Hi, sugarbuns! Today’s post title relates to the two recurring themes in this post: legs and eggs. Thus, I mooshed the two together. (Do we recall Baction? Exactly.) What it does not reveal, though, is the slew of unnecessary pictures coming your way. Well, some of them are necessary. And some are just photographic snacks.

Last night, after posting, I actually captured what happens almost every night:

SnackFace in action. Cereal mixed with apple sauce and almond milk. Times three.

Texting my lovers, flipping through reality t.v., slobbing it up.

After getting a sound eight-and-a-half hours of sleep, I felt as though I’d slept for a whole day. Anything close to eight hours is monumental for me.

I normally wake up starving, but this morning, my motivation to make breakfast did not stem from my stomach. It stemmed from my Christmas-morning excitement to use my new camera:

Mango mess, medium shot.

Mango mess, close-up.

Mango mess, extreme close-up.

Mango mess, long shot.

I annoyed myself with that series. I understand if you’ve peaced out by now.

In the bowl: Greek yogurt, half a mango, Nature’s Path Smart Bran, PureVia, cinnamon and Sunbutter. Mama needs some Sunbutter back in her life regularly. As of right now, I’m using sample squeeze packs from Expo West. Must eradicate the Sun situation.

I sat on my front porch and read for a bit before getting ready for class/gym:

Sporting $4 shorts from the Dollar Store.

I need to step up my self-tanning game.

Class was, well… In all four years of my experience at Ohio University, I have never had a class as frustrating as this Theatre class. It’s not that it’s difficult or that it’s unpleasant. The problem is that it’s poorly organized, the students can barely keep up with the instructor’s lecture and we have these enormous group projects that are unrealistic to coordinate (20+ students–super busy theatre students, at that– in one group?). Needless to say, I’m more than ready for the gym when noon strikes.

I had a great, stress-relieving workout. First up, I did 55 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. Ethics reading kept me company. After that, I did my usual routine with the weight machines (three sets of 10 for chest press, incline press, row, different kind of row, fly, ab twisty thing and ab crunchy thing). Every time I try to explain my workouts, I further prove to myself why I skip the descriptors.

As I moseyed my way home I chatted with an old roomie of mine. Boy problems. What’s new?

I showered and tanned before fixing lunchoni:

Romaine, broccoli, snap peas, chickpeas, sunflower seeds and light chipotle ranch.

This is what fiber looks like.

Don't worry, I was alone for the rest of the afternoon.

I followed up the crunch with some more crunch:

Juicy fooj. (And by fooj I mean Fuji.)

And lastly:

Lil' biscuit.

I remade Abby‘s biscuits, but this time I used applesauce instead of oil and stevia instead of salt. These are much less biscuits than they are bread balls, but they’re edible. Next time!

What did I even do after that? Read blogs? Probably. Try to procure tons o’ info about Beckett’s Endgame? Mos def. Thank heavens for Twitter and fabulous friends.

Before diving into the play, I needed to get dressed. I’d been chillin’ in my towel dress for far too long. Fixed that:

Ooh, you can see a bit of my cheery living room!

Gap Body top with Forever21 shorts. My face cracks me up in this pic.

Also before diving into the play, I needed a little snack:

Half a wrap with mashed banana and peanut butter. Yums.

Then, with a Diet Coke in hand, I lost myself in Beckett’s disparate world. I didn’t expect to like Endgame, but it fascinated me. I’ll be further researching the play for Friday’s presentation. (Solo presentation this time around.)

A little while after I finished reading the play, I needed more food! Hmm, what to have, what to have. Peculiarly, I had a craving for maple sizzurp. Fed that craving with an interesting mix:

Oats n' eggs.

Love it when you call me legs, in the morning, buy me eggs:

Please try this.

Atop a bed of cinnamon and Jay Robb-infused oats sat a fried egg. Drizzled in syrup, the yolk, oats and whites melded deliciously:

I'd like ten more, please.

I am a ravenous beast tonight and have also had a mini-biscuit, AKA bread ball, and an apple with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. I’m sure that won’t be the end of it.

