On the Market


Hello, gorgeous friends! I know, I know. I went amiss again. That just means double the pleasure, double the fun for this post! Let’s hop to!

Sunday night, after a long weekend of cheese and potatoes, I cleaned up my act:

Portobello salad.

I’m trying to like portobellos, but their texture makes me gag. This ball wrap, however, did nothing of the sort:

Layered with Frank's buffalo sauce, this was fantastic.

Sunday night I chilled and watched Blow with someone I highly enjoy.

Come Monday morning, I had business to take care of:

Oats in a jar and Koffee.

This is the third or fourth time I’ve tried oats in a jar, and I still do not think they’re all that and a bag of Stacy’s pita chips. I even made sure to have plenty of peanut butter left in the jar. Still, most bites were butter-less.

Hyped on caffeine and happiness, I scooted my way to Theatre History (yes, theatre, not theater– still pronounced theataahhh). We learned about alienation in Chinese theatre, which was both haunting and fascinating.

Afterward, I followed Kanye’s workout plan (git right for the summuh) and gymmed it up for 90 minutes. Elliptical, arm machines, ab machines, finito.

I debated a green smoothie for post-workout fuel, but much like the above-mentioned foodie trend, I do not find them satisfying. They are delicious, but 30 minutes later, my stomach still wants to know where the grub is. Instead, I greened in a different way:

Wrap stuffed with green, green on the side.

In the wrap: hummus, pickles, Frank’s buffalo sauce, sweet n’ spicy mustard, balls and spinach. And sugar snap peas might be my favorite green vegetable of all time. Fab lunch.

A shower, shave and self-tanner application later, I found myself writing a tough email to someone I love. Not to be worried, I merely had to woman up and make a decision. Feeling lighter after having done that, I cleaned my house for an hour or so.

Cleaning must always be rewarded:


A crisp and juicy Asian pear paired with a spoon of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. Does anyone else love English so much that they get giddy at “pear,” “pair” and their different spellings and thus meanings? K, just checking.

I then tried to start some homework, yet was distracted by…lawd knows what. Do you ever lose hours and you have no idea how? Sames.

To further put off homework, I made a dippable dinner:

Sweet potato, ketchup and tempeh.

The sweet tater half-moons and tempeh bits also met:

TJ's spicy hummus.

I believe a snack cup of cereal was noshed on later in the evening, but I did not photograph that. Sunday night, though, I did have this “dessert”:

Chobani Greek yogurt with half a granola bar.

Actually, if someone tried to tell me this was “dessert,” I’d have to sit them down and have a little convo. No, my friend, a dessert needs to be dripping in chocolate and decadence. Maybe I get a teeny bit annoyed when even I try to trick myself into faux-desserts. That would be a SnackFaux-pas.

I slept horribly Monday night because I woke up at 6am in a coughing fit. Miraculously, I fell back asleep until 8am. A much more appropriate Tuesday morning breakfast time:

I prefer to be my food and coffee portions to be equal, thanks.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, cinnamon, stevia, a scoop of Jay Robb chocolate brown rice protein and a spoon of crunchy peanut butter. I love testing out new nut butters, but nothing is as satisfying as good ol’ crunchy p.b.:


I rushed off to class immediately after breakfast and made it right on time. We’re still working on DeLillo’s Libra, and I have to confess that I’m ready to move on. I try to embrace every novel I’m forced to read, but I’m over this one.

At noon, I needed some energy for the next five hours. Having forgotten to pack a lunch, I bought a salad at the student center:

Peculiar lighting.

One big thing was missing from this lunch: protein! The rumbles informed me that I needed more at 2:30. Too bad I couldn’t make it home until 5pm.

You best believe I dove straight into the kitch when I returned to my abode. I snacked on a rice cake with hummus as I fixed this:

Not-pasta in a bowl.

