One Step at a Time


Hello, sweet petunias! Thank you for all the advice and lovely support. Headaches are a huge pain in the rump (and, well, head).

Today, though, was significantly better. First off, I woke up to a delicioso breakfast:

Overnight oats and Koffee!

In the bowl: 1/3 C vanilla Chobani, 1/3 C oats, 1/3 C water, 1/2 banana and cinnamon. They got busy all night, made a creamy, dreamy lovechild and joined some crunchy peanut butter for a totally naughty good time. Gasms:


Like thick batter. Yum city.

After a banging breakfast like that, I had no idea the morning would or could get better.

I received a call from a major publication. For a moment, there was a possible interview, but a schedule conflict cancelled it (damn you, graduation!). Now, I know I could see this as a setback, but honestly, I think it’s a fabulous sign.

As Jordin Sparks so aptly sings, we get there one step at a time. There’s no need to rush. It’s gonna happen when it’s supposed to happen.

Everything that you’ve dreamed of, close enough for you to taste, but you just can’t touch.

Perhaps I’m a cheese ball (one of those orange ones rolled in sliced almonds, precisely), but that aside, I truly do believe–no, I feel– that I am THISCLOSE to knowing what will be next. Yes, Jordin, I can taste it, but I just can’t touch it yet. It’s almost time.

Faith restored, I grabbed the rest of the day by the meatless balls and had a fabulous time.

Theatahhh was theatahhh. The gym, however, was glorious. With a fresh, shiny Glamour in tow, I dominated the elliptical for 50 minutes of intervals. It was the sweatiest 50 minutes of my 22-year-old life. I followed that with some major weights. Getting jacked, yo.

I bopped home, and by the time I’d showered, I was shaking for grub. With unsteady hands, I threw together my favorite kind of lunch:

Snackalicious definition make them boys go loco.

On the plate: Morningstar Chik’n patty, Back to Nature Poppy Thyme Snack(Face) crackas, carrot, half an apple, cucumber slices and Sabra+mustard for dipping. All the flavors and textures made this absolute perfection to me:

Oh, that's just my love, light mayo, on that fake chicken patty.

I spent an hour or so after lunch glamming up. Glamming up consists of applying self-tanner, waiting in the nude for said self-tanner to dry, putting my face on, trying on three outfits and going with the first one. Usual girl things.

A bossy outfit can make your day. I promise you that. You will feel unstoppable, and therefore, your day will be fabulous. It’s science. Fashion science (I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, either):

Cream jacqueta, layered tops, black skirt, leopard ballet flats.

Me, flashing you. Where are my beads?

I took my sassafrass a$$ uptown to visit Muffin. Who did I run into on my way other than the utterly gorgeous Banana?! I hadn’t seen my pookster in weeks! We spent forever catching up, and Muffin could chat only for a moment. Homegirl was crazy busy at work! Guess that happens when you are the top diva at the university newspaper.

Later, I walked to Donkey Coffee for its coconut rooibos tea and to read. Divine:

Loopy fiction and organic leaves.

OK, you know me. I could not go to the coffee shop without getting some shoog:

Ate half the vegan lemon poppyseed cookie.

My head started pounding so hard that I couldn’t read anymore. Whilst I was walking home, I heard someone shout, “Harless!” at me. Man Friend caught me uptown, so we chatted and he drove me home. Score.

I popped some sinus pills as soon as I got home, and then got to snacking:

I'm sending you not-very-subliminal messages.

Chocolate Cheerios with cold vanilla almond milk and crunchy peanut butter. I was stuck on the sugar train and I was not getting off anytime soon. When the sweetness is that good, why not? And I think there were some whole grains in there!

I also had the other half of my lunchtime apple. You don’t really need to know that, but I’m in a chatty mood, so why not.

Any-Weezy (F. Baby), I believe I am meeting up with my ladies this evening for some relaxation. Or dancing. Or gabbing. Or all of it. Who knows? I’m taking it one step at a time.

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: Do you take things one step at a time or do you get ahead of yourself? AND What’s your favorite sugary delicacy?


62 Responses to “One Step at a Time”

  1. 1 Lauren

    That’s great that you got a call back and I am sure they will be willing to work with your schedule. Graduation is definitely a valid excuse. You must obtain that degree before you can obtain that dream job right?!!? šŸ™‚

    Hope you are enjoying your night girl.

