Butter Me Up


Hi pooks! Tuesday was the most karmically bizarre day I’ve had in a long time. It was peculiar for everyone in my close circle, and I’m honestly drained right now (12:05am). Therefore, I’ma focus on what rarely fails me: good eats.

Monday night, after I posted, I cooled down with:

Purely Decadent cookie dough ice cream.

Turtle Mountain’s coconut milk ice cream is much better, but I can’t hate on anything cookie-dough related. And it was vegan and gluten-free!

This morning, I had some comfort in a bowl:

Buttered up banana oats.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, stevia and crunchy peanut butter. Consumed with several cups of:

Black Koffee.

Because I had class 10am to 12pm, 1 to 3 and 3 to 4:30, I packed my lunch for the road:

Carrots, Fuji, wrap.

The wrap was amaze. Layered with spicy hummus, Tofutti cream cheese, sweet n’ spicy mustard and spinach, it was the highlight of the afternoon:


Wait, that’s not true. This was the highlight of my afternoon:

Muffin! Pissed that I'm taking a picture of her eating. And then posting it on the Internet. And nicknaming her Muffin.

It’s all outta love, boo!

Afternoon classes were fine. I can already tell my motivation is fading faster than Larry David’s hairline. (I adore Larry.)

I made it back to the casa around 4ish and crashed on the bed with a snacklette:

Peanut butter pretzels. What an uninspired picture, I'm so sorry!

In efforts not to eat a bag of peanut butter pretzels in two days (my usual rate), I portioned them out in baggies. Felt a little too OCD for me.

Not two hours later, I was chowing on dinner:

My camera was rebelling.

In the mix: spinach, cucumber, orange pepper, broccoli, tofu, hummus and sweet n’ spicy mustard. I’m loving non-dressings as dressings right now. A few minutes after eating the salad, I noshed on a piece of Ezekiel bread with Tofutti cream cheese, cinnamon and stevia. It was lovely.

At 8:10, I had a capella practice. I can honestly say that this was the only point in my day where I felt peaceful. Part of what I love so much about singing and music is that my brain stops thinking about anything else. It’s just me, the notes, the flow, the lyrics, the blend. It’s pure in its creation, that of making a sound, and it hushes anything else that’s been plaguing my mind. Even if it’s only for a 60 minutes, I can feel peaceful for that time.

I headed to Muffin’s house after practice to visit. While there, I picked up some things she’d been holding for me:

My swag bag from Expo West!

Justin's Nut Butter goods!

I had so many samples from Expo West that VegNews had to mail ’em to me. Thank you! And the Justin’s Nut Butter crew sent me that amazing package while I was on break. (I guess that’s what you get for posting a pic of the creator’s badunk on the Web. Thanks, Justin!) Muffin picked these up from my house while I was still in Cinci. I cannot wait to SnackFace my way through it all.

I’m hoping to wake up tomorrow and for the day’s energy to be much different from today’s. It will be, I feel it.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What activity/practice/what have you brings you peace?


56 Responses to “Butter Me Up”

  1. oh my goodness that maple almond butter looks delicious! Please let us know how it tastes. 🙂 Muffin is cute! She shouldn’t be upset about her photo being on the internet because she is pretty. 😀

    This is going to sound lame, but having a hot shower, making a smoothie, and then laying on my bed with said smoothie and turning on a Final Fantasy game is ultimate relaxation for me! Yoga is also nice but my apartment has to be completely clean or else my eyes wander and I think about cleaning the room more than about cleaning my mind.

  2. koffee! i missed that. i dont know why. you spelling coffee with a K and showing your K mug was one of the first things i saw on your blog. forever ago. that makes me happy. PB pretzels look good from any angle. my answer is snowboarding.

  3. 3 kenzie

    long time reada over here. first time commenter. j’adore ton blog! what calms me down? dancing, yoga, pilates, long walks, music, eating delicious fruit, being with my momma, hot showers or baths with good smelling body wash.

    you rock da shiz out of life kailey! hope you know that.

  4. Oh boyyy am I jealous of all your Justin’s swag. Pure envy!
    What calms me down? Quiet non-rushy paced walks on my own, sitting in cars or buses and just gazing out the window, Sunday mornings with my coffee and the newspaper, stretching…feels so good 🙂

  5. For me it’s running and horseback riding! Hope tomorrow is a little less stressful 🙂

  6. What a cute pic of Muffie 🙂
    yoga brings me peace. Breath in the love, exhale out the bad. Breath in the good, release the toxic energy. It centers me and helps me be a better person.

    Hope you’re doing awesome, sweetie!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love Justins nut butter!!