I steamed a head of broccoli along with some chopped portobello until the broc was bright green. Then, I added pasta sauce, cayenne, pepper and four microwaved meatless balls. Warmed through, I poured it into the bowl, topped it with nooch and shoved an Ezekiel slice in thurr. Spicy and satisfying:


Tummy temporarily tamed, I thought, “Hey! ‘Fit pic time!” Seriously, that’s what I thought:

What's white and yellow and stained all over? SnackFizzy.

Tonight, the agenda is huge. First, I must re-read Brecht’s Mother Courage. Secondly, I must view the Glee season premiere. Thirdly, I must use the help of my best friend to revamp my résumé.

That’s right, I’m officially on the job market. Bloggettes, lovers and friends, I beg of you, if you know of any bossy jobs, please, please, please let me know. I have faith that something fabulous will come along, but I have to put that positive message out to the universe. Thanks for letting me share.

On deck for tomorrow’s post is the long-awaited SKIN post. It’ll make anyone say, “I wanna, li-li-li-lick you from ya head to ya toes.” Or not. But I will be sharing every product that touches this skin. (Why does this sound so sexual?)

On that note, Snackie’s out! Love you long time.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What exactly would you like to see in the skin post? AND
-Do you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who works at a magazine and has an in?
OK, you don’t have to answer that. AND
-Do you have any job-getting advice?


62 Responses to “On the Market”

  1. Good luck with the job search! Where are you looking to work?

    • 2 snackface

      Morgan- I am really hoping to be an editor or editorial assistant as soon as I graduate. Any food, fashion, health, pop culture magazine would be phenomenal!

  2. well of course your eats look FAb as usual. not much advice here on the job front considering i am currently jobless and a broke-to-be college student ;] a tip for the OIAJ — sometimes (i know, many people says this causes cancer, but i doubt this makes too big of a difference), if you microwave the actual jar with the oats in it for a few seconds, it helps to melt the butter and you can get it mixed in more easily :] good luck with the job hunt!

  3. The “not-pasta” looks delishifying. Yeah, new word.
    Getting a job is hard work, but I know that you will get a great one, good luck girl!!

    As for advice for getting a job, I would say just search all the papers, internet etc, then when it comes to the interview, be yourself!! If you know anyone who knows someone in the field you want to work in, that’s a big plus (:

    Have a great day!!


  4. 5 JMichelle

    Tell us all the products you use on your skin, including make-up. Your skin is gorgeous. It glows – and I want mine to look like that! Adore your blog. I wait for new posts every single solitary day, girl!

  5. 6 Tay

    I feel ya on oats in a jar. It doesn’t get great until the bottom. Which is why I always put an extra spoonful on top from another jar. Double the nut butter, double the fun. And gazz. mmm, as you’d say 😉

    GLEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally thought it was on tomorrow night and then when I realized it’s on tonight I got so excited. Um YES PLEASE.

    And I”m on the job lookout myself. Woop-dee-dooooo

  6. Can VegNews hook you up? You can come nanny for me any day of the week. I may have to pay you in vegan cookies for the time being. I promise, though, no portabello green smoothies in a jar.

  7. Job getting advice… keep pushing til you get one! It’s so hard, hey? I know someone who has a meeting with the editor in chief of W Magazine. How depressing is that? Where is the love for us?

  8. Ok, I’ll forgive you for shittawkin’ my beloved bellos– but only because I really like you.

    I’m with you on the OIAJ. I like the novelty of them–but really they’re not so special. I’m quickly bringing my current WCW to its finale–and I’m wondering whether to scrape it clean or attempt OIAJ. Or yoats in a jar? Dilemmas…..

    You know I gotcha back if you need any resume help–though i know youre in mufftastically talented hands.

    • 10 snackface

      Foodie Diaries- YOU are the reason I bought the bellos in the first place! I’ll them, but I don’t know whether I’ll buy them again. Still love you.

  9. As far as the big girl job sitch, I hear ya girl. Mediabistro.com will probably be a good place for you to start looking. You have to create a login but it’s free and your email address is not spammed from what I have seen so far. Good luck!

