Say Ahh


What up, boos! I hope you’ve had marvelous weekends. It was near perfection over here. What helped me squeeze every ounce of fabulosity out of the weekend was saying ahh to deliciousness and life.

Friday afternoon, the SnackPack and I took a little trip to Columbus for shopping and eats. Driving 90 minutes for Panera and Forever21 is not unreasonable:

Greek salad, vegetable soup and whole grain baguette.

Wallets and spirits a bit lighter and brighter, respectively, we drove home in the evening to fulfill a craving. Miss Muffin wanted nothing but cheesy potato casserole, topped with cornflakes. So cheesy potato casserole it was:

PrinceDJ is helping Muffin hold the several pounds of potatoes, cheese and sour cream.


More cheese than I've consumed in the past year combined. And I loved it.

After an hour or two of digesting, we got ready for a cray cray night out. We put our DivaFaces on:


A bit Carrie, no?

The little number I picked up from Forever21.

I look pissed in that picture, but that is neither here nor there. About the dress– I’m normally not a floral person. At. All. However, I was drawn to this dress and knew I wanted to anchor it with heavier pieces like the belt and brown heels. Threw on a jacket, and that was that.

Muffin and I danced and said ahh for as long as we could uptown. When we called it quits, we walked back to her place, changed into pajamas and destroyed the remainder of the cheesy potatoes. That’s how we do.

Saturday brunch will come as no surprise to you:

Huevos rancheros!

I’m constantly going back and forth with veganness and ordering eggs feels like the ultimate no-no. Cheesey potatoes? No issue. Eggs? Ehh. But I said screw it and ate what I really wanted. The eggs were exquisite.

I didn’t do much of anything during the afternoon, other than watch the tube, tidy mi casa, shower and paint my nails. Later in the evening, I met up with these adorable people for a brew:

PrinceDJ + Muffin. How effing cute are they?

Spring brew love at Jackie O's. With a side of bad posture.

We chatted, which mostly entailed giving PrinceDJ a hard time. And then he was kind enough to buy our dinner:

Cheesy potatoes, volume two.

We also shared a pizza topped with feta, artichokes and banana peppers. Somehow, my one piece missed the camera. Lo siento!

I walked myself home after dinner and took a 20-minute disco nap. We all needed to recharge for another night out. Oh last quarter of my college career, how good you are to me:

My woman and moi.

Gittin' it.

Despite how this looks, Muffin was not alone in her dancing:

There were strangers gittin' it, too.

Our mini-friend twirling off the stage.

Unfortunately, no one caught me in action last night. Score.

Morning came and I had brunch with a character who may or may not make a SnackFace debut soon. We’ve debated pseudonyms, but we’ll see.

After a weekend of saying ahh to everything I wanted, I’m ready to welcome my regular eats back to my diet:

Fruits, nuts, maybe some greenage at some point.

And with that, I’m off to make a salad.

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: Are you into patterns/floral or do you favor solids? AND How fab was your weekend? AND Do you casserole? If so, what’s your fave? Yes, I mean that as a verb. MamaJ never made casseroles, and I think this cheesy potato one may have been one of my firsts.


70 Responses to “Say Ahh”

  1. I still have a soft spot for green bean casserole on thanksgiving – creamy deliciousness 🙂

  2. That floral dress looks amazing on you, I love it! I am more of a solids type of girl myself, but it is fun to mix it up once in a while. I like casseroles, but hardly ever make them for some reason, not sure why. 😉

  3. 3 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    so glad you had eggs if thats what you wanted- i really admire your spirit & your ability to just do your thang 🙂 you are gorgeous in taht dress- florals are really in!! I am all about em 🙂


  4. waaaiiiittta minute… isn’t it… like… against the laws of God and Man for a University of Ohio peep to wear Wolverines gear???

    Also, thought you’d enjoy this… a Cinci baker got a shout out on Cakewrecks blog. Philanthropy + dessert + Cinci… I thought of SnackFace.

