This Sh!* Is Bananas


What up, boos! I hope your Thursdays are going swimmingly! Can’t you taste the weekend? I can and I love it.

So last night, as I was eating leftover Chinese at 12:30am, I cracked open a cookie the most ridiculous fortune ever. It said something along the lines of:

You will find a happy life in matrimony.

My response: That sh!* is bananas (b.a.n.a.n.a.s.). I believe in signs and all that, but I will choose to ignore this one. Cuz I ain’t no holla back girl. (That didn’t make any sense. Sometimes I don’t even know where I’m going with these words.)

While pondering the ridiculousness of that fortune, I was also rocking my banana pants. Haven’t seen them?

Banana pants!

The story behind these pants can be found here, but to make a long story short, I bought them in 2008 when I was in Miami, auditioning for America’s Next Top Model. Clearly, that did not go well. Or maybe, it went perfectly because instead of becoming a semi-reality television persona, I have become le SnackFace.

I hadn’t worn the pants in a year, so I was pumped they still fit:


They are a sweet potato away from not fitting, though. Whatevs.

Working it.

Wednesday evening consisted of me getting dressed in the above ‘fit, rolling over to Muffin’s, lounging in her bed, eating pretzel crisps and sipping vino. College and life, you are beautiful. A few hours later, I headed over to Manfriend’s for Mad Men, season three, disc one. It was marvelous.

This morning I rushed around mi casa and threw together the first thing that came to mind:

PB+J+banana. And plenty of black coffee.

As delicious as the PB+J+B sandwich was, I am currently starving for lunch. That’s bananas! (Are you sick of that yet?) It did not keep me full for long at all!

Another thing that’s been going bananas as of late has been my chin. It has been doing some funky things that neither MamaJ nor I have ever spied on my (snack) face. That means I am back on Proactiv:

It's the best for me.

Feels like home.

Anyway, sweet petunias, I am running off to meet Muffin for lunchoni. Have a FABULOUS afternoon! πŸ™‚

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: When is it time to let go of an item of clothing that simply doesn’t fit anymore? (I am in denial.) AND Where is Gwen Stefani? I need to stop referencing songs that aren’t fresh.


56 Responses to “This Sh!* Is Bananas”

  1. Loving the increased postage! I have a pair of pink pants that barely fit too. Considering I have to lie down to zip them up and therefore feel like sh!t every time I want to wear them, watermelon pink pants are tough to find, so I’m holding on.

    I still have so many clothes that I wore during my ED that no longer fit. I took all my really beautiful prom dresses and stuff to be let out, so I didn’t have to part with anything sentimental, but it still pains me to give away things like Rock and Republic jeans that I spent an absolute fortune on.

    Hope you have a wonderful day lovepie!

  2. I love the banana pants. And perhaps more so because you can wear skinny jeans, whereas I look like a stuffed sausage in them. I shall live vicariously through you.

  3. 3 Jenny

    Love the banana pants! I could never get away with yellow pants, but they work so well on you!

  4. hahaha Where is Gwen? Busy havin babes, perhaps? Either way, those banana pants are so cute on you, and that fortune is soo 1950s! Oh and that sandwich…nom.

  5. 5 Jenna

    Girl you are rockin those banana pants πŸ˜‰
    I used to use proactiv and it’s a miracle worker!!

  6. Hmm I think Gwen is off chasing her two kids around playgrounds or something? They are actually really adorable. And no worries because I love your throwback song references. And your yellow pants!!

    • 7 snackface

      Megan- I suppose you’re right. She’s allowed to be a normal human being and raise her kidlettes in peace and quiet.

  7. 8 Tracey

    I’ve been thinking about trying proactiv but haven’t made the leap yet. I used it one many years ago and it seemed to dry out my face. But I’m wondering if it would work now that I’m older and my skin has changed a bit.

    • 9 snackface

      Tracey- Proactiv has always made my skin a tad dry, but I still use a light moisturizer afterward. At night, I don’t use a moisturizer, but I need it before I put my face on! Proactiv now has an awesome green-tea moisturizer that I’ve been loving! (Whoah, I sound like an advertisement.)

  8. 10 Tia

    Cute ‘fits, although you would even look stunning in a potato sack. About the skin break outs…dairy boo! It f’s up the skin. Well, it does mine that’s why I have a love/hate relationship with it. Maybe reduce your intake temporarily and see if that’s the culprit?

    • 11 snackface

      Tia- Ahhh you could be so right about that! I think I’ve been consuming a lot more sugar/fried goodness/dairy/adult beverages than usual, which probably all have something to do with it. And whenever it gets warm, my skin freaks for a moment.

