Treats and Tricks of Home


Hello, lovepies! Wow, I do not know how some bloggers post three times in a day. Mind you, I’ve written these three posts at 9am, 12pm and 12:30 am within one day, but that’s how I do. And that’s probably why I could not do this on the reg. I digress.

Whilst I was home this weekend, I enjoyed the treats and tricks that come with visits with the H-Unit. There were more treats than tricks, yet I’m still surprised at MamaJ’s trickster self. You’ll see.

During the week, I texted MamaJ: “Can we please have spaghetti/pasta with garlic bread when I come home?” Apparently, my wish was her command. Or something:

I am blessed.

Slowly melting parmesan atop MamaJ's pasta sauce. Mmmm.

I ate three pieces of garlic bread with dinner and one as a snack later. I told you, I really am just a carbie girl in a carbie world. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

I arose the next day (Sunday, I believe) wanting something fresh and crisp:

Fuji with drizzly peanut butter.

People often ask how I get such drizzly peanut butter (I’ve even received Facebook messages about this). This is all I do: Buy a jar of Kroger (or your local grocer) natural peanut butter (crunchy or creamy). Don’t refrigerate it. Spoon it over food. That’s it!

Aside from MamaJ’s hard-to-beat homemade foods, going to Cinci also means Panera is a mere drive away:

Whole-grain baguette with Greek salad and coffee.

I used one of the dressings. OK. And I used one for bread-dipping.

The combination of lettuce and black coffee played tricks on my stomach. Pain.

MamaJ and I played in Costco after our Panera lunch. Huge tubs of Sabra, giant bags of Stacy’s pita chips, packs of Chobani, large jars of L’il Critters… If I weren’t moving out of my Athens house in four weeks, these would be mine. Actually, who am I kidding? I could have dominated all that in two weeks! (Sans the gummy vitamins.)

Late in the evening, MamaJ made a feast of my dreams. It included my all-time favorites:

Tomato and mozzarella (AKA Caprese) salad.

Blackbean, chickpea, corn, onion and red pepper salad.

Now, what I’m about to say may be disheartening to some, as some of you may know my cheetahs. Though I enjoy sweet potatoes, my heart lies with the potato of my upbringing:

Russet, Yukon, Idaho...I love a pale potato.

I served myself a small plate to start, but really multiply the tomatoes by three and the potatoes by four:

That is hysterical to me. Oh, I also ate a whole pineapple throughout that night.

I was loving the potatoes, but something was off.

Me: “Mom, these are great, but they taste a bit saltier or something than normal.”

MamaJ: Silence

It was only after dinner, after I’d eaten half the entire serving dish of potatoes that my kind mother told me what was different about the potatoes. She used chicken broth to make them. That tricky little trickster.

But because tricks are for kids, I didn’t get my panties in a bunch over this. Hell, I ate a turkey sandwich a few weeks ago.

And really, at the end of the day, the treats far outweigh the tricks.

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: Have you ever eaten something that you thought was something else? Or you didn’t know what you were eating? Or there was some creepy ingredient someone told you about after the fact?


49 Responses to “Treats and Tricks of Home”

  1. 1 Michelle

    Your mama is awesome! I can’t wait to go home and eat my mom’s food. I started eating what I thought were cheese sticks and turned out to be Calamari. Well, there’s a first for everything including eating octopus.

  2. 2 Sara K

    Carbie girl in a carbie world! Love ittt…and garlic bread…oh yes! When I was younger we used to buy the garlic bread from costco that you put in the oven…ahh so delightfully fresh, hot, buttery, cheesy, and GARLICKY! The best! This is going to sound pretty gross- but I ate beef hearts once thinking it was just pieces of steak…it was at a super nice Peruvian restaurant and I thought it was delicious until my friends were like, “Wow you’re adventurous…” and I found out what it was- not gonna lie, I wouldn’t have touched them had I knew.
    Oh and also I used to love clam chowder but hated clams and my mom convinced me that was merely the name of the soup and that there were no actual clams in it…then I found the clams. And I stopped eating clam chowder. Should’ve known (then again this was all before age seven).

  3. Wow, nothing like some good ol’ home cooking! Why is food so much when it comes from a mother? I’m glad you could take the chicken broth with a large helping of humor! Those potatoes are pretty yummy looking though. I wonder if you could’ve resisted even if you knew about the broth beforehand? 😉

  4. My momma always plays that trick on me! It’s usually not on purpose though, just here omni-absent-mindedness 🙂 glad you enjoyed it my dear!

