Aloha, gorgeous gals and guys! While I appreciated your opinions on whether to stay in and study or to go out and live it up, we came up with another solution:

We took the studying to the bars.

For the past three years of my college career, I have spent finals week in isolation, stressed to the point of tummy aches and generally unhappy. I wasn’t about to let that happen this time! Muffin, Banana and I seized the day– and the Bobcats’ outrageous victory— and danced our hineys off. This, as the picture depicts, was combined with shouting out Muffin’s study guide to help her memorize. We may have done this before with a script I had to memorize, too. We gotta do what we gotta do, ya dig?

Ironically, these were notes for an ethics course.

The epitome of hapiness. And perfect teeth.

Do you see the bobcat that kid's carrying? Amaze.

After crumping until my feet were broken, I walked home, pj-ed it up, snacked on Ezekiel bread and hit the hay. At 3am.

At 7am, I bounced right back out of bed and started Media Law review! It felt like I never went to sleep, but I managed to review for an open-note, open-book exam for three hours. This sucker helped energize me:

Jay Monay.

In the drank: lots o’ kale, 1 banana, 1 packet Jay Robb chocolate brown rice protein, 2 mini spoons of chia seeds, unknown amounts of water. I had some pineapple alongside and felt uber refreshed…until an hour later when I was hungry again. So, I fetched a piece of Ezekiel and slathered it in peanut butter. Devoured before a camera was even a thought.

Nervously, I got ready and headed to the library to print off a couple lectures I hadn’t hand-written. And then, the exam.

Sixty-five questions. Two hours. Many, many ridiculous questions about things we never discussed in class (thank heavens for my textbook). One huge desire to be finished with Media Law and go home. Final Winter Quarter final: DONEZO! (Holla to Laguna Beach!)

Feeling 745 pounds lighter, I walked to Muffin’s to say goodbye! This actually isn’t sad, as we’ll probably be seeing each other Saturday or Sunday.

While I packed, I noshed on this beauty:

Mixed greens, berries, pecans and avocado. Yum.

And noted how much I love yellow when it’s warm:

Wore yellow yesterday, too, but forgot to take a pic of that!

I finally packed everything and hit the road. Snacked on an apple, pretzels, Diet Coke and Vitaminwater Zero. Loved it.

I chilled with MamaJ and Popsicle while they made dinner. I’m seriously klutzy tonight (and my writing is poopy), which is a surefire sign that sistah is tired. During dinner, I dropped potatoes and spilled Vitaminwater on myself. I thoroughly enjoyed what made it into my mouth, though:

Greens, beans and taters. Times twenty, naturally.

Now I’m going to kick it with MamaJ—AKA Birthday Girl (!!!!)— and finally sleep. My last Winter Quarter is donezo and so is my brain. Welcome, Spring Break. Oh! I’ll be back in the morn with the protein powda winner!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s the best gift you’ve ever given to a parent? I’d love to buy MamaJ an apartment in Toronto, but my budget isn’t there yet. Someday, someday.


30 Responses to “DONEZO!”

  1. Studying in a bar! I’m jealous and locked up in the library:(

  2. Oh girl you crack me up with studying at the bar 😉

  3. you studied at the bar? you are my hero.

    answer to your Q: my sobriety. from drugs. thank god!

  4. holler for Spring Break!!! I am officially on it too and am oh so happy. Hope you have a wonderful break!

  5. oh my GOSH yay for being DONE! you are hilarious. your life=amazing. actually you are basically amazing..end of story!

  6. 6 Kelly

    The best gift I’ve given to my mom was one my brother and I gave her this past Christmas – a portrait taken of him and I! My boyfriend has a really nice camera so we got him to take a bunch of pics of us, had the nicest one printed in 5×7 and framed! She loved it so much she cried!

    Why an apartment in Toronto? Just curious!

  7. 7 elizabeth

    taking the studying to a bar? you are the greatest.

    scary that this will be your last time doing these finals right? (i’m graduating in summer too, yikes!)

