One of Those


Yo, mamis! Today was one of those days. A day in which few things go according to plan, and the smallest things that could go wrong do. You know what, though? It’s not like my legs fell off or anything. I did, however, lose something that has become a huge part of my life.

The day started with me begrudgingly rolling out of bed. It felt as though an elephant had found a new home on my face– the sinus pressure was that bad. Attempting to attack the day as I normally do, I made coffee, read emails and tended to breakfast:

Cheesy yellow pepper scramble.

I fried a yellow pepper until it was almost translucent, then added one egg, two whites, pepper and a Laughing Cow wedge. Oh my me. The Laughing Cow made the eggs almost buttery.

While I was sipping coffee and trying to get myself together for class, I remembered I needed to move my car. (The meter maids are cruel here.) Hurriedly, I dashed down the stairs and to my car. I’d completely forgotten that I put my camera in my hoodie’s pocket. SLAM.

My camera is no stranger to the ground. I’m a touch klutzy. But this fall, of all falls, was my poor little camera’s last. I tried everything I could to make it work again. Nada. I was heartbroken and decided I needed to save this little part of me before going to class. So maybe I skipped class to fix my camera situation. If you were an addict, you would too. Right?

I got dressed and drove to Walmart to get the camera I’d looked up on the website. (**New AP style!! Went from Web site to website. Who else is stoked?) With the help of three staffers, we discovered Wally’s didn’t have my desired camera in stock. They showed me the next nicest Canon, and I hesitated to spend $10 more for a camera.

Instead of purchasing, I drove home to check them out on Amazon. To make a tedious story short, I worked out the money and discovered it’d be cheaper to go back to Walmart for the nicer Canon. Boh.

Before I could take care of my biznass, I had class and meetings until 6pm. To fuel for the afternoon, I enjoyed an apple-spiced yogurt mess:

And this is a mess of a picture.

I am terribly sorry that I have to use these janky cell pictures. I tried to make it work! In the mix: one container Dannon Greek plain yogurt, one chopped Fuji, sprinkle apple pie spice and a drizzle of sunbutter. Absolutely delicious.

At 12:45, I speed-walked to Southeast Ohio Magazine. Never mind the pounding sinuses, the fact I’d lost my phone 12 times before leaving the house and the little mishap of leaving my glasses at Muffin’s. Just never mind.

Unsurprisingly, what totally changed my day around was spending two hours editing stories. I’ll try not to wax poetic about editing magazine pieces, but I really love focusing on the words, the flow, the structure, the angles…ahhh.

After that, I ran across campus to Ethics. Class was class. The professor actually cracks me up. For some peculiar reason, war history, sexting and the word “titillating” always come up in that class.

Also, the irony of half the class being absent for Ethics on 4/20 did not pass me.

Class commenced and I stopped by Muffin’s to say what up, and then I ran to CVS (yes, again) and then my house (how many times can I say “then”?). I drove to meet a journalism professor of mine and Huffington Post blogger Jerusha Klemperer for an iced tea and conversation. We had a lovely gabfest about–what else– magazines and blogging. It was wonderful.

As the women drove to an Earth Week event, I drove to Walmart to get myself out of my bread n’ butter pickle. Although the idea of spending $159 on one item makes me want to hurl, I did tha damn thang and bought myself a Canon PowerShot A3000 IS. There goes my grocery budget for the next several weeks. The things I do for my passion… (Who am I kidding? I’ll be buying groceries in no time.)

When I got home, I plugged in the battery and tuned into my culinary cravings. Are you ready for some more gorgeous cell pictures? Mmmm:

Appetizer of balls, anyone?

The main course:

Steamed sweet potato.

The dips.

And for dessert:

Biscuit topped with strawberry preserves.

I’m suffering from Goldilocks syndrome with these. Yesterday they were too olive-y, today they were too flour-y, tomorrow…they will be just right.

I love that days can start off stumbling, but by the end, they are gliding. I just tested my new camera. Ladies and gents, I sense some incredible photographs coming to a SnackFace near you:

My old camera never would have taken this picture.

From sitting on the couch, zooming in on the blog process.

All up in ma grill. (Sorry, kidlettes, to scar you like that.)

