Feasting On Life


Lovelies! I’ve missed you! It has been an insanely beautiful, wonderful, blissful weekend that my friends and I needed after a challenging first week back in school. So for the past 48 hours, we’ve been doing what we do best: feasting on life.

It all started Friday morning when I felt gorgeous rays beaming through my bedroom windows. I read for a while, paid some bills and made breakfast:

Banana oats with peanut and pumpkin butter.

Then I was off to Theater History. Discussion sessions with theater majors are intensely amusing.

I then skipped to the gym for an hour of intervals on the elliptical, 200 sit-ups on a stability ball (100 with weights) and weighted squats. I was all about the big numbers that day, I guess.

I called my little Banana to see whether she wanted to join me for some basking in the sunshine. She accepted, and while I waited for her to pop over, I snacked:

Juicy pineapple.

Huge carrot and Justin's Maple almond butter.

The background of this picture cracks me up. Memory card for my camera, books, sunglasses, cell phone, bobby pin, mace…the single-girl essentials.

And then Banana and I were huge divas in the sunlight:


Pasti D-Lite.

Pardon my garbage.

After having unprotected sun, Banana and I headed in to get ready for the night. We were faced with something very challenging for a vegetarian. Is it OK to kill a wasp when it’s inside your house?

The wasp whisperer.

For this veg-head, it is:

Bye, bye birdie.

As I made dinner for B and I, someone cruelly photographed my sacred wrapping process:

Wrapping in 4-inch heels.

Creep. Look at that lovely fire extinguisher.

We scooted around town in our heels all night. It was fantastic. Might go in my “Top Five Fave Nights in Athens” list. If I had one, that is. It’s hard not to have an amazing time when I’m with these beauts, though:


Saturday morning/afternoon, Muffin spent time with her familia, and Banana and I spent time at Casa Lopez:

Mexican twice in one week? Absolutely.

My egg days may be over. They started to make me gag. There’s also a big ethical battle in my head when I eat them, but we’ll see what happens.

I didn’t do much in the afternoon other than watch five episodes of Sex and the City, fail at napping and pester Muffin until she came over. My girl’s so good to me that she even brought me dinner:

Pita Pit!

We majorly caught up on life and recapped the previous night. Soon enough, B joined us and we listened to throw-back and raunchy songs. The best way to get pumped up for another night out.

Between bouts of gossiping and grinding, photo shoots were had:



There were more inappropriate photos taken, but I’ll refrain from scaring you too much.

On my walk home, I spotted a friend from last quarter’s non-fiction writing class. Together, we sang a Modest Mouse song:

Good man for letting me sing with him.

When I arrived home, I ate a spinach wrap, drank water and tucked myself in.

After 48 hours of feasting on life, I don’t plan on slowing down. I just may need a few more spinach-filled smoothies to rejuvenate the system:

Chillin' on the porch with some Jay Robb and flip-flops.

Have a wonderful start to the week!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How did you feast on life this weekend?

P.S. Here’s a link to my favorite poem, which includes the inspiration for the post title/theme.


50 Responses to “Feasting On Life”

  1. I feasted on vida by:
    -dranking vino in central park
    -dranking vino whilst babysitting. woops! lo siento, dora!!
    -baaaaasking in the glory of 70 DEGREE weather! eeeeeeeeee!
    -seeing our spot, reminiscing, texting you
    -just LOVING life in general, ya know

    and OMGOMGOMG. i just clicked the link to the poem and that is one of my favorite walcott poemas!!!!! gaaaah why are you my soulmate!?>

  2. I am so jealz of your warm weather!!

    You look ador. in orange!! it is a color that a lot of people have troubs pulling off.

    jayyyyyyyyyy roberto. naice.

    i appreciated your weezy fbk status quote this morning as well.



  3. I feasted on some plans landing at a nearby airport. Yes this is the highlight of my weekend 🙂
    I do need some green monsters in my life ASAP!

  4. 4 Jenna

    Looks like a fab fillled weekend!!

