Just Say Yes


Hi, pies! As anyone who has taken an improv acting class knows, the first rule is to just say yes. I like to believe that this rule also applies when cravings dominate your day.

Instead of fearing the potential gastrointestinal issues dairy could bring, just say yes to what you truly want for breakfast:

Yogurt mess with Koffee.

Apple sauce, Greek yogurt, bran cereal, cinnamon and Justin's Maple Almond butter. Exquisite.

When a car flies by you on the street, thus splashing the rain upon your bare legs, just say yes. Yes, I can handle that. That is merely water. You are permitted to scream as well, if you’d like. Chances are your reflexes will not allow you to control that.

In your first class of the day, when your professor fails to help her students in understanding what will be covered on the midterm, just say yes. Yes, I can tolerate her ignoring us. Thank you for not filling me in whatsoever. Awesome.

With rain and temperatures falling at equally the same rate, say yes to your instincts to do whatever you must in order to lift your spirits. Yes, I will spend yet another $10 on magazines. And thank goodness I got my VegNews in the mail today, too:

Come to Magazine Mama.

Three of my favorites.

VegNews, Esquire and Food+Wine…Β I will be happy for hours.

I also recommend saying yes to staying on the elliptical a bit longer in order to finish a lovely article in Esquire. Man at his best, thank you for making me a woman at her best.

When you’re beet-red and have sweat dripping down your everything, just say yes to the guy who wants to talk to you as you walk to the locker room. He’s harmless. I think.

Sometimes you become desperate at not having a phone, so there is nothing wrong with just saying yes to having your ancient flip phone from two years ago reactivated. Reading the texts from that time period will be enough to make up for being at Verizon twice in 24 hours.

It’s been a week or two since you’ve been to the grocery store, and you might as well just say yes to whatever is hiding in the fridge:

Baked tortilla chips, salsa and omelette.

I sliced up a tortilla and baked it at 450* for 10-12 minutes. For the omelette, I used one egg and three whites, and topped it with Frank’s Buffalo sauce.

Just say yes to your carb-girl needs after a not-so-filling lunch and fill up with a leftover square of pizza. You’re a carbie girl in a carbie world. Live it up:

OK, say no to the paper towel that sticks to the cheese.

The desire to sleep plagues your body in the afternoon. You should have just said yes. At least you applied to a job or two.

After receiving two comments regarding why no chocolate is featured on the blog, do not try to fulfill the craving with carob. Just say yes to something delicious and chocolatey. It’s the only way to go:

Peanut butter chocolate chip. Gasm in a wrapper. Food wrapper.

I’m so sorry that these Laras don’t hit stores until July. They will blow your mind.

Having evaluated and reevaluated your cabinets and fridge, just say yes to a little grocery trip. Buy exactly what you want:

The fun stuff. Produce went unpictured.

I love locally made fresh bread.

Just say yes to your true SnackFace and make a snack plate for dinner. Real meals are for suckas. (Or for another day.)

Bread with Alouette, broccoli and cucumber slices that were eaten with hummus.

Too perfect. I realize there is no such thing as "too perfect," as perfect is perfect, but the bread with cheese was that good.

Perhaps you like to consider yourself a fashionista. Just say yes and admit to yourself that the most stylish things you wore all day were your glasses:

Versac. Said in a way that rhymes with "crotch."

Hours later, when you’ve resigned yourself to washing dishes and staying in, just say yes when someone calls and wants to get ice cream with you. No really, say yes to this. I insist:

Cookie dough Blizz. Uh. Maze.

I hadn’t had Dairy Queen in over a year. Maybe two years. I’d just say yes if you told me that’s far too long to go DQ-less.

What I’m trying to say, my doves, is that denying your cravings– from the hushed, mini-cravings to the screaming ones– is not worth it. It will get you nowhere. Be honest with yourself. Admit and be proud. Yes, that’s what I want. All you have to do is just say yes.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How are you at acknowledging what your stomach, heart and soul crave? Is it an effort to stay in tune with the cravings? Do you try to shut them up?


77 Responses to “Just Say Yes”

  1. Someone asked you why you don’t eat chocolate? Seriously?

    I love magazines so much and they are piling up at my house. Boo… I need summer and a pool and a babysitter and someone to do all the chores I have to do so I can layout, read magazines and eat cookie dough Larabars. Is it July yet?

    Love you gal!

  2. I am SO about listening to your body and that it needs. Sometimes I think that our brains get in the way of letting our bodies show us the right fuel. Do what you want, when you want it. Don’t let others judge you and don’t judge others. Love the glasses!

