Spring Breaking


Hi beauties! What a lovely response to yesterday’s post! Thank you so much for being you. It’s always risky to talk about weight and such, but you all make everything much less scary.

Perhaps this sense of peace eased me into sleeping for 11 hours last night. Eleven, that’s right. This is coming from the chick who lives off four or five hours a night while college-ing it up. MamaJ said I’m “healing.” I say I’m spring breaking. This is my last spring break ever, so I’ma do what I want. (BossyFace.)

I woke up and leisurely trotted downstairs for breakfast:


In the bowl: toasted oat bran cereal, almond milk, strawbeezies and the drizzliest peanut butter (Kroger brand natural, unrefrigerated). In the warmer months, I definitely transition from hot oats to cold cereal. Love.

MamaJ and I decided to have the girliest day possible, and we left the casa for Rookwood Commons, an outdoor shopping pavilion (if you will). Though I purchased Gap goodies and Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles (OMG cannot wait to wear them), I’m going to share with you a picture of something else.

Do you ever go into a store merely to find the one thing that’s so NOT you, and try it on? I do, and it looks a little something like this:

Take me to Miami, por favor!

Nothing says sex quite like a sequin-encrusted bra top and polyester bodice.

Shortly after the photo shoot, MamaJ and I needed nourishment:

Complementing veggie sushis.

Whilst in line for our rice n’ veg, I was absolutely thrilled to see this:

Chelsea Handler reppin'!

Mad props to Shape for putting Chelsea on the cover! Not only do I love Chelsea for reppin’ what she’s got, but I also love her for contributing the word “shadoob” to my vocabulary.

After lunch, MamaJ and I noshed on vegan gingersnap cookies, browsed some more and then headed home. I’m not sure what’s on the dinner plate tonight, but if it’s anything like last night’s, I’ll be a happy SnackFace:

Salad, pasta and bread. Uh, multiply the bread times two. You know how I do!

I’m off to enjoy more time with the fam!

Ciao for now,



47 Responses to “Spring Breaking”

  1. 1 *Andrea*

    i love chelsea handler!!! she’s so witty. chelsea chelsea bang bang was hilarious, like her other books.

    yummy eats! i can’t believe u live off 4 hrs at school. i would DIE.i still need at least 6 during the week/catch up on weekends. you look hot in that dress… snackface takes miami and battles the kardashians? haaha

  2. I am freaking obsessed with Chelsea Handler- have you read her book? Just finished- so amazing!

    • 3 snackface

      adrienmelaine- I haven’t read any of her books! I am ashamed!

      • I was just saying to my friend…”In high school I read all kinds of intellectual books. Since coming to college, outside of school, the only book I’ve read is “Are You There Vodka, It’s me Chelsea.”

  3. 5 Nicole G

    First, you may think that dress is “not you” but you are working it! Bedazzled/sequined top be damned lol

    Second, what are espadrilles? I totally took italian and latin in high school. No abla espanol (except that phrase, mira, and other random words included in rap songs)

    Keep enjoying spring break and sleeping to your heart’s content =)

    Nicole G

  4. I love Chelsea! Her books crack me up. You look hot hot hot in that dress!

  5. Okay, I’ve never heard of Chelsea Handler, but she looks totally normal, her body I mean! She looks like a woman should look like. I like this magazine cover in comparison to the fake-looking airbrushed models who pose on the others. So fake. I mean, come on people?

    I can’t wait for my spring break – next week! I need some sleeeeeeep. 11 hours sounds really nice right now. Welp, gotta get going on this homework…it won’t do itself (major pervy mind there, haha!)…gawdddd, I wish it would.

  6. Must get that mag – obsessed with Chelsea!

    Bahaha love that dress!

  7. 10 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    you actually can rock that dress!! haha seriously though. soo cute that you are spending time iwth your mom šŸ™‚ I want spring break nOWWW. love chelsea lately!



