Wha,Wha,Wha,Wha,What Would You Do?


Hi, buttons! Well no one wants any protein powda. I don’t get it!

I kid. I’m actually rather overwhelmed and love the responses! Y’all crack be up for adhering to the “powda” style. Jay Robb is worth it.

So, I stayed up until 2am last night, reading, editing, writing and studying. The usual for finals. Then at 7am, I arose and got right back to it.

I broke for breakfast at 8:

A little on the...brown side.

The only bit of oats I had left came out to be 1/4 C, but oats was what I wanted! I did tha damn thang with 1/4 C oats, 1/2 banana, 3/4 C water, 1 T Jay Robb vanilla brown rice protein, cinnamon and topped with a mix of peanut butter, almond milk and NuNatural vanilla drops. This was exquisite:

Why have I not been making peanut butter sauce forever? It's too good.

Despite the small portion of oats, I was stuffed after this. Hmmm, was Jay Robb working his magic? Perhaps.

I let digestion take its course, and then I trotted to the gym. (Swear digestion and trots were not related.) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– I have no idea how people go to the gym five or six times a week. I went three times in a row and I felt like I’d never left!

At least I got some more studying done, though. I ‘lipticalled for 50 minutes, then grabbed a stability ball and pumped out 200 sit-ups. It was a “why not?”, spur-of-the-moment decision.

I then rushed home to show mi casa to the girls who are moving in for the next school year. It’s started to set in. I won’t be here much longer. This won’t be my house anymore. That means I gotta LIVE IT UP!!! Spring quarter is going to be ridiculous.

The lovely gals left and then I showered and got my bum in gear. Dressed and made up, I returned to editing my essays for non-fiction. Sassy spicy lemonade fueled my editing until 1pm, when the tum was finally rumbling. I have no idea how breakfast lasted that long.

In stark contrast to my brown breakfast, lunch was gorgeously colorful:


Pretty salad with mixed greens, berries, pecans and spicy peanut vinaigrette.

Pinapple and Ezekiel topped with smashed 'cado, nooch and hot sauce.

It was such a summery, light and lovely meal that I immediately moved my studies outside post-lunch. Why I didn’t move outside to actually eat lunch is beyond me.

At 2-ish, I gathered my pens and pencils and nervously made my way to my film final. No matter how many exams I take, I still get nervous beforehand. This I will not miss.

The exam took me 10 minutes to complete, as it did for most students. Wondrous!

Sparkling in the sunlight, I chatted up Muffin for a while and we made the executive decision to go out tonight. Meh, I don’t know whether I will (but I want to so badly!).

Back at the ranch, I finished editing all my essays from the quarter. I ended up writing 9,556 words in less than 10 weeks. Who’d like a novella?

I noshed on a snacklette at 4ish:

Spanish olive bread with the last of the Sabra.

As much as I love bars (both kinds), I’d much rather snack on a huge hunk of fresh bread any day. Gahhhh LOVE bread. And Sabra? I’d like to bathe in it. Obvs.

Finally, at 5:30, I trekked to the library to print off my final portfolio! YAYYY!!!! Twenty-two pages later, I found myself bobbing to Muffin’s place. Not only did I find Muff, but Banana was chillin’ there, too. I love those little surprises.

Again, we discussed going out. And again, I am torn. Tomorrow’s Media Law exam is open book, open notes, and I’ve done a fairly good job on staying on top of readings, but it still doesn’t feel right to go out tonight. (See: nerd.)

So I walked home and did what I do best. I supped:

A boiled sweet potato with ketchup. My loves (you) have informed me that the orange ones are yams, and these are sweet potatoes. Works for moi!

Kale chips. YES you can call me this as a nickname if you'd like. MamaPea started it.

Immediately after, I devoured super sweet pineapple and a piece of Ezekiel with smashed naner. So good.

Also, did I mention that I performed mini-surgery on myself? (I’m being dramatic, as always.) I stepped on glass on my way home and had to tweeze that little sucker out! I appropriately peroxided, MamaJ. Don’t worry.