    P.S. Can you post this often every day? I almost feel like we’ve been hanging out ;).

  5. 5 Liza

    I’m enjoying your thrice-a-day blog posts! Your mother is hilarious. 😀 And I’ve been dying to Panera! Unfortunately my resources are limited here in the Philippines. 😦

    Btw, your mom whips up some kick-ass salads.


    I always beg her to make extra so I can freeze it and enjoy over the following week(s). Nothing beats home cookin! 🙂

    Kinda funny (in a non-vegan sorta way) about the chicken broth. Mamadukes is a trickster fo shizzz!!!

    Have a blast at home!!! XOXOXOX

  7. 7 K

    I had a similar thing happen to me not too long after I turned vegetarian. I was over at a friends house whose mother had kindly made me, and the other vegetarian present, a vegetable soup to supplement the meal. We both were quite intrigued by the flavour (and are both foodies) and so were asking her about the ingredients in it, when we learned that she had used chicken stock. Ooops… She had the best of intentions though, and I think that for meat eaters its so easy to overlook something like that.
    Hooray for mom cooking! I just got home and am looking forward to both mom cooking and cooking in moms kitchen with all sorts of ingredients at my disposal! That and a Costco trip, I lurve Costco faar too much!!

  8. 8 justjac

    I’ve definitely had my share of trying something (usually soup for some reason?!) just to find out it had chicken/beef broth in it. Lovin” the panera trip btw!! Looks like a fun weekend. There’s really nothing better than mom’s home cookin’, no?! 😀

  9. 9 May

    haha, if my mum did that, well, she wouldn’t be very close to me anymore. but she would never do that…or would she? GASP.

  10. 10 Sarah

    Mmmm…caprese salad. I still have some leftover from my grandmother’s 75th birthday party that I am planning to (try to) finish off today.

    As a vegetarian, I try to make the best choices I can in a given situation. Sometimes that means I do the best I can, and then I don’t ask. So I have probably eaten quite a few things that I would not choose to eat should I be the one cooking and shopping in that particular situation. (Did I make any sense right there? It is 6 in the morning, and I need to go make some coffee.)

  11. There is nothing like home cookin’! I rarely eat something that I am unaware of. In fact, I don’t think I ever have!

  12. I definitely share in your carb addiction. Your mom is a saint- that food looks fantastic!
    I don’t think I have eaten anything I am unaware of. I have fearless taste buds, so most times I know exactly what is in my food.

  13. I totally agree, you shouldn’t get your panties in a bunch about it. Restaurants use a lot of chicken broth, too. It’s a hard thing to monitor. If you want to try when you can, that’s cool, but if you also want to be blissfully ignorant on occasion and pretend like there isn’t chicken broth in the potatoes, that’s cool, too. That’s usually how I roll, though chicken broth hasn’t really appealed to me lately even if I pretend like it’s not there and I try to avoid it.

    Anyway! Glad you had such a nice weekend at home!

  14. 14 Katherine: What About Summer?

    I’m way too OCD to eat things without knowing what’s in them. or maybe just skeptical. ever since I was in fifth grade and my dad made a casserole of ground beef, cottage cheese and zucchini… there is no way to twist that into being good.

    unrelated; trick + treat made me think of Halloween and now I have an odd craving to dress up haha. I want a holiday…

    • 15 snackface

      Katherine- I didn’t even think about the Halloween factor until after I posted! OOPS!!! I’m all for costumes, though…

  15. I spent my whole life until age 16 eating Jello before figuring out what it was made of. Now I want to gag every time I think about all the animal cartilege I’ve eaten. On a different note, I avoided “red snapper” until I was 19 because when I was about 5 my brother told me it was snapping turtle. Imagine how dumb I looked sitting at sushi with a bunch of people, refusing to eat the turtle.

    We have several Sabra tubs in the fridge right now as well. It almost beats PB for eat-out-of-the-container-ability. Hope you have a wonderful day lovepie!!

  16. 17 Susan

    Haha I totes call up my Mama with requests for when I come home! Like “is there homemade jam in the fridge?” or “is that really good Thai place still open?”. Mamas always come through.

    The first time I had authentic kim chi, I didn’t know what made it “authentic” was the fact that it was left to sit out in the vinegar for a month! I wasn’t realy down with that.

    I second the above commenter – I want Halloween now! Love costume parties!

