Eat, Laugh, Love, Repeat


Hi beautiful people! I am feeling so much positivity from everyone this week that I cannot help but be in the best mood right now! Thank you!

I also like to attribute this bubbly mood to a pattern I’ve noticed in my past 24 hours: eat, laugh, love, repeat.

Last night, I met up with these two gorgeous loves:


It was the first time the three of us had been together in weeks! That’s too sad, ladies. We can’t let that happen while we’re here. I need as much of this as I can get:

Love in this club. And by club I mean grungy bar.

We seriously walked it out, talked it out and had a blast. Fun was had by all:

Banana and Moose. Although, I want to spell his name "Mousse" so badly.

Perhaps such a laugh-filled night led to my hysterical Thursday. Don’t you adore days when you find yourself laughing all day?

I’m sure the Laughing Cow in this morning’s omelette contributed, too. (My gawd, that was so cheesy. Oops! I did it again!):

Whoah, pattern overload.

One egg and two egg whites bubbled up over medium heat for a few minutes, and then I added a Laughing Cow wedge to the center before flipping. Topped with cracked pepper, ketchup and hot sauce, this was phenomenally delicious:


Super-charged with black coffee and protein, I quickly dressed for a day of classes:

What is this look? Casual collegiate? Sure.

Forever21 button-down, Forever21 shorts, Target sandals and Extyn Italia jacket (bought that in Italia four years ago!). A note about shorts: Do not be afraid to buy a size or two larger than you normally would. I wanted these to fit loosely, so I grabbed a pair a few notches larger than my norm. My thighs were too juicy for anything much smaller. Ya dig?

I galloped to English, talking to MamaJ the whole time. I will be going home Saturday afternoon because I miss the fam too much, and I should really take advantage of going home while I can. Who knows? Imma be a big city girl soon– I can feel it. (That’s me, putting that out there to the universe!)

Have I shared how much I love my English professor? Well, I do. He is like the literary/English-teacher version of Larry David. I spent a solid two hours giggling at his gestures and jokes. Wait, I don’t really giggle. I have an obnoxiously huge, loud laugh. I’m sure that scares you away from ever meeting me if you haven’t yet.

After class, I bounced to the library to catch up on some Ethics readings. I ate while I worked. Much like whistling while you twerk.

The sugary lunch:

Banana, bloob Chobe, Honey Graham Z-Bar.

I don’t really pay attention to my sugar intake, but I couldn’t help but notice that excluding the banana, I was already consuming 30+ grams of sugar. That’s a lot, right? I don’t even know anymore. I used to know all those facts like a crazy person, but I’ve left that in the past. And that’s where it shall stay!

My two hours with my fellow Southeast Ohio Mag peeps were awesome. We spent the whole time coming up with headlines for our issue’s stories. HYSTERICAL. All of mine related to musicals, rap and anything cheese-tastic. Not surprising.

Then, 90 minutes of Ethics rocked my world. OK, that’s not true, but I’m staying positive. I do sit next to PrinceDJ (Muffin’s man—the Muffin Man) during this class, and he always makes it amusing.

I visited THE Muffin in her office on my way home, and she looked as beautiful as ever.

When I returned to my love shack, I was ready for food! Roughage was in order:

Tempeh salad! Yums.

On the plate: romaine, baby greens, tomato, snap peas, crumbled tempeh, Annie’s Lite Gingerly dressing and Sabra blob. Please try the tempeh+hummus combo. It’s uber delicioso:

Sabra, my one and only. It's a mere $2.98 at Walmart!

For dessert, you know I had to dive into more of this:

PB+Choco Cheerios. A. Freaking. Mazing.

I’ve eaten. I’ve laughed. I’m about to leave and go love on my ladies. SO MUCH LOVE!

Ciao for now,


Snacklette: Do you make To-Do lists? If so, add this to the list: LIVE and LOVE yo life! I do this every day, and I swear it makes a difference!


