Grazie e Bravo


Hello, loves! I wonder what I did so right to have the undying support and comfort from all of you. It’s remarkable. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With each comment, my face got a bit brighter, and my spirit a bit lighter. By the end of my Thursday, I was as happy as a SnackFace in a hummus tub. Or whatever the human equivalent is to “a pig in muck.”

After getting plenty of rest Wednesday night, I woke up thinking, “This day will be fabulous. It will.” I can’t imagine a more fabulous way to start this to-be fabulous day than with this packet of magic:

Chocolate hazelnut butter. In. Sane.

Justin’s Nut Butta crew, you have outdone yourselves. This is a vegan Nutella. And yes, I’d like to bathe in it. I picked up this sample at Expo West, but I need multiple jars of this, ASAP. It’s more deliciously decadent and chocolatey than it looks:

Multiple gasms.

Aside from eating foods I love, I believe in wearing clothes I love to lift my spirits. Having watched Mad Men, season two, in three days, I wanted something Betty Draper-esque. What happens when 2010 and the 1960s collide:

Why am I so into this shot lately? Lo siento.

The back of the dress is my favorite part. The jacket-covered-bed background? Eh, not so much.

Do you ever have an idea that seems fantastic at 9am, but turns out to be hellacious by the end of the day? Yes, walking miles across campus in stilettos is one of those. My feet were broken.

Class all day was lovely. Although lunch was yummy and snacklicious, I have even more important meals to share with you.

Before Muffin and I had a dinner date, we had a date with a vegan chef/author:

Bryant Terry, workin' it.

Bryant Terry is best known as the author of Vegan Soul Kitchen, but is more focused on eco-conscious, homegrown, whole foods than any “vegan” or “vegetarian” label. He was highly amusing while retelling his childhood and vegetarianism growth. However, I was most entertained when he rapped. Melt my heart.

Muffin and I were ravenous after Terry’s presentation. I suppose that’s what happens when you talk about food for 90 minutes. So we did what any hungry girls do– we feasted. Salaam, I love you:

Warm pita.

The most beautiful hummus in my world.

Ridiculously smoky artichoke dip.

Some greens. Just for good measure.

Pesto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, feta and parmesan.

By the time our pasta arrived, we, of course, were too full to finish it.

Not wanting to turn in for the night, Muffin and I changed and went uptown. Sure, I could have stayed in, procrastinated on studying for a Theatahhh midterm and not slept. Instead, I went out, had a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, and treated myself to some dancing. Why not. It’s my last quarter. And how could I part with this:


The highlight of the evening was viewing the fantastic dance stylings of this random gentleman:

Just dance, boy.

I have no idea who he was, but I liked it.

My head met the pillow at an hour that allowed me to get very few hours of sleep. I rolled out of bed at 7:30am, made coffee, made oats and set to studying. Then it gets hairy, so here’s a timeline:

8:30am-9: Walk to library.

9-10: Use library computers to open .pptx powerpoints, as my computer cannot do so. Write study guide.

10-10:53: Skip to the gym. Use caffeine high to bust out 40 minutes on the elliptical. Memorize five weeks of material.

11-12pm: Dominate exam.

Then I made my merry way home, excited to shower, snack and head to Cincinnati. It had been planned for a while that I was going to voyage home this weekend, but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. My soul needed this:


I'm gushing looking at this.

The Bluest Eye(s).

I love coming home to my parents, pups and MattyRich (my broskie, for new readers!). And why is it that your home will always smell like your home? It’s just so right.

We all caught up for a bit, and when MattyRich went to a car-freak meet-up thang, Momsicle, Popsicle and I went to dinner:



Bravo! has always been one of my favorite restaurants in my hometown for, well, ever. First dates, Homecoming dinners, family dinners, wanting-to-pretend-we-have-money-but-we’re-only-16 dinners…it’s all happened here. I’m thrilled any time I dine there.

We had the fiercest of servers, Rachel. Homegirl, if you’re reading, thank you for being hilarious and dealing with the H-Unit.

Not only was the service exquisite, but so was the food:

Minestrone. Immediately, I spied a chickpea and deemed the soup spectacular.

Greens with dried cherries, pear slices, cherry tomatoes and parmesan.

