Day and Night


Hi loves! Today I woke up at 7am and it looked it was 7pm outside. I suppose this set the tone for the rest of my day.

I diligently finished homework and made breakfast in the drizzly gray:

Boats. AKA Banana oats.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, stevia and peanut butter. Classics never fail me.

I knew something was off with my day as soon as I left the house. Rushing to the library to print off my h-dub, I took repeated deep breaths. It’s going to be OK.

In English, I tried with all my might, but I could not think straight. My head felt as though it was being squeezed by giant man hands. Something felt like it was spasming in the back of my head. I couldn’t see clearly, either.

So after class, I took my hiney home, changed into my pajamas, turned off all the lights, closed the blinds and hibernated. I’m not sure what a migraine feels like, but this was one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had.

Before I could properly medicate myself, I needed sustenance:

Tup salad.

In the tup: romaine, snap peas, meatless balls and light chipotle ranch. Mmm, so meaty:

TJ's meatless balls, I will always love you.

I followed that with a huge apple:

Let me remind you that despite what Jewel says, my hands are not small (I know).

And approximately 300 of these:

Mi-Del honey grahams.

In the middle of the day, I took NyQuil. I wanted DayQuil but didn’t have any, so I thought to myself, “Self. It would not be so bad if you took NyQuil right now. At least you’d sleep through the pain.” And sleep I did.

Y’all know I am not a napper (nor am I southern, so I’m not sure where y’all came from), so it was a feat for me to be asleep for almost three hours in the middle of the day.

Just like a baby, or a snackie little SnackFace, I woke up ready for dinner. This delicata squash has been hanging out atop my cabinets for a couple weeks, so I hacked away at it:

What to do with you.

I chopped it in half, scooped out the seeds and put it in a 450* oven for 20 minutes. My kitchen smelled like sweet, squashy candy, and this beauty was as delicious as its smell:

Smart Balance for the topping, tempeh for the protein.

Caramelized crunchy corners.

As scrumptious as that was, I still was not full. I turned to my favorite food (other than fresh baguette):

Whole O's with cinnamon and stevia.

I got to chatting online for a while and realized there were some things my soul needed from the store. My version of soul food:

Apples, Sabra, Chocolate Cheerios, Back to Nature crackers and Glamour!

I am such a girl.

I tried several crackers. I tried a mug or so of the Chocolate Cheerios. Both exquisite.

I’m sorry that I’ve rushed through this post a bit, but my head and sinuses are still throbbing. Le ick!

I’m off to go work on this:

‘You must keep your feet grounded so firmly on the earth that it’s like you have four legs, instead of two. That way, you can stay in the world. But you must stop looking at the world through your head. You must look through your heart, instead.’” -Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ketut in Eat, Pray, Love (pg. 27)

Day and night, no matter what, I’m trying my best to work on this. Thank you all so much for your support. Every comment helps me breathe and carry on. So much love.

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: Any awesome tips for horrendous headaches? AND What is soul food to you?


66 Responses to “Day and Night”

  1. im sorry about you werent feeling well!

    hope tomorrow is better!! yummy eats!! now i want banana oats. again.

  2. 2 Casey

    It may sound extremely odd, but I know a ton of people who swear by it to cure migraines: mix a little bit of cayenne with water and snort it all up.

    • 3 snackface

      Casey- That is terrifying! I don’t know if I’m ballsy enough for that!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Soul food is different depending on where I am. At school, nothing is more comforting than my morning bowl of oats (I have a feeling you may feel my attachment lol) but while home it is all about my dad’s vegetable soup. The way the smell of the fresh veggies simmering in a pot lingers throughout our house for days instantly warms my soul.

  4. 6 fi

    Lying down, rest and water are my cures! No reading/writing/tv/internetting, (which is always hard!) I hope u feel better tomorrow. Soul food for me is tea (regular old irish tea) with milk and brown toast with a little butter, yum!

  5. 7 Sara

    I just read that passage from eatpraylove last night!!! Coincidence?! I think not 🙂
    That book remains on my bedside table and I pick it up and love leafing through it whenever I enter my room or am cleaning my table, etc.

    Take care and I hope that horrible headache goes away soon…. lots of water/herbal tea, cutting out technology and distractions and babying yourself usually work… a bit of yoga doesn’t hurt either! Have a better day tomorrow, Kailey!