And now, here I sit: To stay in, read over my notes, go to bed at a decent hour, be responsible, OR to go out with BananaMuffin, have an amazing time dancing and laughing, go to bed super late, get up super early and cram before 12:20pm. What would YOU do?

What happens will be revealed in tomorrow’s post. Yes, I’m trying to make this more suspenseful than it should be. I’m a big goob. Love you!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: What would you do? AND I’ve asked this before, but it’s so fun: Do you have any nicknames? If so, what are they?

Pink, SnackFace, Snackie, Kailz, Kale Chips, Legs, Hairless (play on last name, blasted!)


46 Responses to “Wha,Wha,Wha,Wha,What Would You Do?”

  1. I’d go out … you only live once. 🙂 But…I do remember waking up and trying to cram. I rarely woke up to do.

  2. ahhh maybe study??? but heck, you only live once 🙂 go out and have some fun!

    my nicknames are Shamay, buttcake (no idea), and shamoomoopuppiekins (also no idea)
    Have a good night tonight whatever ya do! And i def on the whole bread thing.. nothing beat it

  3. Love the colourful salade! I would study because I love my sleep, then celebrate tomorrow!

  4. 4 Molly

    that bread looks SOO good. makes me want some even though I am in a sushi/TCBY coma on the couch right now.

    Nick names? hmmm Molls mostly. I used to hate it, but when a guy I am crushin on/dating takes the plunge and calls me that I totally swoon. I have no f-ing idea why.

    Happy Thursday girly 🙂


  5. 5 lindsey

    ugh those oatssss… i had oats this morning and have NOT stopped thinking about them. Have you tried Asian fusion oats, a la heather eats almond butter? Pretty much oats + miso + tahini + agave. Miso and tahini are expensive, but they are good investments, trust me. good in oats (especially tahini, so so so creamy) and good combined with lemon juice as a salad dressing. As for the agave, I bet they are better with maple syrup.. You should give ’em a try – super super amazing. aggggggh.

  6. 6 Cat

    Your final isn’t until afternoon?! I say go out, try to not to stay out TOO late and study in the AM! College doesn’t last forever — coming from the other side ‘o the fence, I say DO IT!

  7. 7 Katy

    Personally I would stay home and go out tomorrow. I find I won’t have as much fun knowing that I have an exam the next day! But that’s just me. I’m a nut 😀

  8. go out 🙂 like you said, time to live it up right? You must embrace the little time that you have left in college, it will be gone before you know it! Enjoy~

  9. How in the world did those oats keep you full? It had to be the Jrobb (pronounced juh-rob…but really fast and mushed together, hehe). I’ve gotta try that peanut butter sauce. Yummmm.

  10. 10 Alexis

    love this font – what is the name of it?:)

  11. I would probably stay in..only because I know I would probably want to read blogs in the morning and such. But I know your good at prioritizing your time so I think u could go out tonight for a bit and still make it home at a relatively decent hour 😉

    Hum…my boyfriend calls me “bunny” because of my big cheeks, and “squishy.” my mom calls me “Pollita” (which means baby chick in Spanish) it’s referring to what I looked like when I was born 😉

  12. 12 Karen

    definitely go out… open book open note? you could do that exam in your sleep.
    last few months of college–means you definitely have to make exceptions to your typical routine in order to maximize fun. i have less than 2 months until my college graduation and i’ve been trying to live it up.
    have fun!

  13. 13 Victoria

    Go out! But dont stay out too late… and dont drink a lot. guzzle a couple glasses of water before bed and you’ll be fine in the morning. Annnd you can always nap in the afternoon after the test 🙂

  14. Mamadukes calls me the “Absent Minded Professor” because although I’m quite the science geek, I have mannnny more blonde moments than I’d like to admit 😉

  15. 15 Rebecca

    Didn’t your team just win a major bball game? Taking out Georgetown? Go out! Campus will probably be crazy tonight!