  5. I like casseroles on holidays but that’s about it. I really don’t like mayonaisse or similar condiments so casseroles sometimes gross me out! You look amazing in the dress – floral print and all!

  6. I love to see you out there living your life! it is so refreshing to see somebody enjoying life rather than being so sad about it! Keep it up my loveeee ❤

  7. 7 grace

    OMG you look amazing in that floral number! Florals are the biggest trend this Spring, but I love how you mixed it up with bulky accessories to make it less “femmy” and more FIERCE! Git it, girl! 🙂

  8. U and Muffin are such hotties and I love how fun you girls are!! I can see it in your pics that you girls would rock to hang out with!!

    I am so so with the floral love, I really love that dress you have on, it looks so hot, I really like the colors! I just picked up a floral dress from forever 21 too!!!

    Have a great Sunday!! xoxo

    • 10 snackface

      Katie- YOU are a hottie and need to come join the party! Thank you for being so sweet!

      • I am down for a night of dancing and snackface!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week girl!! xoxo

  9. Oh man that brunch looks amazing!!!

    Seriously chica, live up your last semester. Post-college life is amazing in its own way but you’ll never get back those college years! 😉

    • 13 snackface

      Lauren- I lent my Weezy shirt to someone before I got to wear it! He knows how much it means to me, though, and I will be getting it back ASAP. And thanks for the living it up support. I was feeling a bit guilty in the middle of the weekend, and then I thought, “Hell, I only have eight weeks left to enjoy this!”

  10. Even if you’re not a florals girl, you rocked that dress. Gorge. I don’t usually do patterns, unless they’re super bold- plain or crazy, there’s no in between. My mom hates my Lilly Pulitzer garb, but I think the cute factor is in the fact that it’s actually really silly-looking!

    Not a casserole person, but I can appreciate how delish that must have been! Hope you have a great week girly!

  11. 15 Diane

    Okay you look absolutely beautiful in that dress! I love it and your hair is awesome as well.

    I always favor solids- I buy way too much navy blue and green- but I’m trying to branch out and be more creative. I do love a good floral! As for casseroles, we never really had them growing up either, so I never really think about them. That cheesiness looks so good though 🙂

  12. Cheesy potato casserole… DROOL! Looks like another badass weekend.

    I am usually a solid colors person – jeans and black tops are pretty much my uniform. However I found a great floral top recently, and was pleasantly surprised with compliments when I debuted it at work.

    I also love BOLD patterns, swingy sleeveless tops from Banana Republic are a must!

  13. 17 Jil

    My weekend was FAB! I favor solids…majorly – though I know since I’m tall…a big print would look okay…I’m just usually not attracted to those things. However – your dress is wicked cute…I might be a loser and run out to F21 and grab it. haha 🙂 I’d give you credit whenever worn though, obvs. “Fashion by Snackface” 🙂

  14. 19 Nicole G

    I wanna party with YOU! You always have crazyy fun weekends! So jealous.

    I’m usually a solids girl. Once in a while I’ll go crazy and buy something bright colored, but I’m a very boring dresser. Love that dress though! It looks great. I also loved Muffin’s red shoes with the little black dress. Really gives the outfit a kick =)

    Nicole G

    • 20 snackface

      Nicole G- Come party with us! I wish everyone could! Oh, I also think you asked previously whether I’m friends with blog readers on Facebook. That’d be a yes, for the most part 🙂

  15. I like solids with a punch of pattern occasionally. Like a solid shirt with a pattern camisole peeking out. 🙂

  16. First off, you skin is amazing! So glowy! And I’m with you — I normally steer clear of florals, I’m more of a solids with bold colors kind of gal, but every once in awhile there will be one that I like. But only very rarely!

    All your posts lately are totally taking me back to my last quarter in college! We got into lots of trouble, but had SO MUCH fun! Live it up girl, getting a real job and paying bills is for da birds!

  17. 23 Tay

    I’m heading out the door to Forever 21 any minute and I’m actually looking for something exactly like your dress!! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled. You pull it off SO well!