  8. 11 Lauren

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you gave props to Self mag for putting CH on the cover, but it’s really Shape! My bff works for Shape so I noticed right off the bat!

    Your cereal looks divine.. why I have not been drizzling nut butter on my cereal messes is beyond me.

    • 12 snackface

      Lauren- OMG How embarrassing! I’m sorry! I fixed it as soon as I read your comment! I even linked it to Shape…someone wasn’t thinking.

  9. I haven’t been able to think about Chelsea the same way ever since I read the chapter from her ‘Horizontal Life’ book that was all about her experience with midgets. That woman has led one interesting life, and she is looking amazing and like her real, hilarious self on that cover.

    Keep resting and eating well!

  10. girl i hope you bought that dress because you look stellah in it!
    and there is nothing like a nice home cooked pasta meal at home šŸ™‚
    enjoy your break chica!
    jenna xoxo

  11. what a dress! miami material for suree!!!! youre rockin’ it well, though!

  12. Awwww, I miss spring break!!! Enjoy your last one! šŸ™‚

  13. 17 Jil

    I LOVE Chelsea!!! I almost got to go to a taping of Chelsea Lately last week…unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I love her little sayings and shadoob has been in my vocab forever now thanks to her…lonnnng before C.Lately. haha šŸ˜€ Yay for spring break, sleep and sushi!! I’ll live vicariously through yours since mine is over…

  14. get that dress, a ticket to miami, and we’re on south beach in an instant! i’ll promise you the most fun night EVER!!!

  15. 19 lilpauladean

    Didn’t get to mention yesterday that Ive been doing “blind weights” since I was 6. Granted Ive let curiousity get the best of me at the random friend’s mom’s bathroom or paid the $0.25 at the rest stop public bathroom just for kicks-ive never really followed my weight. Just sayin…. Also had to send a shout out to Mama J for being such a gem. Her comment on my blog will forever be my fave. Muah!
    keep on rockin in the free world, snackfizzle.

  16. Oooh I am loving that dress on you- haha, there’s nothing more fun than trying on absolutely random dresses/skirts/whatevers- definitely enjoy doing that at Forever 21!
    I agree spring break is all about healing- I pulled a fourteen hour slumber my first night back…what can I say, last week was St. Patty’s and midterms. Tough life I have.
    Chelsea Handler is bomb.commmmm! Read her vodka book!

  17. HEY K BABY! you got a novel in yo inbox šŸ™‚ I AM IN LOVE w. THAT BEAUTIFUL DRESS! oh my goshhh!! i need a forever 21 near me asap!!! jeous you are on break! i miss my fam already! enjoy your time sugar!

  18. Girl, you made me laugh out loud at the caption under the photo of you in the dress (which looks awesome on you by the way)! I live in Miami so I can totally relate, although I don’t think the dress is revealing enough for Miami standards. šŸ™‚
    That sushi looks so good!

  19. I work at the wholefoods in rookwood, busy day otherwise i would have seen you, small world and that outfit wast hot like a kitchen on summer day with sweet pies baking.

  20. hello, gorgeous. can i tell you how much i enjoyed your marathon commenting on my blog today?! i read them all as they came in while cooking dinner. you make me smile real big šŸ™‚

    HAHA your dressing room photo reminds me of a time my friend and i went and tried on a zillion redic dresses and had a crazy photo shoot.. pre-digital-camera days. oh i should find those photos for a flashback!

    i love chels! and i love you! MWAH!

  21. 25 Amy

    I get soooo excited when I see a new cover of [insert awesome fitness/health women’s magazine here] in the grocery store!! I subscribe to Women’s Health because it is like my bible or something but I have a special place in my heart for Shape, Self and Fitness… and the occasional Marie Claire. I heart magazines!!