Now, kittens, I’m off to catch up on reading for class. I’ll try not to be so obsessed with taking pictures tomorrow!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: When it comes to blog-reading, how many pictures are too many? Do you like a lot, a little, just one to represent whatever the blogger is talking about, etc.? AND When hanging around your house/dorm/apartment/room by yourself, what do you lounge in?
With my own blog-reading, too many pictures is four or five different angles of the same thing (AKA what I did today—hypocrite? Yes, sometimes). It gets tedious, even if the pictures are beautiful. Then again, that may be my preference because I’m more about the words. And when lounging solo, I wear my robe, towel dress, sundress, bikini or sweats and a tee. Depends on the weather!


60 Responses to “Leggs”

  1. My hubby has the same stone-age cell phone! He needs an upgrade, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think pictures relevant to the post are important. Pics over and over again of the same thing sometimes get boring. I think it just depends on the blog. I don’t really care about things like that. I read ’em if I like ’em! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just read Beckett’s Waiting for Godot in French for a lit class…interesting stuff, kinda strange but interesting.

    I like as many pictures as are relevant. I’ll happily look at 50 as long as it’s not of the same thing. I agree, the million angles on a bowl of oats can get repetitive, especially if there’s nothing interesting to read along with it.

    Your afternoon outfit is adorbableee. Seriously, I wish I looked that good lounging around alone. I’m all about the sweats. My roomies probably think I’m grunge-tastic, but hey, if I’ve gotta do homework, I wanna be comfy!!

    Hope you have a marvelous Thursday lovely lady!!

  3. 3 Lyss

    ga. ga.

  4. I love all your pics- you always look so beautiful in them! And the Lady Gaga song- sooo good! I started singing “boys like you love me forever” after reading it:)

  5. I love your top! And your breakfast!

  6. 6 kh18

    I with you on the pictures. Too many of the same thing is boring. I love lounging in sweats, actually I just love sweats. They are so comfy. Your floors look a lot like mine. Old but classy. They are pretty creaky though:)

    • 7 snackface

      kh18- K, first off, KH are also my initials. Secondly, OLD FLOORS! Haha mine aren’t creaky, but they slope. As in, the kitchen is about a foot lower than the living room. It’s hysterical.

  7. I think if the pictures have variety then its okay to have a lot! but if you’re eating the EXACT same thing EVERY single day and taking a picture of that and posting it multiple times then thats too much, and thats what really annoys me. I think you have the perfect mix of variety and colorful shots ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I am notorious for going buck wild with the foodie photos on le blog. I just love experimenting with different angles/lighting. Whatevz. If they don’t like it they don’t have to look at it, right?

    your living room is fab! Very retro and chic, just like you ๐Ÿ™‚

    oats drenched in syrup <- that is maj foodie brilliance right there, honey. Did your tastebuds sing?!?!

    just commented on your last post telling you I love you, but in case you forgot – I do, a shitload. muahhhhh.

  9. I try and keep tonnnns of pictures to the minimum – but on days where I actually LIKE my picture skilllllz I up the picture quotient. Plus – pics are fun. haha I like a good mix of text and pictures though – I like having something to read.

    Oh, and I lounge in my towel…undies…sweats…pjs…you name it, I’ll where it when around the apartment by myself. haha

  10. yumm i love maple syrup and eggs<3 my friends always makes fun of me when I eat that sandwich or just have eggs with maple syrup (come on, how is maple syrup and eggs any WEIRDER than ketchup and eggs!!!) but its just TASTYY!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. i LOVE that striped shirt you have on in the full length shot! ah want it so bad!

    love the new shots

    syrup on eggs is PHENOM…I get “how do you eat that?!” all the time, I tell them to not knock it till they try it!

    I do love the pics, but too many pics of the same thing, that just gets redudant and try not to do it on my blog that much!

    keep doing what your doing!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. so theres this hole-in-the-wall-diners, drive ins and dives-type joint gas station/convenience store in cow country VT, a lil south of burlington. This place is a friggin diamond in the rough-let me tell you. Not only do they prepare the best chocolate cake w/pb frosting and pies thatll have your grandma swearing in foodgasms… but they also sell the most outrageous egg sammies EVAHH. The secret ingredient… the maple sizzup and house made, free range organic snausage(or bacon or nothing, your call). I know youre not totally into the meat scene… but this sammie doused in buttah, vt chedda, a fried egg or dos, meat of choice and then the slight droplets of subtle maple in the background will make your ladies choir singing octaves higher than their typical sopranic melodies. true story. Come to VT
    I hope your sizzup was real maple, we green mountainers frown upon SF Butterworths or anything of the sort. while i have a feeling this might be the case, i will forgive you if you come to vt to tap some maples asap.