MamaJ's Penne Mediterranean.

Popsicle's Pasta Woozie, a chicken alfredo dish.

We left full, laughing and ready for a cozy night in.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for being the supremely positive and supportive and beautiful people you are. I wish you all blissful weekends!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Where is your hometown? What is that signature restaurant/hot spot/shop that will always mean something to you?


73 Responses to “Grazie e Bravo”

  1. 1 kbwood

    umm you are so incredibly STUNNING!!!! i love that shot of you-dont apologize! YAY FOR GOOD DAYS!! You deserve it-you deserve your blessings! LOVE you momma and daddy! they are adorable!! i love how excited u are to hang w. them.. im with my fam now and i LOVE IT! momma and i just went bathing suit shopping after dinna πŸ™‚
    Hometown- GOOD OLE SOUTH!
    signature rest- a medd place here! the best hummus and greek salads!!

  2. 2 dmcgirl37

    Isnt the blogging community amazing, people really brighten up my day with their comments πŸ™‚

    That dress is so cute! You always look so well put together.. all your food looks sooo yummy!

    I love going home to my child pup, I miss him being away! Parents live in the ‘jersey shore’ lol yes I grew up there! anyway, I loved going to good old Italian restaurants!
    I miss the WaWas at home too, they make the best subs. Do they have them where you live? Oh gosh now you have me missing home, thhankkks! πŸ˜‰ just kidding..

    Enjoy your weekend doll face !

  3. 3 Jenny

    Clearwater is my hometown and frenchys rockaway grill will always hold a special place in my heart!

  4. You’ll be visiting me in my hometown soon! Yes? πŸ˜‰

  5. 6 Jenna

    I’m home too for the weekend and lovin it!

  6. A few things…
    a. remember that movie, i think it was called Patch Adams with Robin Williams? There was that cute as a button old woman whose dying wish was to “swim” in a pool of noodles? Snackface in a hummus tub brought this gem of an image to mind. Can’t you picture it? A flippin pool of sabras? Yikes…
    b. tears shed knowing youre home with the unit d’H. Tell Mama J we need to roast chickens and make chicken soup together ASAP (she should know what that means, haha)
    c.that puppers? holy cuddlicious (new word inspired by your cutie pie of a pooch)
    d. type theatahh one more time… i dare you. I want to be sick of it, but alas, I giggle like a little school girl every time i read it. Not sure why, but i aint gonna fight it.
    keep on rockin in the free world sistah friend.

  7. 8 Casey

    Can’t wait to get some of that bloggie lovin and start one of my own! I think this is actually my first time commenting, but the millionth time reading. I figure its never to late to start.

    I just bought a sample squeeze pack of the chocolate hazelnut butter yesterday! Love the new packaging for the Justin’s chocolate products too, soo cute!

    Going home can be such a nice break spring quarter, especially when the rest of the world is done with school this week and we have a whole entire month left. I hope it completely cures you ‘funk’.

    Hometown- the burbs of Baltimore
    Signature restaurant- probably any crab place in Baltimore. The only animal I don’t think I can ever give up eating for nostalgic reasons.

  8. 9 Lola

    Hey girl! I’m happy you are feeling better πŸ™‚ being home with the family is always a boost for the spirit! πŸ™‚
    In my hometown, the place to go is Corleone’s. Italian as you can imagine! best food ever!

  9. I’m from St. Louis, MO! Signature place is Fortel’s Pizzeria…St. Louis style pizza (thin, crackery crust) is by far the best I’ve ever had! There’s also a great Thai restaurant near my house- love it! (Oh, and St. Louis Bread Co…aka Panera!)

    Houston, though (where I go to college), symbolizes fro-yo, tex-mex, and Indian food…love!