  9. 12 Coco

    Your post is bananas!!! but in a good way! I love it when I find something I haven’t worn in ages and it still fits!!! SCORE!
    Vino and pretzel thins are on my agenda as soon as I get off work at my internship!! Oh college life is correct!

  10. 13 Rachel

    Seriously loving the banana theme going on in this post. And the pants fit you perfectly, they’re like wearable sunshine (if that makes sense?).

    I say let go of an item when you 1. Know it’s too out of date and will never wear it again, you can donate it to a salvation army where a thrifty hipster may stumble upon it. 2. It’s too tight and squeezing your organs. 3. It’s too massive and hangs like a tent on you.

    Either way, by donating the old clothes, you’re giving it to someone who could potentially need it more but can’t afford it πŸ™‚

  11. 14 Meg

    Love the nanner pants πŸ™‚ I love nanners in general, actually. Sometimes I get little breakouts in odd places on my face at the beginning of the summer – maybe it’s the weather? They’ll probably disappear soon – and you’re probably the ONLY one who notices them!! πŸ™‚

  12. 15 Michelle

    My weight goes up and down so much that probably in 3 months I will fit into a whole different set of clothes. I had a dress that barely fit as in I had to take the shallowest breaths ever in it, and now its falling off. So I just don’t get rid of them.

  13. 16 Marcie

    Those yellow pants look 100x better on you now than the original photo….no need to fill up a pair of pants w/ qtip legs….fill ’em up with some muscle and curves! One time I got a pair of peach colored pants from Kmart that I had to have because somehow they had the wrong size tag in there and I just wanted them because it was about 6 sizes smaller than what I normally wear and everytime I took them off and saw the tag I was so happy. (yes my mom took me to Kmart)

    • 17 snackface

      Marcie- Thank you so much, doll! I have to admit that I was a bit anxious if anyone was going to say something about it, but I am so thankful for your positivity that you may have just made my day! πŸ™‚

  14. 18 Yana

    whenever you are ready to let go

  15. The season change really f-‘s up a lot. I am headachey and sneezy as well as a tad broken out. Summer where are youuuuu?

    Sometimes I buy things that barely fit, especially pants. For some reason I always fall in between the sizes and must choose between skin tight or way too baggy. have a fun afternoon chica!

  16. 20 Kerry

    does proactiv work for you? xx

  17. Hot banana pants!! Always look amazing, Kailey.

    When it doesn’t fit, let it go. Unless you’re trying to lose weight I guess? I’m not one to keep things around that are too small…wasted closet space for other cfabulosity!

  18. I have no specific guidelines as for when to toss out clothes, except for when they spontaneously split down your rear.
    That may or may not have happened to me last year while jumping on a trampoline. Ok, it did…
    The situation was made even more memorable by the fact I wasn’t wearing any undies.
    Don’t judge-undies make me feel claustrophobic! πŸ˜‰

  19. 23 dmcgirl37

    you look awesome in those pants girl! Love yellow, makes me so happy. It was my favorite color when I was lil!

    When to let go of clothes? ugh, considering I still have pants from when I was 15, Im not one to get rid of anything. I think holding onto old clothes that dont fit is unhealthy and you should just move on and learn embrace your body where it naturally wants to be. Now, I need to follow my own advice & get rid of somethings πŸ˜‰

    Have a good lunch ❀


  20. 24 azurejaymes

    I heart your banan pants! So fresh and sassy. I wish I could pull them off, but alas but short, thick legs would not do them justice.

    I hang onto clothes for incredibly too long. Speaking of, I really need to expunge my closet (aka my entire room) and get rid of stuff I don’t even wear. I always feel guilty getting rid of something barely worn, but then I know donating it is probably a better option than having it sit in my closet and collect dust bunnies.

    And I love Gwenie, regardless of where she’s hiding. Is she crankin’ out more super duper obnoxious dance hits with her Harajuku girls? Gosh, I hope so.

  21. 25 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    hahah boo that fortune- we are independent women πŸ™‚ love the pantalones!!! you look amazing, kailey.. i’m serious! like go try out for americas next top model pronto gorgeous =]
    & i had to get rid of my skinny skinny clothing recently– it was kinda hard but i just realized i shouldnt and wouldnt ever fit in them again.. soooo.. that was that.
    i use proactive too!

  22. 26 lindsey

    my chin is always where I break out if my face is against me. it’s annoying!! I should check that out as every other method of cleanser is not workin :/

  23. i love the banana pants and in my whole life will NEVER be able to wear yellow skinny jeans like that! my legs were just not builg like yours!

    you are prettier than those models on ATM, for serious

    hmm well for me its the other way around…I use to be a big chubster, so i had to throw out lots of my old clothes that swam on me! no problems with that!