  17. I love summery salads like the caprese and bean salad!

    I once had lamb testicles as an amuse bouche at my fave restaurant and I didn’t find out til afterwards. They were surprisingly tasty! 😀

  18. 19 D

    OOoohh… Panera coffee and salad… I had that the last time I was in a real city and ended up with insane stomach cramps/desire to vomit. I didn’t let it dampen my shopping spirit of course… Interesting.

    I’d be upset if my mom threw in some chicken broth. Way unnecessary. But what’s done is done.

  19. 20 Julie

    You are way more laid back than me! I would have had a shit fit if one of my family members knowingly fed me something with chicken broth in it. The black bean salad looks amazing though!

  20. that dinner looks almost exactly as mine did last night! minus the tomato mozzarella salad which i will have tonight! swear i’m not copying 😉

    all looks delicious! gotta love panera and costco!

  21. 22 Kate

    When my friend and I were visiting her brother in Japan, we ate two meals that were pretty wild. The first was this rice dish (I ate two huge bowls) and later found out there were fish mixed in, still with their eyeballs intact. The other I thought was fish sushimi and ended up being raw HORSE!!! 😛

  22. 23 Jenny

    I love home cooking! But my mom makes dishes with HEAVY dairy and oil, which my stomach can’t take. I have to sit out for those:(

  23. my grandma made us lasagna once when i was little.. but little did i know until i bit into it that it was eggplant lasagna! when i was a youngin i hateddddd veggies and thought the eggplants looked like eels lol.

  24. caprese salads/sammies make me swoon. Last summer when i was in the hospital my aunt sent me some outrageously exensive aged balsamic and unfilitered organic EVOO from her trip to Italy as she knows about my love affair with EVOO (Ive been known to pour a few droplets on ice cream and one of the highlights of my life was an olive oil tasting i was able to attend). I blame my childhood summer days when I lived with my single mother who’s a nurse (meaning we didn’t exactly have the $ flowin in). We lived in a little cabin on the lake with a tiny veg garden. I think I owe my life to fresh caprese salads with tomatoes and basil picked from the garden-sometimes grilled, sometimes with a little onion, maybe cukes, always fresh mozz from a neighbors farm,but mostly pure and simply dressed with evoo, s+p, and possibly a drizz o balsamic (but that was a splurge). I didn’t know it at the time, but that salad mighthave saved my life for several summers as im not sure what else i would have eaten (although, the fresh grilled corn on the cob was pretty glorious). Now a days, i sometimes doll it up with some avocado-to die for. I think i even prefer it without the balsamic which, although i adore it, has the tendency to cut through the buttery-ness and fruitiness of a really good evoo. I love the mouth feel of the oil i got last summer (TWSS). Okay, while i could go on for hours, i should probably wrap this dramatic ode tocapreses up STAT. But not without thanking you for bringing back some glorious memories. Tears of gratefulness, m’love. Grazi.

  25. Eh, I will pretty much eat any weird things–organs, monkey facial skin, whatever. When I was twelve, though, I went to Venezuela with my dad and ordered a dish called “chicken of the tree”, which I assumed was just some kind pigeon. Turned out to be a lizard. But it tasted like chicken.

  26. I love it when you post this much!!!

    That wasn’t really nice for MamaJ to use chicken broth and not tell you but good for you for rolling with it! I don’t know that anyone has ever succeeded in tricking me to eat something (oh but they’ve tried) but I have served my meat eating husband venison and not told him that it wasn’t ground beef or turkey. He didn’t ask, I didn’t tell. (Not that I am a fan of killing poor little deer for food but in our area hunting is a big thing and someone gave it to us. I didn’t eat it myself and my husband was going to eat meat anyway so why not go with the free option since we are poor little newly(ish)weds?)

  27. 28 lo

    when i go home this weekend, all i wil want is panera. and i am damned sure that i’ll be getting it, when i come from the airport. gah greek salad is my fav…as is pasta with tomato sauce. or pasta in general. i could eat it all day. same with bread…now i am rambling and drooling. miss u lots boo.


    tell matty rich stud that deep dish is great and all, but st. louis style is where its at…im getting it this weekend fo sho!

  28. 29 ari

    i’m a vegan, and went to visit my grandma about a week ago. she made risotto and said that it was safe for me to eat. so i took a bite and it was DELICIOUS! i asked her how she made it and she said “i bought a box of risotto and threw it in a pot.” oh. so, i went to look at the ingredients and saw DEHYDRATED CHICKEN.
    ew. good thing i asked.

