In Love


Hi, beauties! I hope you’re busy celebrating life this weekend. I know I will be!

So, it’s official. I am in love.

With my new camera, obviously:

Baby biscuit with apple sauce, cinnamon and Sunbutter.

Thursday morning, I had a small-ish breakfast as I rushed around my house, trying to get ready for class. This running around led to grabbing solely a bar for lunch. But it wasn’t just any bar:

Old School, meet New School.

Definitely meal-like stats. Well, a small meal, I suppose.

Real ingredients.

Took its clothes off. Naughty.

What I loved about this ProBar was its realness. It also kept me happily full from noon to 4pm (but when hunger did return, it returned with a vengeance). Unfortunately, it didn’t taste like a PB+J and the flavor disappeared halfway through eating it. My taste buds got bored and were understimulated. We all know that’s never fun.

I classed it up from 10am to 4:30pm and then galloped home to go from grunge to glam:

You will see me wear this a trillion times.

Country glam, that is. I had a dinner date with a journalism darling, J.Money. She’s putting the final touches on her baby, a student-run fashion magazine. I am amazed by her drive.

I sipped a cocktail as we caught up and waited for a table:

Gazpacho Bloody Mary made with cucumber-infused vodka. Divine.

Gabfest continued, and I noshed on a small salad for dinner. I had no idea it was going to be this tiny:

Tiny but pretty. Gorgeous greens with goat's-milk feta and blueberry vinaigrette.

We parted ways and I found Banana. Lil’ sistah had a job interview uptown. I tried my best to calm her nerves, but she’s so fierce she probably didn’t need it.

When the interview ended, we met up with Muffin for some dancing and loving:

Me and the girls. I love the levels of tan in this picture. And the red eyes.

As I walked myself home, I stuffed my face with pretzels. SnackFacing in public. Imagine that for a moment. Lovely, I know.

Friday morning rolled around and I awoke early to put the finishing touches on my Endgame presentation. Mama needed sustenance to power her through (and I’m officially creepy for referring to myself in third person like that):

Oats n' notes.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, scoop Jay Robb, cinnamon, maple sizzurp and peanut butter. Didn’t even make coffee!

For my Monday, Wednesday, Friday class, I usually look like a turd. What I mean by that is that I wear gym clothes, which, as I’ve explained before, I feel is disrespectful to professors. I realize this is one of my quirks. To make up for my usual gym look, I upped the outfit ante for my presentation:

OK, I admit. This might be too much for class.

I take that back. WORK whatever you want, whenever you want. Because YOU are fierce.

The next few hours went something like this:

Class. Presentation. Killed. It. Lunch with Muffin:

The most beautiful photograph of chips I've ever taken. New camera, thank you.

The spiciest sauce. I want bottles of it.

I slowed down a bit in the late afternoon and hung out with a man friend. Then, he was off to work, I was on to snacking and reading blogs. And maybe I applied for a job or two.

It is Friday night and Muffin and I are– gasp– staying in. It finally happened. We’re too tired. We’ve partied so hardy that we need a break. Dancing shoes, I’m sorry, but you’re going back in the closet tonight. We’ll see about tomorrow.

I’m off to relax! Hope you’re doing something you love. (Oh I was so tempted to write, “and someone” after something, but that might be too much. I guess I just said it. Oops.)

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s your idea of a perfect Friday or Saturday night? AND Does anyone want to hire me? Kidding about question two.


56 Responses to “In Love”

  1. 1 Sana

    You rock that outfit! Did you cut your hair? Long hair looks great on you!

    • 2 snackface

      Sana- Thank you, darling! I got a trim maybe two months ago, but nothing drastic! I’ve tried shorter hair on me before– le ick.

  2. ohhhhh k babayyyyy i love you!!!
    this is the FIRST FRIDAY night like EVA i havent done anything either! you know what? it feels GOOD! my girl and i just went on a nice walk outside and it was AWESOME!!
    LOVE yo bossy class LOOK!!!!!!! you look AWEESOME! heck yes you owned that presentaiton!!
    i love you and our texting convos-that are so incredibly random and range from semi serious to all out pointless and goofy.