  2. I must try these chocolate cheerios that everyone is talking about! I attempt to take to things one step at a time, but am usually too impatient to do that.

  3. Oh gosh, I get ahead of myself WAY to easily. I need to learn to breathe and just live in the moment.. because NOW is so beautiful in all its glory. The future is great but it’ll come in its own time.

    So I guess the manfriend didn’t fall off the face of the earth after all? šŸ˜‰

    • 4 snackface

      theprocessofhealing- Hahaha no he didn’t! Shocking. He’s been working on some huge grad student project thing. I suppose I can’t comprehend people not being as attached to communication as I am! I mean, it is my major.

      • Haha well I’m glad to hear all is well with him! And I know what you mean.. my phone is like permanently ATTACHED to me!

    • LOVE that you’re using “Manfriend”. Let’s make it more mainstream. “Boy”friend is so high school. HA.

  4. 7 Jenny

    timeout. almond crusted cheeseballs? snackie say whaaa? gimme ‘dos!

    woo-freakin-hoo on the interview opportunity, lovepie! I think that’s a true tell sign that AMAZE things are to come!! Your optimism makes my soul smile šŸ™‚

    p.s. eat pray love is a masterpiece. I’ve read it four times. Numero cinco will commence this summer/

    enjoy your night with the ladayz! LOVE YOU PUDDING!!!!!

  5. 8 dmcgirl37

    I always get way ahead of myself! I think taking things one step at a time would be lovely for me. I wouldnt worry about getting a job if I were you, I think you’ll land something right away! You write wonderfully, have an awesome personality (from what I can tell), and definitely have a flare for fashion! Im sure you’ll find a job in NO time!

    Favorite sweet?hmm cookies ā¤


  6. I definitely need to start adopting your mindset because – I’ll admit it – I can be quite impatient. I just graduated in December, and I’m already feeling discontent with my life/career/everything. I need to keep reminding myself that I’m a lot better off than most recent college grads (heck, at least I had a job waiting for me), and there is still PLENTY of time to accomplish what I want to accomplish in life! Sure, I thought I’d be a multi-millionaire and married to Bradley Cooper by age 23, but I can wait another year or two for that šŸ˜‰

  7. 10 Jenna

    Totally agree with one step at a time šŸ˜‰

  8. 11 Jenny

    I find job hunting to be a process I want to speed through sometimes, and I love any and all sugars:) those cookies are the bomb!

  9. Yay for a call!! That’s awesome and totally is only a sign of amazeballs things to come!!

  10. Love. That. Outfit. If all else fails, feel free to move in with me in NYC this year and be my stylist šŸ™‚ Awesome about the phone call though- you’ll get something awesome, I know it!

    I definitely get WAYYY ahead of myself, and then never accomplish anything, especially when it comes to school. I’m always focused on what I have to do next, instead of what I should be doing right now…bad. It always seems to come together in the end, though!

    Favorite sugary treat is definitely frosting. I could eat an entire jar or cake full of it, and be happy!

  11. 14 Sana

    Yaya! You found Manfrienddd!!

  12. I was 100% following you about the fashion science… tots agree. an outfit can make or break a day! i love when all the “chemistry” comes together!! šŸ™‚
    best of luck with your job hunt!

  13. 16 Kilee

    I usually write everything out and tackle my to-do list like nobody’s business. As for the sweet treats – too many to count! I would say that coconut macaroons are pretty high up there. Good luck with everything and hopefully the headaches will pass soon!

  14. 17 Michelle

    I’m all about the self-tanner. I’m such a pale girl I need some color so that I don’t look dead!

  15. 18 Ellie

    this isn’t about anything sugary, but like you, i am in love with snack plates! i usually have at least one a day for a meal..i just had a great one that i wanted to share with ya:)
    baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, steamed broccoli, tofurkey with LC light (surprisingly good!!), 1/5 of an avocado, and hummus! enjoy!

    • 19 snackface

      Ellie- We are meant for each other, food-wise at least. AMAZING snack plate!