  3. 3 Ellie

    Omg I LOVED this!! So uplifting and made me feel so happy. Yes, please – to a happy, healthy, fun-filled life!

  4. 4 E

    First comment from this identity!

    Haha, Kailey — great post. Love the blizzard AND the broccoli in one day — you are the image of balance and joy.

    Your bran cereal is hilariously pet food-esque, by the way. I just find it funny πŸ™‚

    Keep on keepin’ on, chica – you’re an inspiration!
    xox E

    • 5 snackface

      E- So pumped. I like this identity πŸ™‚ Hahaha it DOES look like pet food. It’s almost gone, I swear. No more! Haha

  5. 6 emilie

    as always, you are so inspiring.

  6. 7 Kara

    While I completely agree with everything you said, the main reason for my comment is to tell you…
    I have that “K” mug. And I love it dearly.
    And now I want some ice cream. I think I’ll say yes.

  7. My stomach has been on a bender lately – I’ll get through the day…breakfastlunchdinner – postage…and then BAM cravinnnngs. Ahh c’est la vie. This too shall pass…and any weight-gain will peace out sooner or later. haha

  8. 9 azurejaymes

    I just spent a weekend in Vegas, so I said yes just to about everything…

  9. 10 Kate G.

    Definitely learning that there is NO point in denying my cravings. I will simply snack snack snack until finally i just have what i wanted in the first place! Oy ve.

    I love the just say yes motto πŸ™‚ i think i’ll try that tomorrow, it just sounds like a good way to stay positive and roll with it!

  10. love the glasses! i desperately need some!!

  11. 12 julie

    u r perfection…just found ur blog and adore u

  12. I don’t know if I could go THIS long without a phone now! Love your glasses! πŸ™‚

  13. I love that so many are taking part of DQ’s blizzard promo this month. I did, of course! πŸ™‚ But I will admit, at first, I was feeling just a tad guilty because I never eat these, and then I thought…exactly….I NEVER eat these! πŸ™‚ Why the heck not? They are incredible! πŸ™‚

    Denial is pointless. πŸ™‚

    Have a great day hun.

  14. I was the victim of a water splash yesterday too!! For some reason I can always identify with several things that happen in your day…bizarre?

    I have been craving DQ like no other recently, and there are none in Manhattan. Crazy, right?! You better believe it’s gonna be the first place I hit up when I get home.

    I’m all about giving the tum tum what it craves, most of the time. On occasion all I want is copious amounts of dark chocolate dipped into buttercream frosting, which doesn’t make for a very balanced dinner. But usually, if I want it, I’ll have it!

    Hope you have a wonderful day love!!

  15. Love this post! So true. My team goes to a certain bakery/cafe to celebrate birthdays, and I hadn’t really gotten anything all year (except some fruit sorbet once). It’s the end of the school year, so we met up for our last trip last night. I had a piece of Red Velvet cake and a hugh-jass gingerbread cookie. And it was deeeelish!

  16. where are you getting all these top secret larabar flavors???

  17. 19 Nicole G

    I am absolutely terrible at listening to my cravings. But I’m working on it! =) I need to learn that it is okay to just say yes and that it doesn’t make me weak or inferior. You set such good examples with your balanced life so thanks for that. You da best!

    Nicole G

  18. 20 e.

    I NEED THAT LARA!!!! NEED! THAT! LARA! I’ll trade you a gift cert for a mani/pedi in Athens for that Lara. Say yes. SAY YES! (okay, I don’t need that PARTICULAR lara cuz you prolly ate it… but if you have any other flavs I’ll swap you!)

  19. DQ was my favorite childhood treat. I always had the M&M blizzard. I was craving one this weekend b/c they were having a special buy one get the 2nd for 25cents. I didn’t cave in but I’m sure glad you did. And when do we get our hands on that Larabar flavor?!

  20. I have been trying for a long time to acknowledge what my heart, body and soul want- in moderation! It’s tough sometimes, but I think I have gotten to a pretty darn good balance πŸ™‚


  21. what a great post kailey! you are soo true about listening to your cravings and it seems like everyone in the blog world is having blizzards now! i am thinking i need to get on the band wagon and get me oneeee πŸ™‚

  22. UM send me that larabar.. STAT! howd you get lucky enough to try them? JEAL! haha. miss u love u need to see u

  23. 25 Rachel

    I’m so bad at listening to my cravings, mostly because they’ll want two things at once ie: Do I want oatmeal for breakfast or cereal? The answer is usually Kashi cereal…two different kinds, that’s why I mix them ;).

    But yesterday I craved a chocolate Lindt ball, so I caved. Love those chocolate balls, that was intended to sound as crude as possible, couldn’t resist.