  16. Fresh bread is to diiiie. SO good.

    Typically I’d probably stay in and study… though it would probably depend how ready I felt. If it were a pretty easy one and I felt like I had done plenty of studying already… and I was REALLY in the mood for some groovin…
    And I shouldn’t talk since I had planned on spending ALL day yesterday being a good student and going to class and writing an essay. Instead I spent ALL day in the pub celebrating St Patty’s. Sometimes you just gotta live it up!

    As for nicknames, usually it’s just Kris though I’ve also gotten Kiki, KK, K squared, 2K, and my most recent is Crusher.

  17. Nickname? B. My name isn’t too conducive to nicknames (B-B, Bobbi, B, Barbie). Why not go see a movie? That way you can relax, have fun, get home at a reasonable hour and still get some rest! I’m sure whatever you decide will be the right choice! You are going to rock your exam! Good luck!
    ps- After seeing your expo recap, I am even more excited to receive my VEG NEWS prize pack I won from your killer giveaway! Any idea when they plan on sending it???

  18. I vote that you go out, even if it’s just for an hour or two. You’ll still get plenty of sleep and be able to rock that test. You said it yourself, girl – it’s time to live it up while you still can!

  19. Hard decision chica! Idk 🙂

  20. 20 Kelly

    I would probably stay in…but that’s because I’m boring and would be too stressed out if I went out and felt like I should have been studying! But if you are not as crazy as I am then go out!!

    As for my nicknames…Kel, Dude. Kel surprise, Kels bells, K dawg, Bum… I think that’s it!

  21. If you haven’t already–you should go out! It’ll make you that much happier and more refreshed!

  22. Legs is one of my nicknames too! Besides that, basically just Mollz.

    I would stay in, to be honest. That’s not necessarily what I would recommend doing, but it is what I would do!!!

  23. study, cause im lame! thats what im (supposed to be) doing now!

  24. hmm heres my thing- i never regret when i go out and have a good time but i DO regret it if i stay in! BUT school is super important to! you know yourself the best!
    LOVE YOU!! i feel so out of the blog world loop!

  25. Your only a senior once… (In college that is)… Take that however you want to, but i say go have fun! 🙂 And i have been Deane all of my life which is my middle name but my dad has always referred to me as Omi (Oh-Me) since i was little, apparently due to the fact that i used to refer to myself as this when i had trouble saying my own name… Sorry to bore you, but you asked 😉

  26. HAHAHAHA i love your title. i would always go to my friend’s house who had cable to watch that. i NEVER had cable until i was like, 15.

    anyway. that bread looks so damn good. yum, carbs.

    nicknames=neef, j, j$, jaboobs, neeth, j2t


  27. kale-chips? thats a freaking adorable nickname.

    gotta hack into my pineapple after seeing yours.

    some semesters I look back at all the writing I did and wonder how I ever came up with that much crap to say. then i wonder how i can’t seem to write a book…

    I do hope you went out! i didnt go out the other night, now i have a lot of studying and work in the forecast, that seems lame, and i want to party. on the other hand..being responsible rocks too.

    nicknames- la, lala, belladonna (pledge name), lanz

  28. Depends on how important you feel everything you have tomorrow is!
    I got out half the time, stay in the other half!



  29. Awww, Kale Chips. I’m glad it stuck! You are far cuter than wilty roasted greens slathered in ketchup, though.

    I went out once the night before a final and it was a serious mistake. I was completely hungover the next day, went to class, the prof took one look at me and sent me home. He thought I had the flu and said he would just give me the grade I got on my last test, which was an A. Come to think of it, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea.

    Good luck on your test!!!

  30. my mom calls me “djujda” which means dwarfy in Bulgarian:) I’m 5foot 7and a half! And shes shorter then me 😀

  31. I say study then celebrate the next day!!!

    My childhood nickname was Tater Tot. No idea why, but I kinda like it! 🙂

  32. 32 Rachel

    My newest nickname is ninja because I’m super quiet and stealth-like, I’m also 5’2″ which makes me even more intimidating.

