From Home to House


Hello my gorgeous friends! I hope you all had a fabulous start to your week! Whoah, I am digging the word “fabulous” lately. I must be subconsciously gearing up for SatC 2.

This weekend, though, I spent my time gearing up for the last five weeks of school…ever. Let’s save that little nugget of reality for another post.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul (I’m sorry for that clichΓ©–it’s true!) than by spending time with Popsicle, MamaJ, MattyRich and the fur children. My body was thanking me for sleeping, relaxing and eating deliciously.

Breakfasts were of the decadent and healthy varieties:

Yogurt with berries and panettone French toast.

Yes, that's right. Panettonne, a sweet bread studded with dried fruit, French toast.

Blueberry Chobani with banana, granola and peanut butter.

Lunches are always super-snacklicious when I’m home with the H-Unit. It’s not really a priority. We’re too busy getting scolded in Jungle Jim’s for taking pictures:

Matchy and cheeky in front of the hummus.

$5,000 vino. AKA expensive urine and hangover.

MattyRich and his brew. I was being hollered at by the Jungle Jim's guy as I was taking this. HARDCORE.

But as I was saying, the H-Unit SnackFaces during the lunch hour. For us, this is 3 or 4pm:

Bacon-flavored crisps that were vegan! Better than bacon, I'd say. I realize I'm in the tiny majority here.

As my bro would say, I "nommed" on that. I will only take the word "nom" and use it in verb form. "Nom, nom, nom" makes me want to vom, vom, vom.

And dinners are always veg-rifficly perfect:

Well, if we ignore that chicken carcass, that is.

Saturday night.

Sunday night. Yums.

Evenings were spent chillin’ with MamaJ and the boob tube or cruising around town with MattyRich and being disturbed by this little man hanging from his rear-view mirror:

Smoking wiener.

One lovely evening, I finally got to catch up with some of my absolute best friends. I made my way to the University of Cincinnati campus, and joined my two ladies A and L for:

I did not pen this sign, but I greatly appreciated it.

We chatted and laughed for hours:

L (to my left, your right) was moving. I swear she's insanely gorgeous. A is on the opposite end in white. Loves of my life.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the nasty ‘Nati early Monday morning. Snackie had class at 11am, and I was not about to miss it. (I just switched points of view in one cracked-out sentence. Sorry.)

I had a yogurt and a bar earlier in the day, but I was driving. Not much more to report on that. Had to drive from my home to my house. They are two very different things.

I made it safely to town and went to class. Theatahhh class was…frustrating, as always. I miss the prof who used to teach this. Everyone in the class feels the exact same way.

I worked out my frustrations at the gym. OK, I wasn’t that bothered by the class; I merely liked the transition. I did 50 minutes of intervals on the elliptical with Glamour (my all-time favorite magazine and I hope to work there some day–putting that out there to the universe), and followed that with 30 minutes of AAA (arms, abs, a$$).

After a treacherous trek back to my love hut, I was ravenous. Showered and self-tanned, this was all I scrounged up:

Apple and balls.

That large brown blob by the apple slices would be Crazy Camel Dessert Hummus in caramel apple. Yum city. I have no idea how they got sweet hummus not to creep me out, but they did it. Crazy Camel, Imma hunt down all your flava flavs!

Then I caught up with some loves (I’d link Muffin if I could) and headed to the grocery store. I was a bit hungry when I left the house. I should have known I’d spend too much.

But you know what? I refuse to apologize to myself for spending $74 on groceries. Food’s my thang! Food and fashion is more accurate, but I can afford more items of food than I can items of clothing. (Gawd, I’m so rambly today!)

Here’s what $74 of nourishment looks like:

Spread all over my table and chairs. Class.

Went a little bread crazy.

I can't even tell what's going on there.

As soon as I put everything away, I made my version of a meal that takes me back home:

Burgers, baby.

Burgers, whether of the beef, chicken or Morningstar Chik’n sort, always transport me to my parents’ back porch. Summertime. Sunset. Mosquitoes. Corn on the cob. WLW. Charcoal. Even though I’m at my house, I was home for a moment. It was a brief moment, as I dominated this in no time:

Diet Coke, I'll keep you my dirty little not-secret.

