Where She Get That Talk From?


She get it from her mama:


Where she get her class from?

She get it from her mama.

I wonder why she so crazy:

She get it from her mama.

Where she learn how to twerk from:

She get it from her mama.

Ladies and gentleman, I am currently recovering from Hurricane MamaJ. She is, as you can see, the bossiest, fiercest woman alive.

Friday evening, MamaJ rolled into Athens ready for a ferocious time. Muffin, Banana and I tried our best to show her an authentic college night out.

It started with cocktails and nachos:

Vegetarian chili, organic, local cheese, tortillas, gasms.

We continued the party with dancing and drinks at Broney’s, a favorite bar of ours. Photo shoot ensued:

Banana Muffin with a SnackFace filling.

My favorite women all together!

Le sex.

Le goofs.

As we were grinding to the bass-y beats, MamaJ turned to me and said, “All I need is a stripper pole, and I’m fine.” I’m afraid I was temporarily said stripper pole.

Soon, we hopped to another bar in search of cuties and more dance floors. En route, MamaJ pointed to a poor, innocent girl and shouted, “Snooki hair!!!” (I told you where I get my talk from.)

I introduced Mumsy to my friends. All loved her, and she loved most. We also met a Shayna, who taught us remarkable dance moves. I now know how to touch the ground and bump my hiney up and down in the air. Just what I needed.

Eventually, we made our way to PrinceDJ’s work establishment.  We were all this thrilled to see him:

Love in this club.

MamaJ and I lasted long enough for her to proclaim her approval of PrinceDJ, and then we skidaddled home.

To ensure that we had the full college-night experience, we did what most students do after a long night out:

Ordered a large pizza, topped with asiago, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and potatoes.

At least we didn’t eat the whole thing.

I felt fantastic Saturday morning. MamaJ? Maybe not so much. Just maybe. Taking advantage of the high life, we lounged on my couch for a few hours before meeting the girls for brunch.

Bob’s Heaven outdid itself:

Ma's. I ate two biscuits that looked just like hers, though.

Egg lite omelette with potatoes that I barely ate.

We were out of commission for a while after that.

There was a good chunk in the middle of the day in which we ran errands, MamaJ made a bow for Muffin, I went to the gym (elliptical felt so good), we watched The Millionaire Matchmaker and we mostly relaxed.

Nighttime rolled around and neither of us felt like recreating Friday. Thus, we took it easy and enjoyed our favorite cuisine at Restaurant Salaam. It’s ridiculous how happy good food and the best company in the whole world make me:

Bread me all day, errday.

Luscious baba gannouj, dolmas and hummus.

Salad. Needed dat green.

Despite having some of the worst service I’ve experienced in Athens, it was a lovely dinner. Afterward, MamaJ and I returned to my abode, and we watched several episodes of Sex and the City. (Season six, part one, if you were curious. It might be the 12th time I’ve watched this season.) Sleep was not far behind.

Sunday morning welcomed us with beaming light and breezy air. I made brunch for us around 11am:

French toast yet again!

Then we set out for a leisurely walk around campus. I’m going to do an entire post on this ridiculously gorgeous campus, but here’s a sneak peek:


MamaJ and I had to say our goodbyes in the afternoon. I miss her already.

I spent the afternoon washing my car (had some help on that, fa sho), grocery shopping, organizing, catching up on blogs, snacking, the usual. Late in the evening, I had dinner with someone of the male persuasion. While I didn’t photograph my tofu, I absolutely had to pull out the camera for this:


We both said, “Oh, I like my fortune. Oh, my lucky number’s on this.” And then we had the same damn fortune! Cracked me up.

If that fortune has anything to do with the upcoming week, I have a feeling it’s going to be a fabulous one. Almost as fabulous as this weekend.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do you take after your mother or father? AND Do you believe in signs or fortunes?

I take after both my parents. I get my goofiness, humor, style, speech, laugh and creativity from MamaJ. I get my organization, planning skills, business skills and nose from Popsicle. And most times, I really want to believe in signs and fortunes, but ultimately, che sarà sarà.


