What up, SnackFacers! For the past several months, I have received many questions regarding my skin routine. Why anyone would want to look like this is beyond me:

Free Weezy, baby.

(An aside: Lauren is unbelievably sweet for thinking of me when she saw this tee and sent it to me. Thank you, chica. And please check out her fab blog!)

But ask and ye shall receive. I have to deliver, yo. As a journalist, it is my duty.

Each day starts and ends with this:

Chillin' on the front porch.

In the morning and before bed, I start my face-washing process with Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser. It’s gentle, yet has small beads that scrub dirt away. It’s been a part of my regimen for almost a year, and I don’t plan on switching. Ever.

Next, I wipe a cotton square dabbed in this toner over my face:

Looking noble.

Imagine you’re cleaning your television. You first use a duster, which rids the t.v. of most debris. It isn’t until you grab paper towel and Windex, though, that the television sparkles. That’s how I view toner, and it is essential. As you can see, I use Neutrogena’s Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent (I have no idea why it’s under the dude section on the Web site). I’ve also used plain witch hazel with success previously.

When washing my face in the morning, I finish the process with:

SPF-filled moisturizer.

Looking for a light, non-clogging moisturizer, I remembered the success I’d had as a youngin’ with Cetaphil products. I plan to use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 until the company stops making it.

However, at night, I need something to prevent one of the ugliest words in the English lexicon: acne. The key is salicylic acid, which can be found in countless facial products:

What up, high-tension wire.

As you can see, I’m not picky when it comes to my nighttime lotion as long as it has that key ingredient. CVS Acne Fighting Moisturizer, thanks for stepping in and taking care of my derma.

Uh Oh
Despite taking care of our skin day and night, sometimes devils pop up.
For smaller blemishes, I sterilize and use:

This addicting tool.

Found at Sephora and other beauty-supply stores, this tool has one end for whiteheads and one for blackheads. You merely place the loop around said spot, press and wipe away the gush. Yum. Be careful, though, because it’s easy to go pop-happy with this. That may result in even more clogged pores, but it’s rare.

Then there are times when you have a blemish the size of a small concord grape. That’s when I call on this:

Yes, you're correct.

Over Spring Break, I had a honker so huge it had its own profile. I diligently applied Preparation H Cooling Gel for a few days, and the swelling dropped drastically. You’re going to feel ridiculous buying hemorrhoid cream, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Being 5’10”, I have a lot of skin to cover. This also means I have a lot of skin that can be damaged. To get the soft tan I desire, I dodge the sun and color my skin with this:

Works for me.

I don’t need anything major, so applying this every or every other day gives me a light glow. Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer is fool-proof as long as you slather it on your whole body and wait 10 to 20 minutes for it to dry. Only then are you allowed to get dressed. Naughty.

For moisture sans tan, I coat my legs and arms with ol’ faithful:

Best lotion ever.

After having found this affordable lotion years ago, MamaJ and I haven’t needed anything else. Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion smells scrumptious, gives skin a soft sheen and leaves no greasy residue. Do I sound like an advertisement or what?

As previously stated, I try to be sun-conscious. I recently purchased a fun sunscreen in efforts to make me want to apply it every day:

Spray me.

Clearly, I have a grand time in CVS. So far, I’m in love with CVS Clear Spray Scented Sunscreen in citrus coconut. It takes approximately five seconds to apply, absorbs into the skin after a quick rub and makes my skin practically glossy. The scent still has a faint sunscreeny-ness to it, but I’m digging it.

Last but not least, you have to make sure you don’t stank:


Keeping me fresh and clean, Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Energizing Deodorant is my go-to. I’ve tried bunches of natural deodorants, but like a bad boyfriend, this keeps me coming back for more.

All these products help, it’s true. But what will shine beyond any of this is how happy you are. The glow grows from the inside out. Much love.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What are your favorite skincare products?


