Hello, gorgeous friends! I’m back in Athens and jumping right back into the rhythm of college life. This means stress and more regular posts will return (stoked about part one of that). I’m officially baction. That’s back in action melded into one word, inspired by the beautiful word “bacne.”

Before I left Cincinnati, MamaJ and I had a glorious day together. It started with delicious breakfast:

Cereal, granola and strawbeezies.

And we soon moved to Kenwood Towne Center, my motherboard. If ever I feel lost in the soul, I head to the mall, Cher-style. (As. If.)

MamaJ and I take forever to get ready. Scratch that. I take forever to get ready, so by the time we made it to my mecca, it was lunch time. Shop and eat, it’s all I do.

We classed it up at Nordstrom Cafe and ordered matching meals. To start, Mumsy and I both enjoyed zupa:

Tomato basil soup with a cheesy crostini.

Then we stabbed our way through these:

Ma's beet and goat cheese salad, my pear and bleu cheese.

To round out a lovely lunch, MamaJ ordered a creamy, custardy, sugary delight:

Crème brûlée.

Brûlée is not my jam, but it was made clear that it was divine.

I was treated to some fresh MAC makeup that I’ll be sharing with you soon. I also tried on yet another is-this-a-dress-or-shirt. It was technically a dress, but once worn, I was a hot second away from revealing all my goodies. Bummer. (Or not?)

After hours of malling, we foraged on with food shopping. My fave. Maybe we had a mini parking lot photo shoot. Just maybe:

If that's not the most gorgeous background...

By the time we made it back to the house, I was ready for pj’s. I think I spent more time in pajamas than real clothes all spring break. That’s how it should be for this usually sleepless chick.

Our last H-Unit dinner was full of laughter and, of course, fab food:

Butternut soup, taters, peas, greens.

During my day of travel, Sunday, I failed to take any pictures! Awful, I know. But I did have a fabulous time driving and memorizing every word to Bed Rock. I’m not kidding. I’m down for a rap-off. (She don’t even wonder, cuz she know she bad.)

When I finally settled in, Muffin and Banana came over for a major gabfest. We brought the fest to the bars late in the evening. Like a moth to a flame, I found an elevated surface and danced my heart out. It’s all I want.

This morning I found myself in the sticky situation of having little food in the casa. Homies, the eats for the first half of the day are a little bizarre. Breakfast, for instance:

I thought millet could stand in for oats. Hmm.

The millet may have worked, had I cooked it thoroughly. It was dry and crunchy, but the corn, edamame and nooch semi-saved it. I gave up near the end and grabbed a piece of Ezekiel slathered in pb+j. Never disappoints.

I ran a little late to my one and only class on Mondays (Wednesdays and Fridays, too), but slipped into the back of the auditorium quietly. Theater 272 will be a blast. I really love reading, acting, talking about and critiquing plays. Theatah nerd. It’s fine. I own it. Oh! There’s also a dimey TA. Ding, ding, ding.

Afterward, I skipped to the gym for elliptical and abbage. Felt good to be back with the bros and the bronzed.

When I got back to my house, I did something I almost never do– nap. I was out cold for a solid hour and woke up starving.

Uh, putting this lunch together was a struggle. Say hello to my brown meal:

Hi, brown meal.

This is exactly what I thought while putting this together:
-I want Smart Balance.
-I want balls. Meatless, of course.
-I want fruit. Oh hey, there are those canned pears that have been in my cupboard for almost two years.
-I need a vegetable. Pickles? Close enough.

What I learned from this lunch: Canned pears are garbage.

A few pickles and a shower later, I compiled an extensive grocery list. I left my house ready to buy vibrant foods.

And then I wanted to have a serious conversation with almost everyone in Kroghetto about personal space. As in, please get out of mine. And you know what? It might be nice if you don’t step on me. Thank you.

Calm and collected, I drove (and rapped) home. This is what $60 of groceries looks like:

Produce table.

The fun stuff. AKA The expensive stuff.

I have no counter space. Thought I should show you:

Baby kitch, in all its glory.

Soon enough, it was time to dine. My camera was being inconsiderate, but I swear it was a solid dinner:

Orange and green. Loving the colors.

Inspired by Elise (who is currently withholding exciting news that I am dying to know), I smothered a sweet potato with vegetarian baked beans. I have a bit of a Southern girl in me, and baked beans (along with cornbread and ribs, the only meat I ever truly liked) get me high. I love them. And I love sweet potatoes. Which means that this was a lovepalooza on a plate:

Did I mention this sweet potato was on 'roids. So huge. (That's not what she said, trust.)