57 Responses to “Where She Get That Talk From?”

  1. your mom sounds like a hoot! definitely one of the cooler moms for sure 🙂 my mom and i are best friends and tell eachother everythingggggg. i think it’s the best kinda relationship there is!

    and holy crap that is too funny about your fortune cookies. what are the chances?? 🙂

  2. Your mom looks awesome – I think it’s great how you guys have such an awesome relationship! That hummus / baba ganoush plate looks SO good…too bad about the bad service. I take after both of my parents, appearance and personality, apparently, but I get along better with my mom.

  3. 3 Bec

    sounds like you had a fantastic weekend with your mom, the food, the dancing, friends it all sounds fantastic!

  4. You know you have to add “in bed” to the end of any fortune cookie saying…right? 😛


    You talent will be recognized and suitably rewarded….in bed!


  5. 5 maren

    i’m just like my mom, in that we can both be stubborn, which is why we fight at times. but im a daddy’s girl at heart 🙂 looks like you had a great weekend with your mama!

  6. 6 Jena

    Looks like a wicked fun weekend K!!

  7. Your mom seems like such a good time. It must be awesome to have a mom you can just hang out with and be friends with, too! 🙂

  8. 8 Annie

    when do we get to meet zee boy?!

  9. 9 Christina

    looks like a fun weekend!

    annnd i have to do it….what is the sperm looking thing on the side of the side of the plate in your french toast pic?

  10. I look like my mom but act more like my dad! Ca-razy!

  11. Looks like an amazing weekend!!! I just thought “Our mom’s would get along so well”, hahah.

    I DEF take after my mom overall (and we look exactly alike!)…But I’m more laid back like popsicle. Oh btw, do you call your dad that? I thought I read it on your bloggy but can’t remember? If so, SO FUNNY! My sister and I have been call him that for years!

    Have a good night chica!!! 🙂


    • 12 snackface

      Lauren- Yes, I’ve always called him that on the blog! I started calling him that when I first listened to the Wicked soundtrack in 11th grade. Too cute.

  12. Glad you had such a fun weekend with MamaJ. I def look more like my dad, take more after my mom…but I’m all me. haha 🙂 Love the fortunes…someone didn’t do their job of mixing up the bag when they opened it. haha 🙂

  13. 14 traynharder23

    WOWWWWW my mom would never party like that. LOL.

    i look so much like my mom. but i don’t take after any of my parents! hhaha. oooh i wanna see the boy!

  14. OOOooo I sense you’re hiding a boytoy from us!! Do tell 😉
    I LOVE your mom, I totally want to go out with the two of you!
    I’m personally very much like my mom, and I notice little things I do every day and realize I’m becoming more and more like her as I get older. She’s absolutely my bff. Seriously, we talk on the phone every half hour, my friends think it’s ridiculous. While she’s not the partying mom like yours, I guess I’m not really a partyer either, we’re just super awesome nerds 😀 She’s my travel buddy, shopping partner, and go to person when I need to talk about anything and everything.
    Oh, and before I even think about seeing a guy on a regular basis he has to meet my mom and family and be approved- momma knows best! If he doesn’t enjoy hanging out with my mom or my mom doesn’t like him, he doesn’t get a chance. So, I hope mamaJ and DJboy had fun!
    Looks like you had a great time with her and some good foods! I haven’t had middle eastern in way too long!

    • 16 snackface

      Gaby- Awww, I adore the relationship you have with your mom– it’s very similar to mine! As for the boytoy, there may be one, but I’m hesitant to write about it on the blog. Maybe eventually, but not yet! So, so sorry!

  15. hello!! I’ve commented a few times before but now I finally have a little bloggie of my own 🙂 Any suggestions on how to spread the word of a blog for a newbie like me?? As usual, your eats look AMAZING!!! Looks like you had a hellova weekend! I def take after the pops. We are so similar in personality and have the same sense of humor, yet I look exactly like my mom. Also, I definitely believe in fortunes and signs! I am so superstitious it’s sick. Everytime it is 11:11 I have to make a wish because I feel it is a good luck sign! It gets worse, I need to kiss the clock 3 times in order for the wish to come true. OCD? I think so…

    • 18 snackface

      Anna- Welcome to the blog world! It’s a fabulous place. To spread the word, I just commented on as many blogs as I could! I also tweet my posts and post them on Facebook. I hope that helps! I’m on my way to check your blog out in a bit!