    • 14 snackface

      mary ann- Gah!!!! I need to come to VT! Also, you totally caught me! I forgot to mention that I had to use the faux-sizzurp that’s been hanging out in my fridge forever. It is pretty delicious, but I’m sure it doesn’t compare to the deliciousness you’re used to!

  13. I like pictures but too many is annoying. But I definitely do like to get an accurate picture of what the author is talking about.

    When its just me and my husband at home I usually wear sweats and tshirts. I love Comfort Zone pants from NY & Co. They’re my favorite- super stretchy and soft!

  14. Agreed on the picture thing. I like a lot of pictures, but I don’t like a lot of pictures of the same thing. I’m much more of a word person, too.

    My lounge clothes are pretty much the same as my gym clothes. Except not stanky.

  15. Love the surplus of pics! keep them coming! And, yes, I know…sunbutter is sent from the gods. LORDY!

    • 18 snackface

      Katie- Hi sugarpie! I’m so sorry, but was it you who asked me a few weeks ago about transitioning from vegetarian to vegan? I have no idea why I’m just remembering now!

  16. i LOVE your freaking amazing OUTFIT! so chill.. you look like a gap model fo real
    i love chillllll clothes..aka sweatpants! whoo!! and i love bikinis..is that weird? oh well.
    yo oats look amaze. i must get jay robbs STAT!

  17. Pics are great kails!!

  18. I love pictures! I feel gipped when a cookbook leaves out pictures. Not cool.

    I lounge in a big sweatshirt with my hair up. In fact, as mainly I’ve been around the house or at work where my hair needs to be up, I can’t remember the last time it’s just been all out down.

    Work those legs!

  19. I’m so happy that you like your new camera! Isn’t it fun to get something new and test it out a bunch! As for lounging around the house, sweats with my hair up in a messy bun is where it’s at. Have a great night!

  20. I think it has more to do with the word:picture ratio. If there are lots of words, my short attention span can’t keep my finger scrolling through a million pictures.

    Since I’m always super cold at home (it’s a cave, even in the summer) I am wearing my furry LL Bean slippers, leggings, and a sweatshirt or two…actually, usually two. Layers are basically the only things that keep me warm and my fingers from going numb. I’m excited for 80*+ days when I can let my legs breathe a bit – summer is so close!

  21. Your pictures look fantasmic! I’m so glad you figured out how to upload them. I saw your little Twitter freakout! I made biscuits tonight!!!!! Really the question is, how many exclamation points are too many? I kind of hate myself right now!

  22. Oats and eggs? mm… are they good?
    hehe when i get home i inmediatly change into shorts and flip flops!

  23. More than two photos of the same thing starts to bore me.

    You are brave with the oats and eggs… I’m just now attempting adding egg whites into my oats as they cook!

  24. I like to switch it up with pics…do what you’re feeling!

    Killer legs btw!!! Jealousyyyy ova hurr!!!

  25. I think I’m very similar to you in how I like my blog. Too many photos of the same thing is just…tedious. I like when there are loads of pictures on a blog, I don’t like loooong rambling pieces of text with no pictures to illustrate, even if they are unrelated, I guess they just keep me interested, but I like when there are lots of different photos because it shows that the blogger’s life is interesting and they aren’t just sitting at the computer all day. When I’m at home on my own, I like to lounge about in a pair of sweatpants that got too short so I chopped into shorts or else my nice linen pants ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a guy but I wear Ugg boots. No shame, those things are hella comfy. On top, I like to wear my Dad’s PJs. Weird, I know, but they are absolutely HUUUGE on me and he never wears them so it’s like wearing a big Kimono thing all comfy and baggy and made of satin ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the oats and eggs and sizzurp. I heart maple on french toast so this would probs be nice. Also luuuurve the Mango mess. Looks nomptious (that’s my word for nom.) Love the blog and your attitude, keep it up x

  26. more pics the better! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. 30 Rachel