On the golden-potato bun: mustard, light mayo, tomato, lettuce and a Morningstar Griller’s Chik’n patty. Ridiculous.

Burg and a lil' side salad

Annie’s Lite Gingerly Vinaigrette coated the salad. Simply divine. And I swear this is the last picture. I loved how the camera focused on the lettuce:

Lechuga, que pasa?

Homies, I think May is going to be my month. (Holly, I know you’re with me.) I’m ready to take this on. Great things are going to happen. They will.

On that note, I’ve probably used and abused you throughout this heifer of a post! Love you so much! It feels wonderful to be back!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: This was a gigantic post, so do you have any questions for me?


47 Responses to “From Home to House”

  1. 1 Katie

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww Loved that you had a great weekend back home! You and your brother are too sweet, love the pic of you two!!

    A girls night is def a great night! All of your girlfriends are beautiful just like you!!!!!

    Loving the grocery haul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you have a great night! I think May is going to be awesome as well!!! im excited for it!!!!! I think its going to be great for you too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yeaa girllll it may be finals week over hurrr but i may also be the first commenter?! that’s how i do …for you πŸ™‚

    sooo, i’m guessing the rambley-ness of this post came from talking to me earlier! i’m such a rambler in my posts and real life! haha!

    i’m so happy to hear that home with the h-unit was fab and just what you needed! matty rich gets cuter by the day, and your fam dinners continue to amaze me! i love the spread mamaj throws out for ya’lllll!

    i also want to say that you and matty rich are adorable in your matchy striped outfits, and that the “burger” meal looks AMAZE!!!!!!! like, i’m now craving veggie burgers (or faux-chicken burgers) IN A GOLDEN POTATO BUN and only that! Delish.

    LOVE YOU!!

  3. 3 Jayne

    I have a question for you, . . .Did you forget your comforter on purpose? You didn’t have to leave it behind for me. I have my hot flashes to keep me warm at night. The weekend passed far too quickly. Luv Ya…OXOX

  4. 4 Lauren

    Awww, love your weekend trips home!!! I wish I could come with you next time. Your family looks like they are a complete blast to be with. πŸ™‚

    May is going to be a “fabulous” month! Hope every day is perfect for you girl!

  5. 5 Anna

    I have no problem spending money on quality food, but I don’t think I’ll ever be such a food/wine snob to spend 5 grand on a bottle of vino. Think of all the SHOES that could buy you. Or peanut butter filled pretzels. I’d rather drink boxes of Franzia and have $5000 in credit to TJ’s. Now THAT would make me happy.

  6. 6 Nikki

    Just an FYI. For some reason your post says May 4th. Today is only the 3rd. No biggie.

    • 7 snackface

      Nikki- Thanks, doll! I have no idea why it does that. I can never get my wordpress timing to be correct. Is it OK if we just pretend? πŸ™‚

  7. Your posts are so fun- I love it!! Isn’t hanging out with the fam the best – I can’t wait for this weekend as I’m going to visit mi madre and sister!!

    OMG girl I think I need that Panettone French toast. I don’t even like French toast that much, but I do love panettone so I’m sure I’d love it cooked up French toast style. So decadent.

    Happy Monday my lady!!

  8. Yay for being home!! I’m so excited to sleep in my bed and chill with my papa on Thursday πŸ™‚

    $74 on groceries? I never thought I’d be impressed by that, but living in NYC messes with your head. Everything seems to cost double here…but hey, no matter how much it costs to eat healthfully, it’s a serious investment in your health!!

    Lovin the DC action with lunch. I no longer guzzle 4 cans a day like I did in high school, but I will never ever give up a can every now and then. It’s a better vice than most!

    Hope you have an amazing week love!!