  18. 24 janet

    looks fun!!

    Im actually in the same boat as you when it comes to eggs. Im a vegetarian and I have no problem with cheese or yogurt (or icecream) but for some reason i have an ethical dilemma in my mind whenever I eat eggs, yet I cannot resist their deliciousness…

  19. great that you had the eggs!! :] sometimes, being a vegan can increase those cravings and the only way to get rid of it is to just eat it! glad you listened to your body cue :]
    sounds like you had a very fun weekend!! :]

  20. my mom always made tuna noodle casserole. back then we always whined and asked her to use chicken.

    and i’m def a fan of solids and stripes…in the right direction. 🙂

    love you in that dress. killllllah.

  21. 27 HannahBanana

    so sad i missed it and i was such a bruised banana friday night. i cant wait to make it up to you.

    love always,

  22. Glad you had a great weekend! Looks like you had a blast!! can u please tell me where you got that white t shirt?!!! I have been looking for one like that forever and for some reason can’t seem to find one..thanks. You are sooo gorgeous! Muffin also 🙂

    • 29 snackface

      Christina- Thank you so much! The shirt came from none other than Forever21, last spring. They may still make those tees, which are long enough for tall chicks, but if they don’t, I recommend looking at Gap or Kohls. Kohls can surprise you if you have a specific item in mind!

  23. 30 Phoebe

    I’m really boring and almost never do patterns, usually just black and grey. Although I am currently head over heels for this dress: and trying to scheme up ways to mysteriously find a bunch of money and buy it.

    I’m also in my last quarter of college and I totally know what you mean, I can’t believe it’s almost over. My weekend WAS pretty fab– I went to a ridiculous party last night: first time I’ve ever been surprise-attacked for an attempted kiss–and successfully fended off said attempt!, a heart to heart with some guy friends waiting for the Safe Ride at 3:30 AM, then some 4 AM Annie’s mac and cheese. I love reading about your adventures as always!

  24. girl! you look phenom in that floral dress 🙂

  25. so jealous of that dress girlll! so cute! forever 21 scares me a little.. at least the one by me. everything is scattered EVERYWHERE. super unorganized hahah. makes me run straight to GUESS? where i blow my non-existant pay check 🙂

    as for casseroles, none as of now..until you totally gimme the recipe to that cheesy potatoe one 🙂

  26. Aw! You look great! And by the way…I would totally drive 90 minutes for H&M! I have a friend at Wooster college in OH and she tells me that she gets desperate cravings for malls! Have a great night, girl!

  27. 34 Kate

    My mom made tuna noodle casserole and goulash (I now eat neither as a veggie) but I am always a big fan of casseroles…super simple and comforting.

    And your hair and dress are fierce! Love those waves/curls! and Muffin’s red shoes are kickin…this post made my weekend.

  28. I really have not been that much into florals myself, but I have been tempted to buy a floral dress of lately and pair it w/ a leather jacket. Maybe i’ll have to make a trip to F21 soon. I loooove casseroles, they remind me of home & comfort. My mom always makes green bean casserole- i’m still trying to convince her to make a vegan one for me.
    Looks like you had a great weekend!

  29. 36 Rachel

    I love florals but i’m a stripe fiend, I guess I have a penchant for that nautical, 1960’s, classic look. In high school I even had two friends call me a bumble bee within a few minutes of each other.

    Although I did buy floral tights last week, no idea how i’ll wear them but they’re purdy.

  30. One of my favorite’s parts of your blog are your outfits, you have some style girl! 😀
    That cheesy casserole ain’t to shabby either hehe! I’m almost sure there’s no word in spanish for casserole, I don’t think we are big on casseroles over here in Mexico! must give that a try!
    Have a nice monday! I’m not looking forward to it because i’m returning after spring break 😦

  31. Love the dress! I love floral prints, don’t wear them nearly enough!!
    The husband and I have a favorite dish that is a hashbrown caserole, it is cheesy and amazing we try to only make it a couple times a year 🙂

  32. LOVE The Forever 21 dress on you. Holy hot mama! Look at you girl…you look amazing. I mean, that’s not new, but just bears repeating 🙂

  33. Looks like such a great time, your posts always put a smile on my face…really!

    Love love love the dress, you look gorgeous in it!