    I love Sunbutter, especially the name of it, I like to pretend it’s butter from the sun. I usually purchase it on vitacost.com because I can’t find it anywhere else…i sound like such a vitacost spokesgirl sometimes

    and I enjoy the pictures, but if I see 50 pictures in a row of a bowl of oatmeal it’s like “ok man, I get it, no more glamor shots please”

  28. 31 MamaJ

    More pictures outside in the daylight rather than in dark bars…..Better lighting that way. Luv you….OXOXOX

  29. I love pictures! I try not to put TOO many on my blog… because I know enough is enough, but unless it is a recap post, I use just enough to get my point- or MEAL- across!! And I love cute pics of blogger like you ๐Ÿ™‚


  30. Add Rosemary to your bread balls, and try an infused oil for flavor. OR…. just add spices and mustard (try that mustard you love- it’s GREAT in bread dough). I realize you are mostly ‘egg free’ but it might help. I add syrup or jam and cinnamon to my sweet version with whole grain flower. Great legs’n’eggs!

  31. 34 Liza M

    I made the biscuits and thought they were yum-o. Made them with canola oil and soymilk. My BF loved them too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. I’m schizo with my pictures. Oh well. Once I hit the dorms I’m all about the J Crew men’s boxer shorts and fluffy slippers. If I’m getting down with hundreds of pages of reading, I gots to be lampin.

  33. ahhhh…YAY YAY YAY new camera! i am in total need of one too, and i know that if i got one, i would go picture crazy as well. i don’t mind seeing different angles of food – as long as its not all the time, for every single meal and obnoxious.

    relaxing gear…hmmm…sometimes i get too lazy to change, so its just whatever i am wearing. however, i have this pair of brown velour pants that are the most comfortable thing EVER, and then a big ol’ sweatshirt. i’m happy.

    gah, i want a salad in my life.

    and oats + maple syrup.

    and that morning yog mess.


    yes, let’s catch up. today should be a long one (the last!), so i will be hanging around gchat fo sho. chat soon love xoxo

  34. I probably post tooo many pictures of the same thing sometimes. But it’s so hard to choose the single picture that you want to post when you have a lot of options! Especially when you are the most indecisive person on the planet.
    Oh my.. the oats/egg/maple syrup thing.. I’m ALL over that!

  35. that top is MUY cute – i have a weakness for stripes and polka dots.

    i lounge in sweatpants. in fact, i want to marry sweatpants. or leggings. i dont really wear leggings out but to lounge in, they are AWESOME. especially when they come up to your boobs and you’re like hm, what am i to do with these?

  36. Yea girl! We’re now officially Powershot twinsies (how annoying is that word!?)…. yayay!

    I understand why you’ve gotta rep so many pictures in your first post with the new cam–so no apologies! I agree, sometimes those mirage of pics can be a little much–but let’s be real–i love me some food porn just as much as I love me a good post!

    That mango-y delight of a breakfast sounds divine right now. I’ve been rocking the DRIED mango lately (and lovin’ it), but would kill for some fresh! And do I wanna try NP’s Smart Bran?? Your blog always makes me want to try it. Will buy this summa–working on my barb’s shredded spoonfuls & 365 honey crunches & oats at the mo.

    That pb/banana wrap looks delish too! Need that. OKAY BOO, LOVE YOU!!!!! Hope today’s a good day! You fierce–kinda obsessed with that easy, breezy look you pullin’ off with the tank + shorts! XOXO

  37. 40 sue

    legs and eggs! i love it! i also love lots and lots of pics in posts- of everything! the only thing i dont like is when people post like a gazillion pictures of the same thing…like i dont need 5 angle shots and a super duper close up of an apple…you know?

  38. Love your artsy cheery living room snapshot of yourself…looks like an ad for Gap Body or such.
    As for boy problems…oh mannn, I feel ya…well not quite boy problems, but boy overanalyzation, boy confusion, boy uncertainty…why do they consume my brain like thatttt? *sigh*
    as for pics in posts…I love em, but usually twenty shots of the same thing gets teensy tedious (not in your posts but in general.) And as for lounging: It’s all about the boxersssssss…OH and my robe, I love my robe, my big puffy soft red pimp robe. ooh yes.

  39. I’m thinkin’ I may need to upgrade my camera to take some pics like yours! I totally lounge in a sweat shirt and pajama bottoms. COMF-EE!