    Also, I need to make ball wraps. First, I need to get some balls. Which type are your favorite? (I had too much fun writing that, I’m sick.)

    • 12 snackface

      Jessie- Oh I am already a Mediabistro ho! I check it every day. As for my ball recommendation, I always stock up on Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs. They are the best!

  10. Ah, I WISH I knew someone who worked at a magazine!!

  11. 14 Jil

    Unfortunately, I can’t give you any good tips! but best of luck!!!

  12. Gotta say, I’m not an oats in a jar fan myself…just doesn’t do it for this lady 🙂
    Hmmm as for the magazine stuff- do you have any local lifestyle magazines where you can start off at? I know in San Francisco/Marin County (where I’m from) there are loads of chic local magazines which are always looking for interns (Marin Magazine, San Francisco, etc…) and you can check their sites/e-mail their editors/peeps to see if they have any potential openings?
    Good luck with the resume re-vamption…just having this blog I think makes you immensely attractive to magazine worker-recruiters 🙂

  13. I just can’t get into OIAJ either! I really thought that something was wrong with me for it, but I’m glad to see others out there aren’t going crazy over it either.

    Haha, YES! I definitely get excited about words and their different meanings. I guess that is what being an English and Writing Major does to you. I also LOVE grammar. I think I am one of the few out there that do, but give me a sentence and I’ll tear it up and love every moment! 🙂

    Good luck with the job hunt girl!

    oh man i GUESS we can still be friends since you dont love OIAJ! ahahah wayy just kidding. there is nothing ou could ever do to make me love you ANY LESS!! i LOVE THE YELLOW AND WHITE!! you look AMAZING!! yellow is one of my favie summer colors! is jay robbs better than biochem? i need to try that brand! i dont like those shrooms eitha! i thought i was the only one! thats good to know! I LOVE YOU K BABY!

  15. 18 emilee

    girl, i want you to know that every j prof (ah, scripps lingo) that i have had recently has mentioned you/your blog! and i get to say “yeah, i kind of know her.” hahah!
    i’m sure you totally already know about ed2010.com but justttt incase you don’t for some reason, check it out!
    also, about your skin- i’m so jeal. you mentioned before about using salicylic acid, but when i use products like that it dries my skin out. i use expensive philosophy exfoliating face wash, burt’s bees blemish stick, and aveeno moisturizer daily and my skin still looks dull and bumpy 😦

  16. 19 Kelly

    Try adding the gums (xanthan & guar) to your green monster, it makes them super filling! Mine held me over for almost 4 hours this morning. OIAJ don’t really do it for me either.

    Skin post – my sweat sesh’s make me break out, any advice there would be great!

  17. OIAJ is awesome primarily because I don’t have to wash the bowl 🙂 Plus, the last few spoonfuls are pretty tasty! And I’m with you on the portobellos…they just have a gaggy texture!!

    As for the job advice, I’m a college student as well, so I’m kinda interested to hear what people say. The blog is definitely a great way to sell yourself though- I don’t know if it’s on your resume, but by the amount of followers you have I’d say it’s a hit!

    Hope you have a great hump day love!!

  18. 21 Nicole G

    I’ve yet to try the green smoothie that has been all over the blog world foreverrr because I just don’t imagine drinking my calories as satisfying. I am happy that you admit that certain trends don’t please you – very honest!