  6. Some mac and cheese is my go-to comfort food! And although not scientifically proven, I think ice cream has magic healing powers! 😀 Thanks for showing the Glamour… I didn’t realize the new issue was out yet! I gotta run out tomorrow now to pick it up. Stay in bed and rest until you feel better. You always gotta listen to your body!

    • 9 snackface

      Bethany- I’m so addicted to Glamour. I have a subscription, but it’s delivered to my parents’ house. I couldn’t wait!

  7. 10 julia

    Sorry to hear this. Take good care and hope you feel 100% better soon!

    Comfort food…there’re many dishes for me. But there’re two in my last post that are so comforting: spicy pasta and a baked sweet potato with goat cheese. You’ll feel betetr just by seeing them;)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  8. 11 Little Bookworm

    I hope you feel better soon, headaches are not fun!

  9. 12 Erica D

    Love the Jewel reference! That was a staple album in my house growing up. I can envision the cover…and the hands photo…perfectly, still.

  10. SLEEP. for some reason, that is the ONLY thing that helps me when I have a heacache! Sucks when I have, like, life obligations though. 😦 Soul food: carbs. lots of carbs. Cereal. Baked goods. bread with yummy stuff on it. etc.

  11. I get really bad tension headaches almost everyday. Foam rolling my upper back helps, as does stretching my neck. Other than that…naps?

  12. 15 gina g

    i hope you feel better Kailey! headaches bring down my day too, i have to take two motrin, a sinus pill, and lay down and try to sleep for a little while!
    My soul food…. any of my momma’s homecookin =)

  13. 16 Chelsea

    I’ve had chronic migraines for 10 years…poor kid, I feel your pain. If it’s not too bad, I take 2 excedrin migraine with a diet coke…the caffeine restricts your blood vessels…if they continue, get yourself to a doctor. I have prescription imitrex in pill and injectable form and it’s so amazing.

  14. My mom is reading Eat Pray Love right now and I was shocked she’d never read it before! I may have to reread it now, especially before the movie.

    I love anything creamy, like oats, grits, polenta, creamy pureed beans, custard, etc for soul food. And steamed greens! Kale is so comforting sometimes.

  15. Aw sorry to hear you’re not feeling well! I’ve been under the weather for the past two weeks, and I know it sucks 😦 At least you have your “soul food” to keep you complany!!

    SLEEP is my tip for headaches…silly I know, but after a nap/good night’s sleep, my head always feel better. That and plenty of water! And cereal and apples are my kind of soul food too, though I also have a soft spot for homemade baked goods.

    Feel better love!! Sending healthy vibes your way 🙂

  16. I am just reading “Eat Pray Love” for my first time; I can barely put it down. Props on the quotes from it.

    Also, when I have my worst headaches, it is comparable to the flu. Luckily I have not had one for quite a while, but apparently they are genetic?

    And my soul food is…carbs. I love a warm slice of my mom’s fresh baked bread with peanut butter or a big bowl of oatmeal squares.

    Feel well soon!

  17. 20 Jenna

    Ahh i just read eat pray love!! It was great 🙂

  18. 21 Susan

    I totes feel you on the wonky weather. When it’s dray and grizzly (whoa I didn’t mean to write that but I’m leavin’ it anyway!) it seems like the day never really “starts”, ya know? I think what you need is summer! That is my expert diagnosis.

    Soul food to me is the perfect piece of french toast, a fresh pumpernickel bagel, or an omelette made with real butter instead of oil (the French know whassssup). They’re not things I crave or want every day, but a little part of me sings when I eat them!

  19. 22 Meg

    Excedrin Migraine! I’ve been getting migraines since I was 10 and this works better for me than most prescriptions!

  20. Lovepie! I hope you’re feeling better 😦 My mom’s trick for migraines is Excedrin and coke (not the drug, the drink). It’s a massive dose of caffiene but it works for her. When I get bad headaches I down about 4 motrins and lounge.

    Wishing you a happy Wednesday!

  21. I get migraines. Other than my prescriptions, the best cures are lying down in a dark room that is the right temperature (being cold makes them worse for me), drinking plenty of water, eating food with extra fat in it, and putting an ice pack on my head. I find that peppermint oil dabbed at the tension spots (temple, forehead, behind my ears) helps, too, but it can burn your skin if you aren’t used to it, so dillute it with a carrier oil. Rubbing pressure points can really help. I find the ones on the feet particularly good (big toes especially). Mine are bad enough that I can’t watch TV or read or really be conscious, but I still wouldn’t recommend any kind of eye strain, loud noise, or flashing light when the head hurts. I hope you’re feeling better!

