College on ‘Roids


What up, boos! Friday night I stayed in and tranquilly watched Sex and the City with Muffin. Come Saturday, however, I checked out this scene:

College on 'roids.

After a lovely morning and an afternoon workout, I indulged in the above-pictured college scene. Ladies and gents, it’s officially Fest season in Athens, Ohio.

Every spring, entire streets in Athens put on a party. Cherry Solo cups decorate the streets, and girls and boys get silly. All of this, of course, starts before noon. I suppose this early start time has something fun and innocent go from this:

Fest before.

To this:

Fest after: trash-laden streets that must be policed.

I’m all about a good time, but sometimes it can be taken too far.

This being my fourth year Festing (yes, proper name), I left my tired flip-flops and denim shorts home in favor of something completely out-of-place and girly:

Glamour shots abound. I'll save you the pain of viewing them and post only one.

I spent the early evening with these kids:

The epitome of college.

Early Festing leads to early bed times, and in the morning, life returns to normal. Delicious brunch shared with fabulous company is certainly the way to stabilize and ease into the week ahead:

Toast with buttah and ketchup-topped scrambled eggs and hash browns.

I lounged for a bit after brunch, and then I had to face a cold, hard reality. I killed my phone last night. Yes, I’ve managed to lose the lives of both my camera and my cell phone in one week. Friends don’t let friends text and pee.

I took my sanitized, lifeless phone to Verizon to see what we could do. The upgrade for my account isn’t until May 26, so I couldn’t go ahead and get a nice phone. Instead, after much debate, the Verizon gentleman and I ordered a replacement of my same archaic flip-phone.

Therefore, I am currently phoneless. It’s surprisingly freeing. I’m not anxiety-ridden over people not calling me back. I’m not constantly checking it to see what time it is or who may have texted me. In fact, I feel as though I don’t have to keep track of time. I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune tomorrow.

Feeling as though I was free and breezy, I strolled uptown for a while. I was parched and had a crazy urge to buy this:

Naked. Why, yes! Please!

Oh my yums.

I don’t usually drink juice or smoothies, but this whispered, “SnackFace!” from the glass refrigeration case. Naked, brilliant job with this mango, pineapple, coconut-water creation. I want one every single day now. At $3.50 a bottle, that is not possible, but I’d like it to be. Can we work something out?

As I sipped this deliciousness, I bought inspirational quote cards and then made my way to the library. I edited a story that’s 600 words over the word-count limit, but I have faith. We’ll get it down to the right length.

I breathed in the green, post-rain air on my walk home and felt peaceful. I swear, having no cell phone is turning me into a different woman. At least for now.

Then, I got bizzay in the kitchen:

Spaghetti squash with a meatless-ball and chickpea sauce, doused in nutritional yeast.

Spaghetti squash is super-fun, but it keeps me full for, oh, 30 minutes. Eh. I still enjoy it every now and then, and I adore pasta sauce. As in, I’d eat it with a spoon. Maybe even a straw, if necessary:


You know what’s also awesome about not having a phone? Surprise visits. Someone had company to eat dinner and watch a few Mad Men, season two, episodes with her.

I’ll be snacklicious for the rest of the night, as tea and a low-carb tortilla with a Laughing Cow have done nothing for my hunger. From college on ‘roids to hunger on ‘roids, I’d say this has been a win-win weekend.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Have you ever had to be cell-less? How did you hold up? Would you ever challenge yourself to let go of your phone for a day? How about going Internet-less? I’d melt.


58 Responses to “College on ‘Roids”

  1. I’ve never been without a cell phone… except before I got one. A day without internet however, I don’t even want to think about it.

  2. 2 MattyRich

    Oh jeez cant wait for the 7th

  3. 3 brittany

    when i had a regular phone, i could go days with not bringing it to work {and i use public transportation so that’s a longg day}. now that i’ve gotten a blackberry, it is glued to my freaking hand. or purse. or pocket. which ever. i think if you were get a phone like that you wouldn’t want to put it down!

  4. 4 Nicole G

    Oh gosh, I can’t imagine now how I’d do without the internet but I’ve definitely done it before. A year and a half ago my laptop committed suicide and so I was stuck at school without a internet connected computer for a month or two. I was a biatch – dorm rooms are quite boring without the possibility of internet browsing =)

    That fest looks fab! I wish I was more involved in my college. Me and my roommate were just joking that this last month before graduation makes us wish we had made friends in college just so we’d have someone to miss and celebrate the end with lol

    Nicole G

    PS I’ve been having Mad Men marathons with my stepdad. Such an AMAZING show!