  16. 20 lisa

    hahaha your whole “typical girl things” pretty much sums my life. I pick out an outfit the night before stressing about what to wear, iw ake up the next morning put it on, HATE IT, try 4 other things, then decide maybe the first one looked good, put it on, LOVE IT, and epic waste of 20-30 minutesof my life right there. *sigh*
    meanwhile our male counterparts, roll out of bed, pick up something thats clean, grab a poptart, and head out the door. of course im generalizing, but I BET its true for at least some guys!!
    sugar fix- i really like these Fit & Delicious donuts by Simply Scrumptous. Cakey and fat free, they sound ike they wouldnt taste good but tthere amazeeee. sweet with yummy icing. gahh.

    • 21 snackface

      lisa- Oooh I want me some Fit + Delicious donuts! Those sound exquisite!

  17. 22 Amanda @ HopeHasAPlace

    Haha, I totally love this post! It definitely made me smile!

    First of all, CONGRATS on the phone call! That really is a huge step forward. I’m excited to read what happens… speaking of which, Eat Pray Love is a fabulous book, one of my faves for sure. How are you enjoying it? and I’ve heard good things about the Crying of Lot 49, but haven’t read it. What do you think?

    Bangin’ outfit and snackage, by the way. Your overnight oats certainly do look mouth-gastic… and lemon poppyseed cookies and chocolate cheerios? Where have you been all my life?? My sweet treats are usually cereal or Zbars, which are a recent addiction I should probably break!

    I’ve got to practice one-step-at-a-time. I tend to let myself get overwhelmed.

    PS What self-tanner do you recommend?
    PPS I love the names you use for your friends! šŸ™‚

    • 23 snackface

      Amanda- So, I’ve read Eat, Pray, Love over and over for years. I adore it and seek comfort in it! Crying of Lot 49 is very odd, but I kind of like that. Sometimes, though, Pynchon pisses me off because I don’t know if he’s just jacking with my head (Tristero v. Trystero—different spellings for no reason!?!). It depends on the style of writing that you enjoy. I am iffy as of right now. For self tanner, I use Jergen’s Natural Glow every other day. It doesn’t get streaky on me that way!

  18. 24 lindsey

    Could it be, Glamour?? You’re such an inspiring college girl- I need to take after you as I’ve been out for 4 months! Let’s just blame my lack of inspiration on my wedding , shall we?

    anyway, best of luck and I hope to see more excellent news on here soon šŸ˜€


    • 25 snackface

      lindsey- Hmm, not Glamour this time! And thank you for being so kind and supportive!

  19. 26 usfmeg25

    Ugh.. you’re so tempting me to try these chocolate cheerios!!!

  20. 27 Kara

    did you say coconut rooibos? omfg! i’ve been grooving on vanilla rooibos for months now, and i just tried cinnamon rooibos, but never have i heard of coconut. i need to find me some.

  21. 28 Casey

    I love your attitude! It’s so easy to get caught up in stress sometimes. But clearly things are looking your way.

    As far as sugary delicacies go, my weakness is the muffin. The baked good, not the person šŸ˜‰

  22. 29 Gretchen

    Have you read the ‘sequel’ to Eat, Pray, Love? It came out in January and it’s pretty great too.

    • 30 snackface

      Gretchen- No, I haven’t read it yet! I actually bought a copy for a friend (Holly of and haven’t sent it to her yet! It’s still in the Amazon packaging. Oops!

  23. Yay for the call! How exciting!!

    So glad that the Man Friend didn’t fall off the face of the earth!

    My fave sugary treats are the really bad ones. (Bad for me, oh so delicious though.) I love cupcakes and fudgey brownies! Mmm I could actually go for a brownie *right* now!

  24. 32 fi

    Thabt breakfast looks amazung! and i love ur orange tank top. I try so hard to take one step at a time ,but its so hard! im an eager beaver so i usuakky end up tripping mysefl up!. my fave sugary treats are chocolate” seriously, a girls best friend is right! xx

  25. 33 Liza

    OHHH, if only they had Chocolate Cheerios available in the Philippines! šŸ˜¦
    I have a tendency to want to do things all at once, since I’m such a go-go person, but taking things one step at a time is always the best way to go. YOU’RE ALMOST THERE, KAILEY!! šŸ™‚

    Who is this Man-Friend you’ve been hiding up your sleeve?!

    The last picture totally cracked me up.