  5. 5 Jenny

    Hello beautiful! I feasted on life with a bossy bloggy meet-up with Fitnessista and Sound Eats! Maybe someday we can meet:)

    • 6 snackface

      Jenny- That’s awesome! We definitely should sometime. Don’t you wish every single one of us could just gather somewhere? Gah!

  6. 7 katie

    YAY FOR FB FRIENDS! okay that pic of you and muff (aka your fb profile pic..not that i stalked you or anything) is AWEEESOME! you look SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL!
    and LOVE the orange bikini you ROCK out!
    nom nom mexican!

  7. my dad bought me mace for christmas!! i was like thanks? lol.. it will come in handy one day though i just know it! single girl essential for sure 😉

    Looks like a fun weekend chica!

  8. 9 Katie

    Feasting on life – Love it! We had a great weekend full of church stuff, friends and playing. Hope the coming week is great for you!

  9. 10 Gina G

    hey Kailey! i love your favorite poem and adore you even more =) im not sure if i would call it feasting on life or just a really eye opening moment, but today i was at my grandma’s for an easter dinner, and me and my mom went on a walk to digest (too much lasagna and pie for this girl hahah) and while we were heading back we seen this women in a wheelchair with no leg and was trying to make it to the bus station and was truly struggling and asked so kindly if she could have 16 dollars to take a bus over 400 miles because some people invited her to stay with them. we gave her the money and a few bucks more and she was sooo excited and said she is was gonna buy something to eat, it made me feel so guilty that we had so much food, so we made her a huge plate and brought it to her as fast as we could because she was about to get on the bus. (o my gosh im so sorry this is soooooo long!) but to end this because it is crazy long, it just made me so thankful and sad that life and everything people have is sometimes so easily taken for granted, to be thankful and follow our dreams!

    thats it, so sorry again!

    • 11 snackface

      Gina- Awww that is amazing! Now I feel a bit silly for going on about “feasting on life” in such a lighthearted way, but this really shows that feasting on life needs to happen in every scenario. Thank you for sharing!! And never apologize for long comments 🙂

  10. Looks like your weekend was fabulous! I am happy to see that I am not the only pale girl…us pale girls rock! No skin cancer for us. 🙂

  11. I think I beat you in the pastiness department. And you definitely beat me in the hotness department.

  12. 14 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i just read that poem and i love it!! it is amazing 🙂
    you look gorgeousss in that pic.. not palee.. ah i am pale thoughh. glad you had so much fun wtih your friends!

  13. 15 Anna

    I laid out in this glorious sun, ate the most amazing Easter brunch with my roommates, and avoided work as much as possible. It was glorious!

    I recently started eating eggs again, and I only eat the ones that I get from my CSA. They’re from local farms (they even stick the address of the origin of the eggs on the carton) and are just 1 million times better tasting and looking than anything you’d buy at a grocery store. When chickens are treated well they produce good eggs. As long as they’re happy, I’m happy!

  14. 16 HannahBanana

    Perfect post. I snacked on life with the one and only SNACKFACE!!

  15. My eyeballs are burned out of my head by how blazing HOT you are!!! Um…gorgeous much? I can’t think of anything else to say. I know now how the entire male student body at your college feels.

    • 18 snackface

      Mama Pea- Haha you are way too kind. They don’t feel that way, I assure you! But THANK YOU!

  16. Hi Love!! Looks like you had quite the fab weekend!!! Glad you enjoyed the sun! And I’m pretty sure you would look TAN next to me 😉 Ya….I’m that white. Today when walking the pup with my sister she goes “Good lord you need some color on those things you call legs!” …Sooo if that’s not a clue for me to get a spray tan, I don’t know what is! ha

    PS…You rocked that cute orange bikini!

  17. What a fun weekend! Love your black & white dress and jealous of your sunny weather. I spent time NOT studying at all (for once!), spending money on clothes I don’t necessarily need and time with the fam!

  18. 1. You and your GF are so adorable! I am very happy for you two.