  24. So glad to see the pantalones back in outfit circulation, as far as when to get rid of them, there are always means of altering these gems. if its really unsalvageable… buy a life size barbie and showcase the gems like the work of art they are. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO DONT GET RID OF THEM!!! future little snackfaces need these items as heirlooms… remember the bellbottom days? praise mamad for holding onto them when awkward retro phases come back to haunt us.
    Gwen-no joke, just asked my singer friend the same thing… she reminded me that she isn’t “just a girl”anymore… shes a mommy.

  25. 29 Anne

    Your skin always looks flawless in your pics, but If you’re breaking out on your chin or along your jawline, it’s usually an indication of something hormonal so if you’ve been stressed out, that time of the month, etc it could be causing that. I know because I’m constantly at the dermatologist trying to get that ish cleared. It’s so annoying!

  26. Girl you are ROCKING those pants!!! I’m not sure I could pull that off but on you… please. ANTM doesn’t know what they are missing…

  27. 31 Tay

    Your Boo. Tay. through me off since I immediately saw ‘Tay’. Don’t boo me!! πŸ˜‰ Those jeans still look like they fit to me!! You pull them off so well πŸ™‚

  28. LOVE the pants.


    and that sammie. PB+banana is never fail.


  29. Never! You can always do a little sewing and make something crafty and cute!

  30. I hate giving up clothes that don’t fit, but if I buy something new to replace it then that usually makes it easier πŸ™‚

  31. 35 Evan

    you look 100x better in them now, Kailey. i mean it!

    i definitely know what it’s like to contemplate the pros and cons of my own bootyliciousness. but every time i begin to doubt myself and long to fit into my own banana pants (my size 2 TopShop floral strapless romper,) i remember that being a healthy, sexy woman means having curves and not looking like an overgrown five year old. and then i remember how sick i got the last night i wore it because overgrown five year olds also can’t hold their alcohol very well. now i suit up in cleavage bearing grown-up clothes, take a shot and brush my shoulders off.


  32. 36 Ilana

    Doesnt it freak you out how much Gaga looks like Gwen when she wears red lipstick? For further evidence, watch “Telephone” and THEN watch Eve and Gwen doing Let Me Blow Ya Mind – I promise it will actually blow your mind (ok not actually but its like theyre practically the same story – it DID blow my mind)

    I ditch things if I havent worn them in over a year and they don’t fit (well…in theory. That doesn’t explain why I have so much shit in my closet). I have trouble letting go, but once or twice a year I go on a major purge and just get rid of like half my shit. I I recommend it. Purging feels good. Especially after a major upheaval (like when I finished school).

    I love the white sandals you’re rocking. I’m so in the mood to wear white – too bad tis not the time to be wearing white on the bottom, ya dig?

    Stay hot, girlie!

  33. 37 lisa

    ahh LOVE the PANTS! I have purple and pink pants, i always feel so different wearing them. like everyones like WOAH lookat her PANTS! in reality, they probably dont care, but, who cares πŸ™‚
    i so want your yellow ones tho- perfect shade of yellow too, soft and pretty and springy!!
    i miss gwen!! altho i liked no doubt better than just her solo songs (she did go solo, right?). i like the songs Im Just a Girl and Hey Baby. my favs!! πŸ™‚

  34. 38 stephanie

    Maybe your chin problems are a result of your manfriend? Sounds gross/creepy/whatever, but making out with my man, especially if he has stubble, screws up my skin

    • 39 snackface

      stephanie- Hahaha I’ve thought about that! Wow, you could be right!

  35. 40 Laura

    The banana pants actually look like they *do* fit you now; you were slightly rocking the baggy-clothing waif look in the first photo. Always beautiful, but a little scary skinny last year! Now you have the sort of figure that gets people on the cover of magazines. πŸ™‚ (Not on ANTM runways looking like their teeny stick legs are going to snap right off, while Tyra pulls weird facials and mouths “Fierce!” from the sidelines – I agree, you’re destined for much better things!).

  36. girl, i’m lovin those nanner pantalones, they look fa-boooo on you! sooo excited to see you posting extra lately, woooop!