  26. 34 Little Bookworm

    Those overnight oats look amazing! As does that cookie (love cookies :D).

  27. 35 D

    I’ve been reading your blog forever now, and I loved hearing about your intern adventures in California. I’m about to graduate college and I’ve got an internship lined up…but I have no idea what to wear! It’s sort of an academic/research thing, but I have no idea how casual or formal the office will be. Anyway I was wondering if you could recommend ideas, describe what you wore, what other interns wore, etc etc etc!

    • 36 snackface

      D- After the first day, you’ll be able to evaluate how casual/formal the office is. On the first day, though, here’s one of my faves: black cigarette pants, black simple top, cute cardigan (either close-fitting or oversized with a skinny belt) and ballet flats. As long as you don’t wear jeans, you’re good! And go for clean hair, straight/loose waves/pulled back bun, and light, bright makeup. When I say bright, I merely mean look awake, haha! I hope this helps!

  28. Oooooo so Man Friend decided to show his Man Face, huh? Whatev. I’m still mad at him. šŸ˜‰

    P.S. Thought of you yesterday when not only did I go to CVS, but I also bout self tanner. Just paying homage…

  29. Yay for a first call! It is definitely a sign šŸ™‚

    I TRY to take things one step at a time, but it is in my nature to think ahead! Sometimes, though, I HAVE to think ahead… ok, that’s just my excuse šŸ˜‰ I try!

    Fave sugary delicacy? You mean I have to pick just one? No? Good. Dark chocolate truffles, Cinnamon buns, ice cream and fresh baked cookies šŸ˜€


  30. Congratulations on the call back! And on graduating. And on the ferosh outfit.

    As for me? I’m known for getting ahead of myself. I live in a world of “what if this happens…then this would happen…then THAT would happen!”

    Keep the snack plates coming, Kailey.

  31. 40 Ilana

    i love wearing orange+black combo …i always feel like it’s a little “halloween” but they go so well together.
    Fingers crossed for you and a major publication! That’s awesome.
    Chocolate cheerios? Sounds like my kinda cereal…

    I used to get really anxious all the time about “what’s going to happen next” – what am i doing now, what am i doing in twelve minutes, what am I doing tomorrow, where am I going to be in a year? but then I hit a point in my life where my future was literally invisible – I decided I wanted to take a year off before going to grad school and then suddenly “what’s happening next” was this huge mystery to me. It really affected me negatively, for a while, until I decided I couldn’t do that anymore and needed to learn to live in the moment. As soon as I made that decision, a thousand different paths started opening up for me. I try to stay present in the moment now as often as I can, because it’s so much more enjoyable to experience the here and now as opposed to panicking over my future.

  32. Whoo! I’m so excited to hear where it all goes for you!

    I’m pretty good at balancing my excitement with waiting to see what actually happens. No harm in dreaming up the possibilities, but if it falls through, I don’t sweat it.

    As for sugary things–French macarons or petit fours. I’m not huge on sweets, so just a little taste is enough as long as it’s some quality carbage.

  33. 42 elise

    thanks for the kleev shot šŸ™‚ glad youre feeling better.

    your light mayo addiction is hilarious. ive always been skeeved by the gloppy odd texture of mayo, but i dont judge so whatevs.

    ps i feel as though a post grad visit to CA may be in order for ya. northern or southern, just give me a weeks notice and ill be there.

  34. i did elliptical intervals yesterday and was sweatier than all the men at the gym combined. some say gross, i say, WHAT UP GOOD WORKOUT.

    i never take things one step at a time and then stress myself out. wah.

    also, the other night while getting ready for a particulary groovy night out on the town, i listened to “one step at a time” on repeat for 45 minutes. no lie.

  35. I have to tell you that since I’ve been reading your blog, I’ve been trying to be a little more stylist. I never realized how much fun fashion could be! On a recent trip, I did a bit of shopping and you are so right that a fierce outfit can totally turn your day around. I have to wear lame clothes to work (a suit) but i’ve been coming home and putting on cute clothes to wear for even an hour or two in the evening. šŸ™‚

    • 47 snackface

      Teri- That means the world to me! I am so happy for you and your developing style! Isn’t it crazy how much it can affect your mood? I love it!