  8. 8 aunty snooze

    Forget Toronto she’ll be happy with one in New York Happy Birthday Mamma 🙂

  9. Ahhhhh girl you rock!!!! Love that you studied in a bar!!!!

    Yay for being done and now on Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday to your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best present I ever got my parents was probably when my sisters and I got a portrait of all of us together for them : )

  10. Being born, of course. Besides that, tonight my sister and I are actually cooking a five-star meal for my mom’s birthday celebration weekend. While I’m sure it’ll only partially compare to the real five-star restaurant meal she’ll get on her actual birthday Tuesday, we’ve got a good dinner planned!

  11. Oh man you did not study in a bar! How fabulous is that?! LOL I’ll bet the other bar-patrons got a kick outta that, too! 😀
    Have a wonderful spring break, sweetie, and congrats for being donezo!

  12. Hhaa, I loved your studying skills 🙂 Great smoothie..I am about to go make one right now to get me through 6 hours of boring work at the library. Guhhhh

  13. HOLLLLLAAAAAAAA. you must feel amazing right now. done with finals and chillin with mamaj – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMAJ! i hope you all have a wondrous weekend of celebration and can’t wait to chat with you via the snackface household!

  14. 14 Gina G

    happy birthday to your mamma! =) im not sure what the best present i would have to say when i wrote them a letter, my mom laminated it haha
    have a wonderful break girl, no one deserves it more! =)

  15. Hells yeah!! Congrats on being done and yay for going out 🙂 Proud…

  16. I framed my acceptance letter to my PhD program and gave it to my parents as a gift at my graduation. Because if they hadn’t worked hard to support me in HS and help me finance college I would have never been able to get where I am today. I kinda presented it to them like “Its because of you guys that I’m able to become a doctor”. Awwww Corny, maybe? LOL

    Have a great weekend chica!!! xoxoxox

  17. 17 et•paris

    I’m surprised no one commented on this but… a bobcat in a bar? what was going on there? was it ok?? doesn’t look too good… 😦

    • 18 snackface OK, so my school’s mascot is the bobcat, and someone stole a faux-stuffed bobcat from one of the bars and carried it around all night. At least, I’m telling myself it’s a faux bobcat.

  18. I feel that sentamental gifts are the best! So i’d really rather put some care into a gift, rather than just spending lots and lots of money!


  19. That was a fantastic idea, studying at the bar. Why didn’t I think of that when I was in college? It’s a great concept….

  20. You actually studied in a bar?? What did the other people there think?

  21. I feel like you had a major break through with this idea – nothing makes studying more enjoyable than a pitcher of beer and a dance party.

    Enjoy your time at home!

  22. Ok can I just say I loveeeee your blog! Just created a blog of my own, you’ve definitely inspired me!

  23. 24 Nicole

    Hi Kailey! I’ve been reading for a while, but it’s my first time commenting. Just wanted to say that I love the fun, positive feel of your blog. 🙂

    I think I just bought some Jay Robb vanilla protein powder… I think. I’ll have to look haha. Yet to try it, but looking forward to it!

    • 25 snackface

      Nicole- Thank you so much, sweet pea! Also, Jay Robb vanilla is the best I’ve tried so far.

  24. ya done, son! it’s the best feeling EVER to have no school responsibilities weighing you down.

    best gift i ever gave my mom? half my tuition, and her garmin gps! she is obsessed with it.

  25. 27 Katherine: What About Summer?

    The candid pictures are so cute!

    I’m totally stealing all the ideas from other people for mom gifts. I never know what to get. Usually, I try to do something personal like a picture frame collage sort-of thing. Once, I burned her some CDs of mp3 books so she could listen in the car (she’s technologically challenged) and that was a success

  26. 28 Nadia

    haha…i’ve studied in a hookah bar a few times (does that count?). anyway, have fun at home!

  27. 29 Jenn

    A LeCreuset dutch oven!

  28. Hope you had a lovely spring break lady! 🙂

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