This makes me BEYOND excited for tomorrow merely because I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out. And tomorrow’s just another glorious day. Not one of those days, though. I can feel it already.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How up-to-date are your gadgets? AND How do you cope with those days?

I have old, old, old gadgets. My camera was almost two years old, my cell phone is a cheapo flip-phone that Verizon doesn’t even carry anymore and my Sony Vaio laptop is turning five. As long as I can get it to do what I want, I keep it! And when it comes to those days, I try to laugh it off as much as possible. When I catch myself saying, “It’s not my day,” I immediately tell myself to stop saying that! I can’t turn it around if I think that way. Like I said earlier, I still have my health and limbs intact. Not bad, not bad at all.


50 Responses to “One of Those”

  1. congrats on the new camera! my phone is an old verizon flip too.. every time someone whips out their blackberry or iPhone im like really nowwwwww lol.

  2. Bahhhh so sorry to hear about the camera! My first semester of college, I went through TWO cameras in TWO months, plus lost a cell phone to the toilet monster and an iPod went flying off the treadmill into a wall at 8 mph. It was a poor couple of months for me. I tried to get the cameras fixed, but the dudes at Best Buy told me they were toasted…then, over Christmas break this year, I found them both in a desk drawer, turned them on, and they both work fine. Weird, right? At least I have two backups?

    Here’s hoping tomorrow is better for you lovey…you’re right, it WILL be better!!

  3. aw, i’m sorry to hear about your dear camera’s death. i do like the new one, though, and know you will, too.

    have a lovely day!

  4. AHH NEW CAMERA! SUPER exciting, lovebug!
    is that an ORANGE shirt i see?!! ahh orange makes me so giddy!! i love it! looks awesome on you!
    LC+eggies=wonderful-ness..i dont think i can eat eggs without LC anymore!

  5. Your ethics class sounds like so much fun! I took it last semester and it was a pretty crazy ride. Gotta love AP Style…putting out a new, pricey stylebook edition every year. Congrats on the new camera! I’m about to get my first Mac for post-graduation! Have a great night, girl!

  6. 6 lo

    even tho we just talked/ i am in love with AP’s decision to choose website AND no more state abbrevs!! No more Neb. or Ill. woooo spellling it allll out!


  7. i’m obsessed with updating my gadgets. i have the newest blackberry and i just got a new laptop (my baby died 2 weekends ago) and i hate that i have the 1sto generation ipod. ok im crazy, yes!!

  8. RIP camera ❀ But looks like the new one is workin' just fiiiiine!

  9. This is my first time commenting, but I have been reading your blog for longer than I’d like to admit. I’m a huge fan! Also, congrats on the new camera! That’s so exciting! I just got a new camera yesterday for my birthday (after spending the last 3 years working with one the size/weight of a brick and a viewfinder the size of a stamp). Can’t wait to see all of the new pictures you’re going to take with the new one!

  10. 10 Nicole G

    So sad about your camera! But it looks like you got a nice new one and think of it as an early graduation gift for yourself =)

    When I’m having one of “those days” I try to just stop whatever it is I’m doing, take a deep breath, and focus my energy in a positive manner. This post reminded me of the one where you spoke about important you feel it is to project positive energy and that putting out positive energy is the best way to get it back. Such good advice!

    Nicole G

  11. hahahha i hear you girlie!
    i have the ENV2, but i got mine literally the day it came out like THREE years ago. so it stinks and when i make long text messages it blacks out and i have to reetype them all over again. nice.

    i dont even have a camera. all my photos for my blog are from my ENV2.
    yea… i need to work on that. just dont have any cash to spare!! Bahh.
    anyway- sorry ohad such a shotty day (hahah i couldnt resist the corny pun, forgive me :P)
    enjoy some good eats to cheer up!! πŸ™‚

  12. 12 Lindsay

    What a coincidence! I heard a SLAM this morning too. Only it was a jug of laundry detergent hitting my hardwood floor.

    Fact: Cheap plastic caps do not withstand high impact
    Fact: Hardwood floors do not like laundry detergent

    The irony of having to clean up a mess of cleaning product is not lost on me. They say not to cry over spilled milk… but when I’m already 10 minutes late for work, I am certain to cry over spilled detergent.

  13. Well I’m glad you got yourself a new camera!
    Pretty pic too-your so gorg!

  14. Congrats on the new camera – I would have done the same…class skippage and whatnot. πŸ™‚ They’re always so much fun to play around with!