  10. ahhh i love nutella :] (see last post!) and i lvoelovelove that dress! it is absolutely adorable.
    my hometown is london! i absolutely love wagamama — I can’t even describe it. it is a asian restaurant but more natural i guess; tons of soups, pasta dishes & salads! :]

  11. 12 Gina G

    we have Bravo here is michigan too! i loveee their fresh warm fluffy bread that they put on the tables! so good! Me and my mom always go to California Pizza for their amazing salads and when we are with the whole family we go to this italian restaurant called Da Francescos.

    im so happy for you that you are home spending the weekend with the people you love most! =)

  12. 13 Katie

    I wonder when that Justin’s Haze buttah will come to the stores? When it does I will jump on it! I love anything Nutella-related. πŸ™‚ It looks like you had a great day with the rents. I love Bravo, too! Italian bread and oil for dippage is soooo good.
    Some randoms:
    Cute outfit, of course. πŸ™‚
    That dancing boy has some tight pants. Bootayyy.
    Your dog is beautiful!
    Love that you are feeling at peace and happy again!

  13. Looooove Bravo!! I love their bread and oil for dipping. Drool.

  14. 15 Hayley

    bought some chocolate hazelnut justin’s juuust the other day. amazing.
    your parents are SO CUTE. and you are a perfect hybrid of the two of them, lookswise. adorable!!

  15. 16 alex

    okay i could comment on everything but i must just ask WHERE IS THAT DRESS FROM??!!?? fiercest thing ever omg! you ROCK it. so glad you’re feeling better and that you’re home chillaxin with the fam…we all need that sometimes. ❀

    • 17 snackface

      alex- Thank you, darling! This should come as no surprise (because it’s the only place I can afford, really), but I bought the dress at Forever21 about a year ago. Have a lovely weekend!

  16. 18 leangreendeane

    Hey Kailey. Didn’t know you had exams this week, i apologize for the timing of my email! I wish i could go home this weekend, you are so right about the smells of your own house… I miss it when i haven’t been home in a few months! Enjoy your weekend. -Adam

  17. 19 janet

    Ahaha we have a restaurant called Bravo where I go to school, except it got closed down for underage drinking…

    You look as fab as your eats!!! (And that’s a 100 on the fab scale)

  18. 20 elaine

    hi there! i came across you blog and omg those naan and hummus look so delicious! those two food are probably one of my biggest weaknesses…

    my hometown is taipei, taiwan! but i’m actually living in california right now. there’s this vegetarian restaurant that i really love back home. they serve 100% natural stuff and have an assort of stews, soups, fried rice, fried noodles to choose from. i LOVE their 5-grain wild rice!

  19. 21 fi

    Your Home is sooooooooooo pretty looking (well the garden that i could see anway) I look forward to the day I come home to visit my home, if u know what i mean, cause i live at home, Greystones, Co,Wicklow Ireland! A long way from you, may FAVE restaraunt is a veggie juice bar/cafe/veg shop rolled into one. Its special to me because i have woked ther on and off for 3 years, the staff are like a family and the food is deeelish, the whole ethos of the shop is very community based and it IS the heart of Greystones. check it out, i think youll like it! its on youtube too!

    • 22 snackface

      fi- OMG the men that own it/are in the videos…dime pieces OR WHAT!?! I want. I also would love to go there! It’s absolutely darling and the menu is perfection! Can we take a trip?

  20. You had me at chocolate hazlenut butter. mmmm….

    I LOVE Crazy Burger in good ol’ Narragansett, RI. It will always be my favorite!


  21. I’m from a small town in western Maryland and we have a pretty legit independent coffee house that is tres adorable. We also have a slightly above average pizza place that was the host of many special occasions for my family, from post Halloween dinner to school production night dinners. Love your dress!

  22. 25 Lauren

    Awww, your mom and dad are adorable! (As are you of course my lady! πŸ™‚

    Dinner out with the rents is always a lovely time.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. My mom would be in heaven over that Justin’s. The other day we had a conversation about different kinds of nut butters, and she was super disappointed when I told her the only one I’d never seen was hazelnut, because they’re her favorite. Justin’s just changed her life.

    You look GORGE in that dress. Heels may not be the wisest choice for every day wear, but you absolutely rocked them. It’s worth it every once in awhile, no?

    Home is good old West Chester, PA…the best Chester. Home to Bam Margera, the Jackass boys and West Chester University, the song that inspired Asher Roth’s “I Love College.” Those three facts give my town massive amounts of street cred among young men, I’ve discovered. My favorite spot there is a little produce stand called Pete’s and Pennie’s….Pete knows everyone by name, it’s adorable.

    Hope you have a terrific weekend with la familia my love!!