  16. I’ve been a long time reader, but tonight I finally had to comment to let you know I just read this post while listening to weeezy baby. That hummus plate looks amazing and I hope you do a post about your campus! I bet its beautiful and a lot different than sand and palm trees!

    I hands down take after my mother, we look nothing alike but make up for it in the behavior department.

    • 20 snackface

      Lauren- You have no idea how much I love the fact you listened to Weezy while reading. If I could, I’d have his music automatically play as soon as one reaches my blog. But that might scare too many people away…

  17. Gah, I LOVE your mama. That looks like such an absolute blast.

    I take after both my parents…like split down the middle perfectly. My temperament and looks from my mama, my drive and social skills from my daddy. The bessssssst. I love when families love each other, and yours looks like you do! Enjoy the rest of your week. 🙂

  18. 22 Tay

    I am obsessed with your Mama. OBSESSED.

    I take after my mom, but I can never see myself partying with her. She just doesn’t do that thang. JEALOUS!!

  19. Your mom looks hysterical, I love it. Mamas are the best. I for sure take after my mom, she is my best friend : ) That greek food looks amazing too. Dolmas, hummus, and baba ganouj = heaven.
    I’m dying to know who the boy is! Out with it already! I think the matching fortune cookies is a sign for sure ; )

  20. OMG partying with parents is the BEST! My parents came up to Purdue for my 21st and 22nd birthdays – some of the best times ever!

    I definitely take after both my parents. My vocabulary and attention to detail from mom; my wit and humor from my dad.

  21. Hahaha your mom looks awesome. I love partying with my parents – they party more than I do. I definitely take after my dad!

  22. 26 Gina G

    your momma seems amazing! my mom is definetly my bestfriend, we do so much together and i could tell her most likely everything, so is my pops though too! hah, but i would say I probably take after my dad more. I’m said to be more laid-back like my Dad but love good humor too! =)
    so glad you had a fabulous weekend!

  23. Always love the photos of you guys 🙂

    I’m definitely more like my dad, especially in the looks department. We’re like the same person! Haha. But I’m like my mom in other ways.

  24. As much as I love mi madre, she is seriously lacking in the fun department. I wish she could channel some MamaJ. Looks wise my mom and I are practically identical, but personality wise I’m definitely my dad’s daughter…my mom always points this out, as in “Ugh, you’re eating peanut butter from the jar. Your father does that. How disgusting.” Also, I want to eat your baba ghanoush. That sounds so unnecessarily dirty.

    Hope you have a great Monday love!!

  25. I take after my dad and I think that’s why we always butted heads and never got along. We’re just too alike. But I like to think I got the best of both my parents.

  26. Ahh, that babe gannouj looks luscious. Your mom is too much fun!! As for SATC, I have literally seen every episode at least twenty times yet will continue to watch each season on HBO On Demand like it’s the very first time.

    I’m pretty different from my parents, but I definitely get my interest in history, literature, and art from them. Oh, and travel. They were always the subject of discussion growing up, so I’m grateful they did their bit to make me worldly.

  27. AHHHH…sounds like dinner went well, no? mayj catch-up again. because clearly 40 minutes on the phone was not sufficient enough for my snackface fix yesterday.

    and reasons everythingtarian, snackface, mamaj and mama everythingtarian should be friends:

    (1) they like to eat.

    (2) they both know what snooki hair is and how to recognize it.

    (3) they have no problem getin’ crunk in da club.

    (4) they are all fierce dressers.

    (5) they are the bestest.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. not only because my mom OFTEN sings, “i got it from my mama…” and us daughters join along, but because truly we get from our mama – the crunk that is.


  28. they say I look like my mama, and I’ll take that as a compliment. It looks like yall had such a good time together! Sharing parents with friends and I think we are both blessed to have amazing mamas who have no shame getting down on the dancefloor.