  15. Yay for the new camera…boooo for having to shell out the $$ for it! I have an older camera, an old laptop and an old ipod. I do have a newish blackberry though and I *love* it. Seriously I would be lost without it. That’s sad, right…?

  16. I lost my camera while in Central America over Spring Break. Needless to say, I have felt like I lost a limb ever since. I asked for a nice, brand-spankin’ new one for my birthday with is just 10 days away. I am praying to the blog gods that I get one. I can’t go much longer without snapping pictures of these gorgeous spring days and my even prettier bowls of oats! I’m so glad you’re happy with your purchase. I’m looking forward to see what you see!

  17. I had one of those days too! I’m so glad it’s over. You look fantastic on the new camera! I hope tomorrow is better for us both!!!

    And I think tomorrow I’m going to play with those biscuits!!!

  18. 18 Rika

    i just think of it as an opportunity or as a sign πŸ˜€ like for your example, “i was destined to get a new camera! hurrah!” it makes me feel loads better πŸ˜€

    gorgeous picture by the way~

  19. Yah for new cameras! Nay for days that don’t go just how you want! You look lovely and happy now. I have a camera from..count them…5 years ago. A laptop from 3 years ago and a pretty new plain jane phone. You can’t have everything new or else you have to replace them each year! $$$ Have a great night!

  20. My personal camera is about 3 years old, I think. It’s only 6 MP, but my husband’s is a bit newer, so I use it most of the time.

    And thanks for the update on AP style… didn’t know! πŸ™‚ I’m taking note!

  21. 21 Susan

    Sorry to hear about the camerama, but it sounds like you were able to make lemonade out of lemons! Can’t wait to see the amazing pics.

    I hear you about the meter maids. Who are these chicks and why are they so angry?!

    Have a good Wednesday Kailey!

  22. 22 Kate

    Oh my gosh, I still have my old school college TV… the thing weighs like 100 pounds but I can’t justify buying a flat screen if I don’t watch much TV or really care. Not to mention when the bf moves in this summer, he’ll be bringing his flat screen, so we’ll just use his. πŸ˜‰

  23. I am hopeless with technology! I’m lucky to even get decent pictures of my meals. Have you entered my birthday giveaway yet?

  24. 24 Meg

    glad that things turned out better!
    i like having old gadgets too…it makes me feel more ‘old school’ haha. but then again, having the newest gadget is also fun!

  25. 25 lilybeans

    OMG girl why are you not using WordPress or Ecto? So much easier to publish and use.

    My camera is from 2005 and is still kickin. The good thing is that I don’t really mind if it gets a sratch on it as long as it snaps pics!

    • 26 snackface

      lilybeans- I just use old school WordPress! I’m very much a creature of habit when it comes to technology, even my blogging format! Maybe I’ll upgrade soon!

  26. Oh, my gadgets are old as balls, too. I’m OK with it, though, because learning how to work new things intimidates/frustrates me.

    Hope today is better for ya!

  27. On my own, I never end up with the latest and greatest stuff. My current cell is the first one I’ve had with a camera. I had the last one for three years and only replaced it because it quit working. I did buy a new, nice-ish camera last year. (I’m talking a Sony Cyber-shot, not a Canon Rebel), but it was a business expense for my online crafting. Because I live with a boy, we tend to have some cool electronics. I went from a 14″ TV with a built-in VCR to a brand-new iMac, Playstation3, surround-sound set-up and an HD TV (which was actually a gift from one of his co-workers who bought a fancier one for himself). It’s nice, but I’d never shell out the dough on my own volition.

    And it’s definitely sad that the thing you wrote that caught my attention the most is the AP style change. I used to be in the newspaper biz, and that stuff is in my head. I’m still a professional writer now, so I totally love that stuff.

  28. Aww, bummer about your camera. Nothing like a crisis first thing in the morning.

    The only things I really prioritize are cell phones–everything else, eh. I’m happy with my Mac and my unpretentious little camera. Fine technology is lost on me!

  29. I have OLD gadgets too… my computer definitely needs to be replaced (it’s 5 years old!). Oy. Probably the camera needs to go too. All my pic look jaundiced. ha! man-oh-man. Expensive yet necessary therapy!