    I wish I had some connections to throw your way but I don’t =( Not that I think you’ll need it. I’m sure you’ll have some faboosh job offered to you very soon because you’re too awesome to be unemployed lol

    I wanna hear about this someone you’ve been spending time with! I’m nosey – shoot me.
    Nicole G

  19. ahhh! i agree with so many things here.
    1. green smoothies do NOT fill me up. in fact, i know for a FACT my tummy is only satisfied after it has EATEN not DRANK anything. partly the reason id rather eat a meal post workout than a protein shake.
    nothing does beat good ol peanut butter. at one pointi had about 20 jars of pb in my house, all diff flavors, and not ONE jar was ORIGINAL!!! i wanted a plain pb&j so badly, iw ent out to the store andbought a jar. of course my friend was like, “why are you buying MORE pb! you have like, 30 jars!” and i wa slike but i dont have originakl!!!
    some people just dont understand…

  20. I’m still in college, and unfortunately, I have no ins in the magazine world. My advice is to not take rejection seriously! They may have had a very specific thing in mind- nothing to do with how fabulous you are!

  21. I wish I had some good job hunting advice. I have a job but (since I’m moving cross country- to Sacramento, CA- in August) I’m on the lookout too. I’ll let you know of any magazine jobs, you let me know of any Event Planning, PR or Communications jobs. Deal…? 😉 but seriously, I will let you know if I come across anything. Good luck!

  22. Hey Kailey!

    I’d love to hear about self tanner…you have pale skin too and I’ve yet to find a NATURAL way to get a tan…you know, sans cancer-causing tanning beds that I refuse to lay my bod in.

    Good luck on the job hunt sweetie! Loveee ya.

  23. 26 alyssa

    details on the sunless tanner pahhlease… 🙂

  24. Cute fit todayyy 🙂

  25. I have no desire for oats in a jar, how about oats in a regular old bowl? Thanks very much. 🙂 Job advice? Probably work your network. Unfortunately, it is still about “who you know.” Good luck!

  26. Ew, I HATED “Mother Courage.” I think I had to read this for Drama 120B, which was the second in a three-part literary drama series. I may of may not have BSed the entire essay on that one. Oops.
    Ya know, I think Oats In A Jar are more about the novelty of eating something out of something “wrong.” It’s kinda like having breakfast for dinner. We love it because 6:30pm is not breakfast time. Unless you had a wild and crazy late night/early morning…haha
    Ladyface, if you were moving to L.A. I’d so hook you up…. sigh…
    Employers should be sending YOU cover letters and resumes — you’re a talented lady and they’d be lucky to have you!

  27. 30 justjac

    Hey girl, yo eats look great. But I have to say, it’s all about CIAJ!!! I agree oats in a jar doesn’t really do it for me….cereal, on the other hand is a different story!

    I’m in the same job-hunting boat! I would say look around on campus for resume workshops, they help so much! Also… craigslist?! SOrry, prob stuff you already know. I really want to find a summer journalism/marketing/advertising internship…maybe YOU can help ME?! 😀

  28. 31 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    you will have no prob getting a job- you are so full of life and beautiful 🙂 i agreee with oiaj- i am noot that impressed!!


  29. Well, for one thing I’d like to know what self-tanner you use! I’m trying on one of those creams that are supposed to help you “build a tan” and give you a “natural glow” meaning- it isn’t happening! i’m still pasty! hehe
    Have a nice wednesday! 🙂

    p.s. i thought sweet potatoes were orange?

  30. 33 Alina

    Dear VegNews peeps, if you ever read this please hire Kailey right away! You already know how creative and talanted she is! Thanks
    As for the skin post could you include some info on what do you use on your body? I think i need some kind of moisterizer (sp?) on my bod.
    Mmmm asian pear… Want… 🙂

  31. I know how you feel about portobello mushrooms, they make me gag too, but I always try to force myself to eat them. Self-tanner is a must, I apply every other day to my face : )
    Please, check out my blog I started a couple of weeks ago.


  32. 35 Kelly

    Good luck on the job search! Finding a job is not easy nor is it generally that much fun! I have faith that you will find something fab sooner than later!