77 Responses to “Eat, Laugh, Love, Repeat”

  1. definitely make to do lists! i loveee crossing things off.. it makes me feel like a big girl that i accomplished something lol. have a great night!

  2. I saw you tweet it today, and I totally wrote it on a post-it and stuck it on my comp!

  3. Face (mind if i call you face?),
    anyway, Snackfizzle, ive been doing a lot of thinking lately. Thinking as in stressing my non-existent/meatless balls off about the future. I read Eat Pray love when it first came out, and then again this winter (just to verify that the eat portion was my favorite). But I really needed your interpretation to inspire me to take the lessons from this gem and turn them into a reality. For you its NYC v. SF- for me its NYC vs. LA and im a friggin basketcase over it. I like to say its just this little matter of location, when in reality its all that the future holds that petrifies me. I guess what im getting at is that youre totally my mentor right now reminding me to just roll with the punches and live life to the max, which can only be done by eating, laughing, and loving constantly.

    • 4 snackface

      mary ann- Oh my goodness, YOU are amazing. We will not only get through this weird transition time, we will dominate. It’s going to be GRAND, whatever is next! xoxo

  4. 5 Andrea

    I think I’ve commented once or twice before, but I read often… anyway. Just wanted to say that I love your optimism, it is very inspiring πŸ™‚ You are fabulous.

    • 6 snackface

      Andrea- Wow, thank you so much! For some reason, you just brought some happiness tears to my eyes!

  5. 7 Katie

    I love it live and love yo life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    U bring happiness to my life when I read your blog!!!!!!!!!!!! U are just amazing, sweet, beautiful, and full of life !!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad you got to hang with your loves, you girls all look fab!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh chocolate cheerios are delish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fiance and i love those crack cheerios!!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful night girl!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This post made me smile. I love laughing!!! Laughing until you cry/your stomach hurts is one of the best things ever.

    The shorts tip was a good one, but your thighs being too juicy – no way lady, stop pulling our legs. πŸ™‚

    I’m a to-do list queen. I have so many lists going on at one time it’s a little crazy. I think I need a list to keep track of my lists.

  7. 9 Michelle

    I honestly have no idea how much sugar I intake, and thats pretty scary considering I have a love affair with fruit.

  8. 10 pnutty

    what kind of pb do you use??

  9. To do lists are the bane of my existence…but love the tip :)! There’s something so satisfying about checking stuff off, sometimes I even put real mundane little itty bitty things on there just to get that sense of accomplishment.
    Mmmm laughing cow cheesy omelette. Sounds delish.

  10. Your posts are so refreshing to read lady! I was having a much too long day and you brought some lightness to it! Thanks for some great words and ending on a good note. The hummus + tempeh is making its way into my life tomorrow!

  11. 13 Rachael

    I used to make to-do lists on random scraps of paper, which would, naturally, get lost and/or result in my sending out doctor’s bills with my grocery needs, household chores and bank deposit history etched on the back (for posterity). Now, I have a whole notebook – containment, at last.
    My boyfriend has a to-do list perpetually sticking out of his back pocket. I like to add my name to it from time to time πŸ™‚

  12. This post made me smile. I love laughing!!! Laughing until you cry/your stomach hurts is one of the best things ever.

    The shorts tip was a good one, but your thighs being too juicy – no way lady, stop pulling our legs. πŸ™‚

    I’m a to-do list queen. I have so many lists going on at one time it’s a little crazy. I think I need a list to keep track of my lists.

    PS I made a boo boo and posted under my work account (email and website) Can you delete that one??

  13. YES YES YES. i think i also wrote that on my last post. i don’t even care because big things ARE coming. the universe is so waiting for the perfect time to present all the fabulousness and wondrousness that is in store for you.

    loves the jacket.

    loves the sugary meal.

    loves muff + banan.

    loves you.

    hells to the yah for the weekend. it is upon us.


  14. 16 highonhealthy

    Whenever it comes to my sugar intake I never even bother to consider fruit. It’s way too good for peeps to even consider worrying about. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as too much fruit.