  9. 11 dmcgirl37

    I love panetone! We have it every christmas πŸ™‚ YUM
    Dana ❀

  10. 12 Katie

    Oh my gosh! I love Jungle Jim’s! It’s amazing…I could spend hours in there. I haven’t been in a few months…I need to get back there. Haha =D And, I love the fact that you spend a buttload on groceries too…I am the same way…I go in with a list and end up getting 10+ other items. What can I say? Food is a priority in this girl’s life. Although, I think I do need to play a game of “operation clean the pantry/freezer out!”

  11. Burgers make me feel the same way.. it’s all homey and comforting and all that.
    Money on clothes and food is money well-spent in my book. Now if only I could shop for clothes AND food in the same place.. oh wait, Super Target! Ok I’ve never actually been to a super target but it sounds pretty awesome to me..
    I’m glad you had a relaxing time home! May IS going to be awesome!!!

  12. 14 Sana

    Love the post form the future πŸ™‚

  13. I know a lot of people hate on Giada… but i swear the woman knows what to do with a goddam pannetone. Not only does she make bread pudding with it (i used to claim i despised the dessert until i tried this and realized not all people make it with stale whole grain, hard as a rock bread like mumsy), she has the most killer french toast recipe with this gem! I also just love it straight up toasted with butter and vanilla ice cream. yum. e. So glad you spent some serious qt with the unit. Girls all refueled for the mayhem to come. Embrace it. Bathe in it. Love it. May is yours.

  14. 16 Ilana

    I totally have been wearing stilettos for no reason. Must be SATC fever.
    I love pannettone french toast! My dad makes that for me. Also, he uses it to make stuffing at thanksgiving. I totally have some hiding in the freezer still.

    I saw a girl on the subway eating those chips today and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what they were! Haha now I know. Thank youuu! Also, I am SOOOOOOO glad I’m not the only person who can’t stand “nom” – my reaction is the same as yours. Ugh. It really gives me that nails-on-a-chalkboard feeling. I’m cringing just thinking about it.

    This is so random, as far as a question, but what’s your favorite color? I’ve been reading your blog for months and I have no idea what it is. Haha, Aaand I’m done being creepy. Have a great night!

    • 17 snackface

      Ilana- That is not creepy at all! Fave color is definitely pink, with orange in a close second. Actually, my family nickname is Pink because as a babe I wanted anything and everything pink. SO. GIRLY. I couldn’t even help it.

  15. I love that you call yourself “Snackie.” You’re awesome!

  16. i just ate one of the same faux chikn patties! no wizzzzzzzle! we twinsies!

  17. 21 leangreendeane

    Thanks again for taking some time to calm my hopes! πŸ™‚ I appreciate it more than you know. Enjoy the sunshine this week, i hear it is supposed to be nice around Lake Eerie finally!

  18. Aww glad you had such a good time at home – I think it’s ridiculous when stores don’t let you take pictures…it’s like really? Is your bev aisle that top-secret??

  19. i love you. i don’t know what else to say. love the eats, love your family, love your wonderful spirit, but most of all – i love that you turned nom nom nom into vom vom vom.

    happy tuesday πŸ™‚


  20. Hey πŸ™‚
    Just wonderin why you were bein’ hated on for taking pics at the store.
    So rebellious! πŸ˜‰

  21. 25 Rae

    Panettone French Toast? Have Mercy! You must have combined the two must wonderful things in the world ! Then again… Choco-ttone would have topped it (that would be instead of fruit dotting the inside – CHOCOLATE is!)

    I’ll Nom that!

  22. 26 Amy D

    Oh my garsh, girl after my own heart!! I love love love me some pretzel crisps. I just discovered their beauty in the not too distant past and have been in a love affair with them since. They absolutely go best with garlic lovers hummus, if I don’t say so myself. Oh… and I also love a good ladies night. πŸ™‚

  23. 27 Little Bookworm

    Love the giant post and the sentence about May being your month! Great attitude! πŸ˜€ I just wondered how you made the French toast?

  24. How are you celebrating SATC 2’s upcoming premiere? I am such a closeted fan of everything Brandshaw that I have to be stealth about my plans.