    Oh, and I don’t really believe in fortunes but I know it couldnt hurt to play the lucky lottery numbers…

  29. 33 Nicole G

    I totally take after my mom! She’s my idol =)

    Umm can we hear some more about this lovely person of the male persuasion? I’m nosey girl!

    Here’s to a fabb week!
    Nicole G

    • 34 snackface

      Nicole G- I have to be honest, I am terrified to reveal much. It’s so new and I’m afraid it’ll disappear (especially if I talk about it too much). Maybe I’ll reveal more soon, but I don’t even know enough to write about it.

  30. 35 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    omg your mom & my mom would be bffs!! i spent the weekend width my mom too and we were just craaazy hahah so fun!! I take after both parents too in simliar ways to you 🙂


  31. Both! Mos def. I’m super jealous you got to hang out with your ma all weekend but glad you did it in style! That Mediterranean feast you yummed on looked gorgeous. Sad for the service, glad for the hummus…

  32. I probably take more after my dad. We’re both pretty strong-willed and opinionated. We get along much better now that I’m older and can have a rational argument with him, but man, were my teen years tough.

    MamaJ looks like such a great person to party with! And she can take you out to brunch the next morning without it looking shameful. I hope the rest of your semester is filled with just as much food, dancing, and dranks!

  33. Aw, girl! You’re glowing in those pictures! Looks like you had a great weekend and lots of amazing food! I definitely approve!

  34. Looks like a crazy good time!

  35. RAGE with your momma! so fun. my mom came and visited me at school for my birthday, had 1 martini and passed out. we still giggle about it.

    i AM my mother, through and through. the way we move our hands, our distinctive laughs… there are worse things than being like someone you adore!

  36. I need mamaj AND you in my life, PRONTO!!!!

    Snackie, it looks like you had the greatest weekend with yo main girls! dancing good food friends family ( heavenly pizza) SATC = one perfect weekend in my book!

    I especially adore that pic of you and mama laughing! Make me some of that French toast in the near future, k thanks! LOVE YOU!

  37. I take after both parental units. 🙂 I have my dad’s constant and unwavering OCD and my momma’s crazy spunk. Makes for a fun combo around the dinner table. Your weekend pictures are great!

  38. Look at you, gorgeous girl! MommaJ looks like SUCH a blast!!

    I take after my dad more than my mom, but ultimately both. I get my sense of humor, taste in music and goofiness from my dad, and my fashion sense from my mom 🙂


  39. 45 elise

    see. now THAT’S why fortunes are BS…hahaha. whatevs if it speaks to ya, believe it. pretty sure mama j has some things to teach dina lohan. love that snack pack!

  40. So glad that you had a good time with your mom!

    I take after both of my parents. I got my blue eyes and my curly hair from my dad (and maybe a little of his temper and tendency to overreact too…). But I got several (non physical) characterists from my mom too.

    I don’t really believe in fortunes but I still like to read them.

  41. So funny that you had the same fortune! It’s fate girl…
    AAHHHHH love love LOVE Sex and the City!

  42. 48 MamaJ

    Who is that old woman in those pictures????? Your camera does not like me. Maybe we should try some outdoor lighting for a change. . . .

  43. 50 KC

    The same exact thing happened to me and my friend!!! except our quotes were on the inside of the dove chocolates, it was so funny.

    • 51 snackface

      KC- Darn, so it’s not that unique?! Hahaha actually, that’s good.

  44. Haha your mom looks so much fun!!!
    WHat a great weekend: great company, great dancing, great food. What else do you need from life?
    And who’s princedj!! (L)?

    • 53 snackface

      lola- PrinceDJ is Muffin’s Man. Bahaha the Muffin Man, you could say.

  45. i just found ur blog and i love it! ur personality is freaking amazing!! love ur pics!! ❤

  46. I’m pretty much the spittin-image of Momma Meets Health – both looks and personality-wise. Unfortunately my worst qualities are from my dad (i.e. stress/anxiety). It’s not his fault, though. I still love ‘im to peaces!

  47. I LOVE THIS POST! i wanna come hang with all y’all! i take after momma b, no doubt about it.

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