And now I’m getting ready to head to a capella practice. I missed you all and I hope your weeks are off to fabulous starts! Thanks for coming back to SnackFace!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: I stopped asking Q’s over break, so I’m asking what you think. Do we like questions at the end of posts, or no? Cheap way to get comments or great way to spark conversation?


63 Responses to “Baction”

  1. Your breakfast looks fabulous!

    I’m just curious- do you know when my first issue of the magazine will come in? I haven’t gotten it yet and I’m excited!

    • 2 snackface

      Oh no! I’m not sure. If it doesn’t come soon, let me know and I’ll chat with them!

  2. I like questions at the end of posts. I often don’t feel like I have anything to say/ contribute in the comments and I feel like the questions give me more opportunities to interact.

  3. I like questions at the ends of posts! I always feel like complimenting their food is a cop-out, even though ninety percent of the time I want whatever they’re eating and um, food blogging is supposed to be about food.

    Canned peaches remind me of lunch in elementary school when that was our “fruit” every day. I usually bypassed it in favor of the chocolate pudding, to complement my chicken nuggets and tater tots. I was such a healthy kid.

    Hope your first week back goes fabulously my dear!!

  4. 5 Nicole G

    I like the questions. They certainly spark conversation and help to provide a general topic for comments.

    Also – Bed Rock? I totally know all the words as well. All I listen to in my car is rap/hip hop. It amuses my friends (who enjoy rock/emo/punk/classic music) to no end.

    Oh well – Hova and Fabolous are my men, I can’t help myself =)

    Nicole G

  5. I like questions, but if it is something which I have no clue how to answer, I just skim over it. I usually still comment, tho. 🙂

  6. Great way to spark conversation. I’ve gotten in the habit of doing it myself now too.

  7. 8 Diane

    I loled at the “bacne”/”baction” thing 🙂

    And this might be a dumb question, but why are beans sometimes referred to as “vegetarian”? Beans aren’t meat anyway right?

    • 9 snackface

      Diane- That’s not a dumb question! With baked beans, they’re often made with pork. (Gag me.) So marking baked beans is important. As for other cans of beans, I’m assuming the advertising peeps/ companies think we’re fools, or it might be a regulation. I have no idea!

    • 10 Lauren

      You usually see “vegetarian” on refried beans since they’re traditionally made with lard, and therefore, not vegetarian.

  8. I just had the same sweet potato/baked beans combo – loved it!

    P.S.: Are you sure those are canned peaches? They look like canned pears haha

    • 12 snackface

      molly- Hahaha, I guess they were so bad I forgot which fruit I was eating. Girlfriend, thank you. I fixed it!

    i adore that pic of you-YOU ARE SO FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL! i think i MAY need to meet you ASAP.. just a thought! and your COOL momma TOO! haha pickles are DEF a veggie! good luck adjusting lovely! ahh adjusting isnt the easiest (aka STRESS) but you are a beast at life. LOVE YOU

  10. Coming back from break to an empty fridge/cupboard is always a bummer. Even worse: coming back to a fridge full of some rotten leftovers that got forgotten when I ran off to the airport. There’s nothing like coming into your house all travel-weary and wondering what the heck died while you were away.

    I like the questions! It gets my brain thinking and there’s usually a really interesting variety of comments to skim through.

  11. I’m a fan of questions! I think it helps spark the conversation! Also, why are veggies so darn expensive? I go through them so fast too…
    Have a great night girl!

  12. I’m so glad you had such a wonderfully relaxing break. You definitely deserved it and it seemed to have done you some good: Is it seriously possible that you look even more smoking than before? 😉 Hope you’re happy to be back in your tiny kitchen and enjoy your spring quarter in all the best ways you know how!

    P.S. You do get an awful lot of comments… but you know why? Because your Qs are fabulous. They get people thinking and questioning the world around them. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

  13. I like the questions because it helps me learn more about people that go to my blog, and it also helps me think of something to comment on others’ blogs besides “that looks tasty” or similar. 🙂

    I also love baked beans, especailly with a cut up hot dog and a piece of toast. Total comfort food! I also don’t have any counter space but hopefully my new apartment will. 🙂

    How do you cook your sweet potato?

  14. I like questions, they can help direct:) And I’m loving your kitch!

  15. Sweet potatoes and baked beans are amazing together!!! I don’t know if yours were just regular baked beans but if so, try it with maple baked beans… HOLY CRAP. Change your life it will!
    And I like the questions!