  24. i have to listen to my cravings, or i end up eating way more or less than i probably should. i’ll start out wanting some chocolate, and then say, “no i want some cereal”, and then be like “maybe a smoothie?”. when all is said and done, if i don’t eat the dang chocolate, i end up eating too much of everything else or nothing at all 😦 anyways, have a great week and good luck on finals!

  25. Oh, snackie, when I asked you to marry me, please just say YES.

    I love you for this post. I love you reminding me to honor my body today. I love you for your advocation of bread and cheese. I hate you for making me crave a blizzard at 8:30 in the morning. But otherwise, I love you. I love you a lot.

    p.s. FYI, consider this page bookmarked. Love it. Need it. *hugs*


  26. YUMM.. I LOVE DQ! I would eat there every day if I could (although I’m sure it will get old..)

  27. I actually never crave anything in particular. Is that sad? I just go for what needs finishing.

  28. Love this post! I try to fill my cravings when I can… I can’t stand when they’re out of control, though!

  29. 31 Susan

    It is all about listening to your body – that’s the true definition of health IMO!

    I think your cravings are quite classy – alouette and french baguette? Le omelette? Oui out, madame!

    I’ve been craving suga suga as of late – fruit and chocolate specifically. I don’t say no. No headaches yet though, thank goodness!

  30. 32 clairedille

    I can’t wait for the new Lara flavors to come out…you are making us so jealous! I definitely try to stay in tune with my cravings and treat them with the respect they deserve…ha. No, but really…I like to treat myself with some dark chocolate daily.

  31. 33 a

    That bread looks so yum. What is this alouette business? Cream cheese ??

  32. I’ve been trying to go with an intuitive eating approach and lots of yoga. The combination of both really gets me in tune with my body. Of course, it’s not revolutionary, but I find that listening to it has me feeling really great!

  33. 35 elise

    whatever you do…do NOT “say yes to the dress” – that show is scary. bridezilla to the nth degree.

    can i just say. dear kailey. your posts make me smile and make me so happy. i am thrilled that i have a whole weeks worth of catching up to do. i always try to save your blog (and mama peas) ’til im home to fully enjoy to the max. its also a great subway commute enhancer, but then i cant comment so 😦

    i love everything about this post. and i cant wait for july to come, haha. promise youll visit me in CA mucho, mkay? (i think LA is winning over nor cal)

  34. 36 Calla

    This was so on target! I have been trying to improve my “body listening” skills (that sounds kind of wrong but I’m going with it…) over the past year. Not sure if I’ve actually made any progress, but hey, it’s the effort that counts, right? Thanks for your funny, truthful and entertaining posts…love them!

    p.s. my mom lives in Lebanon, OH and I will be there this friday! We will definetly be shopping at Kenwood (it’s a 40min. drive but WELL worth it!) Just had to add that, since I have seen that you frequent Kenwood, too!

  35. OKAY THAT IS SOOO WEIRD about the blizzard!! FOR REAL KAILEY WHY DIDNT YOU CALL ME!!!!!! I wouldave road tripped ASAP to you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    ohmygahhh those laras are A MAJOR TEASER TO THE MAX!!
    Love your carbie girl-i used to be obsessed w. that song barbie girl..and then my mom found out it meant a little more than just “playing with barbies”
    I always make tortilla chips from wraps..they are suh-weet
    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  36. great post! Just say yes! good motto to have with life–have you seen the movie Yes Man? Gotta love that!

    I said yes this morning by eating exactly what I wanted–cinnamon raison ezekial english muffin with justins maple almond butter! YUM!

  37. such an inspirational post. i need to learn to just say yes. something i really struggle with.

    thanks for this ❀

    • 40 snackface

      rebecca- I am touched that you’ve found this post in any way helpful. Thank YOU.

  38. oh, i love you my carbie girl.

    and i miss you. we must chat.

    in regard to this post–do you know ive never had a blizzard? DQs are scarce in the city (actually i dont know that we even had them), and i’ve only been once. i got a cookie pizza–which, if you’ve not tried, i insist you make your “ice cream friend” join you for a cookie pizza date for DQ round dos.


    • 42 snackface

      Foodie Diaries- Get back in my life right this moment! I MISS YOU. Mmk, “ice cream friend” is definitely going to have to get a cookie pizza with me. I need.

  39. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    doin it and doin it and doin it well

  40. Wow, how much do I love the whole “just say yes?” A lot.
    The DQ blizzard…oh my. I’ve seen them EVERYWHERE around the blog world lately. Must. Get. One!