    Yoga helps bring me peace, but so does doing mind numbing tasks like reading magazines or cooking. 🙂

  8. Hope ya have a better day!
    Your wrap for lunch sounds delishhh!

  9. I’ve been using mustard as salad dressing too! I love putting nooch on there as well, it makes it super tangy. So jeal of the expo stash! Can’t wait to hear how it all is…I just tried Justin’s nutt butt and it’s delish.

    Is it bad that I saw Muffin’s Coke Zero and started craving one?? Addict, right here.

    Hope you have a better day today gorgeous!

  10. 11 Jil

    Writing brings me peace – as cliche as that sounds. I hope you have a great day today – and all your eats sound fabulous. That wrap sounds so good! Oh, and your swag is sweeeet! Jealous!

  11. Singing/playing piano/performing brings me ultimate peace. I’m in the process of making my dreams a reality! My demo is almost halfway done and I’m so excited for the future! If you want to hear a sample, let me know Kailey!

    Your positive energy can overshadow anything…today will be better!!!

  12. Yoga. Yoga, yoga, yoga. It gives me peace like nothing else. Baking is a close second =D


  13. Ooh! Nice haul! It all looks really good! I understand feeling a lack of motivation! Not only is it spring, but it’s my last spring! You’ll pull through! Only about a month left till school’s out! So…I don’t have a very peaceful life, but what I do love is taking long walks and talking to my family on the weekends. Or cooking. That’s always calmed me down. Have a great day, girl!

  14. A hot bath always brings me peace and helps me relax.

  15. I LOVE LARRYYYY!!!!! 🙂 hahah

    Running or yoga brings me peace<3

  16. 18 Susan

    I can’t wait to hear all your reviews on your SWAG (whenever I hear that word I think of Michael Scott from The Office saying that. You know what I’m talking about?).

    I totally dig “non-dressings” aka hummus, dash, bbq sauce, and salsa on my salads. I’ll have to jump on the mustard train!

    Ugh I’m getting so unmotivated when it comes to school too. Must be the change in the weather. You don’t have long to go until you’re free at last missy! Hang in there!

    • 19 snackface

      Susan- I’m ashamed to admit that no, I don’t get the Office reference— I don’t watch the show! I know, I know, I’m missing out!

  17. yoga or running both bring me peace. Unfortunately, i teach other classes at the gym almost every day so I never get to do those anymore. I should probably quit so I can get some peace back in my life!

  18. that bag of goodies looks too good to be true! let us know if you find anything mind-blowing in there.

    a good run in the park or a solid yoga session clears my head and makes me motivated for life again. I feel like I get bogged down with work and stress out too easily – when I take a little time off, I’m ready to actually make progress and actually process things in my brain.

  19. My activity that brings me peace: yoga classes. I’ve been trying to practice at home (to save some time and moolah), but home practice just does not compare to yoga in a studio. Love it!

  20. Yay almond butter! Reading and walking always bring me peace like none other. If I need to actively take my mind off of something, cooking’s a good way to keep busy and focused.

  21. Swimming in the ocean brings me peace 🙂

  22. Turtle Mountain ice cream rocks my world!!
    What an awesome package Justin sent you! Package of nut butters..erm..
    Anyway, I hope today’s energy is great for you, too, darling!
    Running brings me peace. As does being on a sandy beach 🙂

  23. I’ve heard lots of people say that music brings them that kind of peace and contentment. Makes me wish I were more musically talented!

    I do think I get that same type of feeling when I run long distances, and can just kind of zone out to the rhythm of my body.

  24. Yoga and running bring me peace. It depends on my energy and mood as to which way I choose to chill out.

    Also, hat ice cream is fabulous. And I guess I think so because I have yet to try Turtle Mountain’s Coconut Ice Cream. Can you guess what I’m buying this weekend?! Maybe I can sit in front of the TV with the mini-tub and watch sad movies and cry… 😉 As. If. We have so much to catch up on! Hope you are well sweetheart, we shall talk soon 🙂

  25. peace: cookin and runnin. both things real fast. yep.

    love that you got free stuff out of posting a picture of justin’s booty. i need to try that out on nyc b-celebs and see if i get anything out of it. thoughts?

    • 29 snackface

      crunchygranolagal- The only thing you may get is a restraining order (or VIP passes for something). I think I was lucky just that once!

  26. can you please marry justin?

    reading brings me great peace, as does quiet time writing in my room. i try to do one or the other each day to keep me balanced…. lord knows that’s far easier said than done!

    hope things are sunshinier where you are now!

    • 31 snackface

      samantha- Marry Justin? The thought has crossed my mind, but considering I’ve already freaked him out, that won’t be happening. I totes need a foodie man, though!