70 Responses to “Skintimate”

  1. My favorite skincare product line:

  2. OH MY GOSH LOVED THIS POST!! prob because you have beautiful skin and i was dying to know your products!
    i use proactive for facewash-i realy dont have acne and it prob doesnt work so i wouldnt know! haha
    i LOVE dove glow!!!
    i also love banana boat self tanner! WORKS SO GREAT! i dont tan-thats all i use!

  3. 3 Jil

    I love the fact that 1. You used all sorts of different products and brands…because well…skin likes to be tricky and 2. I LOVE that you don’t use expensive stuff…all of it is reasonable and/or store brand and it goes to show that you can glow without spending $22 on 1oz of eye cream or something. Reasonable Radiance…hey, I like that. 🙂

  4. I love this post too! I use cocoa butter also.. it works wonders, doesn’t it?

  5. I have been using that cocoa butter for years, too! Not only is it amazing, it smells so good. I want that blemish tool from Sephora!

  6. Um I do NOTHING for my skin. I wash it like once a day. That’s it. What I’m saying here is… you need to come move in with me and teach me yo beautifying ways. That be it.

  7. You just answered all my questions about how you get glowing skin! Thanks for sharing your secrets. I’m a Cetaphil girl myself but my doc has me on retin-a. Boo….hello dry and flaky skin. I’ve been using Bobby Brown moisturizers and so far I’m doing ok with no major break outs.

  8. Bahhh those legs! Jel beyond jel. You’re fabulous 🙂

  9. ah so these are your secrets to that flawless milky white skin of yours. JACKPOT!!!!!! bookmarking this page x’s 49389430.

    p.s. I use that Jergen’s natural glow on the daily. Beautifully sun-kissed.
    p.p.s. I’ve read your last email to me everyday since you sent it to me. Keeps me positive. Keeps me optimistic. Keeps me strong. I love you so damn much you don’t even know.


  10. 10 Ilene

    That cocoa butter looks amazing! Can you get it in stores?

    • 11 snackface

      Ilene- You can find it at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, grocery stores…it’s super cheap and it’s everywhere!

  11. I have a zit popper too:) I’m addicted to sunless tanner, too! I luckily haven had skin cancer yet, I have a bad past with that!

  12. 13 elise

    loves it. i have never seen that popping tool…i want!! i have a feeling i will go overboard with it because i already do that with my fingies. yup yup sephora here i comeeee 🙂

  13. Love it!! I like that you don’t use products that cost an arm and a leg. But I do feel kind of gross admitting that I rarely ever wash my face (other than washing of the make-up of course). For some reason the only time I break out is when I start using face wash…? Whatev. I stick to apricot scrub (CVS brand – represent) a couple of times a week and that seems to do the trick.

    Oh, and Jergen’s Natural Glow AND Cocoa Butter?! A woman after my own heart, clearly… 😉

    • 15 snackface

      Gracie- You are blessed that you don’t have to wash your face that often! I’m jealous!

  14. for real, i have nearly the same skin routine, minus a few of your beautilicious (new word im lovin) products. Aveeno for three years now… cetaphil-my grandma got me hooked on this gentle gem when i was a wee one-this woman has the softest smoothest epidermis ever… and shes bloody 97. Jergens-best smelling tinted moisturizer evahh for great price, no? that cocoa butter lotion in travel form is ALWAYS in my purse (and i mean permanently as it leaked and my wallet smells forever of coconuty goodness). i also justgot that dovely deodorant because i actually really dig the company and its motives. Some things i dont have are: crazy dentist-looking gadgets cuz im a wuss; prep h, my brother once played an april fools joke switching the toothpaste with that nasto shat, nuff said; toner because i have dry skin from vt winters; spf-again these damn vt winters. Hopefully come july my routine will be more in line with the k-queen of beauty routine (check the rhyme yo).