  22. 25 Muffin

    I never get headaches…I imagine sleep and a quiet room are the best things. My soul foods are CHEESY POTATOES and MACARONI AND CHEESE and CASA LOPEZ. With my partner in crime.

    “Day and night..” cryptic title? This weekend is going to be awesome!

    I miss and love you very much ❤

  23. Tea and sleep are all you can do for a headache. And of course caffeine, but I’m thinking you have a horrendous cold, not a finals-time caffeine-deprivation headache. Feel better!!

    Soul food, to me, is anything aromatic, rustic, unpretentious, flavorfully spiced. Stews, paellas, chilis–whatever sticks to your ribs and really fills your nose and stomach, you know?

  24. 27 Katey

    EXCEDRIN MIGRAINE, it works wonders for me. OR take a hot shower.

  25. 28 Jenny

    I’m sorry you had such a bad headache, but I’m glad you’re ability to churn out a BA post didn’t go away!

  26. 29 pinkpeacockdesigns

    Ick! I hate headaches. I don’t get them too often but usually when I do they are a doozie! I find that LOTS of water and/or peppermint tea works wonders! A massage never hurts either lol 😉

  27. heyyy!!! i’m sorry about the headache… hate that! ALSO i’ve always wanted to read eat, pray, love— is it a definite good read! I always hear mixed reviews!!? I want to read it before the movie comes out with Julia Roberts!

    and soul food… let’s see… well anything from my parents kitchen but if i had to make my own favorite thing… it would have to be crunchy honeycrisp apple and melty almond butter (crunchy + salty!) lol

    • 31 snackface

      Alexa- Here is how much I love the book: I’ve read it a few times and I always keep it with me. I have a copy in my house in Athens and in Cincinnati. This is mostly because whenever I feel a bit off, or whenever I need some comfort, I flip open to a random page and just read. But it’s definitely always with me when I travel anywhere. Basically, I HIGHLY recommend it.

  28. 32 katie

    I AM SOOO sorry about your migraine! those suck a BIG ONE.. for real tho
    I usually take ambien (haha.. total druggie) and it KNOCKS me out.. or ill drink a regular coke..sometimes that helps!
    soul foooood-mac and cheese babayyyy
    i must read that book! do you think id like it?

  29. feel better! lay on the couch and put a cool rag on your head — my mom always made me do that whenever i had a headache and it worked! ps i died lolling when u said “snackie little SnackFace.” you’re a hoot

  30. 34 lo

    oh my lil snacklet, I really hope your headache is better! I hate hate hate being sickly…in fact I hate it when the weather is sick (gray and dreary) bc then it makes me want to curl in bed ALL day long. It still sounds like your staying positive! Can’t wait til we can g-chat soon…sending you lots and lots of love.


  31. 35 Erin

    Excedrin girlie! It’s the headache medicine for a reason. Also, they have Excedrin migraine, and if you look at the back of the box, it has the exact same ingredients as regular Excedrin. Anyways, whenever I get a migraine I get a blind spot in at least one eye (sometiems both). It’s weird and looks like you have blurred vision. If I get that, I pop 2 Excedrin immediately and go somewhere quiet and dark. It’s the only solution, IMO.

    Glad you feel better! 🙂

  32. I hope your head is feeling better now! I don’t have any good tips for headaches, but I’m sure chocolate can’t hurt. 😉

    Soul food for me is a warm bowl of oats or my mom’s homemade minnestrone. Mmm!

    OMG I did not realize that chocolate cheerios existed! Must get my hands on those!

  33. I’m sorry about your migraine! I probably would just take it as an excuse to lie down and sleep. Maybe with a cool rag over my eyes.

    How were the chocolate cheerios? I was curious about those.

  34. Ever time I see meatless meatballs on your blog I tell myself I must buy them. Alas, no TJ’s have made their way to Colorado yet. Why, I have no idea because they would make a killing in all our crazy hippie towns. I may have to see if Whole Paychecks has something similar.

  35. Sorry about the migraine, sweetie. I’ve never had one, but my husband gets them. A dark room and quietness is all he wants whilst having one.
    I love those darn little Chocolate Cheerios 🙂

  36. 40 Ilana

    Ugh, migraines are the worst. I usually just sleep it off – if I can.
    Soul food – french toast, waffles, gtrilled cheese. Anything with bread. All the things I cannot eat because I am allergic to dairy and eggs. BAH!

