Aloha, loves! I feel that we’re growing closer in our relationship now that I’m posting more often. In real life, frequent visits often scare lovers away. In blog life, I’m hoping it does the opposite. This is becoming too personal.

Let’s talk food.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying some lovely, light lunchables as of late. Tuesday I was go-go-go, so I had to pack it up:

Chobe, lil' salad and a Z-Bar.

This salad was scrumptious:

Arugula and broccoli slaw topped with feta and Annie's roasted red pepper vinaigrette.

A word to the wise: Salads are not the quietest. Do not take them into the library. I mess up all the library rules. Not only do I crunch my way through salads, I also hold phone conversations. I’m horrible.

Today for lunch, I had a bit more time. I came home from a ferosh workout, showered and assembled this beaut:


In the mix: romaine, cucumber slices, chickpeas, feta, cracked pepper and Annie’s roasted red pepper vinaigrette. Absolutely amazing. Chickpeas and feta are made for each other:

That's all I need.

To cleanse the palette, I grabbed a Fooj:

Fuji= Fooj.

My evenings and late nights are often packed with snacks I rarely share. (HELLO rhyming.) Monday’s afternoon and evening snacklettes:

Fuji and Justin's Maple almond butter.

Vitatop with cottage cheese, cinnamon and sizzurp.

And thus far today:

PB+J cottage cheese with cinnamon and Cheerios.

Janetha, I know you’re cringing/gagging. I can’t help my love for the sweet cottage cheese concoctions.

I am starving right now. Starving might be a bit strong. But all I want are Stacy’s pita chips and Sabra. This, undoubtedly, would turn into my dinner should I buy them. When cravings like this hit, I more often than not drive to the nearest grocer to fulfill it. We’ll see how long I can hold out.

The plans for tonight are up in the air. Either going out with Banana or having a Mad Men-athon with Manfriend. (I’m not a boy so I cannot be your boyfriend, but if you want me to, then I can be yo Gucci Man.)

I’ll see you in the morning! So much love!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: Do you favor light or stick-to-you-ribs lunches? AND Do you follow library rules? Are you actually quiet? (Or am I just a bad citizen?) AND What’s your fave thing to do with cottage cheese? Mama’s open to ideas!


55 Responses to “Lunchables”

  1. Man friend! πŸ™‚

    Do you have a Magic Bullet? I used to blend cottage cheese with a splash of milk, stevia (well, actually it was splenda) and a few drops of vanilla and it would taste like cheesecake! You can put fruit, granola, whatever on it. I kinda miss it. I’m going to invent vegan cottage cheese. Watch me.

  2. Gah, I’m not a fan of cottage cheese at all! I’ve only tried it on crackers though and to be fair, I should give it another shot with something sweet.

    Ok, what does Gucci mean??? I work with high school students and they like to punch each other in the shoulder and then yell out Gucci. I’ve asked them about it, but no one can tell me what it means! Please help a girl out!

    • 3 snackface

      Bethany- Oh gosh, I have no idea! I know Gucci Mane is a rapper, and I know Gucci is a fabulous fashion house. I also know that in Gucci Mane’s music, he randomly shouts out “Gucci!” all the time. That has to be it!

      • Lol, thanks! I’ll have to listen to some of his music and maybe I’ll understand!

  3. i love that anytime someone eats sweet CC they say im probs gagging. and i am, but i love you anyway, no matter what. and i dig these frequent posts! youve been keeping me entertained at work today. wait, i am at work.. ok.. back to what i SHOULD be doing..

  4. I had a madmen-a-thon with my man on our honeymoon (in hotel bathrobes, of course). it was ohso romantic! I highly recommend it.

  5. 7 Jenny

    I like light lunches and snacking! And you should put green olives with pimentos in your cottage cheese – no joke, so good!