  15. oh man, i tried that anti stringent and it dried out my skin so bad i had horrible white areas around the edges of my mouth for months!!! it was very unappealing and none of the lotions/moisturizers worked! now i use nothing…except my luffah and body wash. seems to do the trick pour moi. 😉

    • 18 snackface

      Melissa- OMG I have those spots! Noooo. OK, everyone else, do NOT buy that astringent! I thought it was my lip gloss, so I’ve been switching around. Now I know! Back to witch hazel it is!

  16. 19 Nicole G

    CVS is going to make bank after this post. I know I plan on adopting that routine – especially if it could lead to me looking 1/8 like you do everyday!

    Nicole G

  17. I need to get my self-tan on. I’ve been a slave to the sun/tanning bed for YEARS, but I’ve resisted so far this year. My problem with self-tanners is that I can’t find one for my face that doesn’t make me break out. Suggestions?

    • 22 snackface

      Cassie- I have to admit that I’m terrified to put self-tanner on my face! I rely on my bronzer to give me the color I want. My face is the one part that actually picks up sun anyway!

  18. I use that sunless tanner too. I really like it. And I have the name brand of the moisturizer you use at night…good to know that the CVS brand works too. I’ll have to get it next time!

  19. Thanks for the post chica! And boy do you love CVS 😉

  20. Yay I LOVE discovering new beauty products!! I use cocoa butter for lotion too, it’s the best! And I seriously need to invest in one of those zit-poppers, though I’ll probably have to hide it from myself so I don’t go pop-happy 🙂

    My fave skin products are St.Ives Apricot Scrub, Olay moisturizer and my beloved Differin. Can’t live without ’em!

    Thanks for the great post girlie!!

  21. 26 abby

    thanks for this post kailey! You should do a makeup post too 🙂

  22. I use dove deodorant too 🙂

    Nothing touches my face though unless its Clinique. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3 step system!

    PS. Holy legs! You have such long and beautiful legs girl!

    • 29 snackface

      jqlee- Haha thank you for the leg love! Also, I tested the waters with that Clinique system when I was in junior high. It wasn’t strong enough for my pubescent skin! However, it might work now.

      • 30 Phoebe

        I use the clinique stuff too and I LOVE it. However, I am admittedly super lucky with very non breakout prone skin (I’m actually plagued by INCREDIBLY dry skin in the winter) so I can see why it might not be perfect for everyone.

  23. I LOVED your TV analogy. Really made me think. For serious!
    I never really put that much thought into it. Right now I am using Proactive facial products because I have acne-prone skin and these help.

    • 32 snackface

      maria- I used to use Proactiv! Actually, I used it for seven years. I wanted to create something similar, but with all drugstore products. Thus, the SnackFace method you see above. I need a different toner, though!

      • 33 grace

        l’oreal has a good toner, very little alcohol which is what dries out the skin~ it looks pink in the bottles (aha.. google says it’s called dermo-expertise hydrafresh toner) i’m on my 2nd bottle! hope that helps! =)

  24. We use the same deodorant. haha.
    And those little blackhead/white head popper tools ARE addictive- I have some crazy obsession with that and my eyebrow tweezers, especially when I stay at hotels with those CRAZY zoomed in mirrors where you see all this crap you had no idea was there and can just keep plucking and picking for centuries. ugh…sorry tmi.
    I personally like the clean n clear products a lot- i use the oil eliminating astringent and dual action moisturizer.

  25. 35 alyssa

    so you only use the sunless tanner on your body and not face? and what about ur back? im afraid to use it because i feel like my back will be ghost-like and when i turn around ill be sun kissed..hahaha..yep, im a bit of a weirdo.

    • 36 snackface

      alyssa- You’re right, I only use it on my arms, torso and legs. As far as my back goes, I just hope no one else will notice that it’s still pasty! Haha! It’s really not that drastic anyway. At least, I hope not.

  26. 37 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    looove this post- I do proactive- idk, my skin has been bad lately- it is stresing me out- i think stress is causing it though, sooooo. lol. you’re too gorg!