  24. That Justin’s sounds amazing. My little cowtown, hometown has 0 places that remind me of anything – let alone restaurants. It’s boring. haha

  25. I love you Mad Men look–hot hot stuff.

    Benefit of growing up in Hamptons=really amazing restaurants abound. Dealing with pretense is a lot better when edible. My favorite place for that would be Sen or Gurney’s, but the place that has my heart is always the Lobster Inn because my uncle used to take us all there by boat, rope it up, and we’d eat al fresco. So wonderful.

    • 29 snackface

      rustique–Um, can we have a weekend getaway to the Hamptons? Never been, but there’s no time like the present!

  26. 30 elise

    sexay lady. im from a small town called lafayette. pretty sure theres a lafayette in every state. cali reppin’ yo!

  27. 31 katie

    Helloooo pretty girl! So glad you are feeling better! There’s nothing like home (I realize now that I’ve left) to help you take deep breaths and refresh!

    My hometown is Nashville, TN. There are so many delicious restaurants but The Ole Spaghetti Factory has special significance to me. (It is a chain but I didn’t know that for a long time and I’ve never been to another one so I pretend like it isn’t) the decor is huge, dark and vintage. And they have a huge trolley car in the center. It holds so many memories for me:
    -family dinners
    -in college, drinking wine in the bar, pretending I was a grown up
    -it was there that I introduced my husband to my family for the first time

    Love it. Everyone needs a place like that.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  28. You make me want to go out and dance. Which is not a pretty thing, let me tell you.
    LOVE that dress and the hills, you rock girl!
    Yay for being home! Love hanging out with the parentals too. They’re the best.
    I’m from good ‘ole South Carolina and my favorite place around here is probably a sushi placed called Wasabi. LOVE it.
    Have a great weekend dear!

  29. 33 clairedille

    Ahh I am dying to try the choc hazelnut butter, nutella was a fave growing up. I have moved a lot but think of NY as home and Martha’s Vineyard is my summer home (consistent places in my life!). In NY, cafe gitane is a favorite but we have been going to a restaurant in the Upper East Side down the street from my Grandmothers appt for years called Graces. It is super yummy italian and they have own an amazing gourmet grocery store next door. In MV, it is all about the Black Dog Tavern for the best blueberry pancakes ever! Hope you have a great weekend!

  30. Hmmmmm I guess where I lived for eight years is enough to count as my hometown, Stevensville, Maryland. When I was a senior in high school this awesome restaurant opened (I knew the owner through horse-back riding and she’s a doll) called Luke’s Grille (I am huge Gilmore Girls fan so I having my own “Lukes”!? Amazing). Great burgers, awesome salads, and this amazing dessert (that disappeared off the menu after awhile). It’s one of my best friend and I’s (uhh grammar probs) favorite places and we can eat there for less than $20 for the both of us. Pretty sweet. Honorable Mention: The Macaroni Grille about 15 miles away in Annapolis. Love that place.

    *sniff* This made me sad. Damn you Kailey! LOL πŸ™‚

  31. There’s nothing like home, is there? It’s the hot fluffy pita bread and creamy hummus of the soul. Mama J and your Daddy are gorgeous! But would we expect anything less? Have a glorious weekend!

  32. 36 Hana (just a blog reader!)

    Omg! Which Bravo is this?? I live in the Cincy area, and I absolutely ADORE your blog. Fierce and fabulous. I live in Fairfield, just north of Cincy, and I’m a senior in high school…thank the lord I’m almost out! But I’m going to UC in the fall and can’t wait. I’m just glad to finally know of a blogger in an area close to me! Your blog has always been one of my favorites, and I’ve gone through a similar struggle as well (though I wish I was about 7 inches taller; I’m just over 5’2″). You’re so full of life and you’re an inspiration for fabulosity. Just saying. πŸ™‚ Have a lovely day!

    • 37 snackface

      Hana- Hello, darling! That was the Bravo in Deerfield. I have been to the one by you, in Union Centre, several times, though. I definitely know some people from Fairfield, too! So amazing! I hope you have the best summer heading into your freshman year at UC! Such an exciting time!