  40. I always say it…cereal late at night is the best snack. Whenever I get home from an evening out, that’s what I always go for. And ohhhh my…runny yolks are my favorite. I’ve had 4 eggs within the last 3 days…can’t get enough. I still have yet to venture into savory oat territory.

  41. I pretty much always lounge around in sweat pants or pajamas haha.
    Why have I never thought to mash up the banana before putting it in the wrap?? Oh dear..

  42. Hey girlie girl!!!!! So i’m sitting at my school cafe and there is a hugeeeeeee stand of magazines that line one of the walls….i just looked over and saw none other then VegNews!!!! i instantly thought of you!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ hope your having a wonderful day! xoxox

  43. I have to say you’re making me want to try savory style oats more and more!! Those look delicious!!
    And cereal + tv at night+ nothing better!!

  44. 47 Amy

    I love the pictures you take, especially the ones of your cute outfits! When I finish loosing weight (I’m down 45Ilbs right now… but want to loose 15 more) I am going to invest in some new cute clothes but I change size so frequently now that it doesn’t make sense. I also think your apartment is really cute… at least what I can see of it. Not to be a creeper but you should post pics of your apartment. I’m a college student @ Akron (well, for two more weeks…) and I can appreciate apartments that are “college chic” haha.

  45. Even though I stopped eating eggs a few months ago…this oats + egg creation alone would be the first thing to make me change my mind. holy YUUMMMM

  46. Hey, Kailey!
    Amazing post, as always. Gotta love your random shots – I wish I could be as snack-y as you! But Iยดm trying – today, I ate two chunks of pineapple and melon between lunch and dinner! That was… new.
    Lovely pics, btw!
    Have a great night!
    Brazilian XOXOยดs,

  47. If the pictures look almost identical, then it can get annoying. I don’t mind what you did there because you were playing with your camera and that was part of your day….you were showing us what you did. And you were trying out how well the camera worked with different lengths. That’s a-ok. As is taking lots of pictures of the process of making something. If they’re awesome pictures, I don’t care if there are two dozen, hehe.

  48. You’re new camera takes bootiful pictures. G’job ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am somewhat of a photo-geek so I take a million pictures if the plate is pretty enough. I usually only post up to three though, don’t want to overstimulate, ya know? As for lounging I don’t often change my outfit bc I get too lazy to even do that so it’s just slippers and whatever I was wearing that day. If I’m fresh outta the shower though, just a tee and shorts. Have a great weekend lovely!

  49. Hooray for new cam! I hate spending the big bucks on gadgetry too but new cameras are simply addicting. Totally worth it. And look at them glorious pics it takes! I think a few pics is cool but too many can definitely be overkill. Depends how good the subject of the photo shoot looks. Like those eggy oats? I could totally look at pics from 10 different angles and find each one equally as delicious and drool-worthy. I’ve never made a real egg on a bowl of oats before… total fail! As for home garb, I chill in sweats/tights/shorts and tees/tanks/sweaters. Right now it’s a mix between them all since the temps are haywire. But basically anything COMFY!

  50. bahahaha…i’m with you on the pics and angles…but sometimes new cameras = more pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

    love that top btw…

  51. i think 1 pic of the meal/food is good enough. lots of diff angles kind of bore me. unless its THAT delicious, then i’ll take a few snapshots ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Hey girl, hey. I just had a turkey/hummus wrap and now I want a mushed banana/pb one. Humpf.
    The photo thing for me depends on the subject matter and blog I guess. If it’s recipe-based and pretty centered on the food then a few pictures can help to illuminate the reader and provide an all round view of what’s been cooked. If it’s your morning oatmeal, I think most people know what that looks like so it’s going to get old after a while. But if the photos are pretty, I’ll look at anything in eight angles!

    My lounge-wear is super trashy. If I’m cold then my UT sweat pants and a massive hoodie and my monkey slippers. Yeah, make that mental image. My poor husband.

  53. When I first glanced at the first pic, looked like a cup of maggots. They don’t have that cereal in my country! but i am sure it is tasty ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 57 snackface

      Lady Gaga Feet- I’m horrified at your comment because you are right! It does look like maggots! EW.

  54. 58 elise

    how do $4 items exist at the doller store? v. confusing…

    sooooo jeal of the new camera. woo hooo!

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