    I kind of make a lot of to-do lists.. but they honestly help me! Without them I wouldn’t get very much done besides blogging. πŸ˜‰

  15. 17 Rachel

    I’ve been creeping around your blog for the last few months and am just now getting around to commenting! Reading your entries is always such a hoot; there’s nothing I love more than witty sarcastic chicas (except maybe witty sarcastic attractive gentlemen) and you most definitely fit the bill. Love that. I’ve been out of college for several years now but distinctly remember those fun/nerve-wracking last few weeks of trying to figure out your life but still having as much fun as you possibly can. You seem like an incredibly talented woman and I just know you have big exciting things coming. Enjoy the ride!

  16. Thank you for such a positive post! πŸ˜€

    I’ve been so tightly wound this past year and this post just makes me want to let loose and laugh and enjoy life this summer! Cause that’s what living is really all about, right?

  17. This post was like a little ray of sunshine in my evening…I love just the thought of laughing all Thursday. I need to add a little living to my May to do list, for sure. Thank you for the reminder love!!

    I had a tempeh salad for dinner tonight too. Rocked my world πŸ™‚

  18. 20 dmcgirl37

    You and your girls are so cute together πŸ™‚

    Love your to do list. #1 love life. LOVE it! I make to do list and am going to put this on it everyday to remind myself. I think it will be a good positive change for me. Love how much you radiate joy

    Dana ❀

  19. 21 Bec

    Love Cheerios and PB they are amazing!!!!!!!! Also I am a HUGE to do list girl, I love making goals and getting things done!

  20. 22 ari

    i love the visual imagery of you that i get when you say things like “galloped” and “bounced”. makes my day.

  21. I am a chronic list maker!! Life just seems simpler in a list!

  22. 24 Kara

    You eat tempeh plain?! I salute your taste buds because I just can’t handle that taste. Though I can definitely handle the yummy hummus on your salad.

  23. Baby doll, I’m so glad you’re doing better…you always deserve to eat, live, laugh and love in every degree of your life.

    hugs! have a great night w/ your lovessss!

  24. 26 Katie

    I make a crap ton of to do lists! Crazy!!!

    Love this post – looks like you had a lovely time with great friends! And, I love chocolate cheerios! Add sunbutter and dried cranberries and some kix cereal in the mix and you’ve got yourself a bowl of peanut butter capn crunch…almost. πŸ˜‰

  25. My to-do list is my life blood. I make one every single frackin’ day and carry it around like my third child. Today I practically turned a cartwheel in the grocery store because my favorite brand of to-do list writing pens were on sale for BYGOF. I’m such a huge nerd.

    Can I come to English class with you? I in love with your professor.

    Happy Friday, beautiful!!!

  26. 28 jess
    if you dont mind me sayin so-you eat a shitload. you gotta halve the portions to be a model girl πŸ˜‰

    • 29 snackface

      jess- Thanks for the blog props. And I know I eat a lot! However, I have eaten significantly less in the past, been tens of pounds lighter, was unhealthy and I really don’t want to go back. Also, I have no model aspirations at the moment. Even if I did, I would try my damndest to model at the size I am now. I think there are ridiculously tough standards out there. I am not a clothes hanger. Been there, done that. Never again.

      • 30 Lyss

        i’m sorry, what pictures are you looking at? because i’m pretty sure if she “halved” that lunch she’d be starving herself. what in the world would motivate you to leave a comment like this?

        also, if i looked half as good as kail i’d walk around naked 24/7. just sayin’.

    • whoa…kailey fuels herself perfectly, and i don’t think halving portions is the way to be a model. being healthy, being yourself and staying true to who she is is going to make her a model…if she so chooses!

    • 32 Jenny

      Oh Jess Jess Jess, tell me you were joking, please, just tell me you were joking – because seriously? I can’t even fathom that someone would really tell another girl to “half her portions” in order to be a model – especially when that girl is as gorgeous and healthy as Snackface. You’ve got nerve, girl, a lotta nerve.