  33. 38 sophia

    Girl, I can’t even walk ONE step in stilettos….kudos to you! I don’t know whether to deem you brave or foolish. lol! πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and I ADORe the back of the dress! That’s so stylish, in a cute, feminine, yet sophisticated kind of way. You always have an eye for good fashion!

    I don’t really know where my hometown is…I might say Korea, where I was born and lived for 4 years, but then I really do NOT like Korea, and I feel like a foreigner. I might say Singapore, where I grew up for 10 years, because I adore the food there….but I don’t have a particular love and patriotism for that country as well. Ironically, I have the biggest affinity and pride for America, where I moved to when I was 14. Hm…

  34. hometown = SD

    fav restaurants? spiz vegan fuzion and rutabegorz

  35. 40 Lele

    See, Betty Draper’s feet wouldn’t have hurt because she’d have washed that outfit down with some WINE. (Or at least Season 1 Betty… I just got Disc 1 of Season 2 from Netflix! Stoked!)

  36. 41 Carla

    Even though I feel as if I know you because I’ve been religiously reading your blog forever, it occurs to me that I’ve never commented before? It’s that Google Reader I tell ya.

    Anyway, I had to thank you for introducing me to Bryant Terry, I have already posted that cookbook to my facebook, to suggest to friends and family as a gift idea!

    You’re fabulous + I love it.

    • 42 snackface

      Carla- Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Bryant Terry is pretty amazing, and I hope you enjoy the book!

  37. All of your food looks incredible, but the Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter tops anything! I love all their nut butters that I have tried, and am sure I would love this one!!

  38. 44 Queen

    First time visiting, and was treated to some LOVELY faces. Pictures of your food? interesting…I try to forget what I just ate. You may encourage me to eat better. Your personality just shines through in the posts I have read, keep shining!!

    • 45 snackface

      Queen- Welcome! And thank you! Yeah, food blogging is a bizarre concept at first. But I hope you stick around for more!

  39. Although I hate my hometown (Ft. Worth, Tejas), I always have to eat at El Rancho Grande when I’m there. Absolutely nothing has changed at that place – not the food, not the decor, and I hope it stays that way!
    I need to make my own hazelnut chocolate concoction. It has to happen.

    • 47 snackface

      Andrea- There is a place in Athens, Casa Lopez, that has that same feeling. I love it.

  40. Girl, sometimes your sassiness is too much to handle!! That first picture of you looks straight out of a fashion mag!

    My hometown = illadelph! Well, not like, downtown Philly, but still. I live in the ‘burbs, but I’m a Philly girl at heart =) Favorite hotspot: any and every diner. Does that count?

    • 49 snackface

      Gracie- Sometimes I cannot control the sassafrass beast within. Thanks for dealing with me, haha!

  41. 50 healthnuttxo

    hmm im a new yorker all the wayyyy, and wouldn’t have it any other way hahah
    sad as it is, i cant think of any particular palce i always went to, or signature restaurant. nothign too fancy around here cept your boring mcdonalds (ew).
    I NEED THAT JUSTINS NUT BUTTER! the company promised to send me samples like, months ago, and still nothing.
    thats upsetting Justins… :(!!
    glad your feeling betta!

  42. 51 Ilana

    You’re drop-dead gorgeous. The end. I can’t decide what I like better … the Justin’s nut butter or you in that first pic

    My hometown is one of the many hoods in Queens, New York Citayyy (I also count all of Manhattan as my “hometown” and I could pick a million and one significant shops and hot spots that I’ve called my own over the years but I won’t). I’ve ived in the same five block radius since I was thirteen – the house I lived in for most of college is literally three blocks away from the house I lived in when I was young – and theres this one Italian restaurant here that we’ve been going to at least monthly since it opened…oh it just feels like home. I love it. ALways will. The owner’s son got married last weekend and when we came in to visit they were so excited to show us wedding pictures! So cute.

    • 52 snackface

      Ilana- You are so frickin’ sweet! Thank you, doll! Oh, I so wish I had that signature Italian spot where you’re really close with the family who owns it. That’s so lovely!

  43. Hey! I’m actually having a Justins Nut Butter giveaway on my blog right now—the three flavors Im giving away are The Chocolate Almond, the Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate Peanut butter! Get on over there and win you some!