  37. 41 Michelle

    For headaches I just consume lots of water, pop in some advil or aspirin and try to sleep. Or at least turn all of the lights off.

  38. you need to read the book “shantaram.” its like 1000 pages, but i think you will love it. the very last line is, “we endure.” because we do. no matter what, when, where, why and how – we endure.

    just caught up on three posts and they all made me happy. that leopard dress? HAWT. no wonder DM came a callin’ 🙂

    hang in there lady, and keep eating those FABOOSH eats of yours. seriously. the cereal, the hummus, the apples, the chapple salad (genius) – LOVES. love you more. happy wednesday 🙂

  39. i had a migraine yesterday, too! sorry you are feeling so poopy, not feeling 100% is a terrible thing.

    i feel like i need to revisit eat, pray, love. i read it when i was at my most cynical and wasn’t affected by it at all, but between the speech on that holly posted and the snippets i’ve been reading, it sounds like something emotionally luxurious and comforting.

    bring it!

  40. i used to get the worst headaches every monday around 4 p.m.
    it was like clock work. Worst two years of my life. sorry you had to go through that pain girlie!

    ps. those chocolate cheerios will change your life – rid. good. Half a box should be a serving in my opinion.

    • 45 snackface

      therabbitrunner- I think this box will last me three days TOPS. Cereal=life. Not to be dramatic or anything…

  41. For me – some extra strength Tylenol, laying down and the inevitable falling asleep is the only cure for a hellish migraine. Gahhd those suck. I hope you’re feeling 110% better! Love the squash/tempeh combo, and those choc cheerios are addictive!

  42. LOL @ Boats. Perfect.

    That salad looks amazing. Soul food to me must involve bread or pasta. Preferably both. 😀


  43. Chug lots of water–electrolyte-enhanced water (like Smart Water) works wonders for my headache! I’ll pop an Advil if that doesn’t work.

    Your bowl of oats=perfection. I eat that same thing every day 🙂

  44. Food for my soul: spaghetti bolognaise, chunky cheddar cheese sandwiches with branston pickle, actually any bread/cheese combo, and tomato soup.

    Feel better soon lady! x

  45. Sorry you aren’t feeling well!!! I’m not feeling well either 😦 I’ve think I’ve got a sinus infection + I have a ear ache. Boooooo…My cure is water, advil and dark! (Oh and taking out my contacts)

    My comfort usually involves sugar, which isn’t the best choice. But also Ezekiel bread with Earth balance and nutritional yeast. Love that combination!!

  46. New blog reader here!! i totally stalked (as in facebook stalked which isn’t creepy, except on your blog] today. Love your fashion sense so much! I also miss being awesome and in college and going out and drinking. Boo full time job : (

    My mother makes this bangin’ macaroni and cheese that is made with every single kind of cheese we have in the fridge melted down with milk bla bla (whatever else she does) with breadcrumbs on top and then baked. omg. Thankfully I moved out and thankfully before that she only made it on Thanskgiving and Christmas.

    Anyways, again, love the blog!

    • 52 snackface

      Lyndsey- Welcome, my love! Thanks so much for finding me and enjoying SnackFizzy productions!!!

  47. 53 Tay

    So sorry you’re feeling off honey bunches!! Feel better!

  48. 54 Rachael

    As I live in the land of herbalist hippies, I can offer up feverfew and peppermint oil. The former you steep in hot water, strain and drink as a tea. I’m a not-so-little stress bunny who is far too familiar with migraine woes, and the combination works wonders for me. A little bit of heat to the temples is also helpful.
    Soul food – my go-to food is a huge bowl of steamed (and steaming) greens with apple cider vinegar and hot sauce and a side of earthy, peasanty bread. Pretty simple, but I can grow/bake/ferment the components myself. Simplei, homegrown and it’s been a winter staple, enjoyed near a woodstove. I really like playing pioneer 🙂

  49. 55 Brenna

    Hang in there and feel better soon! If it’s anything sinusy I swear neti-pots are miracle workers.

  50. i am SO the same as you with the napping…if I nap, youknow something is wrong with me either I am sick or smoething is just ‘off’ I have been known to pop melatonin to help me sleep in teh middle of the day as well!!

    hope you feel better!

    chocolate cheerios! so addicting!! try those with a scoop of PB it may change your life!!

    soul food is anything covered with PB!!