  41. 45 *Andrea*

    yummy eats! fresh bread/cheese is delicious.. i also love snack plates b/c i hate to cook. thanks for making non-meals in-style πŸ˜‰

    i am trying harder these days to listen to my body in all senses. especially with food and cravings. as well as portion sizes. mindful eating and mindful living πŸ™‚

  42. 46 *Andrea*

    that lara bar looks TO DIE for. can’t wait for the new flavors!!

  43. I can’t wait for July to get here. I love that the wrapper on that bar has polka-dots – how cute is that??

    Rhymes with crotch?? Hahah. That’s from a movie right?? Or is it pronounced “ver-sais” in the movie?? But what is this movie that I’m thinking of….? This is going to drive me crazy all day.

    • AHA!! It’s from Showgirls!!

    • 49 snackface

      Graze With Me- I had no idea it’s from a movie! Hahaha. There is a Kanye line where he mispronounces Versace and says “pass that Ver-say-see.” That’s all I know, though!

  44. 50 lowandbhold

    I heart you. I have been honoring my cravings lately but I’ve been frustrated at them. Why? Aren’t they there for a reason. YES, yes they are.

    You are so wise.

  45. 51 K

    Totes drooling over that Blizzard! I love this post, pumpkin!! On my blogging break I’ve been doing the dayum thing like you just preached ( <- in a good way!!) and it makes life 10x better!


    PS. BASHA HUMMUS IS MY FAVAH FAV!!!! So creamy and delish!

    • 52 snackface

      K- YES!!! We just gotta do tha damn thang! I love that you’ve been enjoying it πŸ™‚ And Basha…oh man…I just want to eat that tub with a spoon.

  46. 53 L

    I just found your blog and I am so damn excited! I love finding fellow college ladies with impeccable eating tastes. Bravo. I will be back!

  47. reading a new magazine is SUCH a treat. sometimes i stay at the gym for half an hour more just so i can have uninterrupted reading time. oh, the things we do!

    that blizzard looks divine, i want.

  48. I am saying YESSS to this post. It is just adorable.

    Thank you for giving into the cravings and showing us that you EAT WHATCHA WANT! Amen. I too, love that most of these cravings are also pretty healthy–bread & cheese (how european!), yog messes, larabars (omg i need chocolate and that flavor nowww)…thrown in with some delish DQ! Ya, def haven’t had any DQ in agesssssss….must change that! This “ice cream friend” seems like such a good influence on you, and on saying “yes” to those cravings πŸ˜‰
    (take that as you want….hahahah)

    Everything looks amaze. I totally want this day of food–all of it! Every bite.
    And sorry about the frustrating teacher! I hateee when they don’t give you much info in regards to an upcoming exam. Just say YES to the fact that you’ll rock it anyways and that the teacher is straight-up annoying!


    • 57 snackface

      Jessica- Sugarbear, I love you. We more than need to catch up! xoxo

  49. Ah, I want to try that new Larabar!! I can’t wait until it comes out.

    I love getting new magazines. BUt I’m weird, and only read them if I’m exercising. They help to pass the time, and are a good distraction.

    That Blizzard looks so good…but my favorite one is the Chocolate Extreme. I haven’t had it in years!

  50. hiiii snackie!!

    GAH cannot WAIT to get my hands on that lara flave.. i think i chirpped out loud when i saw it’s photo on your bloggie!

    and i love the idea of honoring a craving. Often the word craving ( to me atleast) is negative, but really its more of a signal of what I want and probably need! I often get snacky crispy crunchy salty cravings– and that’s probably because my bod needs some carby goodness.. enter kashi crackers/pretzels ya kno.

    but anyways hope your week is going well.. and your versace glasses?–FIERCE

    • 60 snackface

      Alexa- Thank you for bringing up the point that the word “craving” often has a negative connotation. Magazines coach you how to quash them, or how to cheat them, but I’d love to redefine the word. Cravings are fabulous. Cravings are natural. And most times, cravings are delicious.

  51. AMAZING! why we do not allow ourselves the pleasure of saying YES more often is beyond me. the lara. the DQ blizz (jealous), the snackplates, the fresh bread, the everythang – i will say yes to it all. i said yes to too many drinks last night – no worries, you will hear the dish on that soon.

    sent you my celly # – use it, abuse it.

    i love your living life spirit! especially yesterday’s post because it reminded me of mifflin street block party, which is the exact same street kind of fest here in madison as athens. brings back a lot of memories i don’t have.

    LOVE the glasses, LOVE you and LOVE to chat soon.



  52. I often find that when I decide to say YES my wallet is a little lighter but I feel a million times better. I rarely regret the things that I actually do, and I prefer to know that I did something instead of wondering about the WHAT IFs.