  6. I like light lunches much better – if I get too full, I am tired and want to hit the hay.

  7. 9 Tay

    I love sweet cottage cheese. I used to mix cinnamon & splenda in it – so good!! I also love to warm up a cinnamon baked apple and mix that in with sweet cottage cheese + more cinnamon + maple syrup. Or mixed into oats – it gets super creamy. YUM. On top of a baked potato! I also like it in lasagna in place of ricotta

  8. oooh i need to start watching madmen again. i hate how school interferes with tv shows! cottage chz and i have a weird relationship.. 1st i hated it, then loved it last summer, now i hate it again. I think i OD’d on it over the summer is why i cant touch it anymore lol. I used to sprinkle cinnamon and sugar in mine to make it taste perfecto

  9. nothing beats cottage cheese with chopped up apple and cinnamon. FAVORITE SNACK ALERT. true story: i started liking cottage chese because my dog ate it for breakfast. yes, my dog.

  10. 12 Sarah

    Mmm…cottage cheese! I haven’t had that in a while. I like mine best with berries (and maybe some cereal) mixed in. Nothing too creative here!

  11. 13 katie

    fav thing to do with cottage cheese?….throw it out!! lol jk eeeeeeeeeeeeeek i hate hate hate cc! like with a passion! id rather eat salty throw up. ok waaay tmi. thats what it reminds me of. anywho… i luv u!and im luving ur daily bloggage!

  12. 14 Jenny

    Baby now you’re just spoiling us with all this postage. A girl could get used to this!

    cottage cheese is going on my grocery list right this sec. I’ve been eating greek yog like it’s going out of style lately. Time to give another dairy source a fair shot, no?

    Later, hot mama. Love you forev!

  13. 15 maren

    ive always loved sweet cottage cheese more. kinda like yours. love it with peanut/almond butter and cinnamon. also good stirred into oats! i rarely buy it though, always forget about it. now ill have to go get some!

  14. I love the sweet cottage cheese thing! I feel like I;ve been eating it long before my bloggin days. My favorite is apricot jam mixed with CC spread on toast! Fantastic!

    It;s so nice to see you multiple times in one day! πŸ™‚ Hope you are having a lovely week girl.

  15. I’m obsessed with your blog! No big dea. πŸ˜‰
    Berries and cottage cheese are so great. Can’t go wrong with that! As far adding anything new, I’m out of ideas. Sorry!
    I usually try to stay quiet in the lib…usually.
    I love big salads for lunch! I love a crunch.

  16. at my college the levels of the library got quieter by floor so ir emember once studying on the 5th floor which is basically SILENT you would get looks if you popped open a can of soda or opened a granola was legit insane up there!

    i am obsessed with sweet cottage cheese concoctions toO! i eat it straight up with jam and pB out of the container….hey, one less dish for me to do!! πŸ™‚

    i like lighter lunches…i dont like to be FULL in the middle of the day esp if I still have to workout afterwards!

  17. 19 Katie

    Cottage cheese pancakes are so awesome…just add some oats or flour, a little protein powder, some baking powder…yum. I love the sweet concoctions, too.

    Also, I like big fat lunches. I am always so dang hungry when 11am rolls around. Some people might call that brunch, but I’m not into labels – my biggest meal is always at 11:30ish and I NEED it to stick to my ribs.

  18. 20 Michelle

    I usually just add apples, bananas or strawberries to cottage cheese.

  19. I was always such a spaz when eating in the library. You’d never think about how loud Luna Bar wrappers are until you’re sitting in a silent room surrounded by dozens of people trying to concentrate. Apples aren’t very good either – that first crunch is the worst because everyone turns their head and looks at the freak (aka me) eating an apple.

    I generally stick to light-ish lunches, or snackage throughout the day. There’s so much to be done during the day, so I don’t like to risk a heavy meal making me sluggish!

  20. 22 jess

    cottage cheese+potato=phenomenal. just sayin

  21. You MUST try whipped cottage cheese. And if you cannot find whipped cottage cheese, whip it yourself in the food processor. SO GOOD.