      LOVE YOU K!!!!! xoxo

    • 33 alex

      LOL WHAT???????? uhhh bad joke, if that was one.

    • 34 Anica

      oh NO you didnt!

      Kailey, keep doing what your doing by showing the world the what healthy eating is!!! Half the portions? NO WAY!

    • Just because you put “If you don’t mind me sayin” in front of something doesn’t mean you can say whatever the hell you want.
      And what gives you the right to tell anyone they “eat a shitload”? Even if you are some high fashion professional model making tons of $ (which I’m guessing you’re not), what gives you the right to go around criticizing someone, in particular someone who’s career isn’t currently modeling?
      Really?!….I mean, really?!?!
      As a former anorexic model, I can say that not all models are anorexic. My body isn’t naturally that way and I forced it to be. Now I’m tenssss of pounds heavier, and I ran 16 miles yesterday. I’m an athlete and couldn’t be happier.
      Oh, and I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but you’re a complete bitch πŸ˜‰

      And Kailey – you are a SEXY MAMA and don’t you forget it πŸ™‚

    • WTH? These portions are no where near large…

    • Eh jealously is a BITCH. Makes you say and so pathetic things. Some day you’ll grow up πŸ™‚

      Kailey doll, if YOU eat a shitload then call me the next Octomom πŸ˜‰ LOVE YOU

    • 40 Ariel

      Why on earth would you say such a thing? I can’t tell whether this is an innocent joke or a malicious comment in the guise of a joke– hopefully it is the former. Assuming that you meant this innocently, you have got to learn that this sort of comment is completely inappropriate and damaging, not to mention that what you are saying is in no way true. Many women are very sensitive to this sort of comment, especially those of us who have struggled with food in the past, and would be led to question their eating habits in an unhealthy way. Fortunately, Kailey has the self-confidence to know that she is fierce and she has a wonderfully healthy relationship with food that you should aspire to!

      This comment reminded me of Gena’s recent post about dealing with unwanted body commentary:

  27. 41 fi

    I make to do lists if i know im going to be able to do the things on it because i lurve ticking things off, but if its too long i turn into a stress bunny! this message of this post was so nice to wake up , especially as I am studying like a mad chick for exams right now! You’re so right, live and love the life u have (it makes the day easier!).

    p.s-youve inspired me to want to try tempeh?! πŸ™‚

  28. 42 Little Bookworm

    Love the postitive attitude in this post Kailey! πŸ˜€ It’s really inspiring! Great suggestion to add live and love your life to to-do lists.

  29. mmmm the chocolate cheerios with PB is killin me…in a good way πŸ™‚

    and the shorts?! done and done…i always go up a few sizes with shorts, I dont want them fitting tight on my thighs like jeans, and whats up with shorts these days being daisy duke short?? I have trouble finding ones that cover my rear…anywways, yes I always go up at least one size!!

    tempeh…wish i liked it…just cant get my mouth to like the flavors for some reason…but sabra on the other hand, ill make up for my lack of tempeh with double the sabra πŸ˜‰

  30. Love that ‘fit! And great tip about the shorts. I am just realizing it is OK to wear a couple sizes bigger in shorts so they don’t cut off your legs like a sausage link. I used to not wear them, because god forbid I wore a bigger size… but then I realized- size is just a NUMBER!

    I make tons of to-do lists… I love that you add that to your list, I will do it today!!


  31. HOLLER for the return of SnackPositivity!

    HUGE to-do list person over here. I’ll have to implement your suggested tasks. πŸ™‚

  32. 46 Jenna

    I am such a to do lost girl πŸ˜‰
    glad you are living it up!!