  5. I was Internet-less this weekend, and it was strange! Kinda liked it:)

  6. Fest looks crazy fun! And girl you are absolutely gorgeousssss. please be a model, mk? πŸ™‚
    i run out of texts so im always phoneless for like the last week of every month lol. gotta learn how to ration them better… unlimited texts are just way too expensive for my almost college grad budget! so sad

    • 7 snackface

      tropicaleats- Darling, you are so very kind. Thank you. And blasted texts! I can be a text freak, too!

  7. Ahhhh…looks like an AAAHHHMAZIN’ weekend!!!!!!! Your pics always make me miss college so much!!!! ANd you look SO FREAKIN CUTE in that flower dress!!!!

    That chickpea sauce looks BOMB! Where do you find that???

    Have a great week love!!!! xoxoxo

    • 9 snackface

      Lauren- Thank you, thank you! About the sauce: All I did was add chickpeas, spice and pepper to some Ragu sauce. Easy!

    i am LOVING that dress! the flowers work for you SO amazingly!! hottie fo sho!! BOO for no phone- i miss your texting already..but fear will resume before we know it!! LOVE YOU SUGA

  9. So if I were, to say, simply drop in and demand that you entertain me in that college fest so that I may soak up as much of an undergrad experience here and at every other university that I can get to before I do that thing we shall not speak of (graduate)… you’d be down? Wonderful.

    Thank God for lotsa internet and minimum phonage πŸ˜‰ so glad you had a great weekend!

  10. 13 clairedille

    Don’t know if I have ever commented but I am a long time reader! I love the florals…and that coconut water smoothie sounds delicious!

    I had to be phone-less when I studied abroad in the netherlands. I used internet only a few times a week at internet cafes but it was so worth it! When I came back to my cell phone usage I felt so bombarded and took me a while to get used to. Now, I am totally reliant on my bberry and internet.

  11. Oh my goodness, my phone is my bff. I would be lost without it! We don’t have internet at home except for on our Blackberrys so usually I only have limited internet on Saturdays and Sundays. (Some stuff you can’t get on a bb, you just need a real computer).


  13. 16 Patrice

    This is incredible because the exact same thing happened to me two weeks before spring break. My phone SOMEHOW wound up in the toilet on a Friday night, and after I cleaned it off and dried it out it worked. For a day. Then it was completely wiped of all memory and service. I had to wait twooo weeeeks until I got my upgrade back home. And you’re right, it was surprisingly freeing. I also had an excuse to not call people back. “Oh, hey Mom, you called about my recent drastic spending? Sorry, I don’t have a phone.” However it also posed some problems… i.e. walking alone downtown at night sans a direct line to 911… a little uncomfortable. Good luck, though! I know you’ll pull through.

    • 17 snackface

      Patrice- You are hysterical. I totally agree that it’s freeing and the only time I’m nervous is walking around campus solo!

  14. Ahhh! The thought of losing the internet makes my heart race! haha

    Phoneless- before I could do it. I used to have a crappy walkie-talkie phone, and I used to leave it around all the time. But now I have a Palm Pre and I am obsessed!

    • 19 snackface

      Molly- Hahahaha I am ROLLING at the idea of a walkie-talkie phone. I practically have one of those.

  15. I’m kind of like you with your phone. At first I get pissed when the internet goes out, but then I am freakishly relieved and free. Of course, I have never had to go without for more than a few hours. TWSS. (Wow, that one was dusty and had cobwebs on it).

    I love your pretty flowery dress! Gorgeous.

  16. Wow! Those streets look pretty crazayyy but fun!

  17. 22 Relle

    Your friend is sooo pretty! Sorry can’t remember her name but I know it’s something food-related? Haha

    • 23 snackface

      Relle- Haha thank you! Her real name is Hannah, so she goes by Banana on the blog!

  18. RIP to your phone! Actually with me, just the other night my phone effed up and I couldn’t answer/make calls (well i could, but the recipient wouldn’t be able to hear me since the microphone on my phone was jacked up.)…so of course I was in a panicking tizzy and of course every person who i could ever hope to call me happened to call me that night and i had to reply with embarrassing text messages…but luckily it was a glitch and it’s functioning again…
    …i agree it’s a little liberating to be out of reach sometimes, but while in college it’s just plain tough…even when i was on my study abroad in india i had a cellphone 24/7 on me. how the hell did college happen in the good ol days without phones and facebook? damn…

  19. 25 Tay

    omg bahahaha as crazy as that looks, it also looks like major fun. Our college definitely doesn’t do anything THAT crazy. And super cute dress πŸ™‚ I tried it on at Forever, but it didn’t fit me right 😦 SOOOOO sorry about your phone!! My phone has never broke on me, but I did leave it at work for a few days. Wow those 3 days were TOUGH.