    I’m especially rolling with my cravings now that classes are ending and finals are in full swing, which means that I don’t have a recognizable sleep pattern, coffee is consumed at any hour of the day, and a vending machine can be a girl’s best friend. I’m trying not to kill myself, doing yoga at least once a week, and praying that it will all be over soon so that I can do what I know my body actually needs: SLEEP. and watch movies and eat popcorn.

    • 63 snackface

      Anna- I never have a schedule during finals, either! It’s awesome for about two days, and then I’m like, “Structure…where are you??”

  53. That lara bara looks sooo good, I can’t wait for it to hit stores πŸ™‚
    I pretty much always satisfy my cravings when they hit. I learned that prevents me from going overboard later.

  54. I had a most amazing spoon full of my chocolate mousse vegan birthday cake last night straight outta the fridge. oh yes, i most definitely said yes! unfortunately, i also said yes to a sugar high&crash. was it worth it? yes!

    have a lovely day!

  55. hahahahahahaha

    carbie girl in a carbie world

    i am going to be laughing for hours.

  56. Luckily, I usually crave healthy things, so it’s not a huge should-I-or-should-I-not struggle to satsify my cravings.

    P.S. Can I just say I’m SHOCKED that you don’t have a job yet? As in, this post is one (of many) examples of you being linguistically gifted.

    P.P.S. I was in Cincy last weekend and thought of ya!

    • 68 snackface

      Cassie- Ahhh thank you, I am starting to get very anxious about the job thang. And you were in Cincy! I’m heading home this weekend. Shoot, we just missed each other!

  57. This is such a great post, girl! I know I need to listen to my cravings for relaxation more often…maybe some gossip girl or chick flicks tonight? Who knows…have a great night!

  58. I’m always trying to shut up my true feelings but in the end give in…only after i try to suppress them with something else. def something i’m working hard on!

  59. 71 Kim

    Ive been reading your post for months and never comment, but I find you incredibly motivating, fun and just fantastic! I wanted to comment today because I’m in a hard situation. I went from losing 40lbs at 18 (went from 175-135) to gaining it all back in the past 8 years. I’m not almost 200lbs. I had to do something drastic for my health, mind and soul and saw a nutrionist and am on a cleanse. I’m in the worst mood ever. I dont feel right and ‘I’m craving everything!!!!! Normally I eat what I want, when I want, and loveeee food, hence reaching almost 200lbs. How do you suggest to stay motivated for these next few weeks, to loose the weight i need to lose but still stay sane. Once Im at a reasoable weight I plan to eat right but enjoy life, much like you do. Any help would appreciated!!! Thanks!

    • 72 snackface

      Kim- Wow, this is a tough question. First off, I’m not an RD, but I can give you sanity advice. What kind of cleanse are you on? Is it all liquid? All raw? I’m not sure what the physical health side of that is, but I know the mental health side. I’d be miserable, and nothing is worth it to be that miserable, ya know! So anyway, with a few more details, I’d love to help you out!

      • 73 Kim

        No its not all liqud..im doing ok now that I’m allowed more and more each day. It went from smoothie day to soups to grains to now fruits veggies and some pretein. I can’t wait til the cleanse part is over and I can just eat healthy but give in to fun cravings at times as well.I just love your blog and look forward everyday to reading it!!! Hope your day today is going better!! Thanks for all your motivatioN!

  60. Sometimes I feel like you do just have to give in! That’s definitely what I did with my Craisinets tonight! You have me craving a blizzard right now though… I love cookie dough but I get it with chocolate ice cream! Yummmmy!

  61. 75 healthnuttxo

    ahh, with you girl on the stomach/dairy thing in the mornig. i CANNOT for the life of me eat greek yogurt in the mornign without a stomach ache. the irony? i CRAVE CHOBANI EVERY MORNING! GAH!! I just suck it up, the stomachache goes away eventually haha.
    but its so weird, i can eat a chobs for lunch or snack, no problem whatsoever.
    aesome post btw- i agree, you need to give in sometimes!
    and i totally say versac all the time hahhaha πŸ™‚

  62. Say yes to life!!! yeiii!!!! the other day my boyfriend came home for dinner and he wanted pancakes: i never have pancakes and carbs at dinner scare me, but i said yes! and guess what? it was the best dinner ever!! they were whole-wheat, all right, and had low carb syrup on top, but they were delicious πŸ™‚

  63. I LOVE Esquire. Also, you are driving me crazy with the awesome new LaraBar flavors. I love Laras and I cannot wait to try all these. I must have missed it in a different post, but how did you get lucky enough to score these?

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