    As for skin post: What about discuss moisturizer, body wash, skin routine for your face and makeup? Ha

  33. Hey Kailey,
    To go off what others have said, you have this hugely successful (and addictive!) blog, and the primary reason it is so successful is because you have a a terrific screwball-meets-E! News-meets-Helen Fielding voice, aaand you know grammar. Editors will be impressed–you just have put yourself out there. So what I’d do is either create a separate personal site with a .com instead of a .wordpress.com, and put your best journalistic writing and your favorite snackface posts, or create more pages on this site with your resume (you have make this one private), and clips. Then, as someone above mentioned, ed2010 has most of the stock email combinations for major media companies, and most editors won’t mind an out-of-the-blue email, so long as it’s not presumptuous or too long. I’m at Allure, so if you need any more advice as far as Conde Nast publications are involved, I’d be happy to help!
    Good luck!

  34. Job advice? Have a really good and succinct resume (no more than ONE page!). Be sure to include all your work for Veg News –super impressive–and every other experience you have had. Turn on the “business speak” and go for it. I am sure you will wow them in the interview!

  35. Good luck with job searching! You will no doubt find something completely amazing, between who you are and what you’ve got to put down on a resume.

    And: self-tanner! Moisturizer! Sunscreen! These are the things pasty girls like myself need.

  36. I have complete faith that you will find the bossiest job evah and rock it!

    I think what kills most resumes is a strange name. And I am not even kidding. When people have unpronounceable names I am wary to call them back. I mean whatcha gonna say?!?! haha Oh well, have a good hump day!

  37. Just put your bossy self out there and the jobs will come in!

  38. good luck with the job search!

    You’ll find the perfect thing, I know it 🙂 It’s tough out there right now, though. My husband just got his PhD in December and can’t find work! Crazy.

  39. oh my gosh. I actually thought I was the only one who gets excited over homonyms. Also, I love Don Delillo but his only truly great book is White Noise, which is honestly kind of a conglomeration of all the books that came before … I can’t stand getting stuck on a lameish book in class.
    I can’t ever bring myself to wear white bottoms … superstitious? You look bangin’ tho.
    Job search…I wish I had better advice since I’m stuck in the same sitch but basically just look everywhere, network everywhere (which it’s clear you do), talk to everyone, and be yourself, everyone’ll wanna hire you.

  40. Did you like the Jay Robb in your oats?
    I love it in smoothies and overnight oats, but can’t do it in hot oats!
    Have you thought about applying to VegNews?

  41. broccoli with tomato sauce might by my most favorite meal ever – i had it on sunday night with some other fixins! twins?

    as for job stoof – be PERSISTENT. i think i sent out 65 resumes to firms i wanted to work at. just know that it will all work out – the firm i really wanted to work for (i interviewed in feb) called me in JUNE to tell me they would like to hire me. it all takes time, but it’s worth it.

  42. No job advice here, I need one! Pass along any advice you get.
    I tried almond butter on my oats yesterday and was not a big fan. I am going to try adding stevia and maybe cinnamon, thanks for the ideas!

  43. Isn’t Frank’s just the best hot sauce? When I was at an out of state university, my dad sent me a GALLON of the stuff. Proud to say I went through about 2/3 on my own within 3 months. But my family has to keep a gallon of it at home because one little bottle only lasts a few days.

    And I agree with you on the oats in a jar. Although most bites have no peanut butter, those last few bites at the end are amazing!

  44. Good to see your posts again and your GAWGEAUS face! 🙂 I love yellow!
    I’m also not too big on the oats in a jar. If i put nut butters in oats i have to leave it on the side because I don’t want it to lose all it’s flavor by melting into it. it’s a delicate balance. I also just think it’s difficult to eat it out of a jar, how am I supposed to lick the bottom??
    Also, don’t tell anyone, but I’m not much of a fan of chocolate in oats either or even chocolate pb. you lose all the flavor of the pb.
    my first impression of that dessert- Far too small!! dessert should always be about 5x larger than dinner!
    Wish I had some connections for you! Sorry I can’t help, but I am excited at the prospect of you getting an awesome job and then I’ll know someone in the magazine industry!! woohoo!!

    hope you’re doing well and keep living it up for your last semester!