  20. I actually love when I forget my cell phone! It’s freeing.

  21. What a fun fest! And you, girl are rockin’ that glam look πŸ™‚

    Phoneless I can do, becaue I hardly pay attention to my ancient phone anyway. Internet-less? I’d die.


  22. Internet I’d have a harder time with, but phone? I’ve gone months without one, ie being in a foreign country and truthfully, it’s enlightening. when i came home from AU and was given my phone back, i still didn’t turn it on for weeks; i didn’t want to use it!

  23. I dropped my cell into a public toilet once…thankfully, it was a reflex that made me immediately dive my hand in and grab it; otherwise, it probably would have stayed there. I washed my hands for about ten minutes afterwards. I have a Crackberry, which b!tches out on me frequently, so I’ve been phone-less while waiting for a new one many times. It sucks, but at the same time it is nice to not have to call anyone back!!

    Hope you have an amazing Monday love!!

  24. I also find that my cell phone adds to my anxiety! The one time I truly forgot it at home by accident I was so calm! It felt like I could finally just BE- without anyone trying to get ahold of me. It’s sad how constantly ‘available’ we seen to make ourselves. Over time, I have learned to keep it on silent and have even turned it off at times. Now whenever I hit the gym on the weekends, I NEVER bring it with me, and typically do not even look at it until past noon! It is freeing. I highly recommend disconnecting and taking a cell phone break once in awhile!

    • 31 snackface

      Barbara- Homegirl, I am going to take a tip from you and take frequent cell breaks! I’m realizing this is something I really need to work on!

  25. I lost a phone once, but I think it was only 3 or 4 days before I got another one. I was consumed with guilt because the phone I lost wasn’t even mine, it was my sister’s (I was using it while she was studying abroad). I was so scared to tell her I’d lost all her friends’ numbers! In the end she was pretty cool about it, though– I happened to lose it at a fancy party with an open bar, so she was like “Open bar? I probably would’ve lost my phone too.” πŸ˜€

  26. Cell-less is hard, but internet-less is easier, I guess, because it’s the first thing to go when I travel. I have a sim chip in my phone so I never really lose that.

    Fest-season is indeed upon us. I’m already gearing up for Strawberry Fest at NYU…my breath is bated.

    • 34 snackface

      rustique- Um, may I please join for Strawberry Fest? I swear I’m fun.

  27. Oh phone is easy for me. I will frequently forget it, realize the forgotten phone and then go “Meh” with a shrug and just keep on living my life. I dont really care if I miss calls honestly. And if there is some sort of emergency I am always with a constant phone carrier so no big. Internet? No way. Not happening.

    • 36 snackface

      thenaturalvibe- I totally need to take on more of your attitude with the phone! I already have one back and the anxiety has returned. So disgusting!

    • I agree! I’m the same way with my phone. Frequently I’ll go places with my friends and they’ll want to get in touch with me but guess what! No phone. It’s really not so bad. I just know/tell myself that no one is that important at the moment. I pretty much just try to use my phone when I’m calling/texting someone or staring at the time wishing it went faster in my slow as molasses classes….

  28. Aww..that picture reminds me of college SO much. Not necessarily my college, but nevertheless.

    I feel NAKED without my cell phone. It’s weird. I must have it by my side. Mainly to check email.

  29. Sounds like a fun weekend!
    I feel naked without my phone, it’s a no go for me.

  30. I think it’s awesome that you’re enjoying the college atmosphere while it lasts. Drink it up (no pun intended). My hubby just washed his cell phone last week and his upgrade isn’t available until October so he bought a used one off the internet. Now he has to suffer with a beat-up, used phone, ha ha ha. That’s what he gets for his carelessness (I’m so mean). πŸ™‚

  31. 41 Jayne

    How else is dad going to let me know that we need charcoal when I’m at Kroger.

  32. I’ve gone through 4 phones in college, and each transition left me out of touch for a day or two. While it’s inconvenient for weekends and trying to meet up with people, it’s incredible liberating to know that you are out there on your own and no one can bother you or try to convince you to change your plans. After a while you get kind of used to it, and the constant vibration of a new text can get pretty darn annoying. Enjoy your freedom!