    2. Yay for Modest Mouse! I used to be obsessed with “A Different City” when I was in Grade 8. Same with “The Stars are Projectors” 🙂

  19. 22 justjac

    Ah, I love it!
    Like you, feasting on life for me this weekend included similar essentials good food, friends and going out and having fun! Mine also included seeing a movie, hanging w/ the fam and da boy and partayyy aying friday night ;D Good weekend!

  20. i want flipflop weather!

  21. Way to have an amazing weekend, girl!! I heard it was even nicer in Ohio than it was on the East Coast this weekend. By the way, you should post some style tips- I always love your going out clothes!!

    I feasted on life this weekend literally. My grandpa had a 90th bday party, and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate LIFE than the fact that at 90, he still wants to sing kareoke and dance the night away. And the cake was awesome 🙂

    Hope you have a great week gorgeous girl!! xoxo

    • 25 snackface

      Gabriela- That IS the best way to celebrate life! Wow, happy bday to grandpa!!!

  22. 26 elizabeth

    aah that’s one of my favourite poems too, brilliant.
    also it’s still snowing here…

  23. i wish i had feasted on life this weekend! i worked like a banshy! it’s ok, i have a 4 day weekend next weekend to catch up. 🙂

  24. 28 MamaJ

    You know my weekend consisted of one day. The highlite was your pop and I planted a tree. Pop did all the hard digging and yanking out of the dead tree. ( must save my arms for work) Did you stop using the self tanner????? Matty Rich needs an O.U. streetfest weekend. It his last chance. Miss you…. Later.

    • 29 snackface

      MamaJ- Yes, I did stop using the self-tanner! Ooops! I’m almost out. And yes, I need to look up the sched of the fests!

  25. Looks like a really fun weekend! I myself went to Korea Town in NYC and feasted on life. And bibimbap.

  26. 31 HannahBanana

    wish we could have recovered together sunday, darn you casa for food poisoning!!!!
    ps, 24 hours.

  27. I feasted on life this weekend by eating my own weight in vegan blondies i made. I may have felt a little icky afterwards but after giving up sweets for lent i was ready to get some sugar lovin. Im so excited because this week I think i am coming up to OU for a college visit! (Im pretty sure im going to OU but I want to visit just to be sure!) I know that you go to OU and I was wondering, do you think that it would be easy for me to find food on campus being vegan? That is one thing that my mom and i are both worried about and we want to make sure before we make any commitments that i am well taken care of.

    Thanks girl!

    • 33 snackface

      Michal! Honey! You should holla at me if you are here this weekend! Athens is fabulous because there are great vegan-friendly restaurants. You can easily get any vegan item you’d want from Kroger and The Farmacy (cutest little shop ever). When it comes to the dining hall, though, good luck. I always got salad and a veggie burger, but I can’t guarantee that a lot of it was vegan. I recommend trying to opt out of it and buying your own groceries, or getting the smallest meal plan option and using some of your money to buy supplemental groceries! I hope this helps!

      • Thanks for your advice girl! When I come up for a visit ill let ya know so we can have a little snack-tastical meet up! 🙂

  28. that poem is beautiful. i just read it. how have i never heard of that Caribbean poet man?

    YAY for feasting on life – my fave picture by far is you wrappin’ thangs up in heels. hawt. and those shoes – where did you purchase such beauties?

    my other fave part of this post…having unprotected sun. i may have laughed out loud at my desk. i really want to hear what you feasted on last night however…must. catch. up. later.

    banana + muffin are adorbs – makes me miss my homegirls.

    love the justin’s maple almond butter. i would bathe myself in that if i could.

    LOVE YOU LADY…xoxoxo!

    • 36 snackface

      Holly- I’m so stoked you caught that unprotected sun line. Luuuh you. (Luuuh is rap for love.)

  29. 37 Erin

    I recently quit eating meat. I still eat dairy and eggs. I do not understand the ethical dilemma behind eating eggs. Could you please explain? I just got baby chicks and ducks this week (pullet egg layers, so cute!!!) and I will be eating their eggs in a few months…once they are all grown up. I am pro-choice, so I don’t have any ethical issues with eating an unborn and unfertilized egg (since we have no roosters), but I am curious as to what other vegetarian/vegan stances are on eating eggs?