  22. HAHA that dress is straight out of the Jersey Shore! But you rock it nonetheless! That cereal looks divine! Def need to start adding PB to my cereal mmm šŸ™‚

  23. yum, i love pasta! that dress is pretty cute! haha! xx

  24. You totally should have bought that dress…you never know when you’ll need an impromptu guidette outfit!! I just got that issue of Shape, and my dad was reading it on the plane (he’s so masculine), and he said he liked Chelsea because she “looks real.” Amen to that, daddyo! Enjoy your break beautiful!!

  25. You are so beautiful, miss SnackFace!! Seriously šŸ™‚
    I know I’m lousy at commenting, but I just wanted to tell you that your bloggie is one of my faves: it lights up my google reader every time you post!

    • 30 snackface

      Katie!! I ā¤ you. I get pretty lousy at commenting, so I appreciate yours! There are so many good blogs, right!

  26. You lookin mad good, honey. I try on stuff all the time that I’ll never wear, end up adoring it, purchasing it, and then never wearing it except when I have free time to put it on and gawk in front of the mirror wondering what ever possessed me to purchase it in the first place. I need to wise up or freeze my credit card or something.

  27. whenever i go home to spend time with the fam my mom and i ALWAYS get manicures and pedicures…what up girl time. also, sleeping until 11? enjoy enjoy enjoy it! i miss it every day. literally.

  28. That last picture has me literally drooling. My dinner last night was also pasta and bread and salad (plus cheese times a million)…LOVE!

    Glad you are catching up on sleep and loving springbreak! Oh and that dress….oh my.

  29. haaa love the dress/pose. Fierce/hilar
    Delish food pics

  30. 35 Katherine: What About Summer?

    Yum I love sushi- does it come that biodegradable container?

  31. What a FUN day!
    Chelsea H. is awesome. I haven’t read either of her books, but I’d really like to!

  32. drippy peanut butter = food porn šŸ˜‰

  33. Your blog is so happy! I love seeing your new posts. šŸ™‚ Sounds like your girly day was a lot of fun!

  34. heart you.

  35. 40 Caitlin

    I occasionally visit your blog and love it, so figured I would leave a post!

    I absolutely adore Chelsea Handler. Most nights, 11 pm. Chelsea and I have a tv date! You totally should read her books. I read her 1st two and they are hysterical. I just bought her recent one and am waiting till it gets a little warmer to read it by the pool. They are totally beach/pool reads šŸ™‚

    have a great night!

  36. Heck yes for more spring breaking! Glad you are enjoying it to the fullest!

    haha and I love trying absolutely ridiculous things on in stores, and it’s sometimes scary when I actually think they might work.

    Oh and Kroger all-natural pb? HELL to the yes.

    Yay for Chelsea Handler. She da bomb! I love her for loving vodka as much as I do šŸ˜‰

  37. 42 Lo

    it is safe to say that you look HOTT in that Miami Vice dress šŸ™‚ also, those eats are killah. I am jealous of it all….yea know I get the whole “making plans and falling through thing”—> it is what people pleasers are guilty of and I am a BIG people pleaser. I recently told a friend I would take over her nanny job, but realized with 12 hours of grad school and 20 hours of work a week, I would over do-it and had to back out…even though I need $$, my sanity and life is worth it. Life it up at home doing abz nothing and then finish up school and celebrate ur grad in chi city with moi. I love u kale.

    xoxoxoox to infinity and beyond.


  38. Ok so I absolutley love that dress!!! Where I would wear it?… Not sure. But i still love it!

  39. dammmmmmmmmmn thats an ugly dress but you somehow have managed to make it look hot! You look awsome in the picture šŸ™‚

  40. Ha that dress is hideous and yet it looks hot on you. Of course. Love it.

  41. umm is it bad if I say I love that dress on you? that would be perf to the lady gaga concert that I am so deperately trying to recruit my friends to shell out 165 to go with me to!!

    LOVe chelsea..I still have yet to read either of her books, i hear they are laugh out loud by yourself funny!

  1. 1 five. « meals & moves

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