  29. i distinctly remember the night my mom tried to trick my brother and me — she made mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes! of course i knew, but my big brother just kept shoveling them in anyway. the best part is, now mashed cauliflower is in my top five favorite foods!

    • this is one part ofthe carbless craze that i just KNOW I’d fail. I know my taters far too well to be fooled into thinking cauliflower could ever be its clone. Dont get me wrong, i adore the crucifer… mashed, fried, roasted or dip vehicle. But it will never take the place of my beloved tot.

  30. ahhh that mamaj…sneaky lil’ lady. oh well – i always figure there are much worse things in the world than eating something you don’t normally eat. i had a similar experience with red meat when i was a vegetarian, and then i realized whateva – there is always going to be a next meal.

    and YES! i don’t know how peeps post 3x per day either. i feel like i would run out of things to say and become SO boring, ya know?

    i am soooooooo glad you had a fabby weekend with the fam, and i can’t wait to catch up more. and i am so with you on the drizzly PB – that is EXACTLY how i drizzle mine too. DON’T refrigerate it.

    happy wednesday love 🙂

  31. 33 Nicole G

    I’m loving this constant Snackface updates! Since I just finished school yesterday and am unemployed – its exciting to see my google reader pop up with your fab posts.

    I’ve totally been tricked before. When I was younger and still ate meat, one thing I could never bring myself to eat was lamb. I blame my father and his Greek traditions that roast a whole lamb on a huge skewer for Greek Easter. Way to traumatize a little kid! Well, when I was in Ireland I thought I was enjoying prime rib and halfway through the meal I found out it was lamb. I was horrified. Learned my lesson and now demand to know what I’m eating!

    Also, on a more fun note, when I was partying this weekend two of my guy friends totally tricked me into sipping straight vodka which I thought was water. The embarrassing thing was they got me TWICE. I thought the second drink was water to chase the vodka they had just tricked me into trying but alas they got me again. Definitely worse things to be fooled about! =)

    Nicole G

  32. 34 mamaj

    There is something about time………It passes too quickly. When my little Snackface is home I want to spend every waking minute with her. The thought of leaving the kitchen and going to the store one more time to get veg broth was selfishness not really trickery..OXOX

  33. 36 mamaj

    Veg broth will remain a staple in the pantry from this day forward.

    • mamaj… i adore you. care to adopt a third child? I share the same birthday as your eldest so birthdays would be easy. Plus, Im certainly no veg, so no extra marketing would need to be done to cater to my diet. Thanks MamaJ
      love always,
      Mary Ann xoxo

  34. 38 Sarah

    mmmm everything looks so good:)

    i also looooooove white potatoes and eat them all the time. i don’t care if the aren’t “healthy”…it is a vegetable still! i do eat sweet potatoes now as well but my heart is with the white ones!

  35. That food looks goooood.. my mom’s spaghetti is seriously my comfort food. With some garlic bread. Because you can’t have spaghetti without garlic bread, duh.

  36. 40 elleneatsbeats

    Garlic Bread yummmmmmm!

  37. I remember one birthday party when I was in elementary or middle school where we made totally disgusting combinations of different foods and dared each other to eat them – I don’t really know what the point was…not like you won anything. haha The eats look fab – and I haven’t been into Panera in forever, and I love that they use those bowls now!!

  38. 42 Jenna

    Great food while at home Kailey!

  39. 43 Lola

    Carbs are back into my life! and i think i actually LOST weight once i reintroduce them! fuck Atkins!

  40. What is the bean/corn salad recipe? I want to make it! It looks AMAZING!

    • 46 snackface

      Cassie- I’m not sure there’s an exact recipe but here’s what to do: combine 1 can black beans, 1 can chickpeas, 1 chopped red pepper, chopped red onion (however much you desire), handful corn (I’m bad with measurements, can’t you tell?) and drizzle with your favorite dressing. We use champagne vinaigrette and it is exquisite!

  41. Hee, hee – to answer your question, when I was little accidently spread crisco instead of cream cheese on a bagel! Not a pleasant surprise!

    • 48 snackface

      Ashley- Oh my gosh! That cracked me up. One of the best so far 🙂

  42. 49 Morgan McStravick

    I’m studying abroad in France right now and the other day I had to eat foie gras… duck liver! (Not too mention enough butter to make Paula Deane blush!)

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