  33. 47 Nancy

    I know this is totally random, and maybe you get it all the time – I don’t know. But HOLY gorgeous skin!! Do you use some shimmery powder on your cheeks/temples or what? I need to know every detail of your makeup routine. Please? πŸ™‚

  34. 48 Rachel

    I tend to get concerned about my sugar intake as well, especially on days when i have classes since the most portable things i can bring are bars and fruit. i try to balance it out by not eating sweetened cereal on those days (although kashi really isn’t high in sugar at all)

    or can we just make up an excuse and say that the sugar is making us sweeter?? πŸ˜‰ and whenever someone writes “bloob” i read it as “boob”, cannot explain that.

  35. 49 Susan

    Love your ‘fit. And I’m totally the same way with shorts. I hate it when you sit down and the legs of the shorts cut off your circulation.

    I’m a big fan of to-do lists! otherwise I’d never stay on task.

  36. 50 Amy D

    I applaud your ability to coax eggs into something so beautiful! I lack the ability to make an omelet or anything that looks remotely close to an omelet expect for a frittata. Seemingly, every time I attempt an omelet it turns into scrambled eggs that are more cooked on one side than the other. Nonetheless, Laughing Cow is delightful in/on eggs! So creamy!

    btw, you outfit was way cute, way casual. I would say it looks like you were tourist-chic if your surroundings were a bit more foreign. I love that your not afraid to mix up & admit to budget items (Wal-Mart & Target) w/ more high end items like your funky jacket from Italia. But, hell, in college whats a girl gonna do? I just commend your ability to own it so well. πŸ™‚

  37. 51 Ilana

    Yes I love that outfit. I really thought I was the only one who bought bigger shorts – a few years ago the Gap had these ones with drawstring waists and I was in heaven I bought like three pairs! You truly are awesome missy. When’s the magazine comin’ out? Can I preorder? ❀

  38. 52 SueP

    Frequent reader – seldom-commenter de-lurking to say:
    Kailey, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as determined to look at the glass half-full as you are. You’re teaching this old dog new tricks. It’s inspiring, to say the least!

    I do hope you end up back in SF, as that is near my home-town of Pacifica (just down the coast, doll..check out the beaches there…) and I have an uber-soft spot for it.

    Have a great weekend!

  39. I really need to try the chocolate cheerios, yummy!!! They should make PB cheerios too haha. You always look like you are having so much fun!

  40. I love your posts! They are always hysterical and absolutely make my day!
    Ahhh ethics… I miss you. Not really.
    I’m loving how much you are loving life right now!!! You have the right idea..

  41. 1. That salad looks bomb.
    2. You girls look so cute!
    3. My dad’s nickname in college was totes “Moose” – hah!
    4. When I first saw: Eat, Laugh, Love, Repeat – I instinctively added “Lather” to that line-up…shampoo shopping yesterday obvs still on the mind.
    5. I totally make to do lists and I agree – living and loving should always be on them!!

  42. 56 Anica

    You should try Siracha sauce if you haven’t already! It is soo addicting!
    I dont make enough lists to keep me organized, maybe that will be my goal from now now haha!

  43. You girls are so beautiful!
    I always make to-do lists, I just love putting all my stuff on paper, scheduling it etc. It makes me feel less anxious about all the stuff I have to do

  44. 58 kirsten

    you girls are gorgeous!!!

  45. 59 Alli

    How do you prepare you tempeh, did you just crumble it up plain on your salad ? I finally got around to buying some and am wondering the best way to prepare it.

    Thanks !

    • 60 snackface

      Alli- Hi love! I merely crumble it plain! Another delicious way to eat tempeh is to bake it at 450* for 15-20 minutes. If you cut it into fry shapes first, you will have a fab, crunchy, yummy, dippable tempeh fry.

  46. i stopped making daily to do lists and just make a weekly “do or die so i don’t freak out list” (seriously). helps me calm my neuroses (girl i got MANY).

    AMEN to the laughign advice – if i don’t laugh at least three times a day, i automatically know it’s been a poopy one. live it up, girl.

  47. Love to do lists. Love adding things to my lists that I have already done just to feel better about my life. πŸ™‚ But LIVING and LOVING are constants!!!