  3. Girl! Ya look gorg in both outfits πŸ˜‰

  4. You are such a hottie! You look STUNNING. πŸ™‚ I’m an old fogie so I like to do nothing on weekend nights. Occasionally I want to go out and party, but usually you can find my relaxing and entertaining my fam!

  5. Looove the country glam! and that blueberry vinaigrette sounds epicccc!

  6. you are so beautiful, my dear :] and hahaha that line under the pro bar pic “took it’s clothes off” haha i “lol”ed.
    take care!

    • 8 snackface

      beccaandspice- Ahh you are too nice! Thank you! Haha I’m also very glad you thought that was funny. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s just funny to me.

  7. Yay for staying in! Ha who am I kidding, we always stay in! By the time Friday rolls around, I’m *always* too tired to go anywhere. On Saturdays my hubby and I usually go to the movies and dinner. Nothing super exciting. Good for you for getting those job apps in! I’m job hunting too, girl! Its a chore, I know!

  8. 10 Nicole G

    Good luck with the jobs!

    I generally stay in at least one night during the weekend (sometimes both). Last Saturday my mom and brother went camping with boy scouts so I stayed in with my stepdad and we had a Man Men marathon. I legit looked forward to it all week. It was fabolous!

    Question: When do you add the protein powder to your oats? I cook my oats on the stove and add the powder in during the last couple of minutes when most of the water is gone, but it gets clumpy and doesn’t look nearly as delish as yours.

    Nicole G

    • 11 snackface

      Nicole- Oooh so love Mad Men! I add protein powder at the beginning of the process. If I add it too late, it gets gross and clumpy. Hope that helps!

  9. Maybe it’s a blog trend, but I’m also staying in for the first time in MONTHS. I just wasn’t feeling it tonight. No high wedges or sparkly tops, just laundry and a power point presentation.

    You are just smitten with your new camera! And rightfully so. Your oats look simply RAVISHING.

  10. Sexy outfits!! Outfit pics are one of my favorite parts of your blog, you have amazing style! so fierce!!!
    Your hair looks a bit pink in one of the pics!

  11. When you wrote “I hope you’re doing something you love”, my mind actually jumped straight to say “doing SOMEONE”. Great minds think alike, yes??



  12. Pics with the new cam look great!!

    Perfect Friday or Saturday night?? It depends! If I am relaxing, then dinner and a movie is good for me πŸ™‚ If I am going all out, dinner, drinks and concert are the perfect night!!


  13. Sounds like there was a definite blogger-staying-in theme last night. The boyf and I kind of overdid it on the Indian food and spent the rest of the night lying on my bed in a food coma. So worth it though. Speaking of which, I wore exactly the same outfit as the class look to dinner last night. Love ittt!! Perfect weekend night would be dinner at a delicious restaurant (preferably vegan, so I can eat whatever I want), then some drinkage and dancing and a bedtime before 1. I’m old.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend gorgeous girl!!

  14. 17 Amy

    If you can rock that outfit to class, with confidence, then why not?? I was wondering, where did you get the simple white top? I want one in every color!!

    • 18 snackface

      Amy- I bought four of those tops at Forever21 a year ago. I hope they still have them!

  15. haha you are so great!! your posts always brighten up my day πŸ˜€

  16. Staying in has been my MO this semester–homework/reading+unbearable cold weather has not been nutritive to many a fun night. But the floor’s usually bumpin’ with fun enough to keep me entertained.

    Have a fun and wonderful weekend, hot stuff!

  17. Um, LOVE the outfit! Where do you buy your shoes???? I was just complaining about my camera! I’m rocking a hot pink barbie one these days (obvs. classy, not so much practical). What camera do you use for your shots? They look great!