  36. 48 Faith

    That’s so exciting! I’m always getting ahead of myself…I still have a summer class yet to still be officially graduated, and even though I’m taking a year off from school I’m already dreaming up grand grad school plans…

    I’ve got world’s biggest sweet tooth but brownies are my kryptonite, especially when there are pecans involved!

  37. I know what you mean about sugar…once you start…why stop!?

    I have a question about your overnight oats. Do you ever heat them up!?

    • 50 snackface

      Jamie- Nah, I eat them cold! It’s perfect for the warmer months!

  38. i just want you to know when you posted a while ago about your beauty regime…and you shared your use of toner…i got some have use it everynight after washing my face and LOVE IT!!! I always think about the analogy you use…its like the windex cleaning off a tv after the dust is gone!! anyways just wanted to let you know!

    and LOVE chocolate cheerios!! have you tried banana nut?!?! theyre great also, but def chocolate is better!

    fav sugar delicacy?!? i think brownies or oatmeal raisin cookies!

    • 52 snackface

      Naomi- Amazing! I am so glad you’re digging the toner. Don’t you feel so fresh after that step? Ahhh. Oh, I must try the banana Cheerios. DANGER. How about the chocolate AND the banana ones mixed together, with a scoop of peanut butter?! I might pass out from the food gasms that would happen.

  39. Love your fashion-ish photos šŸ™‚ Awesome! I always look forward to them.

    And personally, I always get a head of myself. EVERY TIME. It never fails. Whether its with money or my education. Oh wait…. I never get ahead of myself when it comes to love and relationships. Haha. I’m actually the complete opposite with that :X

  40. 54 Susan

    Oooh what a great mindset you are in for your future! I love that you are so driven but not taking everything so seriously that it’ll drive you nuts – it’s inspiring! I need to focus more on the steps myself. I think I get caught up in the dance of life as a whole song, when I should really focus on the notes (weird analogy, sorry).

    Why is it that coffee shops brew fab tea like coconut rooibos but I can’t find exotic flavahs like that at the store? No fair.

  41. 55 Anna

    I normally freak out and overload my brain with everything that I have to deal with at once. But that actually causes a lot of unnecessary stress and I’m working on taking things step by step, one little task at a time. I still get everything done without the stress-induced eye-twitching.

  42. Mmmm. I had overnight oats for lunch yesterday with strawberries and almonds and it was the bomb dot com. That stuff keeps you FULL.
    Congrats on the nearly-date with a major publication! Big things are going to happen for you!

  43. 57 Clare

    I love your positive attitude – as vomit inducingly cheesy it is, “everything happens for a reason” is a mantra that has got me through alot. And I’m always 10 steps ahead of myself, thus permanantly in some state of stress/freak out. Sugar in any form = love – but particularly baked goods and cereal.

    P.S. You have ridiculously amazing legs! I am extremely jealous

  44. 58 highonhealthy

    It’s amazing how positive you remained after not being able to do the interview due to schedule conflicts. I know that I would be totally bummed about something like that. Oh well, if you got one offer like that, more are sure to follow. šŸ˜€

    As for taking things one step at a time.. more like a leap and stumble at a time. Taking things slowly isn’t something I’m very good at.

  45. I finished eat, pray, love not too long ago and absolutely LOVED IT! I tend to get a ahead of myself MOST of the time. I’m trying to slow down these days and take it one day at the time šŸ™‚

    your going to do something amazing in the future, so dont worry about one interview. Everything happens for a reason and you will find out sooner or later girl! keep doing what your doing because your blog is FABULOUS!

    much love,

    • I just realized BOTH my comments showed up! Totally thought this one got deleted so i wrote another one! Im a comment virgin obvi! hahaha

  46. 61 Anica

    I just finished Eat, Pray, Love recently and LOVED it! It was so inspiring!

    I am sorry to hear about your interview scheduling conflict, but you are going to do something FABULOUS in the future, I just know it! You have amazing writing skills and you have the personality for your own TV show! I have been following you for some time, ever since one of my friends introduced me to your blog, and I think your page is so great! It definitely has helped me to launch my own blog when I move to China. Stay motivated because you are meant for great things!

    Much love,


  47. YES, YES AND YES. I have Jordin Sparks and Kurt Hummel on every other YouTube rotation. It’s gonna happen when…it’s supposed to happen…

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