  16. I love the questions! I may not always comment, but I always think about what you ask.

    Why is it that personal space is left high and dry at the grocery store? People act like it’s a bumper cars free-for-all on Sunday afternoons…definitely don’t love that.

  17. Would u be offended if I said you look like the “hot” version of Sandy from Grease in your parking lot photo shoot? Cuz you kind of do and I like it 🙂 HOT.

    And too bad you don’t like creme brulee, it is quite decadent. And I believe it is the true test of a restaurant’s legitimacy. Good creme brulee=good standards.

    I think questions at the ends of posts are fun! And whatever, there are no rules for getting more comments on blogs 😉

  18. Glad you had a great break! I agree- staying in pjs is the way to do it over spring break 😉
    sweet potato & beans sound greatttt!

  19. I love the questions at the end of the posts! Don’t stop!! 🙂

    PS: I read a question in one of your comments above…about why beans are often labeled as “vegetarian.” I think it’s also because some beans (refried ones) are made with lard, which isn’t veg. The vegetarian versions are usually made without, or with a different type of fat. I always wonder why the “fat free” refried beans made with only beans and water and salt aren’t more popular…and also aren’t labeled vegetarian?! It’s mind boggling.

    PPS: my kitchen is actually smaller than yours! It’s horrible.

  20. 24 Sara

    how the heck did ur feet last in those shoes all day through all that malling!!!? congrats like woah!

  21. 25 evinthecity

    oh, i would totally accept your rap-off challenge. i’ve got Bed Rock dowwwwn (girl i gotta watch my back, ’cause i’m not just anybody).

    i’m in the pro-questions camp. they show that you know/care about your audience! keep ’em!

  22. spring break is all about wearing pjs more than real clothes! what else is it for?! well, other than shopping?!

    love nordstrom’s cafe…yet so expensive for such little things!

  23. Haha, I hate it when grocery stores are so full and people are always in your way! Today I almost ran over two little girls in Trader Joe’s. One was wailing while head butting the other one. Gosh people, take care of your children and stop gawking at the dairy section!

    Yum! I have sweet potatoes and I have those baked beans! Dinner idea in the near future? Yes, for sure. 🙂

  24. Awwww, I love mama and me shopping/lunch dates…makes me miss my mama so much!

  25. 30 Phia

    Definitely love the questions! This is the first time I’ve commented, but I do enjoy reading the answers that are left. Even if I don’t have time to read the comments, I do think about the questions and it gives me something to ponder about the day. It’s wonderfully helpful in getting to know myself better and figure out what makes me tick exactly!

    • 31 snackface

      Phia- Thank you so much for commenting. I love asking Q’s, so I’ll continue!

  26. 32 Jessie

    Love your blog! As a fellow word nerd (ha?), I had to break my silence on this post. Baction? Bacne? These are – brace yourself – portmantaeu words, or words formed by blending the sounds and meanings of two different words. Ginormous (gigantic + enormous) and chortle (chuckle + snort) are other fave examples of mine. Hope you enjoy the little knowledge nibble!

    • 33 snackface

      Jessie- This is outstanding information. Thank you for breaking the silence to share this!

  27. I LOVE your style! You are so fierce. I love it. Mmm that baked bean/sweet potato combo looks divine! Definitely buyin’ some next shopping trip!

  28. I love Nordstrom cafe! Their dressings are sooo good- and I especially love the mediterranean salad with ciabatta roll…mmmm…:)!
    And I’m not exactly a canned fruit fan either…just tastes sort of…mush.
    I see you bought the Smart & Delicious tortillas- I’ve bought them a couple of times but I now resort to lavash or other tortillas instead because the 12g of fiber gives me the worst stomachache everrrr…in the sense that i get nauseous and lose my appetite for the rest of the day- just my personal experience with them, but I see everyone raving about them in the blogworld…I wish they had a version with less added fibre.

    • 36 snackface

      Sara K- That is interesting. I have never had an issue with these wraps before! They work well with my bod. However, I’ve OD-ed on Fiber One cereal and thought I was going to die.

  29. 37 Little Bookworm

    Great post Kailey! I like the questions you ask at the end of posts. 🙂 Question, what is millet like?

    • 38 snackface

      Bookworm- Hmmm, I’ll let you know what millet is like when I cook it properly. This wasn’t cooked at all. It was so crunchy and flew right through me. TMI? Meh.