  37. 42 D

    this isnt a negative comment all (before everyone jumps on it) but i just wanted to say something…

    you look fantastic in those pants, no question. but, did you need to dedicate half your post to writing about how you fit in them, how you used to fit in them, and how you are “one sweet potato” away from not fitting in them?! i completely understand your message, that it just doesn’t matter, but sometimes we DO think about how our clothes are too tight, and sometimes we DON’T like it. and thats ok! im not saying that you should be unhappy, because you look stunning, but if you were to be unhappy (at any point, ever…) it’s okay to admit it. i think that it’s okay to say, “even though im so glad im in a healthier place, and can rock these jeans, i freaked out a bit at first!” i think you have a wonderful, healthy attitude, but sometimes i feel like (in the blog world) everyone tries so hard to prove that they are 100% confident about everything, and that they can eat whatever/whenever and not feel an ounce of guilt. im definitely not saying we SHOULD feel guilt, but it’s natural and normal and doesnt mean that we are sucked back into the dark place! i ate an entire (yes, entire) container of hummus for dinner last night, and while i didnt feel guilty or bad or anything at all, sometimes i do sit and think “ehh maybe i shouldnt eat all this” or, “yeah totally stuffed myself, lets not do that again.” am i even making sense?! we can be bummed about things being tight, or about overdoing it, without it turning into a disordered thought. just my random thoughts!

    • 43 snackface

      D- You know, you’re right. I was all over the place! It was weird to have them be tight, but I knew they would be. And then I think I said the sweet potato thing to shield me from the possibility of someone commenting about how I should let them go or something. That definitely comes from a place of insecurity. Although, I thought my a$$ looked great in them… And about the food comment, I feel like that sometimes too. Like, oooh, maybe eating a box of cereal in 1 to 2 days shouldn’t be my norm. But then I don’t care to change it! Haha. Thanks so much for your honest perspective!

      • 44 D

        youre awesome for writing such a nice reply. im glad you didnt take it critically at all, because i love your blog and your attitude. i just wanted to say that we all have doubts or less than perfect thoughts occasionally, and we are no weaker for expressing them.

        also this is unrelated but i wanted to let you know that i feel your pain about the post-graduation job hunt. im graduating too, and i finally lined up an internship for right after, but my entire year was really stressful because of it. it WILL happen. i hope you have a fantastic last few weeks of college! i dont want it to end!

  38. You look great in those pants! I agree with the earlier comment that they look better now than a year ago. I just read back on that post about your ANTM audition. I’m sorry that you didn’t get it but I agree with you that I think its for the best. You’re right, those models never actually make it anyway. You are destined for big things.

  39. hold on to your hat… because gwen stefani is currently recording a new record with no doubt! can’t WAIT.

  40. Love the pants and the pb and j banana sandwich = serious yum! You look amazing lady! Oh, and I also have kept things that were old and maybe just too small…I seriously was TINY in high school and can’t believe it when I try them on! I don’t get upset though because I wasn’t even a WOMAN until college…

  41. 48 Gaby

    Hey girlie! Life has been super busy for me lately but I’m still reading and love getting updates on your life even more frequently now! I love clothing items like that because well….why the hell not stand out?!
    I’ve been dealing with hormonal issues and doctors again that not only have shown up on my face but in an inability to gain/ keep weight on, grrrrr! I want to be able to fit into banana pants as bootyliciously as you do! Who cares if they’re tight, they look great!
    I’ll continue getting my snackface on and keep my fingers crossed that can bring sexy back!

  42. 49 Katie

    I have a pair of jeans that are about 5 lbs. too small, but I CANNOT throw them away…they are my faves, and I still squeeze into them. πŸ™‚ Love your banana pants!

  43. i already told you this–but IN LOVE WITH YOUR YELLOW PANTS!!!!!! hollaaaa

  44. i really cannot believe you didn’t make it onto ANTM! i guess it wasn’t meant to be!

  45. Yellow pants = splits in your future tonight.

    I move clothes from closet -> tub under bed -> guest room dresser -> good will. I like to give the clothes the time to adjust leaving me.

  46. 53 Katherine: What About Summer?

    uh ya I’m still wearing the same jeans I had in middle school… I’m two semesters away from graduating college. don’t ask me about when to get rid of clothes… I love your colored jeans! I don’t know what color I could pull off but I’m thinking about a purchase. the yellow are great for you

    love bananas: peel down the left, peel down the right, peel down the middle and uh take a bite!

  47. 54 Jenny

    you already know how I feel about those pants — they are stunners for real and you look SEXY AS HELL in them!!!! You shine!! (literally and figuratively)

    p.s. Nichole totally beat me to the banana split joke. I missed the boat on that one.


  48. Hahahaha – loved the banana pants, Kailey!
    SnackfaceΒ΄s style is the real thang πŸ˜‰
    Love you, girl!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Brazilian XOXOΒ΄s,

  49. 56 Amy D

    I just started watching Mad Men season 1 & love it! Now suddenly I am really interested in the lives of 1960s women. Anyway, be easy on the spoilers, pretty please!

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