Visual Stories


Hi poptarts! Despite being out last night, doing a little of this:

Gettin' it.

I woke up at 6:30am wanting to tell you all about it!

Thursday started off as any class-ridden day starts– with a little breakfast love:

Cereal mish-mosh with strawbeezies.

I then packed up for several hours of classes. Packing a lunch? Old-school and oh-so-necessary:

Bagel thin sando with carrots.

To continue the carrot theme of lunch, I had a little gem for dessert:

Carrot cake Larabar!

Holy spit! The carrot cake flavor is yet another one that isn’t released until July, which is so unfortunate because this tiny nugget of a Larabar was packed with carrot, pineapple, walnuts, raisins and coconut. Gasm!

Like a good student, I attended my classes and participated. (Participating makes class significantly more enjoyable.) I even attended a journalism symposium:


Much to my dismay, it was a seminar for photographers:


It was about how to tell a visual story. Now, by no means do I consider myself to be a photographer. Any number of my photos will prove this. I do, however, like to think that I can tell a visual story.

Take dinner, for example. Hannah and I went to Rio Grande, where I ordered a “salad”:



The visual story: I’m good at eating.

We also sipped these suckers:

How adorable is she?

The visual story: Danger.

Later in the evening, after changing our ‘fits, we met some friends and drooled over a bartenderrr:

Bananster and moi.

Le crew.

He made us drinks, to drink, we drunk ’em. And then we got down:

And now I know he thinks I'm cool.

For those of you who’ve danced with me before, you know I can go from this:


To this:

Also normal.

In seconds:


That’s how I win men over. Not.

The visual story: I’m your woman if you want to get low on the dance floor.

I’ll leave you with perhaps my favorite picture of the evening:


The visual story: ___________. Fill in the blank, your pregunta del dia!

Ciao for now,


P.S. How I’d fill in the blank: Back off!


56 Responses to “Visual Stories”

  1. I can’t wait to try that carrot cake larabar! That last picture is great. I wish I was back in college!

  2. 2 Jil

    haha oh my god – that last picture is priceless!!

  3. 3 Jenny


  4. 4 Fi

    Two words: “Creep attack”!!! ha, love the pics. Its so funny to see a night out progressing from “respectable on leaving the casa” to photos that look like they could be DUI photos! That carrot cake lara sounds yum! now i have a craving for carrot cake, but never heard of carrot cake and pineapple??? mmmmmmm carrot cake. xxxxxxxxx

    • 5 snackface

      Fi- In my defense, I woke up feeling refreshed, not DUI-worthy.

  5. The visual story: SnackFace’s SugaDaddy.

    I seriously wish I had your life. I live in the best city in the world, for chrissakes, and my nights never look as fun as yours!!

    I said this on your last post, but I am SO JEALOUS of your sneak peek at the new Laras. I think I’m more excited for their release than anything else this summer. Maybe that’s overdoing it haha.

    Have a great weekend love!!

  6. The visual story: i’m not your woman if you are over the age of 40 with gray hair and wrinkly balls.

  7. carrot cake larabar?!? yum!

    the pictures in this post are priceless!

  8. 9 Jo

    Just thought I would de lurk for a second. I JUST DIED LAUGHING AT THAT LAST PIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bisoux xxx

  9. bahahahahha…fill in the black: whatevah losah…

  10. that pic just made my day! fill in the blank: CREEPER ALERT!

  11. 12 Katherine

    girl, your skin is beautiful! it’s flawless! may i ask what face wash and lotion you use? or maybe i should just ask what the secret is!

    ps: there seem to be a bunch of creepy, old men at your school. i had the same “problem” when i was in college. it makes for some funny situations though

    • 13 snackface

      Katherine- Why, thank you, sugar! I really need to get around to a full skin post, but I’ll share! I wash my face twice a day. In the morning I wash with Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream cleanser, sweep over my face with Neutrogena toner (something specific for acne, forget the exact name) and finish with Clearasil SPF 15 moisturizer. At night, I use the first two same products, but use a CVS night moisturizer for preventing acne. The key ingredient in all? Salicylic acid. Now, when a heifer of a zit starts to form, I use Preparation H gel on the zit until it goes away. It sounds crazy, but it works! That’s about it! They say you should drink a lot of water, etc., but I’m really bad about that.

  12. mmm….carrot cake larabar! where did you get it??

    Fill in the blank: Mustache or not, you’re a perv.

    • 15 snackface

      Teri- I picked up the sample a few weeks ago when I was at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim!

  13. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww what a creeper..look at him!!!

  14. Hahahaha! That last picture CRACKS me up. So sorry you had to endure that though! I cannot believe you got up so early after such a night!

    And Good for you for being a good little class participater!

  15. Carrot cake Larabar? Sold.

    As for the gorgeous piece with the upper-lip overhang–assuming he probably didn’t get tapped.