  27. That’s funny that you use aveeno & cetephil each day. I do the same, but backwards – cetephil face wash and aveeno SPF lotion in the morning and aveeno night cream at night.

  28. 39 Rika

    love it! I’ll be on a lookout for the Queen Helene lotion next time!! I don’t have a favorite skin product that I favor yet.. still searching :T

  29. OOoh I LOVE LOVE Cetaphil, have been a faithful for years too. I’m also love long time – Clean and Clear Daily Face Scrub. And I’m addicted to Korres – they make the BEST shea butter lotions, so amazing in the winter!

  30. ahhhh….LOVE THE TEE!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    I am totally buying hemorrhoid cream, asap. baaaah, that just sounds absurd!

    Thanks for the shout-out girly, love ya! xx

  31. you do have pretty perfect skin really! thats why people want to know!! loved this post 🙂 xx

  32. 43 Susan

    Thanks for the post! You have GORGEOUS skin and it’s definitely worth the work and love you put into it. I usually just use Aveeno completely radiant cleanser and neutrogena healthy skin moisturizer 2x a day, but my FAVE skin care product is water!!!! Seriously, I notive I huge difference between when I drink a ton and when I don’t!

  33. I hear you on that tool…. It can be dangerous! I’m going to have to try that cleanser, my skin has been less than happy lately and I think its time to switch to something geared a bit more towards the acne side of life.

  34. Hey i use jergens too nice! And I love that dove deodorant i use that kind too only in the green cucumber kind. Smells yummy 🙂 This was such a fun post!!

  35. The day I discovered spray-on sunscreen was such a happy one for me–I used to wait so long for the lotion kind to absorb (and it always felt so oddly greasy AND drying). SPF 50 all the way, everyday (and 70+ when I’m at the beach). My happiest dicoveries are Bobbi Brown eye cream (for those sleep-deprived nights), Vaseline cocoa butter lotion, and ModelCo’s spray tan as well as St. Tropez’s lotion. For summer, I can’t live without any of those. Well–I could, but I’d look less glossy.

    Haha, I love how when it’s men’s toner it’s called “astringent” and is blue and practical, but if it were for women it’d be orangey-pink, scented, and proclaim to make your pores bunny-and-heart shaped. Oh, marketing.

  36. I just searched for stores that carry that lotion, and a Walgreens .2 miles away does. Gittin’ some.

  37. i love love love that aveeno scrub. i use it about twice a week (i use cetaphil for the rest of the time) because my skin doesn’t do well with constant exfoliating.

    also for face moisturizer, the aveeno is AMAZING. pricey, yes, but also LIFE CHANGING.

  38. 49 Rachel

    Favorite toner:

    THAYERS, YA’LL. Gentle, smells, pretty, non tested on little critters, affordable (could not spell that for my life just now). I’m finishing up the lavender one and about to move on to the rose-scented one, yay. And it comes in a big bottle, I swear it lasts so long.

    I also wash with Cetaphil, and i’m working on finding a good, gentle moisturizer, not animal tested -very importante

    • 50 Rachel

      oh what up silly typo, i meant “smells pretty” as opposed to “smells, pretty”, cause it definitely doesn’t smell bad haha.

  39. Thanks for sharing all your tips, love!! Great post. And you’re gorge! Love the inner glow part especially

  40. Thanks for this great post! I LOVE that self-tanner!

  41. THANK YOU for this post! i love learning more about skin care and i need one of those dangerous looking tools. i use the jergens natty glow as well as cetaphil moisturized.. buy that shit in bulk at costco!


  42. 54 Bec

    thanks for the skincare overview, I have one of those tools and love it!

  43. Lovely post! I heart Aveeno but I will be hunting down that cleanser fo sure.
    I have also been looking for a good SPF face moisturizer so I’m defo gonna jump on that Cetaphil shiz.