    • 22 snackface

      Marisa- Um, I’d love a hot pink Barbie cam. Rock that! I’ve been using a Canon PowerShot A3000 IS and I love it. I buy my shoes all over the place, but mostly DSW and Target!

  18. 23 Bec

    We must have switched because Friday is usually my staying in night but last night I went out! Have a great weekend girly!

  19. I love how much you love dancing, you’re blog always makes me smile!! Everything looks delicious and you look beautiful as per usual. Hope you’re having a great weekend. My ideal Friday, Sat?! Dinners and movies for SURE. Good luck with job hunt! πŸ™‚

  20. 25 Brooke

    Remember that time we SnackFaced in public… outside the Blarney Stone with bags of chips and trail mix as we sat at the bus stop? True love right thurr.

  21. youza fly a_ _ b_ _ _h.
    and I mean that with the MOST admiration and love.

    gorgeous fits, yummy mexi food, and oatys!!

  22. Love the outfit!!! I love dressing up to my Economics class…makes me feel weirdly professional or something, but that’s when I be rocking the pencil skirts and heels ;).
    My perfect Friday/Saturday- hopping around with all my best friends, whether it be bars/parties/around town…anything happening, some delicious sips and as always some late night eats at the Portland crepe/french fry/pizza carts πŸ™‚

  23. Those shoes!! The brown gladiator-esq ones that you wore Thurs – Where can I find those? So stinkin’ cute!

    • 30 snackface

      Greta- Aw, thanks! I’m glad you liked them! I got them on clearance at Target a year ago.

  24. Love your gorgeous outfits! Have a great weekend!

  25. You are rocking those outfits! I’m loving the oat’s n’ notes…that will be me a lot this week 😦

  26. 33 em

    i love your presentation out and your ‘country glam’ look πŸ™‚
    that pro bar looks really good! and i love it when the ingredient list isn’t sketchy. it makes bars taste so much better.
    my idea of a perfect saturday night? anything that does NOT involve going to the movies. as long as there’s good food, fun people, and a chance to dance, i’m happy!

  27. love the Bloody Mary but we have Bloody Ceeasrs here and I like mine with tequila
    As for Gazpacho your mother makes the best.

  28. Those chips look amazing….

  29. 36 gina (fitnessista)

    you definitely rock that outift! if dressing down for class is disrespectful, i basically flipped all my professors the bird throughout college. i dressed like a homeless gym rat…. but i owned it, haha πŸ™‚
    just to let you know, i will party in vegas tonight in a way that will make you proud πŸ˜‰

    • 37 snackface

      gina- YES!!!! I hope you are having the most amazing time in Vegas! I need to go there someday. Or not. It could be bad.

  30. nice new camera! takes awesome pics- jealous!!!
    and i love love LOVE your outfits here! where do you find such goodies! πŸ™‚
    and- never thought of applesauce + peanut butter. HOW COULD I NOT!?!
    i literally eat either apple sauce or peanut butter every freakin day of my life, how have i not put the 2 together yet?!? ( growing up applesauce with EVERY dinner. spaghetti, fish sticks, mac & cheese, anything. i was applesauce girl hahha)

  31. love your unique humor πŸ˜€ … I also hate when bars disappoint in flavor …. but pb&j to go in bar form is fab! Also about looking for a job check out ths sweet site:

    • 40 snackface

      kelli!- Thanks, sugar! I’m an ed2010 addict. It’s so fab!

  32. 41 caitlinrose

    your body-profile picture is SERIOUSLY Jessica Rabbit. Incredibly sexy, I can’t get over those proportions. . . hot. really, really really hot.

    • 42 snackface

      caitlinrose- Haha, why, thank you! You are very kind, my friend.

  33. Hawwwwwwt lace-up shoes lady!!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Where are those bossy things from????