  22. 24 Stacey

    I usually eat my cottage cheese sweet as well but I’ve been doing some savory experiments lately. Cottage cheese + chick peas + dried mint (weird but I promise it works!) + some kind of vegetable (chopped carrots/cucumber) = mmm. It’s like a weird tzatziki (spelling, gah) or something.

    • 25 snackface

      Stacey- Ah! I almost made cottage cheese+chickpeas+Italian seasoning+cucumber+pepper this morning for my lunch, but I ran out of time. Sounds amazing!

  23. I’m a total grazer ALL DAY LONG. The only meal I like is breakfast.
    Otherwise I’m a snacker,grazer, go with the flow eater.
    I miss cottage cheese SO bad:(
    No more for me *sigh*
    Ummmm…libraries have RULES?!
    Uh-oh πŸ˜‰

    • 27 snackface

      Heather- I am so much like you in the grazing/SnackFacing department! After breakfast, I don’t really care for a solid “meal.” And by the dinner hours? Lately I’ve been horrible about eating an actual dinner!

  24. 28 lisa

    light lunches on days i dont workout after breakfast. normally because my breakfast is so filling im not all that hungry by lunch.
    if i workout after breakfast (meaning smaller breakfast), im gonna have an awesome lunch. on of my favs is apple, scrambled eggs with english muffin & some butter (all natural πŸ˜‰ ) , soemtimes a glass of moo juice or iced tea, and then a BIG sweet. like an all natural cinnamon bun or donut. sometimes a bit of peanut butter too.
    and then im usually hungry again 2 hours later. but thats how i roll 8)

    • 29 snackface

      lisa- Oh my gosh. Get out of my face with a cinnamon bun! Now I want one…or ten!

  25. 30 adrianna

    Cottage cheese and salsa. Sounds weird, but man alive- amazing!
    Btw, lovin the ‘up’ in posts πŸ™‚

  26. 31 julie

    i’m so glad you don’t peel your cukes before eating them. i always get bitched at for not doing that and leaving the crunch on there haha. so thank you for reassuring me that it’s normal πŸ˜‰

    i like an “in the middle” kind of lunch. filling but without food belly

  27. 32 Amanda

    cottage cheese and cous cous = sooooo amazing

  28. 33 Liza

    Kailey, just wanted to ask you a question about your oatmeal.

    Do you soak it in hot water and leave it in a tupperware overnight, or do you refrigerate it? πŸ™‚

    • 34 snackface

      Liza- When I eat my usual hot oats, there is no soaking involved. I merely throw it all in a pot in the morning and plop it over high heat, then stir away!

  29. I just can’t do the cottage thing…even before I was a vegan. I am not a fan of the lumpidy’s…mad men marathon sounds like my type of hang out sesh…have fun with the man friend…or banana!

  30. All your salads look delicious! It’s so much fun to eat food using that swirling turning slicers!

  31. 37 Linda

    Just found your blog and really like it. My fave thing to do with cottage cheese is salt and pepper it. simple, delicious eat it with a spoon.

  32. Cottage cheese with olives, yo! I have adored that combo for eons. Or, with raisins.

  33. Cottage cheese = sick in my mouth a bit. Sorry!

    Lunches. I tend to keep em light. Light enough that I am hungry for a big old snack (second lunch?) around four. I like to eat in pitter-patters all day long.

    Loving the more posting!

  34. Light lunch has to be a salad. Stick with ya has to be a PB + banana sandwich πŸ™‚ Cottage cheese with fruit is always good.

  35. I’m a light luncher so I can keep my tum open for the snackage that will inevitably occur two hours later. I’m a fan of salad beasts or PB sammies especially.

    Little secret: I’ve never studied in the NYU library. It’s huge and kind of creeps me out since several people have committed suicide in it. (My apologies for the morbidity). In high school I’d always try to sneak food in the library but would always get caught!

    Hope you have a wonderful day chica!!

    • 43 snackface

      Gabriela- I avoid the library whenever I can. I don’t like the energy/vibe in there!