  30. I love the questions–it connects readers to the piece and sort of gets a dialogue going. Keep it up!

  31. 40 Jil

    I think the questions spark conversation from some peeps who aren’t as likely to comment and in general I think they are fun! Love your shoes in the photoshoot photo. — redundancy..whoops.

  32. I like the questions! esp if they are relevant to the post–and sometimes, I just like fun goofy questions!

  33. Sounds like a lovely last day back with the H-unit:)
    I love me some sweet taters + veg baked beans. Deelicious!
    I like questions at the end of posts. Unless they have absolutely nothing to do with the posts.

  34. I like questions! Unless they are stupid 🙂

  35. sweet potatoes and baked beans are one of my favorite meals ever!

    i took theater in school……. and straight up had to MAKE OUT for homework. i am not kidding. best class ever?

    • 46 snackface

      Samantha- I was in a play last winter and I had to make out with my stage partner TWICE in the show. Too much for me, too much.

  36. 47 Rachel

    sweet ‘tatos are amazing and I don’t care if I turn orange from eating them, between that and my baby carrot consumption my mom says i’ll turn into a skinny oompa loompa 😦

    aaaand pretty sure you’re looking crazy fierce in your photo. what brand of jeans are you wearing, by the way? i loves them!

    • 48 snackface

      Rachel- Hello my little oompa loompa. Thank you for the compliments! I was wearing some cheap $9.50 jeans from Forever21. I just rolled the bottoms up!

  37. I have just as much counter space as you, haha!

    I love the questions at the end of posts- great way to spark a convo, I think!


  38. I like the questions!
    And I like that you had such a PJ-filled spring break! Way to rock it lady. And you look stylin in that pic outside the mall. Baller.

  39. 51 kristina

    i love your blog! you are hilarious! i like the questions btw, they do spark a lot of conversation i think. you ask good ones. also, what an adorable kitchen! your table and chairs remind me of what i have here in my home 😉

    • 52 snackface

      kristina- Thank you so much for the blog love! I truly appreciate it.

  40. i don’t even like creme brulee, but that one… um, wow. i want to swim in it 🙂
    i think questions at the end of posts are awesome if they spark fun conversation. sometimes i see ‘cheap shots’ like ‘do you have a phone??’ ‘beer or wine’ and may roll my eyes a little
    going mad shopping next weekend- any spring must-haves?? i can’t do the all-over denim trend and am fighting the strong shoulders look, but am game for anything else 🙂
    hope you’re having a great day ❤

    • 54 snackface

      gina- I will be perusing Vogue tomorrow, and I’ll report back with suggestions.

  41. ooohhh sweet taters + beans…j’adore! some days i like questions, some days i don’t. i just go with whateva flows. glad you had a lovely rest of your vacay…check your email. i sent you an AMAZING video.

    love you!

  42. glad i am not the only one using the term “strawbeezies”! i love to say it! gahhh creme brule! so good! you managed to get a slew of good stuff for a mere $60. holler. HEY at least you have a gas stove! that is the best!

    i am a question whore.

  43. 57 Lo

    oh my baby booooo. can i be a creeper and eat breakie with you at your freaking adorbs kitchen table? God I am jeal of it. So i need Kale in ma life ASAP and IDC if its a a texting war, gchat convo or phone to phone sesh…i just need Kale’s life in mine again.

    chicago is getting warmer, so its a sign u should be here.


  44. 58 Kelly

    How did you get interested in becoming vegan?

    • 59 snackface

      Kelly- I have been a vegetarian for years, and I went vegan over the summer because I was working in an all-vegan office. Now, I occasionally eat dairy, but I try to keep it to a minimum. My stomach is much happier.

  45. 60 Katherine: What About Summer?

    Hott shoes and jeans! Sweet potatoes are great for you, too!

  46. Questions are a great way to get the ball rolling! Like this 🙂 Plus, who doesn’t want a couple of cheap comments every now and again too eh? 😉 I can see you reflected in the spoon in your bfast photo 😛 In the picture of your groceries, the coffee that says ‘ground french roast’, I did a double take when I read first time off ‘ground french toast’ wondering what kind of freakayness you had decided to apprehend in the produce section this time 😛 Millet for bfast? Not my cup of tea, I like it sweeet 🙂 Unless it’s eggs. Eggs rock my hard boiled socks.

  47. 62 Mandie

    Long time reader, first time commenter…..where are those lovely shoes from? I have looked everywhere for something similar….

    Good luck with everything, you seem like such a fun, cheerful person. You’ll go far. 🙂

    • 63 snackface

      Mandie- Thanks! They are Tommy Hilfiger, but I found them at DSW!

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