    And those cheesy potatoes look sooooo good:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  34. Love that outfit- you are too cute!

    I love patterns & florals! In dresses and shirts only, thanks. Oh, and scarves too =D Basically I like to mix up the basics- jeans/leggings/skirts, shoes and purses with the fun colors!


  35. You and Muffin lookin’ trilly good, mami. As for me and florals, it is a resounding negative with few exceptions.

  36. 43 Jin

    you look absolutely gorgeous in that floral dress! I just bought a floral scarf and a little mini dress from H&M. I’m for all things floral!

    Last night I went to a Black Eyed Peas concert here in Vancouver. It was there last show of the tour so I think it was that much more awesome! Ludacris and LMFAO were there too. My ears are still trying to recuperate 😀

  37. Cute dress girl you look muy muy fabulous!

  38. No, no floral. Not my thang. Casseroles remind me of Roseanne. But yes, I do casserole. 🙂

    Interested to see who the new beau is. Yay!

  39. I am pretty sure I accidentally made a casserole yesterday morning. I called it a hash but I think it counts as both. So yes. I do.

    Florals are not generally my thing but they are oh so in this spring, no? I am all about the neutrals and block colours.

    Cheese+potato=cannot go wrong. Annnnnd can’t wait to meet this person. Now. Please. xxx

  40. lovin the flowery pattern 🙂 i need to go dress shopping asap.. or have stacy and clinton come help me out lol. Awesome eats chica! I loveee green bean casserole.. so dang tasty

  41. You are so beautiful! I’m loving that dress… and the huevos;)

  42. What a fun-packed weekend! I’m such a lover of floral prints on clothes. That dress looks gorg on you, darling!

  43. I LOVE that dress!!!! And I totally drive an hour and half for Forever 21 too… that’s what you call love.
    That casserole looks the bomb! I love cheesy potato anything..yum!

  44. casseroles freak me out because i always associate them all with tuna noodle casserole, which i’ve never had, but never fails to make me get the shivers.

    yay, weekend! it’s monday, and i’m already foaming at the mouth for friday. sad, no?

  45. 52 kate

    Ok, I am hopping on this bandwagon–love your chunky brown sandals–where did you get them? And the necklace you are wearing with the white t-shirt is adorable too. Ugh, I have such a shopping problem!!!!

  46. i occasionally like patterns in small dosages, but i’m a pretty boring solids type of girl. love your dance photos! sexy faces!!!

  47. That floral dress is gorgeous and perfect for spring!

    WOW that dress- you look SO FINE!! i love the patterns!! esp. w. the belt to tie it all in!! I LOVE CASSEROLES! oh my gah my momma makes this french toast casserole..IT IS HEAVENLY! amazing, seriously! youd LOVE IT!
    love you boo! i hope youve had a FAB monday!

  49. All I want to wear this spring are belted floral dresses, military inspired anoraks, and wooden platform sandals. I blame my compulsive reading of fashion magazines for this undeniable urge.

    My mama was never much of a casserole maker either. Going to parties and seeing all of the creamy baked nodles and cheese dishes was always such a treat. If only they had a little more veggie power packed into them I would probably make more of them on my own.

  50. Adorable dresses! I swear you can work any outfit. I want to start working more floral prints- I have prom next month (i’m a youngin’ haha) and can’t decide if I want to go patterned or solid! Such a dilemma hahh

  51. 58 Meg

    i love your dress!
    and the eats looks SO good!!

