket anyway hehe i want to learn to ride it! if i don’t learn i’ll just walk it (like Phoebe from Friend’s :P)
    The highlight of my weekend was a night out with my friends that ended with midnight tacos! (or midnight grilled onions for me hehe, who cares about onion-breath anyway! hehe :P)
    Have a lovely week!

  50. best part of weekend: glamming it up. so much makeup…you would have been so proud.

    bike? oh yeah…

    addictions? chocolattttttte; bloggies; outside!

  51. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you two got to spend some quality time together. I was at coachella last year and was going to the the clipse but they never showed! 😦 hope they were awesome.

    • 52 snackface

      chasingcasey- Darn! I wish you could have been here because they were pretty good! Nothing like my Weezy, though…

  52. AH! sorry i’m behind…but this was suchhh a good post 🙂 prepare for an uber-CHEESE comment in 3, 2, 1…

    soooo honestly Kailey, i really adore the lifestyle you’ve made for yourself! you’re a hard worker who also takes full advantage of the weekends– by spending time with your favorite muff, the handsome DIRTY MARTINI (hahahhahha), family, doin’ weekend road trips, getting your drank on, dancing, dining out, laughing with yo’ girl over classic MTV shows and just being a college student! soak it up my love, you’re almost done…but you’ve got SOOOO much ahead that you should only be excited for the future!!

    LOVE. YOU.
    And the guac-topped chipotle salad, that first picture of you and muff (GORGEOUS), the soy latte, cottage cheese mess and VISION WALL!! Love love love. Hope your week is going well!

  53. Shoot! Totes forgot about the fab questions. Okay, highlight of my weekend included catching up with a friend (who was studying abroad this past semester) over starbucks soy lattes, some DELICIOUSSS annie’s mac n’ cheese and LOTSS of One Tree Hill! It’s summer after all 🙂 Those would also equate to my current obsessions, besides home-made banana/blueberry pancakes topped with lots of (nut) butta and agave!

    Miss you! xoxooxxo

  54. 55 Carly

    I’m spending my weekend helping the hubs prevent our shower from caving in…serious bonding time! Dude, I don’t even know how to ride a bike…help a girl out?

  55. 56 Katharina

    So I was just looking back at some posts and I totally missed those hot shorts!!! The ones with you posing with that awesome bike! Where did you get them?!

    XOXO gorgeous lady! Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

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