  30. 31 lowandbhold

    Canon makes bossy point and shoots. I love mine!

    Love that your day turned around. Gimme some more of that great attitude girl. I love it!

    • 32 snackface

      lowandbhold- I love that you called it bossy. I just wrote on Banana’s wall and said that I got a bossy new camera, so we need a bossy new weekend to match. lol

  31. you are so pretty! hmm gadgets…nothing, nano ipod, i guess a cell though its nothing special but i think its cool, laptop…its a few years old

  32. Love that last sentence. So true. We go on feeling sorry for ourselves because things aren’t going are way. But they could be a lot worse. I need to remind myself of that too. A lot!
    Hooray for a new camera, sweetie!

  33. This question is timely for me because I just got a new smart phone at the weekend and before then I had owned the same janky piece of poop for 2 and a half years! I feel like my phone has kind of changed my life already which is obnoxious and stupid and exactly why I didn’t want one to begin with…anyway.

    Sorry about your camera sweet girl – the worst!! Good on you for go-getting a new one sorted asap.

  34. i love my verizon flip — aka not having email on my phone! my computer is a 5 year old mac who is very tempermental, but if you’re nice to him, he will sometimes work. i have a canon powershot and i lurve it! welcome to the club.

    also i sweat your orange oxford in that photo.

  35. this goes to show how lame i am…nothing made me happier in this post than hearing that the AP switched Web site to website. that made my day.

  36. Hey!
    Sorry about the camera- but I am glad you have a new one!
    I splurge on my gadgets- netbook, sliding cell phone and garmin (baby G)!
    I however save when I can πŸ™‚

  37. You will like the Canon! I have embarrassingly old gadgets for working at a technology website. Case in point, a pink ipod mini, which is not “mini” at all anymore. It just won’t die.

  38. I am a total mix. Brand new mac, ridiculously old cell, moderately old camera haha. Have fun with your new Canon!

  39. my computer is 4 years old, my small digi is 5 and new digi is 6 months, my cell phone is 8 months but only because i had to buy it for the internet for a job (otherwise i would have a three yr old phone).

    you’re not out of the loop. don’t worry.

  40. It’s good to see the positive in every situation! look at your pics now: beautiful. Maybe you spent money on the new camera but it was worth it πŸ™‚

  41. I just recently started my own food blog and realized how crappy my pictures are coming out. When I put pics on facebook I could honestly care less about real quality (especially since my camera only really follows me around to the weekend college parties where I would NOT want to take a fancy shmancy camera anway), but now, I think i’m looking into investing in something a lot nicer than my little Nikon. When you’re passionate about something, it’s worth the price!

  42. 45 Cat

    Props for keeping your spirits up. I’m not always so good at that myself when things in my day start turning sour!

  43. My gadgets are so old also!! My computer is DYING on me. It shuts off probably 5 times a day! I’m in the market for a new one….

  44. My gadgets are NOT up-to-date! I have an ancient phone, my ipod is 3 years old and my camera is over a year old! I really want a Canon Rebel πŸ™‚


  45. ahhhhhhh pooooooks! I wish you told me about your cam — I have a canon point and shoot collecting dust in my closet that I totally wouldn’ve sent your way!!!! Hopefully the new toy will live a long life, but if not – hit me up, kay?!

    your optimism and positivity warms my soul like a hot bowl of soup. You are so m’mm m’mm good to me, ma. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOUUUUU, PUM’KIN!!!!!!!!

  46. so sorry for your cam! RIP! I thought that almost happened to me a bit back……

    im right with you on the $30 verizon slider. I would love a crackberry, but i don’t got the $$ for a data plan like dat!!

    love u mama, and your balls appetizer!

  47. 50 elise

    i have a nice mix of ghetto phab appliances and newish thangs. i just got a new verizon phone (gracias a the new-every-2 program). its an upgrade fasho (i used to have a crackberry pearl, but now im rocking the sexy curve). too bad they dont have a pink color. its the first time in over a decade that i dont have a pink phone – fear not, i got a pink cover so youd never really know, but still.

    that said, i cant use our tv remote control, dvd player, etc. i have minimal knowledge about our wireless router (only bc i had to replace it and set it up while kyle was at work), and i can do two things on my ipod (play & pause).

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