  52. 59 elise

    holler to doin the cheesy/eggy thang. i couldnt agree more regarding your comment on my prev post. we are such healthy people when compared to the majority of the world’s population, but the second we get labeled as vegan or vegetarian or whatever, we are suddenly held to these standards that can be a bit restrictive and unfair. why is it bad to eat well 90% of the time? it shouldnt be. that kind of average is great! it would be an A if we were being graded (maybe an A-, but still…)

    lately im all about doing what makes you happy, so if that means having cheese after a year without, not only do it, but do it BIG (casserole style).
    damn i wish i lived near you and muffin.

    ps super psyched for mystery mister (is it a mister?)

  53. Love your spirit and attitude, and obviously you are gorgeous 😀

  54. I love your weekend recaps – so much fun! I’m not much of a florals girl (my girlfriends tease me that they can always find me in a crowd because I’m the girl wearing black, white, grey or khaki – hey, I like the classic pieces 🙂

    I don’t have much love for the casseroles (my Mama L never really made them either….) but I do love me some brown rice/broccoli/cheese casserole a la Healthy Tipping Point!

    Can’t wait to hear about the “character”- a Snack-accomplice (Snackomplice), perhaps??

  55. Of course, girl!! Can’t wait to hear more about the mystery character!

  56. Ahh every time i read your blog it kills me that we’re like the same age and I think I left my cray cray nights out way back in last spring semester (Wow, that might be the worst sentence ever typed). And yes, that dress is awesome on you, but definitely needed the jacket/belt/shoes to make it look hot and not “I tried to wear my 5 year old cousin’s tea party dress.” Like I can talk, though, my closet is chock full of odd patterns and bright colors, and one time I found a dress in my baby cousin’s closet that eerily resembled a dress I had worn out the night before. I’m more for abstract patterns than florals though (although the florals Thakoon came out with for the Thakoon for Target line last winter are straight up my alley).
    you GLOW. its so clear youre loving your life. good for you.

  57. 65 justjac

    Love the ‘sayin ahhh’, cause why not right?! I have casserolled but like you didn’t really grow up on it…cheesy potatoes x2 sounds pretty legit though 😉

    I’m not real a flower person myself but i think once in a blue moon (floral pattern, lol) they can work. or i can make them work 😉 lol
    enjoy that last quarter of your college career!

  58. Omg omg omg! Before scrolling down I already KNEW that that was a “Carrie” outfit. You are adorable!!!! I looove your style! 🙂 And oh, i’ve become a floral girl lately. The trend is errrrewhere and I just can’t neglect it when i’m in such a spring/summer-y mood. But please tell us/ME (more importantly, hahah) about this “character” you had brunch with! We seriously need to catch up.

    You are so bronzed and beautiful. And muff and her boy are so cute! Love all the cheese in this post. I had also my fair share of pizza this weekend and just couldn’t get enough of that fresh mozerella!!

    Dying over that belt. The heels. your hair! Oh, and my weekend was relaxing, perfect and food-a-licious! My bro and his wife visited me so i stayed at their gorg hotel all weekend–also split two bottles of champagne on friday night and got my tan on all weekend. It was glorious. WE MUST CATCH UP!!!!!! Love youuu!

  59. three things…

    (1) I hope you had a good night last night 😉

    (2) I want that floral dress. ADORABLE.

    (3) Muffin looks HAWT in her black dress with red peep toes.

    (4) I hate casseroles because Mama Everythingtarian made them ALL THE TIME growing up, but I could get on board with that cheesy deliciousness.

    (5) I LOVE YOU!

    (6) I guess that was more than 3 things.


  60. 68 kirsten

    you and muffin are too cute!
    do you call her bf prince DJ because he looks like prince harry?

    • 69 snackface

      kirsten- Hahahaha you got it! He’s a DJ and he happens to look like the prices combined, thus the name. Not to mention he’s charming.

  61. gahhh that cheesy potato casserole is what we people in utah call “funeral potatoes” and they are SO DANG GOOD! marshall requests that momma b make them every single sunday. yum. i think i get fatter just looking at em! hot dress~ looks like you are having a fab spring! it is still COLD here.

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