    Have a FAB evening ma dear! My (current) perfect evening is the couch + kombucha + 90210 re-runs….I’m takin it easy after last nights’ shennanigans πŸ˜›



  34. Hahahahaha – terrific post, Kailey!
    Your pics look definetely gorgeous – I bet youΒ΄re new camera ROCKS πŸ˜‰
    Have a great Sunday, girl!
    Brazilian XOXOΒ΄s,

  35. Oh cute lady, I’ll hire you. To personally take me out for mexican food every week, k? It’s Saturday and I’m staying in…well, I just got back from eating Indian food and now here I am, bottle (or 2) of red wine in hand, ready to sit back and relax.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • 46 snackface

      Angharad- K, let’s eat Mexican food, Indian food and pop bottles. That sounds like a great job.

  36. hahahahaha NEVER too much. ever.

    you are adorable as always – i am so loving that yellow plaid shirt. and your fierce (said in a crazy tyra voice) presentation outfit.

    we need a mayj catch-up…see you round gchat today?

    p.s. yay for new camera – i need one too, and it just might be the relationship i need to get me past mr. lawyer πŸ™‚

  37. 48 Lucie

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy perusing your blog, I love the way you write and your general positivity and attitide to life.

    My ideal Fri/Sat night is getting dressed up and going out to dinner with a friend, chatting and drinking wine over a great meal. More typically, I’ll be found slobbing out with a dvd and bottle of wine. Indulgent.

    One thing I have noticed is the absence of chocolate in your blog – explain!! πŸ™‚

    • 49 snackface

      Lucie- First off, thank you so much for reading SnackFace and enjoying! That means bunches to me. Hmmm, I have no idea why there’s no chocolate on my blog. I’ve majorly been craving it lately, and I guess when I’m at the store I don’t want to spend money on it. I’m always like, “Well, I don’t really need it, but…” Imma have to change that!

  38. LOVE your outfits! I think I was the same in college – either no-make-up, running shoes, and some gym clothes or high heels, dressy clothes with full on hair & make-up. I bet they didn’t even recognize me as the latter.
    As for weekend nights: I love to go out to dinner and go to Barnes & Noble or Borders. I could sit and read in there forever!
    Have a great weekend girly!

  39. 51 cre8happiness

    Your fierceness is undeniable. Can’t stand it. You’re too cute for words.

    SOooo, the job thang — where are you looking? Are you wanting to come back to Cincy or go wherever the paycheck takes you?? I have lots of connections in PR, and by default, some journalism connections. I’ll put some feelers out and see what’s up. Even though I’ve never met you, I’m more than willing to vouch for someone who’s blog is so captivatingly kickass.

    *PS – your black/white class outfit made me want to move to the gym. I’d wear things like that to the freakin’ grocery store if I could…

    Okay, I think that’s enough blog love for now. πŸ™‚

    • 52 snackface

      cre8happiness- Know that you absolutely made my day. K? Ya did. I’m willing to go anywhere, for the most part. I’m currently looking for a job with a magazine, but I’d love to try PR, too. THANK YOU for vouching for me!

  40. 53 Katherine: What About Summer?

    what kind of jobs have you been doing//was she interviewing for? I need to get away from my all the time gym clothes and at least some real clothes sometimes.

    Is it worth it to get a good camera? I’ve been thinking about getting just a cheap camera (like $50) to have on hand and keep in the kitchen that I won’t care about but I’m not sure if the quality would be awful or if I could even tell.
    How did you pick out your camera?


  41. 54 Jackie

    Love the outfits!!! What kind of blush do you use?

    • 55 snackface

      Hi Jackie! I use Physicians Formula Blush Bronzer in Rose and Bronze…or something like that.

  42. 56 elise

    understimulated? thats the worst πŸ˜‰
    im always conflicted with probars because (with stats like that) they seem like they should hold me over for longer, but, not so much.
    way to rock the ‘fit AND the presentation…i love that you feel like gym attire is disrespectful to your profs. im sure he/she appreciated this look. hope youre doing someone you love!!

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