  48. 63 Anna

    I always buy my shorts on the big side, too – there’s no need to have them uncomfortable tight and showing off too much thigh. These legs were made for running and yoga, not for getting squeezed to death in a pair of cutoffs.

  49. You are super stunning and always an inspiration!

  50. Love this post. I think I’m gonna laugh extra hard this weekend πŸ˜‰
    Awesome tip to add that to the ol’ to-do list!

  51. 66 Tara

    Snackface Rap

    Now, I aint no weezy, I aint no Dre
    But babygurl believe what I say
    You’re the snack of the face
    Or maybe the face of the snack
    But Kailey baby, you’re much more than that
    You rock dem shorts
    And you rock dem tops
    Lil K, you love your hip hop!
    You bounce and gallop around yo’ school
    A hot lil mama like you makes me feel like a tool!
    Cuz you eat your veggies and your treats too
    You don’t count your calories and you don’t count your carbs
    Activities like that are just plain ruh-tard
    Crazy b*tche$ may cut their portions in half
    But my homegurl snacky aint down with that
    She’s got them legs so long and lean
    They make me melt like coconut ice cream
    Her booty is poppin but not too thick
    Just a sign that she’s healthy and not sick
    Her skin glows like I could not believe
    Boyz betta get down on their knees
    And worship the goddess known as Kailey
    Now I gotta cut this short cuz there’s too much to say
    About a girl who snacks but stays fierce er’day!
    Do yo thing snacky snack
    Never quit
    And never look back!

    ❀ ❀ ❀

  52. 67 jess

    you girls are so funny. my comment was drippin in sarcasm! that was a experiment to see how the latent disordered eating still and does exist by the way you all reacted. I cant believe anyone other than jenny, maybe, perceived it a joke lol
    kailey, I do like your blog. but girl you should double your portion size. you eat like you’re 4’10! haha

    • 68 snackface

      jess- In that case, I suppose I do appreciate the humor. Please know that I have tried to make it clear from day one that I never include everything I eat. Anytime cereal is presented? Presume that’s refilled at least two or three times. ANYWAY, here’s something ALL can appreciate: I got made fun of tonight by a male for going into BP, buying Wheat Thins and walking home by myself. Yes, he directly made fun of me. EFF that!!!

  53. oh myy I want chocolate cheerios!! why have I never seen them in stores before?? prob cuz I’m in canada =( I think I really need to move to the states just for the food.
    I love to do lists! they make me feel productive when I get to cross things off haha.
    have fun this weeekend and visit my blog if you get a chance =)

  54. 70 Katherine: What About Summer?

    no such thing as pattern overload!
    I think your tablecloth and flatware are adorable

  55. i think you have found the key to happiness in those four words haha! but really its true πŸ™‚
    pb chocolate cheerio combo looks delicious kailey!! best dessert (or breakfast haha) hands down!

  56. I’m adding this to my to-do list! Great idea.

  57. 73 lisa

    why on EARTH would anyone make fun of you for buying wheat thins? haha i’ll never understand boys.ever.
    i might be the only one NOT obsessed with chocolate cherrios! i hate to admit it, but i tried them plain, and they were too “airy” for me. i felt like i was eating chocolate covered “air”. altho it was sweet hahah
    i think im gonna give it another shot with some pb- that just looks soooo dang GOOD!

  58. 74 Hayley

    Mmmm, your cereal. Have you ever had peanut butter on an oreo? (or maybe an organic Newman-O?) Divine. And adding loving life to a to do list is just another reason I keep reading your blog… nothing brings you down, and it is seriously inspiring!

  59. You always look like you have so much fun when you go out!! You guys know how to live it upppp πŸ™‚
    & I love eggs with Ketchup… and your outfit, Forever 21 is my favvvv

  60. 76 Lola

    What a wonderful to-do list πŸ˜€

  61. ahhm, i adore your blog, food, ie life in general! i definitely modeled a salad lunch after you the other day ha! and had tempeh for the first time, have got to say, this did not disappoint me one bit!

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