  25. 29 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i love this post!! burgers and stuff remind me of home too πŸ™‚ you’re a gorgeoussss girl, obvously and i am so glad you have been posting moreee!!! ahh 5 weeks left – 1) that is sooo sad, i’d be freaking but 2) you have a long year! must be quarter system. enjoy your last weeks love!!!


  26. 5 weeks left! YAY! It’s going to go by so fast… enjoy every minute of it, although I’m sure you are more excited to be done than anything

  27. nom nom nom to vom vom vom? AMEN.

  28. 32 Gaby

    Your weekend sounds like it was wonderful!! OMG I love Panettone and have been wanting to make a dairy free version forever. Gotta get on that.
    You and your bro are so cute in your stripes! (ps, good lucks run in the family, he is quite handsome, shh!)
    Also, I have a question, I finally got on the elliptical (30 min but I’ll get better!) but I felt like I had to hold on to the handles to not fall off. How do you read on there? I’d love to have something else to distract me, especially since the old guys in my apartment gym have decided the tv should be permanently on espn.
    Hope you have a great, snackalicious week!!!

    • 33 snackface

      Gaby- I’d say the only reason why I don’t fall off the darn thing is because I’ve been ellipticalling for… almost five years! Ack! I guess I’ve had practice. I normally plant the magazine down, hold onto the arm things and use one hand to flip pages. And then there are days I hold weights AND read, so that must be expert level or something. If anyone would like to do an elliptical marathon, I’m game.

  29. Love the happiness spewing from this post πŸ™‚ And love that you got harrassed by the guys in Jungle Jims for shooting pics haha.
    Hope theatah class gets better for you! Have a great Tuesday!

  30. Further proof that you and I are two peas in a pod: “Nom, nom, nom” makes me want to vom, vom, vom” <- SAME HERE!!! I can not stand 'nom'!

    One can never have too many bread products, it's a scientific fact.

  31. Sounds like you had a fantastic ime at home! That french toast looks downright amazing, yum!

  32. whoops, *time at home. Have a great day girl!

  33. Notes:
    1) You and your brother are adorable. You made me miss my sibs!
    2) $4000 hangover? No thank you.
    3) That French toast looks effing amazing lady.
    4) I spent $120 on groceries last week. Worth it.

    Love you! xx

  34. 39 Katie

    $4000 wine ridiculous. I love the positive attitude; May WILL be your month! And I agree, that chicken sandwich definitely looks like summertime to you.

    PS: Where can I get this dessert hummus…??

  35. I am diving into summer food since it makes me happy! I am so tired of the weather and I am totally with you…May is going to be my month! I need some good stuff to come my way this month! I only spend money on food, so I always try to have a little fun with it! Your eats looks delicious!

  36. 41 Jenny

    I can’t even handle how stinkin cute you and Matty Rich are in your horizontal striped tops. Your fabulouslity is off the charts.

    I want to “nom” all that swaggie, everything is ballin! and I’m pretty sure I’ve spent 95% of my life savings on carbs, oh – and peanut butter, obvi.

    where did you score that desert hummus, pooks? Me want real bad.

    My English profs would have a feel day with their red pen on this post. Pardon me, my lovely Grammar-attzi.

    love you like nobody’s biznass!!!!

  37. Hahahaha – lovely pics, Kailey!
    Gotta love ALL your monster posts πŸ˜€
    Have a wonderful week, girl!
    Brazilian XOXOΒ΄s,

  38. 43 Jenna

    That burger is makin me excited for summahhh time!

  39. 44 Michal

    Ahh so much fun in the post! First off that smoking wiener thing is too cute! Is it weird that i want one for my station wag too haha? πŸ™‚ And I love all of your grocery’s i need to go shoppin asap.

  40. 45 Lauren

    Holla! Ladies night – no boys allowed! Too bad I can’t keep my head still. Love you!

  41. Hey, I’m a new reader! This may or may not be my first comment. I can’t remember haha!

    Your weekend home sounds glorious. I love chilling with the fam after being away at school. πŸ™‚

  1. 1 May is our month. | The Healthy Everythingtarian

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