  33. 43 Hope Has A Place

    Mad Men is awesome!

    As is your brunch. I haven’t had eggs and hashbrowns with ketchup in a while… hmm, sounds like something I’ll be having in the near future. πŸ˜‰

    Happy Monday!

  34. Looks like you had more than a little fun this weekend!
    How on earth do you cook spaghetti squash? It looks so cool!

    • 45 snackface

      runnerforever- Well, I cut the squash in half and baked it for 40-ish minutes at 350*. Then, I shredded the inside with a fork. It naturally separates that way!

  35. 46 Nikki

    I went to Marietta College and graduated 2 years ago. Have you heard of our Doo Dah Day? Do you know anybody who goes to college there?

    • 47 snackface

      Nikki- No, I’ve never heard of that day! What is it? And no, I don’t think I know anyone who goes there.

  36. my cell phone died and a ghost ate my charger, so i’ve been cell free all weekend… and i LOVE IT. if my mom didn’t make me have one, i wouldn’t. well maybe that’s a lie.

    i love day festing because everyone goes to bed soo early, and a full nights sleep is had without waking up hungover. ah, the brilliance of college kids. seriously.

  37. My phones are very “accident-prone” so I go phone-less often!! I don’t get overly anxious, but my boyfriend does!

  38. Your totally making me miss college! Penn State was just like that.

    I hate not having my phone..I always feel naked

  39. i do go internetless usually one day of teh weekend, ALWAYS…I think it keeps my sanity

    cell phone less would be hard! i have gone hours without it, but I do liek to have it for emergencys and calls to my mama!

    in my college we have the same type of day called ‘slope day’ wake up kegs and eggs, drink all day, bombard the streets and havea grand old time. My senior year I was in bed at 7pm. What a day!

    mmm chickpea sauce sounds SO good!

  40. 52 kristin

    i gave up my cell phone last year (and after that my car) and i LOVE IT. i will never get another cell. waste of money and since i stopped having one, i learned to enjoy my surroundings more instead of checking the phone every 5 seconds.

  41. IΒ΄ve been cell-less for almost a full week a little while ago – and I was freaking out!
    I donΒ΄t know how can you feel so good. Haha!
    Lovely post, as always. Gotta love your random shots!
    Have a wonderful week πŸ˜‰
    Brazilian XOXOΒ΄s,

  42. Looooove me some Naked Juice! My school sells is for $3.99 so I’ll sacrifice a meal swipe (value of $4.85) for one every few days or so. Awesome in smoothies! I especially love the protein ones. I’ve gone up to 7 weeks without cell service (worked at a camp in upstate NY and only had cell service maybe two or three days) and roughly ten days max without computer access. It’s not that bad! Honestly when I’m at school I spend a lot of time on my computer but when I have the option to be out and about I use it less. I’m streamlining all of my internet stuff (facebook, twitter, the Google Reader *tear*) because I will have a lot less computer access this summer (probably living somewhere without a connection and will rely on cafes thanks summer job!!) so I’m getting prepared! Lol.

    I really don’t mind not having a phone though. I like to keep my phone off as much as possible because I rarely get phone calls and a day with more than 10 texts is rare. πŸ™‚

  43. gah! same here with the spaghetti sauce/spaghetti squash. squash is tasty, keeps me full for about an hour. yet pasta never fills me up either.
    and i LOVE tomato sauce. yumm 4 cheese Ragu, i eat it out of the pot, out of the jar. its so bad. i know when ive had my fill tho- acid reflux MAJOR!
    i have been cell -less. lef tit at home.
    i feel naked without it.
    speaking of naked…
    I LOVE THEIR JUICES! yours looks yummy. !
    -xoxoxo Lisa

  44. ohh cute dress. i never was a college kid, i feel like i missed out! maybe i will come pay you a visit in my old age πŸ˜‰ my work pays for my phone so i never have to go without.. but sometimes i want to.. because when you work pays for your phone.. your work is ALWAYS CALLING! love ya!

  45. I graduated from OU in 2000! I love reading your blog and hearing about OU. Was that High Fest? I lived on N. High St. my senior year. Our house was a dump then, I can’t imagine what it looks like now, 10 years later! Enjoy your last spring quarter!

    • 58 snackface

      Megan- Oh my goodness! That’s awesome and crazy! That WAS High Fest! It was a blast. And yes, most of the houses are very…tired.

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