    Sabra is amazing, I want them to come out with a line of lotion to lather myself in Sabra goodness…kidding…maybe. Their Spinach Artichoke hummus is golden though.

  33. 33 Susan

    I sincerely hope you went out last night!

    Don’t you hate when you hit the bottom of the oats canister? I’ve tried to stay on top of that but sometimes I open it and do a big Homer Simpson “Doh” when I realized I forgot to stock up.

    My nicknames have been Suz, Susie Q, Smurf, Simone (Next Top Model alter ego hollllllllaaaa), and Trixie (my stripper name, duh).

  34. 34 Sarah

    hope you went out!! i went out way too many times during the week in college and yes i probabaly shouldn’t have but i don’t regret it! as long as you keep your grades up i say live it up!

  35. Olive bread!? Seriously? I think if I ate that with hummus I’d scarcely ever want anything else.

    Go out if you’ve got the energy! As long as I’m feeling physically good, it’s always worth it.

    My nicknames–Romes, Bird, Anastasia, Lulu. They’re all pretty weird as they have nothing to do with my real name, but I’ve been called them for so long that I respond automatically anyway.

  36. Good for you for cranking out the 22 pages 😀
    I would probably stay in and study, but my advice would be to go out and live it up. You always seem to pull through and nail it, so I don’t think there’d be any harm in having some fun.

  37. i am a nerd, so i probs wouldn’t go out. but that’s just because i am pretty sure i would just get wasted, oversleep and miss my final. not like that has ever happened or anything…

    studying outside…yes.

    fresh pineapple…yes. i ate a whole pineapple with breakfast this morning. no joke. fave fruit, hands down.

    bread + hummus…yes. i will take that anyday over a bar as well.

    nicknames? gah, where do i start? hol, hollis, hobag, ho, h dub, whitty, whitt, h. whitt,’olly, hollis anne, hollyanna…do you want me to keep going?

    LOVE YOU! good luck today on that final…you got it in da bagggggggg.

  38. Hey chica, I’m mailing your package tomorrow…Sorry it’s taken so long I can never make it to the post office!

    But I promise it’s worth the wait! 😉

  39. hhahha i seriously went out and am cramming thsi morning, soooo yeah!! & i love the huuuge hunk of bread 🙂 i agree about working out, i have no clue how i used to do it so much- unappealing

  40. Well, these days I would probably be a sensible lady and stay in but when I was in university I chose the going out option 100% of the time! 100%! And I’m no down and out…you’ve probably done all the work you can already…(I am a TERRIBLE influence!)

    Annnnd your food all looks amazing today! xx

  41. i was such a nerd in college before exams…. and then senior year happened, hah!

    my nickname is mannie….. for real. or samanfar.

  42. 42 Paige

    You better have gone out! Live up your last couple months of college, for real. My bf calls me “lady,” my bff calls me “beigey,” my mom calls me “pooh” or “paigie.” Eye roll on the “pooh” for sure.

  43. I’d stay home, but I am a self proclaimed nerd! I study all the time becuase I’m always worried it won’t be enough. After a tough exam I treat myself to a bit of sushi or something, but never before! I try to make school my #1 focus. 🙂

    My nicknames are Crys and Cistle! 🙂

    I applaud any student that can find time to go to the gym!

  44. hmmm i am torn for you…I would say go out like some people haev said BUT if you feel super nervous then stay in and do some studying, you can go out any other time! I know you will make the proper decision because you are one smart snackface 🙂

    OLIVE BREAD AND HUMMUS?!! uhmazing, and I would rather eat that over bars anyday as well

    that fresh cut pineapple, looks well, maybe the best thing I have seen all day !

  45. That hummus/bread picture = DROOL! Get out.

    It would be so weird to basically be done with school – thanks to my major changes I’ve still got a few years in me. I hope you picked the 2nd choice, mamacita! One of us has to show that the Midwest isn’t too boring!

  46. Great way to study- appreciate your last days in school- don’t rush it- I miss college! PS I added you to my blog roll 🙂 Love your ideas!

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