  27. My morning prayer time is definitely what helps me feel peace. If I don’t start the day with it I instantly feel more hectic.

    I love love love wraps for my lunches stuffed with various goods. Always so satisfying.

    • 33 snackface

      Tina- I’m really thinking that I need to start my day like yours!

  28. I am seriously jealous of that swag bag! The Maple Sunrise cereal is addicting..watch out. 😉 Such a cute Justin’s shirt – and I can’t wait to try those nut butters! Actually, I can’t wait to try all of those new products that I saw in your expo posts. Do you know when they will be released? 🙂

    • 35 snackface

      Katie- The only release date that I distinctly recall is for the new Larabars, which will be in July!

  29. Honestly, as a college girlll–a good snack, some tv zonage and/or blog reading usually bring me peace. I can just put my earphones in and listen to chill music and unplug for a bit (while, being plugged into the internet….hahah) !! Laying out in perfect weather always mellows me out too! 🙂

    That swag bag looks insane! And I adore the “buttered up banana oats”– sounds sooo trendy? Yea, or delicious. Have a good day today, okay?? LOVE YOU!!!!!

  30. freaking SWEEEEEEEET SWAG BAG lova!! im jelous of muffin bc she gets to hang out witchu all the time!! I WANT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU ALL THE TIME DANGIT!
    YAY for ice cream, i needed some last night fo real. i was eating oats in my sports bra and underware at 12AM .. and sweating

    to calm down.. i usually pray or lay out or read my bible..etc.


    • 38 snackface

      kbwood- Oh, we’ll fix this hanging-out thing soon! The image of you, in sports bra, eating oats at midnight… I’d be careful writing that on the Internet hahaha.

  31. 39 lowandbhold

    Sorry about the karmically dramatic day. Hope things improve vastly today.

  32. 40 Kelly

    Sorry about what sounds like a bad day. Hope today is much better for you!

    I keep seeing maple almond butter everywhere on blogworld – I must try it sometime soon!

  33. That ice cream looks fab!!


  34. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!!! And WOW at the swag… lucky girl you!!!

  35. Hope everything is okay with your family.

    I find peace daily through cooking, yoga (not daily but weekly), exercise, reading, those kinds of activities. We all need to find activities that calm us down!

  36. guapa, i hope today is better. just popped into g-chizzle to see if i could do a dual comment/gchat, but alas you are elsewhere.

    as for my activity–it’s a tie between writing and cooking. i think it’s something about the process of creating something–knowing that i’ll have an end product, and knowing that there’s a little bit of moi in whatever turns out–that’s entirely therapeutic for me.

    hope you are having a wondrous diaaaa right now. im off to do something i know you’d LOVE and i can’t to tell you alllllll abooout it.

  37. ugh, totally one of those days. i hope your day has turned around and you are having a FABULOUS WEDNESDAY. chat soon love – love you!

    p.s. totes jealous on all that swag.


  38. Yoga brings me a LOT of peace and I’m so happy I’ve discovered it…long runs, if I’m feeling good, also bring me immense calm and happiness. Oh…and what about my pie-eating practice? Does that count?

  39. I use mustards for salad dressings all the time and I LOVE it. Mustard is da bomb on anything and everything!
    And nice swag bag dearie! I spy some foods I want to eat. Mm.

    Reading, especially inspirational articles on the net. I search for all kinds of positivity stuff when I’m feeling stressed and they really do help! Also exercise + baking. Opposites but both equally amazing 🙂

  40. I want your expo stash!! I wonder if I need to be part of an organization in order to weezle my way into one of these events? How about the Justin’s Nut Butter T, next bar outfit?! I’m sure you can get away with it as a dress!

  41. oh look at you and those goods. wanna share some of the justin’s love? make him host a giveaway for you (and rig it for me because i’m poor) 🙂

  42. 53 Katherine: What About Summer?

    Haha! At first I thought the ice cream was breakfast… then my literacy kicked in. whoops!

  43. Working out always does it for me! Or just sitting in my bed watching a movie!
    Ive been meaning to try that icecream!
    Pleasee tell me you’ve tried the snickerdoodle one, im dying to see how good it is!

  44. Soo..I feel very un-zen saying this…but lying on my bed reading trashy tabloid magazines brings me peace. It ain’t yoga, it ain’t running, and it’s not talking with loved ones. It’s reading about Nicole and Harlow, looking at pictures of ‘Who got it right?’ and just mindlessly flicking the pages. Seriously relaxes me more than anything…

    • 56 snackface

      Alice- That’s totally peaceful! I think that has something to do with why tabloid magazines are so huge. It’s much easier to turn our focus to celebrities’ problems/lives than our own. Escapism is necessary!

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