  36. I like lunches to fill me up!

  37. I looove broccoli slaw. And your title totes reminded me of all those lunchables snack packs I used to bring to lunch as a kid…crackers and cheese, “pizzas” (that sauce was nastayyy), turkey and ..bread? – I dunno…but it brought me down (not so tasty) memory lane. I like middle of the road lunches…something filling that will get me to dinner. I like a heavier dinner just because I have a tendency to snacksnacksnack away at night.

    In the library – we have different floors where you can do different things…usually I follow the rules just cuz it’s not hard to stay on the 3rd floor in order to chat with your friends or on the phone – but I have been known to crunch away at lunch or dinner on the “quiet floor” – woooops.

    And I usually like cottage cheese straight up…just been how I grew up with it – but the other day Jenna (@ Eat, Live Run – though I’m sure you knew who I meant) put them in oats and I think that’s an awesome idea!!

    • 46 snackface

      Jil- Those little lunchables were the post title’s inspiration! MamaJ never bought them for us, and I was always jealous of kids who had them in their lunches. Little did I know that I was getting nourishment from my pb+j on whole wheat with carrots and a granola bar.

  38. 47 dmcgirl37

    O.k so I really like cottage cheese inside a flat out wrap with hot sauce and lots of pepper.. I know it sounds weird but I swear it’s tasty!!!!!

    Love when you post more often πŸ™‚

    Dana ❀

  39. I am definitely a light lunch kinda girl. Love yours! πŸ™‚
    I am SUCH a rule follower, and so of course I am quiet in libraries. But at the same time, I want to break all the rules and yell my head off, talk to strangers, and just be strange in general. So much more fun, don’t you agree? In libraries I keep it contained, but I admit that sometimes my crazy side comes out and I don’t care what the rules are. Can you say dancing in the middle of the road at midnight? Yep, I did this. So much for the sidewalks πŸ™‚

  40. 49 Lu

    You should try 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup strawberries (I like frozen) and 1/4 cup chocolate chips or carob chips. Divine. I have library issues too. I rarely quiet and I don’t like awkward silences. The arugula and broccoli salad looks amazing.

  41. I haven’t tried cottage cheese yet! Something about the look/texture of it turns me off… I’m a bit scared about what to expect haha!

    I’m always ravenous by the time lunch rolls around, so I like big hearty sandwiches for lunch! I’ve been coming around to the idea of salads for meals lately though. They gotta be filled with protein to keep me satisfied though! πŸ˜€

  42. Sunflower seed butter + cottage cheese + cinnamon + banana slices (+ granola/cereal) may just be the most delicious cc combo to date. Do it to it!!

    I also love the simplicity of apple slices dipped in cinnamon-y cottage cheese! I’ll probably have that with lunch today if not lata!

    Loving your constant posts–they’re so fun πŸ™‚
    Oh, and I may have only gone to the library one or two times this past semester–I just don’t dig it! I feel way more productive in the “study room” of my sorority house or even in my room if another roommate was working away on her own homework/studies–it’s comforting!!

    Love you boo!

  43. Long time reader, about to delurk this thang! πŸ™‚
    Oh man, best question ever. My favorite thing to do with cottage cheese, besides professing my love for it daily through song and dance, is to make one of these delicious breakfast wraps:
    You take a tortilla, put in some cottage cheese, a banana, some maple syrup and a little sprinkle sprank of granola and wrap it all up together and it will make you swoon. Seriously. It will change your life. Do it πŸ™‚

    • 53 snackface

      Mackenzie- Sprinkle sprank is my new favorite saying. GENIUS.

  44. I like light breakfast..big lunch and light dinner … Might as well eat most of your food mid day for optimal digestion πŸ™‚

  45. I have to be honest, I’m pretty sure that I hate cottage cheese even though I’ve never tried it. Some things you just know… πŸ™‚

    When I was in college, I used to get in trouble all the time for talking. We had a library nazi. For reals.

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