    I use Aveeno Daily Moisturizer at the moment and in the depths of winter I use Nivea Vissage Creme at night which is SUPER thick and excellent for the dryness of winter. I look like a crazy oil face in it though so it’s a nights only thang!

  44. creepy. once i started using that aveeno cream cleanser, i have never gone back. it is the most fantastic face wash EVER.

    and i love the rest of your routine, which looks eerily like mine. except i don’t have a zit popper thing which is probs a good idea because i would get WAY TOO pop happy. for reals.

    let’s catch up soon – perhaps this weekend? this cray cray week is almost done…

  45. I love to read this!

    I use the Vichy products and really love them. The only problem is that when I’ve got a favorite product (like a cream, lotion, or ligloss…WHATEVER!) after a while…they won’t sell it anymore. I guess I like non-popular products;) So I always have to find something new after a while!

    x Julia (Taste of Living)

  46. the nivia sunless tanner is also awesome and I LOVe the smell of it!! 🙂 aveeno makes amazing products

    i am a HUGe fan of st ives (or CVS) brand apricot scrub. I use it in the shower and love the exfoliation-ness of it!

    I also am a HUGE fan of jergens firming moisturizer. Its cheap and does the job!

    thanks fro the info on astrigent! I must get some!

  47. I love my neutrogena sunscreen because without it I would be lobster like.

  48. 60 MamaJ

    What you forgot to mention about Queen Helene is that the bottle is 32 oz. I have used it from head to toe for 23 years. Its first and main use is moisturizing but my favorite use is makeup removal. Walmart in our area sells it for less than $3.00. How’s that for a bargain. See you in 24 hours baby girl. OXOX

  49. Great post! I am planning on doing one for my “behind the food” series, but I love Juice Organics and St. Ives scrub!


  50. 62 balancejoyanddelicias

    just found your blog and I am already liking it! this post is so useful, i love that you don´t use expensive products but those that works for you. I like cetaphil´s cleanser, haven´t tried their moisturizer.
    how cool is that tool for black and white headsj. how often do you use it? I´ve heard that if you unclog it too often, it can get large.

  51. 63 janet

    Snackface!! can i ask you a question (or have you settle a debate),

    because you are a sabra lover i need you to solve something for me and my roomie.
    I say when you are supposed to mix the flavor (like the red pepper or the garlic stuff) into the hummus and then eat, and she says keep the flavor in the pool in the middle and eat it that way…

    what do you in blogland do???

    ps sorry that this is oh so random and off topic ❤

  52. Thanks so much for this post! I needed to refresh my skin routine and add some sunscreen! You inspired me to get to a pharmacy and stock up.

  53. Question!! Do you use Jergen’s tanner on your face? I’m too chicken to use it on my face because I’m afraid it will make me break out.

    One of my old teammates had that tool and she was OBSESSED! She would just attack us out of no where.

    Love your mug, bug 🙂

  54. Thanks SOOO much for sharing your skin routine, Kailey!
    LOOOVED it 😀
    Have a great weekend!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  55. yey for Jergens natural glow, i live by this stuff. Even though I’m still a sinner and fake bake every once in awhile, this stuff has gotten me through many of pasty days.

  56. yey for Jergens natural glow, i live by this stuff. Even though I’m still a sinner and fake bake every once in awhile, this stuff has gotten me through many of pasty days. P.S your legs look fab!

  57. 69 mia

    can anyone clear this one up for me?? Ive been tanning lately and my skin was great first 2 weeks but now its FLAKY!? I exfoliated with sugar and st ives scrub twice this week applied baby oil while skin damp plus my regular coco shea butter: it feels like a piece of clothing-not soft at alll. I drink 2l water daily as long as i can remember.whts happening?!

    • 70 snackface

      mia- Oooh tough question. First, I recommend stop tanning and use self-tanner! Secondly, I’d try a mix of olive oil and sugar and scrub. The olive oil should moisten the skin and the sugar should slough off the flakes! Let me know how it goes!

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