  51. 57 highonhealthy

    I hope it’s not a migraine because I know how painful and horrible those are! Before you got the headache, do you remember if it was weird to look at things? As in, weird flashes of light? Those usually signal that I have a migraine coming on, then comes a mild headache, then a massive headache that has me crying, popping pills, and passing out. Hopefully you feel better soon! Just get lots of sleep, that’s what gets rid of my migraines. 🙂

  52. 58 Lola

    Oh hun, I’m so sorry you had a migrain! they suck!!!
    someone told me once when you’ve tried everything and nothing cuts the pain, you should eat a green olive with a glass of ice cold water
    don’t know if it’s truth though

  53. Hi love!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Thanks SO MUCH for your SUPER SWEET COMMENT on my blog!!! You rock girl!

    Where on earth do you find light chipolte ranch dressing???! Sounds too good to be true!!!!

    Have a good night dear! XOXOXOX

  54. BOO for an off day in SnackWorld. 😦 I’m no doctor, but my best-guess-diagnosis would be stress. Boys, job hunting, the end of your collegiate career approaching…Imeandang, girl. That’s bound to give anyone a headache.

    You put such awesomeness out into the world; it will come back to you! For now, try to breathe and stay positive. Look at all these blogsters who adore you!

    With all this said, I have one final thing for you:

    C H O C O L A T E C H E E R I O S.

    They are currently rocking my world. Please enjoy. 🙂

  55. 61 Anna

    Soul food to me is gooey, savory, chewy, and in a giant bowl. It’s warm, but not too hot, so I can either savor each bite or chow down on it without worrying about scalding my tongue.

    I had chronic headaches for months after I had a really bad concussion. I recommend staying really well hydrated (so you know it’s not from dehydration) and not being afraid to pop a few pills. Drugs aren’t always bad, and while it may be good to keep your body clean and free of unnecessary chemicals, no one wants to have a head that won’t stop pounding. Sleep and sweatpants are also pretty good remedies.

    I hope you feel better tomorrow!

  56. Drugs, tylenol 🙂 Hope your headache passes! I love banana oats, so simple, healthy and tasty. 🙂

  57. 63 emilee

    hey lady,
    i used to get migraines all the time, thankfully they have subsided the older i get. what Brigid mentioned up there is all right: no noise or light, and make sure it is a cool room. migraines would end my day and sometimes, keep me in bed for several days. if you don’t get them often, just some excedrin and some type of caffeine (usually pop) should do it for you, especially if you have the kind that feels like a needle somewhere between your forehead and your eyeball. i would also suggest napping with a wet washcloth on your forehead. if it’s more in your neck, that is a tension headache, and i would put some type of heating pad on your shoulders/neck before your nap.
    soul food: mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, donuts- basically things that are terrible for you, hahaha
    feel better 🙂

  58. 64 a

    When I have headaches aqnd I get bad migraines sometimes too , this is what i do :
    1/ If you have eaten recently , take advil liquid gel, I take 1 and im a lanky 5’8.5 .
    2/ Cart yer arse to teh shower. A steamy one.
    3/ Comfiest jam’s you own. Put them on !
    4/ Put boringest news show on at low volume so you d have to squint with your ears to hear it. If you dont have one, put on Montell Williams. The talk show host.
    5/ Lay down eyes, closed , listen to Monty and you ll pass out.

    I am NOT a napper but this is what i do .

  59. 65 Gaby

    Ouch! I get headaches pretty often too. I agree with Cassie that it’s probably stress. I know my shoulders and neck get super tense and I won’t even realize it until I can’t even see straight. My solution is usually a lot of ibuprofen (advil) mixed with large doses of straight espresso. Gosh that sounds terrible! But it sometimes works. Caffeine actually does something to your blood vessels, like dilates them or something that helps with the inflammation that I think causes the headaches. Or something scientific-y like that :p
    I actually spent half of last week with a bad headache that just would not go away no matter how much advil or caffeine I intoxicated myself with. I ended up trying this:
    It helped a little bit, even though the last thing I thought I wanted to do was move much, but it released some tension that was causing the headache to begin with.

    I hope you’re feeling better! And I know it’s easier said than done, but try to relax about all the graduation, school stuff, and so on. This becoming a grown up business is hard, but it will all be ok!

  60. One) I LOVE GLAMOUR so flipping much! My smoothie was even posted on Vitamin G!!

    It sort of, no did, make my life. Also, I just blogged about the flipping best squash soup I made…

    So great! Please try!

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