    Looks like you guys had a great weekend! It was gorgeous in Michigan!

    • 38 snackface

      Erin- What a fabulous question! While I’m not strictly vegan at the moment, I have been before, so it still sticks with me. Vegans do not anything that has come from an animal. They won’t even use a product that has beeswax or silk in it. When it comes to eggs, a good majority of eggs we eat come from chickens who are forced to share horribly tiny spaces. The chickens are not treated in any reasonable way, and eating their eggs therefore supports it. But then, when it comes to chickens who are ethically raised, I’m not sure how I feel about eating their eggs. But Saturday, the eggs really did make me gag. Had something to do with the texture, too.

      • 39 Erin

        Thanks chica! I am working on coming up with my own way of ethically eating and I figured since the eggs would come from my house it wouldn’t be so cruel (eggs make me gag sometimes too, but not in baked goods!!! tehehe).

  30. i feasted by:

    playing tennis in the sun with friends
    drinking smoothies outside
    people watching with huge iced coffees
    dining with a best friend

    glad your weekend was feast-o-licious!

  31. hello gawjuss! glad you have been living life to the fullest potential. sassy suit, killing bees is OK because otherwise they will kill you, i could eat myself into a coma when it comes to pineapple. isn’t it so delish lately?! I LOVE YOU!

  32. KILL THE WASPS! Kill all of them!! I have a serious bee/wasp phobia due to the fact that I’ve never been stung. I’m convinced that I’m dealthy allergic to bee stings and will instantly die when it inevitably occurs….

    ANYway. I’m sure you hear this all the time but girl, you are GORGE! To like, the millionth degree. Just sayin’! 🙂

  33. deathly** (duh, guess I should pay attention to the squiggly red underline next time)

  34. Well, I feasted on some ham and some chocolate, does that count? Probably not.
    Okay, well I feasted on life by going on a long bike ride with my boy to meet friends at the waterfalls; by eating pizza, drinking wine and then eating ice cream, drinking coffee (win+win=WIN); and finally by lying in the yard, drinking beer in the sun. Major life-feasting!

    Have an excellent week dear lady! xx

  35. heheee “having unprotected sun” – that cracked me up!
    I feasted on sunshine, long runs, dinners and dranks out, and being withfriends and fam!

  36. 46 Morgan McStravick

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem!

  37. 47 Hatty

    I love that poem, i don’t know when i heard it/read it before but it made a big impression on me, i have always remembered the last line.

    And you my darling are STUNNIN’!!
    and yes officially jealous of the sun!
    wrapping in heels….LOVE IT 😀

  38. 1) mexican twice a week is ALWAYS allowed –ole!!
    2) LOVE that bikini photo.. classic.
    3) I need to try a green smoothie for weekend recovery purposes!!

    glad you had an awesome weekend.. i love the idea ” feasting on life”

  39. How cute are you!?!?! Izz coo that you rock the pale. We’re sole sistas in that aspect–except i’m from cali and living in arizona?! ugh, too bad i burn easily?! you aren’t that pale though, you have a nice glow miss thaaaang 🙂

    your weekend sounds just spectacular to me! dranks, dancing, laying out, mexican food, wraps, SATC, oats and an even a gym sesh thrown into the mix?! you da best. and even though it’s almost summer time i want that pumpkin butta back in my life!

    but how amaze is pita pit (they have one here!!)? and those heels! love love love.
    ciao for now 🙂 xoxoxox

  40. 50 elise

    pasti d-lite MAY be my fave new phrase….you rock btw. have i told you that lately? bc you rock. i wish you were moving to so cal after grad, bc i think we need diva time together. and also i need to learn how to wrap with snackface precision. and in heels. maybe i should wear heels more often period. damn, i need some pita pit in my life now. ps i ended up buying way too many sundresses at american eagle after striking out at nearly every previous store this past weekend, so now im set for the gorgy cali weather for a while. well, at least a few weeks. i need your organization next time i try to fix my spring wardrobe.

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