  45. I’m scared to death of being a senior and putting myself out there in the full-time job market. Good luck with that!

  46. i dont like OIAJ. but i like you! and portabelllllos! i really love kanye’s workout plan. i, too, am an english geek! love the pear pair!

  47. oh YUM.. anythings in tomatoe/marinara sauce is DELIGHTFUL. 🙂 love the yelllow + white fit’ colors as well!

  48. Aw I’m sad you don’t like OIAJ but hey, to each his own!!!

  49. 52 Katherine: What About Summer?

    I want a K mug! am so in “the market” for one!

  50. job getting advice…just send that resume out to as MANY companies as you can and always follow up. Shoot them an email every other week or so if you don’t hear from them. persistance is very admirable and shows your dedication and WANT to work for this company! you will nail something so soon!

    umm i though I was the only one who felt this way about geen monsters! they do NOTHING for my hunger…they are tasty but half hour later I am wanting real food, not in smoothie form!

    hot outfit, girl!


  51. 54 Katy

    Hey Snackle,

    I graduated in ’07 and recently changed companies. Which is to say, it’s totally possible to not only find a job, but to find one in a bad economy. You just have to be persistent and don’t let the talk of how hard it is get you down. There’s no use focusing on the negatives, right?

    Here are some things you might want to (but certainly don’t have to) consider:

    -Working for a publishing house: It’s not a magazine, true, BUT they always have lots of positions open in editorial (editorial assistants, assistant editors, developmental editors, etc.). I worked for a textbook publishing company straight out of college (in Belmont, Ca) and it gave me a lot of great experience that easily translates. If you want to come back to California there are several publishers in the Bay Area where I have current contacts.

    -Cover letter: Be brief. No one wants to read a novel, no matter how well-written it is. Let your work speak for itself, and like another poster mentioned above, link your potential employers to an online portfolio. Also, be yourself in the letter, which is to say, funny. They want to know you have a personality!

    -Put something interesting on your resume. One of my coworkers added that she had competed in several eating contests on her resume. It was a small, totally unrelated “skill,” but it piqued my boss’s interest and gave them something lighthearted to talk about. And she got the job!

    Other than that, just keep trying. You’ll find something, I’m 100 percent sure of it!

    Good luck, kiddo!

  52. Good luck on your hunt for a job. With your skills I know that you will get hired fo sho! You would be an asset to any company 🙂 Love the tempeh action i have been diggin it lately too.

  53. When you find the magic key to scoring that fabulous job please please please let me borrow it? 😉 Ahhhh, you and I are precisely on the same boat! It’s both an exciting and scary ride. Good luck my love!

  54. 57 Stephanie

    As a former communications grad, I have to say having the two internships you had (in huge markets, no less) plus this blog makes you highly desirable.

    Apply to places you’re interested in even if they aren’t openly hiring…you never know.

    Good luck!

  55. Congrats on making a hard decision re someone you love, and following through with it! It takes courage and a lot of BALLS! I’m sure you made the right decision for you!

  56. I can’t help with jobs in your industry, but the biggest thing I have learned about job interviews is to be honest. I am not afraid to tell someone in an interview that I don’t have a particular skill set, I just make sure to point out that I am fast learner and I like to learn new things. I think they get surprised to actually hear someone be honest and it helps me stand out from other people.

    Good luck!

  57. i’m two posts behind. that ain’t right. but i do love that you took kanye’s advice and worked it out. that song is currently on constant rotation on my pod.

    CATCH UP NOW! puhlease!!!

  58. 61 elise

    who is this alluded to loverrrrr that you are enjoying movies, etc with? color me curious.
    p.s. resume makin’ aint no fun. i just spent two solid weeks to get mine in sparkling shape. my advice would be ask ALL your colleagues and associates for theirs and then create a hybrid of the best parts. then have a million and one people look it over.

    • 62 snackface

      elise- Your resume advice terrifies me. I know you’re right, though!

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