    I’m from Edmond, OK and theres a delicious pizza place called Humble Pie. There deep dish is to die for.

  44. That butter looks AMAZING!

    My hometown is Denver and we have some amazzzing Mexican. My favorite is this restaurant nestled in a strip mall that looks SO unasuming but has the best real mexican food and perfect salsa!

  45. 55 jqlee

    That dress…OMG…SOOOO CUTE!! You look hot in that pose girl, slim and tall like you are. JEALOUS!!

    Does that hazelnut taste like Nutella? Nutella is straight LOVE!

    • 56 snackface

      jqlee- Thank you so much, beauty! And yes, the Justin’s choco-hazelnut butter really tastes like Nutella…but better!

  46. 57 jqlee

    Home is Chicago!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  47. 58 Jayne

    Hurry up so that we can do Jungle Jims revisited. So much more to see there. OXOXOX

  48. Wow, I love the 80 calorie packets of Justin’s! That sounds AWESOME! Must find. πŸ˜€

    My hometown is a small town in upstate, NY. Same town Snookie from Jersey Shore is from. I was born first, though! πŸ˜›


  49. 60 Anna

    I’m from Hinesburg, Vermont, and while there may be more cows than people, there are two restaurants that make the best sweet potato fries and the best pesto pizza. I only get to go home a couple of times a year, but I make sure to get my fill while I’m in town.

    Heading home for the weekend is quite possibly the best way to recharge. Good luck getting through the rest of your semester!

  50. Chocolate..hazelnut..butter?! Must find some STAT! And that pita + hummus looks to die for πŸ™‚

  51. 62 Moxie_Marmalade

    Soooo I’m in love with Bryant Terry. I am amazingly jealz that you got to see him speak! He went to my school (Natural Gourmet Institute), but I still haven’t managed to track him down. Someday, Bryant….someday!

    ps- that hummus looks amazeballs

    • 63 snackface

      Moxie- This is Super Creeper status, but are you following him on Twitter? You may be able to contact him that way!

  52. 64 justjac

    Oooohh I NEED to find that dark chocoalte hazelnut! YUM!
    Love your dress, it’s gorgeous. Didn’t even notice the jackets covering the bed, haha.
    Sometimes going home, and having your parents take you out… oh so necessary and needed. Glad you had a good weekend, after a not-so-stellar week! ❀ Jac

  53. That hazelnut butter looks amazingggggg. I’m originally from Southampton, NY– I love my home town because it’s right near the beach!! I always go to this local restaurant Yama-Q (i used to work there also) it’s health foods and sushi—my favs : )

  54. my love. i didn’t even know you went home this weekend, but i did the exact same thing. no lie. and i feel about 100x better because of it. sometimes, some home love is all you need. annndddd…i am telling myself right now this day will be fabulous. because it will.

    love youuuuuu – let’s catch up today! mwah!

  55. Going home is SO good for the soul. I should do it more often. The hummus-filled dinner date with muffin looked exquisite too!
    My home town = Reading, England
    My “spot” = The Standard Tandoori. Fave Indian restaurant back home. Grandma carpet, clashing curtains, weird wallpaper, amazing food! It’s all to love.

  56. i’m actually in LOVE with my hometown – i haven’t lived there in a while, but it’s still my most favorite place to be. love walking my doggie by the water.

    sometimes a trip home is all you need!

  57. 69 Kristine

    Is your dog part australian shephard?!! I have 2 aussies and definitely see some similarities in your doggy!

    • 70 snackface

      Kristine- We don’t know exactly what she is, but we’ve suspected Australian Shepard in there! She’s so cute, I just want to eat her face. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  58. 71 sarah

    you and your family are so cute! i graduated college in 2007 and find myself loving being at home with my parents more and more as i get older…i don’t live at home but it is rare i go more than a week or so without seeing them or coming home for a weekend night!

    i’m fom a burb of chicago…downers grove. i remember loving chilis when i was little and pf changs (still love). for some reason chilis seemed so cool to me when i was a kid!

  59. What a fabulous weekend at home! You are your family are SO gorgeous. Gorgeous, gorgeous family. Even your dog is gorgeous! haha

    • 73 snackface

      runningaroundnormal- You are so kind, thank you!!

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