  16. 19 HannahBanana

    So jealous of that carrot cake!!!!!
    Those “salads” were soooooo yummy, yummier still, the mucho des margs.
    wish you would have talked about how difficult it was to order a taco salad, with no, GASP, CARNE!!!!???? WHATT!?!??! lol.
    Last night was yet another extravaganza.
    Happy to be yo banana

    well, banana

  17. AHAHAHAH THAT PICTURE IS SOO CREEEEPY! please tell me you KNEW that man! i am seriously lol-ing over here! bhahahah omgsh i freaking love you!
    okay the picture w. the 2 boys.. im curious..wink wink πŸ˜‰
    i LOVE you! coming to visit you this weekend! i sooo wish

  18. Lookin’ bossy as usual in all your pics! Definitely laughed out loud in the last shott!!!! πŸ™‚

  19. i love your shirt! and your friend’s pic with the margaritas is HILARIOUS!

  20. larabar is really steppin up their game with these new yum flavors. this will be bad news for my bank account!

  21. i was ALWAYS wary of old dudes in college bars, unless they were visiting dads. also, it’s funny how all college bars look so similar – judging from your pictures, i can almost SWEAR you are at scorekeepers (bar in ann arbor).

  22. I hope you got that guys number- I would have proposed on the spot, personally. xo

  23. that last pic…looks like we have a creeper on our hands!

    you look GORGEOUS in your pics. your skin and make up is AMAZING!

  24. 27 elise

    BEST PIC EVER!!! your expression tells a whole story, so if you arent a photo journalist, you are DEF a model.

  25. My fill in the blank: Is that a can of chew in your lip or are you just happy to see me?

  26. So, Hannah IS adorable! What hair that girl has!

    I can’t think of a caption for that photo, I just want to know why oh why there was such an OLD MAN at a college bar?! Sick in my mouth a little…haha

  27. love tortilla shells! you and banana( am i allowed to call her that?) are precious. love it! hope you have a good weekend!

  28. That old man is hilarious! Looks like you’re having a great week, girl! Hope it continues!

  29. Holy crap that last pic is PRICELESS! Bahaha. Creepster old man.
    Carrot Cake Lara Bar?! No words, no words.

  30. Carrot Cake Lara Bar sounds amazing! Love your style as always. Last photo is hilarious!!!

  31. 34 Erika

    “Hey blondie, wanna go for a ride in my Ferrari? No? Hmmm, well would you at least pose in a picture with me so the other dads on my kid’s tee-ball team will think I’m cool?”
    –Old men in college bars are way creepy

  32. HA! I love that last picture! And…I can’t WAIT until those carrot cake laras come out. Jeez louise, I am going to be in heaven.

  33. 36 lowandbhold

    That first picture is amazing. I love that you have your drink and cell phone in one hand. Gotta have that easy access. I miss college.

    You can DEF tell a visual story!

  34. The last picture… WOW!!!! Ha.

  35. Last picture = totally classic! Looks like good times were had and I enjoyed your photo journaling.

  36. 39 Katy

    OMG that last picture made me LOL! That is the first time I’ve ever laughed out loud whilst reading a blog. Well done, Snackfacey πŸ˜‰

  37. I’d fill in the blank: Ugh, No Thanks!

  38. CARROT MF CAKE LARA? gah. gimme that. now. i need them at my wedding.. that’s in july! haha.

    is that jacket herringbone?

    you’re gorgeous, and i love ya lots.

  39. Haha too funny kail!!

  40. 43 lo

    we need to get our dancing shoes on..loved the bartender reference…classic.

    what r yo plans this weekend?

    ill be AP styling it up all night over here with homework. You love AP..wanna do mine ;)???

    xoxoxoox infinity


  41. You look beauuuutful!!! Have a great weekend chicaaaa ❀

  42. Hahahahahahahaha – terrific post, Kailey!
    SO fun!
    The last picture was obsviously the best one, btw πŸ™‚
    Have a fabulous weekend, girl!
    Brazilian XOXOΒ΄s,

  43. Ahhhhh what a creeper! Bars are fun until people older than your parents try to become friends with you.

  44. That last picture is hilarious! Looks like fun times. πŸ™‚ I just wanted to let you know that I finally got to try Daiya, and it is just as amazing as you said it was! I did a review on my blog if you want to check it out. So freaking good. Enjoy your weekend!

  45. Hahah, I LOVE it when moments like that are captured. I would dub that caption…

    “Uhh, no.”

    – or at least that’s what I’d be saying.

  46. Haha that last picture is to funny girl!

    And you are one lucky mamacita! I want that carrot cake larabar asap! Carrot cake is my all time favorite!

  47. 50 traynharder23

    OOOOH that is a flavor i’ve been wanting to create in a larabar! i always email and tell them to make it!

    girl you have awesome dance moves. i just…don’t dance. ahahaha

    boy, i ain’t fresh guinness on tap. step off.

  48. 51 Kristen

    Fill in the blank : “Never Gonns Get It”

  49. Hi!!
    I was an anonymous lurker of your blog, but i never commented because my blog was in spanish (I’m from Mexico). But i’ve got a new food-blog in english! hope you check it out πŸ™‚

  50. 53 justjac

    Oh he’s ALL ovah you, lol.

    Love the recap! Good eats, good times!
    Dancing is like my fav thing to do. Espec when um, fueled by liquid motivation a la margaritas?! love, lol πŸ˜€
    Happy SUnday!

  51. 54 kirsten

    I love your blog, you are so funny!

  52. i adore the first pic…and “Holy spit!” arent you a q-t

  53. 56 marcie

    fill in the blank: Perv in the House!!!!

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